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Uzumaki Naruto: Kuro-Tenshi

Chapter one: Awakening

It was a cold and stormy day in Wave, clouds had blotted out the sun and mist enveloped the land, but none more so than at the bridge. The bridge that was to give hope to the long oppressed people, the bridge that was currently the sight of an intense battle, the likes of which Tazuna hoped never to see again. What made the battle infinitely more disturbing was not the fact that he could die any second. It was the fact that twelve year old children were being used as soldiers. One stood in front of him She had long bubblegum pink hair and fair skin, she wore a short Qipao dress that ended at her waist, under that were tight green shorts. She stood next to him shaking in fear and quoting things from the shinobi rule-book. There were two others children defending him as well, one had Raven black hair and pale skin he wore a short sleeved blue, almost black, shirt with a fan on its back and white shorts. That child was currently battling yet another child who could have only been a little bit older than him. Ice sheets as tall as the man sent to kill him had sprung up around both young men as they battled it out. Through out the battle he could hear gasps of pain from the raven haired youth.

As Tazuna watched the dome in morbid fascination he noticed an orange blur move towards the dome. this blur could have only been one person, the third child hired to defend him. He was dressed quite differently than the other two, wearing a bright orange jump suit with a red swirl in the middle of his back, he had tanned skin and sun-kissed hair, his eyes were the clearest blue he had ever seen, so clear that they made the sky seem dull in comparison. Yet that is not what attracted him to the child-soldier. It was the pain hidden in those eyes. That child had known suffering that seemed to be on par or surpassing the pain Gato had inflicted upon wave. yet still he smiled and fought. Truly he was the ideal for a hero.

Naruto landed on the bridge as Tazuna gazed at the dome, taking a quick second to survey the situation through squinted eyes. Noting the battle between his sensei and Momichi Zabuza, a fight where he would be more a hinderance than an ally, his attention was quickly drawn to the dome of ice that seemed to have come from no where. Sensing that someone was in immediate danger he charged forward.

At first his back protested, something it had been doing all week. He had no idea what it was that caused him pain, yet he had not mentioned it. Mostly for the fact that he had felt worse pain, the villagers had seen to try to make that so. The other reason was he was afraid that he would have been thrown into bed and told that his part in the mission was done. This was something his pride could not allow. So he had ignored it, it and the irritation in his eyes.

He arrived in the dome just as the masked Oinin was about to deliver a punch with an fist clenching three senbon between fingers. The punch seemed to be aimed at Sasuke's eyes, something that would have destroyed him as a ninja. Moving as quickly as his protesting back would allow, Naruto deflected the punch and countered with one of his own to the hunters midsection. Sasuke got off lucky considering instead of loosing one, or both of his eyes, all he wound up with was a pierced right ear. One of the senbon had pierced the upper cartilage of his ear as the other two missed him completely. Sasuke grit his teeth as the Oinin let go of the three needles and was sent backwards by the force of the punch, leaving the one needle as his first earring.

"Teme, what the hell you doing on your knees?" Naruto asked cockily.

"Baka! What are you doing in here, if you had stayed outside the dome we might have had a chance." Sasuke growled as he instinctively going along with the verbal dance that had become habitual around Naruto. He was truly actually very glad for what the blond had just done, since had he not Sasuke might have very well lost his eyes, and without them he would never be able to kill his brother.

"Yeah, then we'd be calling you Sekigan right now wouldn't we." Naruto quipped, bringing a small smile to Sasuke's face despite the situation.

"So you are the third member of this team?" a cold, yet slightly familiar voice asked. Turning both youths saw the Oinin in a mirror, they could only guess that he was looking at them in contempt and as they could not see his eyes. what they did not know was that his face was grimaced in pain, the punch Naruto had given him had felt similar to that of a raiton jutsu. Yet He knew this to be impossible. As Haku gazed at the two of them he grew increasingly aware that the Blond was in some sort of discomfort, based of his constant squinting and the posturing of his shoulders. 'must have over trained.' Haku mused before moving into the attacks.

