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Conner and Murphy watched the scene unfolding before them with utter horror. The men with the guns were close to the girls, too close for them to take out both and not accidently send a bullet into the wrong person. But something caught Murphy's eye, something moving in the distance. He felt Conner next to him tense as he too, saw the shadows stir and the leaves sway. The sun shone between the trees, giving light between the dark storm clouds that had previously covered the forest. Conner breathed in the scent of rain that still hung in the air. He felt around him the calm that often came before the storm, and allowed his heart to slow and his mind to focus. Looking back at Kaidbri, Conner smiled as the sunlight hit her eyes and made them glow. The intense emotions that vibrated from her green orbs washed over him, and for the first time, Conner realized how much he truly loved the young woman before him.

Murphy touched Conner's arm. It was time for action. Murphy looked to the spot where Agent Smecker had quietly crept around to line up with one of the men standing in front of Kallie. The clouds above them roamed the sky, and once again blocked out the sun. Murphy felt his heart pounding and deliberately took a deep breath. This moment, more than any other, would be about time and precision. They could not make a mistake.

As one, Conner and Murphy moved. Guns pulled, targets sited, they let loose several shots that hit home. Smecker easily took out the man in front of him, and turned to fire several shots at the bushes behind the other two men. Murphy and Conner quickly realized two more gunmen had stayed behind, and had now taken cover.

" Let's fish em out, Murph!" said Conner, ready to be done with this. The twins and Smecker quickly surrounded the remaining mob members.

" Drop your weapons, and come out with your hands in the air!" Yelled Smecker, giving the men a chance to live. Agent Smecker sighed, and realized it was no use. The men fired their weapons, leaving the Saints and Smecker with no choice. He brought his gun to site on one of the men, taking careful aim. His heart sank a little as the life before him was taken.

As the bodies were dragged together, Conner and Murphy began saying the prayer, knowing these souls would be facing a greater judgment than either of them could ever give. As they said the final words, the sign of the cross, and raised their bowed heads, Conner and Murphy looked to the large rock where the girls had been.

Kaidbri had her arm around Kallie's waist, helping her to walk over to where Agent Smecker stood, surveying the scene around him.

" I think we have a lot to discuss," said Smecker, " Dolly is on his way, with a car and a doctor in tow. Let's get back to the main road."

The four nodded and followed, Murphy helping Kallie to walk. It was few hours before they reached the main road, and several times Kallie was forced to stop and rest. The four, exhausted and beyond spent from the past week, sagged with relief when a black SUV approached. Dolly quickly jumped out and assisted them into the back seat. Together, they headed back to the city of Boston.

Kallie sat on the bed of the hotel room, and stared down at her hands. It had been several long days. Her body was healing nicely, although she was still in some amount of pain. The four had told their story about how they were forced to flee the cabin, the fall into the river, and all that occurred. It was shocking to her still, how much life had changed in the last few months. How had they ended up like this? She looked up as Kaidbri sat beside her.

" Conner and Murphy are looking for an apartment tomorrow," Kaidbri said, " They want us to move in with them."

Kallie nodded but felt only pain in her heart. Smecker had talked of finding a place in the city again, knowing that most of the mafia who attacked them were now disbanded or gone completely. Murphy had become more than a friend to her during her darkest hour, and yet she knew that what she said next would mean the end of it all.

" No," she said as Kaidbri turned a surprised look at her, " I can't stay here. Bri, so much has happened to us. So much has gone incredibly wrong with our lives. If I stay in Boston, that will forever be a reminder. If I stay, I will always be looking for the next enemy and the next disaster. Conner and Murphy will never be free men, Bri. Even now, looking for an apartment has to be discrete and secretive. I don't want to live that way, Bri. I don't want to have to hide and be afraid. I'm ready to move on. I'm ready to be happy again."

Kaidbri looked at her sister, and realized with a sinking heart that she was right. Kaidbri also realized that Conner had become more than she ever expected. She was in love with him, and knew that leaving him would crush her.

