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Sasuke groaned as the morning light shown through the dusty window. The sun kissed his pale frame as he stretched and yawned, like a cat in the summer.

With a final yawn he kicked the sheets from his body and stood. The raven scratched his stomach absently with one hand while running the other through his dirty locks. He padded silently past the open old white door and into an equally aged bathroom. With god given grace, he moved his sleepy body to turn on the shower and shimmy out of his boxers before climbing in.

With the hot water relaxing his muscles and the steam waking his face, Sasuke thought about the previous night. His mother and Itachi invited Naruto along on the upcoming family vacation, which excited him very much. They left after he had become fairly drunk and argued with his father before decided to stay at Naruto's. He vaguely remembered texting his mother so she wouldn't worry and collapsing into a deep sleep in Naruto's blanket covered bed.

Sasuke grunted, the first actual sound he made that day, as the water turned cool. With the tiredness gone, Sasuke grabbed a towel and retuned to the bedroom. He glared angrily into his duffle bag as he noticed it held only a pair of clean boxers. Clad in said boxers, he headed for a small dresser. Grabbing blindly at Naruto's clothes and hoping to come back with nothing orange, the Uchiha settled on an outfit.

The morning silence was broken when he heard his phone buzzing somewhere in the room. After locating the inane object under a pile of his clothes, the hung-over Uchiha snapped it open.


There was a beat of static as he waited for a reply.

"Hey Sasu!"

Sasuke groaned and pulled the phone away from his ear as the voice squawked loudly.

"Sakura.", was his one word response. His friend took no time before speaking again.

"So I went to your house today to check on you. You know, since you left school early yesterday and you weren't there. Everything all right?"

Sasuke groaned again as he walked down the stairs. Just like this leach of a girl to call and worsen his headache.

"Yes Sakura I'm completely ok. Naruto just got back yesterday and I'm stayin' with him."

He could tell she was nodding as her face hit the mic on her phone.

"Oh ok. Well, how is Naruto?"

Sasuke shrugged for some unknown reason before responding.

"Good. He's very excited to see you tomorrow."

He grabbed a bottle of juice from the small kitchen and walked past the archway to see if Naruto was home. Naruto lived in a downtown studio loft. It consisted of a second floor with his bedroom and a full bathroom. A first floor with a small kitchen, a half bath, and one giant wood floored room that doubled as a living room and an art studio.

Sasuke leaned in the make shift doorframe and watch his blond haired love. The raven tuned out Sakura's mindless chatter as he sipped his juice. Naruto was shirtless with his back to Sasuke as he intently worked. There was paint on his arms and a little in his hair from flinging the brush around.

"I'll see you tomorrow Sakura." Sasuke said sure he had interrupted her.

Sliding the phone into his pocket he approached the working blond. He wrapped his arms around Naruto's wide shoulders and nuzzled into his neck. He could feel Naruto brake into a smile when the artist reached up and pulled the headphones from his ears.

"Sasu, I didn't expect you for a couple hours." He grinned and set his iPod down next to his paints.

"Did you shower and everything already?"

Sasuke only nodded against the warm flesh of Naruto's neck causing his lover to chuckle.

"Well then we should eat something."

Naruto stood causing Sasuke to let go of him before heading toward the kitchen. The tan Adonis grabbed Sasuke's hand behind him and hummed incoherently.

"You know Naruto, you really ought to invest in some clothes that aren't covered in paint."

Sasuke stated while the walked. Naruto stopped and faced Sasuke. He was wearing his grey Konoha U shirt and a pair of loose khakis. Both had paint splattered on them and both looked amazing on his pale lover. He himself was wearing only some old blue jeans that also had paint on them. He found himself flashing his mega-watt grin while he pulled Sasuke in. With a tenderness that was absent the night before he, kissed his dark haired love. Sasuke smirked and clamped his lips shut. Naruto aggressively tried to pry into those soft lips with his tongue.

Sasuke smirked again as he saw Naruto begin to get irritated. Naruto pulled back and looked at Sasuke, the enjoyment of this game teasing at his eyes. With a low deep growl he knew drove his lover crazy he attacked again. Gripping white knuckled at the fabric of Sasuke's shirt he bit against Sasuke's lips harshly. His free hand gripped against the dark hair knowing it hurt just a little, while he forced his leg in between Sasukes'. With a well angled jerk and a blood drawing bit of the lips, Naruto received a needy gasp from Sasuke. Mentally dancing in triumph, he slid his tongue into the wet cavern. He played across every tooth and every bump. He tasted every part of Sasuke's tongue as he wrestled for dominance. He pinned Sasuke to the wall behind him careful not to knock over his easel.


Naruto jerked back suddenly. Sasuke had bitten his tongue and was smirking victoriously. The Uchiha licked his lovers' blood off his lips before running his tongue seductively across his upper lip.

A playful light flickered through Naruto's bright blues.

