Obsidian—Chapter 6

She turns to leave him alone and he pulls her back to him. His lips are on hers before she can formulate a response. Obsidian puts his paws over his eyes, convinced that he's way too young to watch what the humans might be doing. Two minutes later Gibbs comes up for breath. Laurie's breathing is just as ragged as his, and Gibbs smirks in satisfaction. A soft smack to the back of his head tells him she knows just why he's smirking and he heads into the shower.

Laurie walks downstairs and heads towards the kitchen, stopping briefly to check on Jack and the other two cats. Samson raises his head but Fleck sleeps on oblivious to the human watching him. Laurie presses a kiss to the top of Jack's head and continues into the kitchen.

She pulls a jar of pizza sauce out of the cupboard and sets it on the table. Then she reaches into the refrigerator and pulls out two cans of biscuits, some shredded cheese and some packaged pepperoni.

A knock on the door heralds the arrival of Tim and Holly. Tim hands Laurie a small grocery bag then looks at what she's doing.

"You're making miniature pizzas. I – we used to do that at Grandma's house every now and then. It was a special treat as no one else would make a special pizza for Sarah."

"Is that why we needed this other stuff?" Holly holds up more cans of biscuits and some sausage, as well as some lettuce and tomatoes.

"Jet has everything else. I just need to fry up the sausage and we can start making pizzas. I thought it would be a good thing for Donny to try doing."

Tim is confused. Why would Laurie want a four year old under foot in the kitchen?

"This is one way that I learned to appreciate food; I helped make it."

"Make what? Hey Probie, you look troubled. Hi Holly, Laurie…whoa mini-pizzas…and you're letting us make them…totally cool there."

Tony, Sarah and Donny are standing in the doorway. Donny cautiously steps into the room.

"What are mini-pizzas?"

Laurie leans down and picks him up, nodding to Holly to take over cooking the sausage. She brings Donny closer to the table and sits him down in front of a cookie sheet that has several biscuits lying on it.

"Hey, Mommy puts these in a round pan."

"Yep and today, we get to make our own pizza." She's put some sauce into a small bowl and helps Donny create his own pizza. The little boy crows with excitement as he finishes putting the last of the cheese on his pizzas then watches the others prepare their own meals.

Gibbs watches from the doorway as his family works together to fix lunch. He remembers fondly the times when he and Shannon and Kelly had created impromptu meals at home. He wipes away a few more tears before clearing his throat.

"Who gave you all permission to mess up my kitchen?"

Donny turns around and races over to his favorite person of all time. "Granpa I gots to make my own pizza! I can help you make yours too?"

"Well, I thought that you'd help me, instead." Jack is there holding Fleck and Donny's eyes widen with awe.

"It's a kitty. What's its name Granpa Jack?"

"This is Fleck. You see that small fleck of white on his paw? That's how your Granpa Jefro named him."

"Wow…are you gonna keep him Granpa Jack?"

"I'm thinking about it. Would you like to pet him?"

"I'm not too little?"

Jack leads him back to the den where Samson is still resting in the recliner. "He's a big cat Granpa. What's his name?"

"This distinguished gentleman is Samson. He's the daddy of this kitten and the one that's up in Granpa Jefro's room."

While Jack keeps Donny occupied the others finish creating their meals. Sarah laughs when she sees the peanut butter, pickles and Tabasco sauce on the table. Tony stares at the items, and then turns to his wife who smiles at him. Since they've been married the only time she's had pizza with those items has been during her pregnancy with Donny.

"Cravings already?"

"No actually I asked Holly to pick them up so that Jet would have them in his cupboard." Laurie smiles at them as she reaches into the oven to pull out the first batch of pizzas. Holly is tearing up a head of lettuce and slicing tomatoes for a salad. Tim has pulled out the dressings and Gibbs is contentedly watching while sitting on his counter.

Laurie takes a spatula and gently eases the mini pizzas onto a platter. Tony reaches into the fridge and pulls out several bottles of water and tea. He turns to Gibbs and offers him a beer; Gibbs shakes his head. He wants to keep a clear head for the rest of the afternoon. After all he still has to decide just which man will be his best man.

"You could always have Ziva be the best man." Laurie whispers in his ear as she walks past him with a fresh tray of pizzas. He laughs at that thought and swats her on the head.

"Careful Jet we have children present." Her eyes are laughing as she says it and he knows that she's not referring to Donny.

After the meal is done and the dishes washed up again, Gibbs herds everyone into the den. The kittens are playing in the corner with Donny and Samson waits for Gibbs to sit down before leaping onto his lap. The big cat gently kneads Gibbs in the abdomen as he lays down for his nap.

Tim, Tony and Sarah all stare in amazement at the relaxed look that crosses Gibbs face as he pets the big black cat. None of them have seen the former lead agent, now assistant director this content.

Tony stands up "Who the hell are you and what have you done with Leroy Jethro Gibbs?"

Laurie comes into the room and slaps Tony upside the head. "He's right in front of you Tony. He just has a few questions he needs to ask and it's better if he figures out what he says before he says it."

"You two are getting married soon aren't you?" Sarah's been watching the easy interplay the older couple has with each other. It's as if they'd known each other for years and not a few months.

"Really, Boss that's great. So who gets to be best man?" Tim's enthusiasm brings a smile to Gibbs face as he waits for Tony's reaction.

"So who gets to be best man? Why Probie, we all know that it's going to be-"

"Samson." Gibbs watches with silent amusement as both younger men's jaws drop.

"You…you're kidding right boss? This is just an April fool's day joke a few months late."

"No, Tony the cat is my best man and you two are invited to be my groomsmen."

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