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Conner and Murphy were bloodied and beaten. Their Da, next to them, was held by several men, all of them mafia members. Things had gone wrong, really wrong. They were being held in a warehouse in the city of Boston. It wasn't long ago that the boys had found themselves in a similar situation. The Italian mafia had for the most part, been broken up by the self righteous brothers and their killings. Tonight, however, they were caught off guard. One of the only remaining underbosses had stumbled upon them. He was well protected with his personal street rats, and managed to take the three Irish men hostage. However, there was another problem. They weren't the only ones.

It had been at least an hour before they had learned that three young woman had also been taken hostage. Their house had been hit by accident, both the mother and father were killed. The girls were on their way back from classes when they entered their home, and saw several men with guns. Upon learning that the house wasn't the target intended, the men had taken the girls captive, and brought them before the boss. He'd been outraged at the mistake, but what was done was done. The girls needed to be dealt with. He would send out an order to start the meeting earlier than usual. Business meetings were becoming more frequent because of all the chaos being raked over the family. Binding and gagging the girls, he had ordered the men to put the them in the back of a car, and meet at the warehouse they often held their meetings at.

The boss had been surprised to find the saints lurking outside. They were far out numbered, and although they had managed to kill several of his men, they were quickly caught. The boss was even more shocked to see that they had the infamous Duke among them. What a fine catch this made.

So it was that the saints and their Da found themselves in a worst predicament than before.

Conner watched helplessly as his Da and brother were hit repeatedly. He, himself was in bad shape. They were all tied up with wire that had been frayed so when it was tightened around their wrist, it dug deep into their skin. The chairs they were bound to were heavy and cold. Murphy looked to his brother, trying to gauge an ounce of hope from his eyes. Conner had none to give.

For the past hour, the boys had heard the cries of the girls on the other side of the warehouse. They knew their predicament from the conversations of the gunmen around them. There were palates and crates so they did not see the girls until several men brought them out before the boss.

" Ah, this should be fun," he smirked. Conner and Murphy looked the girls over. They were similarly bound by the wrists and gagged. One of the men had wrapped the wire over the girls ribs and held the ends behind her back. She was bleeding profusely from the head and arms. Another of the girls looked as if she had been whipped with the wire across her back and legs. The third was held by her hair, her eyes bruised and lips swollen. Conner and Murphy exchanged horrified expressions, both feeling overwhelming amounts of anger and rage at these men.

" Let me make introductions," said the bald, burly man before them. He turned, pressing his fingers together.

" This is Lexi, Kaidbri, and Kallie. Girls, these are the famous Saints of south Boston. And one whom you might not know, the Duke. You see gentlemen, the three ladies before you were kind of an accident. It was, how you say, the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, we cannot leave witnesses. So we decided to have some fun instead. After all, we have been a bit stressed lately."

The boss pointedly looked at Murphy and Conner. Da cursed at the man before him, and received a blow to the back of his head. The underboss just smirked.

Turning, he pulled out a gun, and without hesitation, shot the girl behind him who was held by her hair. The bullet went straight into her skull, splattering bits of brain matter and blood across the cement of the building. The man hold her jumping as the bullet grazed his arm.

Both of the other girls began to screamed and pull against the wire bindings in outrage and panic. Conner and Murphy were stunned. They had seen mafia be cruel, but never had they witnessed the true heinous crimes against the innocent. Da shouted and yelled. He swore them to the depths of hell until the boss nodded to one of the other street guys. He pulled out a gun and held it to the girl's head. She stilled and stopped screaming, although tears ran down her cheeks. The other was shaking with sobs and staring into the eyes of her only family left in the world who's life was about to be taken.

" Poor Lexi," said the boss with fake sympathy, " She was a beautiful girl. Such a waste."

He turned then to the girl who was not being held at gun point, and removed the gag from her mouth.

"Now," he said beginning to unbind the wire from around her wrists, " I want you to listen to me very carefully." The girl winced as he pulled an ripped her skin untangling the wire. " I am going to kill your sister, just like I did to your other one. I will blow her brains right through to the back of her head unless you do something for me. Can you do that, Kaidbri?"

The young woman nodded, completely terrified, but unable to take her eyes off her sister.

" You see the old man before you? I'm going to give you a gun with one bullet in it. I want you to kill the old man. He has caused me much trouble. And if you even dare turn that gun in any other direction than the one you should be pointing it at, your sister Kallie will beg for death before I kill her. Do you understand?"

Kaidbri nodded, feeling as if the world had just crumpled. She had never taken a life, never even held a gun. Yet if she did not, then her sister, her beloved Kallie, would die. The sight of Lexi's body and her mangled skull made Kaidbri want to vomit. This man had destroyed her family, and now he was asking her to destroy someone else's.

"You have one minute," said the man behind her, and handed her a gun, " After that, your sister is dead."

Conner and Murphy screamed through their gags and pulled against their chairs. They were both hit until the boss put up a hand to stop them.

He wrapped his hands around Kaidbri's and showed her how to cock the gun and pull the trigger. Shaking, she raised her arms to the old man. As she stared into his eyes, Kaidbri felt her heart pound. There was a rushing sound behind her ears, and she felt the world tilt a little.

" Easy lass," said the elderly man, " It's alright now."

" I'm sorry," Kaidbri said with tears streaming down her face, " I'm so sorry. But she's my sister."

The man smiled to her kindly, and nodded his head. " Goodbye boys," he said, and closed his eyes.

Conner pulled with all the strength and might he had ever known. It felt like he was again handcuffed to the toilet the day the Chekov said he was going to shoot Murphy. He felt the same hysteria, the same panic. Murphy was lost in rage as he screamed against the cloth in his mouth and through himself back and forth in the chair.

Kaidbri looked back at her sister, gun still at her head. She then looked to the body of her other sister, and knew she had to kill the man before her. She could not let Kallie die.

"Ten seconds," said the man who had put her through so much agony and pain.

Kaidbri cocked the gun, and put her finger on the trigger. The cold black metal felt like the heaviest thing she had ever held. It was awkward and uncomfortable in her hand.

" God forgive me," she whispered and pulled the trigger.

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