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When I woke up I felt pure rage. Rage for how Ryan died. Rage for how Royce died. And rage for hoe I died but I'm still stuck on this miserable piece of shit planet.

But that simmered down once I banged around a bit scaring the people who were investigating where I died. They quickly cleaned it up and left leaving the house empty. My wrists were still slit without blood running down. My skin was blue and I was in the clothes I was in before I became immortal.

A simple white dress that hugged my chest and curves then flowed to my knees. (Find it on my profile) I decided to look for Ryan and Royce. I went all the way to Borhamwood Asylum for Ryan but he wasn't there. I came back to look for Royce but obviously he moved on. To do all this it took me 50 years traveling.

What? I wanted to explore a bit. You know see the sites. Again. Anyway when I came back for Royce it was obvious he moved on. It was already year 2003. When I got back to my house I saw men there. They had two trucks each had class cases. They were each wearing these weird glasses. 'What is this?' I wondered.

One of them saw me and went into a seizer(Dennis) which alerted there leader(Cyrus.) He commanded the others to turn something on. I was looking around confused. Then some Latin started playing through speakers causing me to black out.

When I woke up everything was bright so I had to close my eyes. After they adjusted I opened them and looked around. Everywhere were glass walls with writing on them. I sat up and someone beside me followed my movement. I looked over and gasped. Tears appearing in my eyes as my heart pounded.

They gave a small smile before glaring. "Oh Ryan." I whispered standing up and walking over to his wall. He met me there. I looked him over seeing he was back in the head cage but it was ripped open. He was also back in the straight jacket.

"Oh Ryan I'm so sorry. I didn't know this would happen." I said crying. He stayed silent. Then I got angry. "Why did you kill yourself in that fire. I told you to get better and live your life!" I yelled banging on the glass. "You abandoned me." he whispered hoarsely. "I had no choice!"

"Then why did you kill yourself?" he whispered. I was speechless then I spoke. Well more like we said it at the same time. "I couldn't live without you." we whispered. We put our hands on each others. The glass being the only thing separating us.

"Aims?" I heard behind me. I turned and saw Royce. But only half of him was completely torn up. "Oh my god!" I gasped. He looked away showing only his good side. I left Ryan who looked angry that I did. I walked over to Royce glaring at him. "I told you that you shouldn't have done that race. Now look where it gets you."

Royce ignored me. Then he turned back to me making me take a step back because of his face. "Who's he?" he nodded his head to Ryan who was glaring daggers at Royce. I sighed. "That's Ryan. And Royce. I can't be with you anymore." "What!" he stopped glaring at Ryan and then looked at me with the most pain struck face.

"Royce. I love Ryan. He loves me. That's the way it is and always will be. I'm sorry." "But. Your. My. Girl." he said through clenched teeth. "Not any more." "Ah!" he shouted angrily before banging his bat at the wall then storming to lean against the car his back to me.

By now I noticed all the other ghosts. Behind me was a little boy. Behind Royce was a naked woman with slashes all over her body glaring at me. Behind Ryan was very tall man with bullet holes all around his body. Across the hall from me was a woman in a hospital gown half burnt smiling kindly at me.

Across from Ryan was a huge baby looking person with a midget woman. Across from Royce was a woman in wooden shackles. I looked back at Ryan who was looking at me with lust and love in his eyes.

I went and sat beside him leaning against the glass. "So where am I?" "Some bastard's house. He's been catching all of us." Ryan replied. "I can't believe you got him to talk. He usually just laughs. I'm Horace." I look over at the giant. "I'm Amy. That doesn't surprise me. The doctors must have treated him bad when I left." I tried to caress Ryan's cheek but the glass as well as the cage was in the way.

"My name's billy. Did you know him when he was alive?" the child said this. "Yes I did. I was his doctor. The only one that got through to him apparently." Ryan seemed to try and purr on me. I smiled at him. "Ain't you to young to be a doc doll face?" Royce snapped at me glaring. "I lied about my age Royce. I'm 20 not 18."

He gaped in shock before turning around to cool down. "So why are we all here?" "For some kind of collection. I'm jean." said the woman in the gown. I nodded. I stared at the girl with slashes all over her. "What are you staring at?" she snapped.

"You. The way the slashes go against your skin is amazing and I love your eyes there very beautiful." she looked at me in shock and confusion. "Thank you. I'm Donna." she whispered. I smiled but I didn't leave Ryan's side who had fallen asleep.

"Didn't he try raping you?" donna asked. "At first but once he saw I was going to help him he refrained himself. But eventually we did it." all was silent in an awkward silence. "Royce play a game with me." "I told you once and I'll tell you again you brat. I ain't gonna play anything with you."

billy pouted and looked down crossing his arms angry he didn't get his way. "I'll play with you billy. Royce doesn't really like kids as you can see." I said glaring at Royce before turning to billy. "How bout we play I spy." "Yay!" he shouted. "Sshhhh" I put a finger to my lips then pointed to Ryan.

"I spy with my little eye. Something red." "Donna's scratches?" "Nope." "The blood on my head?" "Nope." "Royce's car?" "Nope." "The letter C on his jacket?" "Yepp." "Yay I win. Ok my turn."

This went on for a couple hours before he got bored and just wanted to sit. So I fell asleep cuddled next to Ryan against the glass. I really did miss him.

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