"Whatcha doin?" Isabella asked Phineas who was busy working on a project with his brother. Phineas looked up and smiled.

"Don't know yet. We're just making up ideas right now," Phineas answered. Isabella smiled brightly happily.

"Do you want to help me with fireside girl stuff?" Isabella asked hopefully. Phineas grinned, about to say yes, but then he moved his head to move past his view of Isabella.

"What?" Isabella asked confused. She turned around and gasped. "No," Isabella managed to gasp out. What Isabella and Phineas were looking at was a girl about the age of Isabella was standing at the doorway of the gate to the boys backyard. The girl was waring a blue colored fireside girl outfit, the girl had blue eyes, she had a blue bow in her hair and she had red hair that was almost as long as Isabella's. The girl looked almost the same as Isabella.

"Oh hey Isabella," The girl said stepping into the backyard. Isabella gave her a little scrowl. The girl smiled at this evily. "So Izzy, are you going introduce me?" She asked.

"This is Phineas and fer," Isabella introduced and ferb gave a thumbs up, "So why are you here Jessica?"

Jessica shrugged. "Just wondering what your going to do for the fireside girl and waterside girl talent show," Isabella gave another scrowl. Jessica saw that and said, "Why are you here? Getting help?"

"Am not," Isabella shot back, "Why are you here? Trying to get phineas or ferb to help you?" Jessica gave Isabella a scrowl.

"Like I would need help," Jessica scoffed. Phineas and ferb were watching them fight when the girls turned to them, as if asking them to chose the one they would help.

Phineas sighed and went over to Isabella, hoping ferb would to the same. But to his surprise ferb went next to Jessica. "So, what's the bet?" Jessica asked smiling.

"The usual," Isabella said shaking hands with Jessica. Isabella turned to Phineas, "come on phineas, lets go plan."

Jessica turned to ferb, "Yeah ferb, come on." Then Jessica led ferb out of the backyard.

"Who was she?" Phineas asked.

"It's the fireside girls rival, the waterside girls. They think their so better than us because they well, have everything. And every year Jessica wins the talent show," Isabella answered sadly.

"I can't believe me and ferb will competing against eachother?" Phineas said, "I wonder if this will end in a fight?"

"I hope not," Isabella sighed.