Dirty fingers grasped at the black leather strap of a neon orange bookbag. The tan man shrugged his shoulder to keep the bag from sliding off his shoulder as he ran down the lenolium hallway. His flip flops echoed across the slowly filling halls as he rushed toward the door one thought in his mind.

The pale raven smiled and nodded curtly as a older couple passed. Pulling his drink to his lips he sighed as he surveyed the room. He was at a mixer for his lawyer father and model mother the top of top were there. Turning back to the bar he signaled the bartender to give him another.

" Hey sweety drinking alone?" The small woman from behind the bar asked as she allowed her hand to graze his when she passed the glass of vodka. Sasuke gave a half hearted look at the woman. She was pretty enough. A petiet dark haired green eyed woman. Her ample clevage lining her black tank top in a seductave yet sophisticated way. Sasuke shrugged at her and began to move his refilled vodka to his lips. Something ruff touched his lips instead. The raven opened his eyes curiously and saw a tan strong hand coverig the top of his glass. "No he will be drinking with me " Narutos beautful voice resonated passed sasuke to the awe struck bartender. Sasuke had always been stunningly attractive even more so than his blond lover but when people looked into narutos crystal blue eyes they were lost to the world around them. Sasuke felt himself chuckle internally as he remebered the first time he had been sucked into those luminous eyes.

" Naruto I didn't think you were coming" Sasuke says in his level voice standing slowly.

Dark eyes examine the tan blond. He was wearing a dark suit with the tie hanging loosely from his neck. His jacket was slung carelessly from his fingers and over his shoulder as he looked slightly uncomfortable in the whole outfit. His blond mop was falling in his face and slightly damp as he ran his fingers aimlessly through it. His paint splattered Tom clad toes rub together nervously.

Sasuke waves off the bartender politly as a lean arm slinks across his waist. Turning to naruto he smiles brightly. His pale hand lovingly passes the tan face to push a golden curl back behind his ear. Narutos smiles brightly down at him and quickly stole an innocent kiss. The blond felt an imediate spark of need in the kiss. His lips capturing the pale ones licking the vodka from them. Sasukes breath hitched at the burning need the kiss had. Naruto unknowningly backed the duo up as the kiss was deepens. They continued moving until sasukes back came in contact with a screaming red wood wall. Naruto felt sasuke grunt at the impact and pulled back. Sasuke smirked and grabbed narutos hand gently pulling him out of the party and down a long hallway

" Sasu where are we going?"

Naruto bearly got the sentence out befor he was shoved aggresivly into an elevator. Naruto found his lips attacked again befor the large metal doors slid closed. Sasuke reached behind him pushing one of the illuminated numbers, his pale lips never leaving his lovers. Naruto moaned ludely into the kiss as saukes skilled tounge sent shivers down his spine. Naruto may have been the older of the two but he was always ready to learn something from his seductave highschool lover. There was a soft ding resonating through the elevator before naruto felt fist grab his shirt. The spikey haired blond grunted as he was pulled out of the elevator lips still intangled with sasukes.

Sasuke finally broke the kiss as he rifled through his pocket to find a key card. Pulling it out with with a furey he swipt it and opened the door with a click. Naruto walked in quietly behind sasuke toeing off his grey canves toms. His blue eyes followed his love as he shuffled quickly into another room. Naruto chuckled as he heard the familiar squeek of the computer chair.

Sasuke had an addiction to facebook. Though he would never admit it to anyone he needed the reasurece he got from it that people actually cared what he was doing. After checking his comments and messages sasuke turned to look at naruto. His dobe was leaning in the door frame and smiling back at him.

"Is facebook really so much mire interesting than me?" He said teasingly as he approached the smiling raven.

Naruto reached his hands toward him and raised his from his seat. He gave a tender sweet kiss to the pale lips.

" I love you sasu" He said there mouths still touching. He could feel sasuke flash an oh so rare genuine smile

" I love you to Usuratonkachi"

Naruto smirked before nipping at sasukes lips needily. Naruto slipped his strong arms around sasukes waist pushing there bodies together. Sasukes fingers laced into narutos hair tightly as the blond ground there shared hardness together. Naruto released his lovers lips only to reattach to his pale neck. He ran his tounge across the sensetive area where sasuke had a small black tattoo before nipping the skin eliciting a moan from it's owner. Sasuke lulled his head back ever amazed at how the simple touch of his lover got him so hard. Naruto roughly pulled at sasukes shirt signalling that he wanted it gone. Sasuke chuckled internally, for a high leveled college student naruto never was good at basic things. Quickly he undid his buttons and shrugged off his shirt, doing the same for the blond. Sasuke grunted as naruto backed him into the matress causing him to fall heavily. The blond took off his pants with a speed that rivaled his football speed. Before sasuke could say anything he was also rid of his slick pants and left in a pair of orange boxers. Naruto raised eyebrow and looked at the raven.

" What, they remind me of you" Sasuke admitted somewhat embaressed.

Naruto couldn't hide the fact that his lover wearing boxers his favorite color on his dick all day turned him on greatly. He fisted the orange fabric and yanked it down the pale legs kicking them away once they hit the floor. He quickly pulled off his own ramen decorated ones and straddled the boy below him. Grabing sasukes pale wrists and pinning them over his head he crashed there lips together. His tounge pushing sasukes back. He would let sasuke play seme in the elevator and inthe kiss but now that they were both naked in a bed his dominant need took over. He let a soft growl emit from his throat as his lust filled eyes locked with sasukes lidded ones.

