I finally just decided to end this! So Jessica and Isabella are just gonna sing a little bit.

"Next up is Jessica Jones!" The loud speaker boomed. Phineas smirked at ferb who was sitting beside him.

"Good luck," He said harshly. Jessica and four other waterside girls went up to the stage. (Just telling you that she's gonna dance like miley did in the teen choice awards. XP)

"I hoped off the plane in LAX, with a dream in my cardigan. Welcome to the land of fame excess, am I gonna fit in." Jessica sang as the four waterside girls danced around her and ferb was backstage controlling all the lights and stuff. "Jumped in cab here I am for the first time. Look to my right and see the hollywood sign. This is all so crazy, everybody seems so famous. My tummys turin and I'm feelin' kinda home sick. To much pressure and I'm nervous. Cause when the taxi man turn on the radio, and a jay-z song was on. And a jay-z song was on, and a jay-z song was on."

Jessica gave a small griin to Isabella before continuing. "So I put my hands up, they're playin my song. The butterflies fly away, noddin my head like yea, movin my hips like yea. I got my hands up, they're layin my song. I know I'm gonna be okay. Yea, it's a party in usa. Yea, it's a party in the usa." Jessica gave a huge smile and there was a big light show at the end.

"Next up is Isabella garcia sharpio!" The loud speaker announced. Isabella bit her lip nervously.

"You walk and talk like your a new sensation, you move in circles you don't need an invatation. You spend your money, you can't get no satisfaction. You play it right so you can get the right reaction." Isabella sang as phineas was working on lights.

"It won't be long my darlin, pick up the phone nobodies on it. Where are your friends now baby, I don't how I'm sopposed to by there for. You! When your fallin down the world starts spinnin round, You! When your fallin down, now it's not all about, you! When your fallin down, you know I'll be around. When your fallin down, your fallin down." When she stopped, confetti blew up into the audience.

"That's the end of the talent show!" The speaker boomed, "And the winner is..." Jessica gave a big smirk at Isabella, Isabella did the same. "The winner is..." The peaker repeated, "Is perry the platypus?"

Isabella, and ferb's jaws dropped open. "But perry is a platypus!" Jessica complained, "And it isn't even a fireside girl or a waterside girl! At that point perry came next to jessica's feet.

"Ggggggggg!" Perry said.

"Aggghhhhh!" Jessica screamed and tried to show perry away. Ferb walked over to Phineas and Isabella.

"Don't worry," Phineas said, "we're cool." Ferb smiled and they all watched Jessica being chased by perry.

Ooooohhhhh! Twist! Anyway, that's the end, and if your wondering how perry won. Well, you know how I wasn't mentioning where perry was? Well long story short, it had something to do with doofensmirtz.

And if your gonna make fun of my girl miley! Well, I am gonna go to your house take your left shoe and burn you in depths of hell! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!