And so it went Haku flew from mirror to mirror throwing senbon needles at them with reckless abandon, covering the two of them as if they were pin cushions. Naruto and Sasuke however were no were near idol while this was going on. The two did there best to dodge the needles. Sometimes they would attempt a counter attack, yet for the most part the were on the move constantly dodging the needles. Yet no matter how many times they were hit, they never went down. Both showed exemplary skill in the regards of pure stubbornness. Haku realized that if they were to continue at the pace they were, he would run out of chakra long before they would.

Quickly coming to the conclusion that he had to end the fight as soon as he could he threw a small concentrated hail of senbon between the two of them. The barrage had the desired affect of driving the two apart, moving to another mirror, Haku threw yet another set of needles at Naruto. Naruto having stumbled and felt the pain in his back worse than ever was ill prepared to move away form the incoming hail of senbon. Closing his eyes and throwing his arms in front of his face, Naruto prepared to feel the pain that the needles promised. Yet it never came, glancing out from behind his eyes he saw in front of him Sasuke. The dark haired youth gave him a weak smile before collapsing to the ground.

"Sasuke!!!" Naruto cried out as he fell to the ground. "Sasuke, get up, get up and keep fighting. We're supposed to get out of this together."

"Dobe... listen... I always... thought... hated you... don't die... live... dream." Sasuke rambled as the light left his onyx eyes.

"Is this you first time loosing a comrade?" the masked-nin questioned from the mirror. "Loosing someone is never easy, especially the first time. yet it is necessary so that we may harden our hearts and become the tools of our village." The cold voice spoke. As the voice spoke naruto felt energy pour through his body. Slowly he began to rise.


"What was that?" the Oinin asked.

"I." Wind began to blow from no were and electricity began to spark around him. "Said." The wind blew the mist from the bridge as it started to circle the rising Genin the electricity growing more violent, "Shut Up!" A small tornado began to form at his feet and spin violently and rapidly, the electricity arced and danced in the torrent of wind. Everything in the dome was thrown around that wasn't in the eye of the twister. Sasuke's limp form was thrown clear from the dome, landing in a heap at Sakura's feet. Needles were sent flying in all directions, charged with the power of lightning.

Haku watched in his mirror fear gripping his heart, this was something he had seen once before. It had been different, but the core of it was still the same, the forces of nature would surround the youth in a protective cocoon and when it was gone they would be changed. it was the signs of what was once the most prominent bloodline in all of Kiragakure no Sato, the eremento reikon of the Uzumaki.

Zabuza had been in the middle of his fight with Kakashi when he felt it, while Haku had only ever seen one awakening as they were called he had seen five. He had grown familiar with the sensation of the elements themselves going haywire in response to an Uzumaki awakening their Kekkei Genkai. From what he could tell now one of the brats had been an Uzumaki, probably the loud blond. Cursing that he had yet again underestimated the Konoha-nin he jumped away from Kakashi.

'of course it would be just their style to kidnap an Uzumaki. Their village is so bloodline crazy, I wonder how many bloodlines are actually from their village. But that blond seemed awfully damn loyal to Konoha if he wanted to be Hokage.' he thought with venom. Looking at the dome he saw the wind and lightning mixing around one central point.

"Haku, get your ass over here!" He called trying desperately to not let concern slip into his voice.

"Zabuza-sama, he's a-"

"I know he's a fucking Uzumaki!" He finished for Haku.

"Wait what the hell are you two talking about?" Kakashi asked startled by the turn of events.

"You have an Uzumaki who's Kekkei Genkai is activating, why would i risk my apprentice in that maelstrom." Zabuza growled.

'The Uzumaki's have a bloodline, why did Kushina never mention it. She would have been received in much higher regard."

As he looked onward at the small twister that had engulfed his student, he became increasingly aware of a large approaching force. As he and Zabuza turned to meet the force there was a tremendous gust of wind that seemed to blow in all directions as one, it was then followed by a particularly loud boom of thunder as rain began to fall. Glancing back at were Naruto once was, all he could see were the scraps of the shirt and jacket that Naruto once wore. Turning back he caught the tail end of how Gato planned to kill them all while they were tired from their fight with one another. He even saw how he planned to do it, a force of over one hundred Ronin would certainly be a challenge to any, especially two tired Jonin.

"So how do we do this?" Kakashi asked tiredly glancing at the pair of Nukenin. Only to gape in shock as Zabuza seal his massive sword into a scroll. "What the hell are you doing?" He asked in confusion.