"Oh is that how we're going to play Uchiha?" He smirked before grabbing Sasuke and throwing him into the floor. The pale boy was now stuck between his lover and the hard, paint covered tarp. He could feel the wet paint soak through his clothes and knew it would irritate him later. Right now all he thought about was the primal look in his boyfriends cerulean orbs.

Naruto aggressively grabbed Sasuke's wrists and pinned them to the floor next to his head. He smashed there red lips together.

A loud crash came from the front door before any response could be made, Naruto felt himself flung across the room and into his wall. The blood reddened his eyes and then everything went dark.

Naruto shot up from his bed, yanking himself from the detailed memory of their last day. Rubbing his tired blue eyes he sat up feeling the cool floor brush under his feet. Naruto scratched the back of his head, another large yawn breaking the morning silence. Groaning he rested his hands on his exposed thigh before finally willing his body to get up. Stifling a final yawn, Naruto walked clad only in grey boxers to the bathroom. His feet padding lightly on the cold wood floor.

Readjusting his boxers, he walked to the sink turning the water on slowly. As he ran the warm water across his skin he stared at his reflection. The blue eyes held a tired look he has been unable to rid himself of since that day so long ago. The muscles in his exposed chest rippled under the taunt skin as his shoulders moved. A small movement flashed behind him ripping his attention away from the lonely stranger he was examining.

Exhaling as the movement stopped, Naruto quickly gathered his clothes.

He stood buttoning his jeans, the cool brass ghosting over his tan stomach muscles.


Naruto turned his eyes up looking at the small figure that sat sleepily next to where he had once been.

"What, what are you doing?"

The small woman asked, looking at Naruto as he pulled his grey shirt over his broad shoulders allowing it to fall freely covering the red tattoo on his stomach, before grabbing his bag and slinging it over his shoulder; never breaking eye contact with the woman as he moved to gather his things. Finally he turned and walked toward the door. He heard the girl move as his fingers gripped the door knob.


She said again her voice quivering around the small word. Naruto opened the door and stared into the hallway. Turning his head he looked at her. His eyes were dark showing no emotion or even life. He saw the sadness welling in her bright eyes and sighed at the nuisance.

"You knew this was how it was going to happen."

He said, his cool voice breaking almost unnoticed as he saw a familiar sadness in the girls own eye, before turning away from the gaping girl and striding carelessly into the hallway and out of another girls life. He frowned to himself as he heard the tiny raven haired girl screaming from upstairs.

"Fucking bastard! I'm not some easy whore! That fucking dick thinks he'll get away with that shit! Hell no hell no -"

Naruto stepped quietly over a few passed out teens on the floor in front of the door. Closing it behind, he drowned out the steady stream of cursing the raven was emitting. Shoving his hands into his pockets he walked to his car, his mind fleetingly being consumed by the need for a love to cling to. Sighing he shook his head and ran his fingers aimlessly through the blond spikes.

The engine of his truck roared to life just as his phone buzzed. Irritatedly the blond grabbed it.


He snipped at the innocent caller.

"Was she good?"

Naruto felt the beat of guilt take him over. The small quiet voice breathed into the phone awaiting a response. Frowning to no one in particular he finally began to speak.

"Gaara, I-"

"Just come home please."

The man was cut off. Before he could muster a response the line was dead and he was left in the screaming silence of a cheating mans guilt.

Naruto's tires skidded across the asphalt of a familiar flower shop before screeching to a dusty stop.

He slammed his door shut, leaving his cell phone behind.


Was the loud and peppy greeting he got when the bell rang announcing his arrival.

"Hey Ino."

He bowed his head slightly and plopped on a stool. The longhaired blond took a steady look at her friend before approaching.

"I had the dream again."

Naruto whispered before she could even sit.

"About Sasuke?"

Naruto only nodded. He felt his hand being cupped and continued.

"It was worse this time. It wasn't him leaving. It was the last moments we had. The night I got home and the morning before he left."

Ino patted Naruto's hand consolingly. You would think after four years he would be able to forget Sasuke, but he was haunted every few nights with his memory.

"And I cheated on Gaara again."

Suddenly the concerned hand was gone and Naruto felt a sharp slap to his face.

"Ow! Ino!"

He got only a grunt as a reply, while he looked at her sheepishly.

"Don't try those baby blues on me Uzumaki! How could you cheat on Gaara again? He stays with you because he's just as terrified of being alone as you, but he won't stay forever if you treat him like this. Naruto, it's not fair. He's not Sasuke and doesn't deserve your bullying."

Naruto sighed and hung his head, golden locks covering his face.

He didn't answer as she raved on and on. Honestly he couldn't. He found himself wondering why? Why did he continue to cheat on his boyfriend? Why did he sleep with these shallow women and men when he had someone at home? Why?

Because he was sick. Four years he had been sick and four years Gaara put up with it. Every time he closed his eyes he was forced to relive that moment and it made him sick.

As the gravel ground harshly under his wheels and he saw the familiar small house of his red headed boyfriend, Naruto couldn't help but wonder how his once perfect life had broken into this facade.

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