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Ramblies: I have returned my friends and what better way to return than with a new chapter to the ever forgotten Lullaby so here we are …

A heavy sigh escaped the pale slightly chapped lips of the beautiful red haired boy as he rolled over in the plush bed. Drawing the sand colored sheets back around his naked body he felt the familiar shame over taking his body.

"Gaara please look at me…"

His ears tickled as the soft breath touched his warm skin. He shrugged his shoulder in a passive aggressive movement away. The sweet red headed boy knew his lover was truly sorry, and he knew that his abandonment was not of their relationship but instead of himself. Yet he found himself having a harder time than ever of forgiving him.

The other member of the bed sighs in defeat and rolls the other direction alone in his thoughts and the hell of loneliness he has put himself in.

Why must he behave this way? He has a beautiful lover who wants nothing other than to be with him and yet he flees this warmth for the coldness of a stranger's bed. His mind wanders as it always does to the ever present hole in his heart. To the emptiness he has been unable to let go.

"Are you ever going to let him go?"

Naruto stirred out of his thoughts by the small whisper from the other side of the bed.

"I know he was torn away so unfairly, I need to know are you ever going to let him go? I can't live my life as your sad fuck. If you are with me I need you to be with me. Please Naruto I cannot continue to do this it is killing me a little more every day."

Naruto laid in complete stillness unsure of what to say and unwilling to make another empty promise. He heard yet another heavy sigh and felt the bed shift as the smaller man got up.

"I love you Naruto"

The shaggy haired blond sat up abruptly and stared at his mate. He swallowed a lump in his throat that he was unaware of until that very moment. His once bright eyes searched the small man intently. In three years it was the first mention of love out of either of them. In four long years it was the first mention of love that didn't disgust him. He felt his dull eyes well up with tears he has refused to shed in so long.

"I- I I can't, Gaara I'm sorry. I'm so sorry"

The large ex-football star broke down shaking and crying. The petit man felt his heart break as he watch this imposing character quiver and bawl like a newborn child. He slowly wrapped his arms around his ever broken mate and held him close as he released four years' worth of pent up pain, nightmare, and regret.

"Naruto! Oh gods, oh gods, no. Naruto please…"

'Gaara ? Oh hello Gaara'

"Jesus there's so much blood. Ino call an ambulance!"

'Ambulance? No ambulance, why do you need that?'

"INO! Call an ambulance now. Naruto stay with me ok, we are going to get you some help. Who did this? Where is Sasuke?"


Suddenly the injured blond remembered everything. Before he could say a word the world went black again as the blood pooled around his body.

Naruto shot up a cold sweat covering his body. He hadn't remembered falling asleep the night before but found himself tucked tightly into the familiar tan sheets of Gaara's bed. Shaking his head clear and catching his rushing breath he looked around the dark room.

An old fan blew slowly as it rocked at an awkward angle, cooling down the small room. The opposite side of the bed was empty and undisturbed. In place of the familiar shaggy red hair he was so used to waking up beside Naruto found a folded piece of paper, labeled only in his name.

Rubbing his hand through his hair and tangling his fingers in the messy strands of gold the tall man reaches for the small letter lying next to him. Reaming on his back Naruto folded open the paper and began to read.

My dear Naruto,

I know you wish no pain against me but here I am in tears yet again. I have loved you since we were young boys. Once from a distance and now closely, you are not here to love me back. I have dealt with your violence, distance, drunkenness, and lately your endless indiscretions but I cannot remain in a loveless relationship. You are my oldest friend and I will always be here as your best mate but when I come home today I would like for you to be gone. Our friendship is far from over ,as I know you intended me no harm, I just need some time to retrieve the broken pieces of my heart. I love you sincerely Naruto and you will always love Sasuke. I hold no fault against you for this as he was torn away in a most horrific way but I can no longer suffer for him.

Always Yours


Naruto cursed aloud as he read the letter. He tried to push aside the sadness of this spurned lover as he did all the others but found his heart not allowing him to. With a final string of obscenities and a sad sight the empty shell of a man got out of the bed he was no longer welcome in. In a slow almost methodical manner he redresses, feeling every fiber of the jeans as he drug them on, hearing the slow movement of his belt through the loops. Now full of his few things Naruto shrugged his pack on to his shoulder. He looked once more into the empty room the old fan still blowing awkwardly. Holding himself against the door pane and looking into yet another empty moment of his life Naruto broke completely. He slid to the foor in silent tears and found himself crying alone.

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