"Getting rid of a potentially lethal lightning rod." was all the answer h got out of the man.

"Aw so the baby demon's afraid. I knew you were just a worthless coward. Demon of the mist my ass." Gato sneered, thinking that Zabuza putting the sword away was a sign of surrender, rather than clever self preservation.

"Gato, I'd be less worried about me if I was you." Zabuza said boredly with a hint of malicious glee in his voice.

"oh and who should I be worried about, that bastard of a kid always following you around, or that freak in the mask. No wait I should be afraid of the corpse and the bubblegum bitch." Gato laughed, "After my men are done killing you and destroying the bridge, they have free roam to ransack the town and take anything to there hearts content. that'll show the miserable urchins here how pointless it is to try and fight me. Who knows maybe I'll get some good whores out of this." Gato finished.

All the while Gato had been talking Zabuza had his eyes to the sky looking at something, Kakashi had no idea what the man was thinking, taking his eyes from the threat in front of him, yet oddly as Gato speech went on he seemed to get happier and happeir.

"Yeah that ought to be enough." Zabuza said while looking up, curiosity finally getting the best of Kakashi he too gazed at the sky as lightning flashed, only for his eyes to widen in utter shock at what he saw.

There diving from the sky was a shirtless Naruto, a pair of wing blacker than onyx sprouted from his back spread out ward to control his dive. The blue of his eyes had consumed everything else, not whites no pupils, just the blue, yet it was a darker blue than ever before. His eyes were darker than that of the ocean depths. What's more he cold have sworn that he saw arcs of electricity coming from his eyes. His right arm was held back and a shape that could have only been a kunie was held in it. Yet what was scarier still was the bolt of lightning following him in his wake.

"He is who you should worry about." Zabuza said evilly as Naruto plummeted from the sky. Many had now finally seen his descending form, those who had been through Kiri when the uzumaki still thrived knew the immediate danger they were in and had thrown them selves off the bridge. Others still just gazed on in shock as the boy descended upon them, Gato being one of them. He looked as if he was trying to figure out exactly what he was seeing. the look was still on his face as the kunie descended and rent his head from his shoulder, the bolt of lightning hitting the bridge soon after. the bolt decimated the remaining men on the bridge who had not jumped to escape the incoming death. As the arcs of electricity danced around the bodies of the bridge, Naruto began to shakily rise to his feet when the sound of clapping caught his attention.

"Marvelous kid, true Uzumaki style. You're a regular Kuro-Tenshi, Naruto." Zabuza cheered as he remembered the Genin's name.

"Dark angel, Catchy." Naruto smiled before collapsing into unconsciousness.

It was a day later in a seedy shop on the border of Mizu no Kuni that both bought and sold information. These were the places one went when they wanted the latest news on nukenin, or when they had a particularly juicy scoop on an up and coming ninja or samurai. It was in this shop that a tired and and weary Ronin entered.

"Hey oyagi!" He cried out to the elder man behind the counter.

"The hell do you want punk."

"Big info." he gasped out as he tried to regain his breath. Those two words had gained the full attention of the man behind the counter.

"Well spit it out lad, if it's as big as you say you just might get a bit of money." The elder threatened.

"Well get a load of this, I think i just saw the last Uzumaki." The young man finally managed to say.

"Impossible, Kiri wiped them all out during the blood line purge, they were the first to go along with the Kaguya." the elder stated in shock.

"Well apparently they missed at least one, this kid had the classic signs of an Uzumaki."

"Oh, what were his affinities?" The older man questioned in glee.

"I think Wind and Lightning, he also must have had a hard life, his wings and eyes were pretty dark." the ronin answered.

"Fascinating, what was his name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto, and what's more, Zabuza the demon of the bloody mist declared him the Kuro-Tenshi."

"Fascinating, tell me more about him. I need features if I'm to put him in the bingo book." the elder man demanded.

"I'll do you one better, I took this picture after he killed over eighty men by directing a lightning bold at us." The ronin said as he pulled out a picture of naruto shirtless standing weakly on the bridge.

Later that day after the ronin left with a fairly large sum of money in his pocket, a messenger bird was sent to Kiri with details about the Kuro-Tenshi, and recommendations that he be added to the bingo book as a C-clas shinobi.

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Sekigan: One eye

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