The blond backs his mouth away and pushes his fingers against the kiss swollen lips. Sasuke eagerly takes them in and swirls his tounge around. Naruo traces soft kisses around his stomach before pulling the fingers out and tracing one around sasukes always tight entrance. Pushing one finger in he watched as sasuke arched from the matress in a mixture of harsh pain and light pleasure. Moving back so he was sitting his butt to heels at sasukes knees. naruto ran the tip of his tounge teasingly across sasukes weeping erection. While he inserted another finger and worked the opening with his hand his mouth busied with the very wanting erection. Sasuke was reduced to a moaning and gasping incoherently as naruto tormented him. Removing his fingers and dropping sasukes penis with a resonding pop ,the blond kisses sasukes thigh tenderly.

Rolling sasuke over so he was on his stomach naruto pushed sasuke onto his knees and spread his legs apart. Naruto reached into sasukes pants pocket and smirked when he found a condom. With little ado he put it on and slid into sasukes tight warm whole. Naruto released a breath he didn't know he was holding when sasuke moved his hips giving the ok to move. He removed his erection till it was sitting only by the tip befor raking back in head on to sasukes prostate. Sasuke let out a gurgled mixture of fuck and a moan one of narutos favorite sounds. The raven began to meet narutos thrusts halfway pushing against the bed intensly. Naruto wrapped his fingers tightly around the base of sasuke painfully purple erection and began pumping in time with his own thrusts.


Sasuke felt the name tear from his throat as his cum shot between the two of them coating there stomachs hard and fast. Naruto felt the closing of sasukes walls and couldn't hold himself any longer.

" Sasuke"

He wispered almost sinfuly as he came. They rode out ther highs heavily befor naruto fell on his pale lover. Sasuke slinked his arms around naruto's waist and pulled him flush to him. Sasuke muzzled tightly against sasuke content to lay there all day.

"Sasu" Naruto says quietly in to sasukes dark sweat covered hair

" Hnn"

Sasuke burrows tighter into narutos strong chest

" We need to get up your parents will be lookin for you soon."

Sasuke groans but knows naruto is right. Sighing the blond kicks off the sheets that he had pulled on at some point and stands up. He walks into the bathroom. Sasuke hears the toliet flush followed by the sink and Naruto walking out with a wet rag. He cleaned sasuke's stomach tenderly with such an affection it made sasuke well up with love. The boys got dressed and tried to readjust themselves. Naruto grasped sasukes hand and they padded into the hallway.

The elevator ride back down was not nearly as hot as the one up and naruto burst out laughing suddenly. Sasuke cocked a reven eyebrow in question

"I missed you so much sasu" He gasped out through laughs

" Hnn, and why is that so funny"

Naruto finally caught his breath. Leaning against the elevator wall he looked at sasuke.

"It's funny cause I was goin to tell you that before you molested me."

With that he was sent into another laughing fit. Sasuke sighed and shoke his head tryin to conceal his own chuckle. The elevator slide open with a hiss and the duo walked hand in hand back into the party.

The party was still going strong and it seemed as if no one had missed them. The bartender looked at them knowingly as they approached.

" What can I get for you guys" She said a whimsey flirt in her voice

" One vodkacran and one skotch on the rocks." Naruto orders as sasuke scans the crowd for his parents.

The bartender hands over the glass as an elderly woman approaches

" Hey nana "

Sasuke says polietly hugging his grandmother she kisses his cheeck and turns to naruto

" Hello mrs uchiha"

Naruto says extending his hand for a shake. He jumps slightly as his gold hand was swatted away with a ragged cane.

" Naruto what have I told you, call me nana. With the way you take care of my little sasu you are family. "

Naruto laughs at the old woman

" Gomen nana. I won't forget " He scruntches his tall frame down and hugs the shrinking woman.

" You better not" She scolds befor takin his hand in her leathery figers

"So how was your trip abroad you went to America, right?"

Naruto started to reply but felt a firm hand on his shoulder. Turning he saw sasukes father smiling at him

" Father"

Sasuke bowed respectfully getting the same in return as his

" Yes naruto-San how was your trip to the states"

Naruto turned and shook his outstretched hand as he began to answer.

"Very nice mr uchiha I was able to meet my birth mother and stayed with her for a short time befor I went to the art class that was being held in salt lake city."

The head uchiha nodded curtly hiding his general disaproval of pursuing art as a career.

" And when did you get back?" He asked holding his same polite composor.

" Oh this, morning I came straight here from class. I haven't even been home yet "

" I see and your job was ok with this?"

Naruto saw sasuke flintch. He knew his father would disapprove of the fact that naruto quit his job to go to America for two months. Naruto was getting irritated he didn't like the way sasukes father was trying to find somethig wrong with him

" I think it's darling our sasuke has someone who will come see him at a party before going home after being away for two months don't you. " Sasukes grandmother spoke up before the situation could escilate. " Now son I need to turn in for the night will you help me to my room?" The grandmother asked walking toward her son.

He looked as though he wanted to say something else but took his mothers hand.

"Goodbye naruto"

Naruto nodded politely

" Have a nice evening mr uchiha "


Sasuke straighten up and nodded as well. The duo sighed and looked at eachother as his father walked his ailing grandmother away.

" Well you survived that" Sasuke said akwardly trying to laugh.

Naruto only looked at him debating weather or not to speak. Finally smiling at his raven he took a drink from his now melted scotch and ice. Resting his arm around sasukes waist he pulled him in and kissed his forehead softly.

" The nights not over yet sasu" He murrmered into the stray strands of dark hair that fell against sasukes pale skin.

Sasuke smiled and took his hand before heading to he table where his itatchi and his mother were sitting. He eyed them carefully not sure of how the rest of this very long night would end.