"Kallie," Kaidbri said, desperately trying to convince her sister that she wasn't thinking clearly, that it would be a mistake to leave, " We have only each other and the boys now. We can't just give that up. I don't understand, I thought you were handling all this better than I was."

" I am handling this Kaidbri," said Kallie in a calm, soft voice, " But I won't be able to if I stay here."

Kaidbri nodded, turning her head away from her sister. She felt the tears fill her eyes. There was no way that she would ever leave her sister on her own, not like this, not after everything they'd been through. She would have to say goodbye to Conner. The boys couldn't leave Boston. It would mean jeopardizing everything they'd worked for. It would also put them at risk to be away from Smecker, the only FBI agent who was on their side. The lump in her throat grew thick, and the air seemed to come in smaller amounts. The physical pain in her chest ached with grief. She thought about losing the one good thing she'd found through all of this.

"Kaidbri," said Kallie, wrapping her arms around her beloved twin, " I don't want you to come with me. I want you to stay here."

Kaidbri turned her shocked eyes back to Kallie's. "What?" she said, letting out a sob, " What are you saying, Kallie? Of course I'm coming with you. I'm not leaving you!"

But Kallie was already shaking her head. "Your place is," she smiled sadly, tears spilling onto her cheeks. " I'm always going to be your sister, and nothing will ever change that. I'm always going to love you, Bri. But we knew someday that our lives would change, and we would have to walk our own paths. I never in a million years would have predicted it would happen like this, but it has. It's time to say goodbye, at least for now."

Kaidbri shook her head and grabbed her sister by the shoulders, anger swelling up inside her. " Don't you dare," said Kaidbri, " Don't you dare tell me I'm not going. My place isn't here if you aren't. I'm your sister, your only family. I won't just let you wander off alone."

Kallie sighed and lowered her head. " You're right," said she sadly. " If I was in your place, I wouldn't let you leave either. Maybe I'm being too rash about this." Kallie smiled and hugged her sister.

Kaidbri closed her eyes for a moment, and rested her chin on her twin's shoulder. She pulled away from Kallie and looked at her with a smile.

" Let's talk this over tomorrow," said Kallie, " We can figure out something. Maybe we can convince Conner and Murphy to move to a different part of Boston or somewhere less familiar to us."

Kaidbri nodded, satisfied that her sister was willing to talk this over with the boys first. Conner and Murphy had gone out with Smecker, Greenly, Dolly, and Duffy to have a few drinks. The girls knew that really meant that they were discussing business and wouldn't be back for a while.

Kaidbri dropped back on the bed, and Kallie did the same. They were still physically and emotionally worn from all the past several weeks. As Kaidbri thought about what her sister had said, about the lack of freedom and the hurt that would come with living in the place she had once called home, she realized that it didn't matter. Conner, Murphy, and Kallie would be there. They would all get through it together. Someday, the hurt would be less and joy would come easier for them. Kaidbri felt her eyes slowly drifting shut, and let the world of dreams take over her mind.

Kaidbri walked along the beach, laughing as her sisters chased the seagulls. It was sunny and warm out, and the three of them had come to the beach to collect seashells. " Hurry up!" yelled Lexi, " You're going to miss it!"

"Miss what?" Kaidbri asked, confused. The water that rushed around her feet was crystal blue and warm, but it began to turn gray and cold.

"Kaidbri," said Conner, standing beside her, "Are you ready?"

"Ready for what?" asked Kaidbri, looking around her. She could see Murphy's back as he walked ahead where her sisters had just been. Lexi was far ahead now, running after the sun that was setting in front of her.

" I love you," said Conner, kissing Kaidbri on the cheek.

"I love you too," she said. But something was missing. Someone was not there who should have been.

"Where did Kallie go?" Conner did not answer her. She asked again.

"Where is Kallie?" She asked again and again. Yet there was no response. Kaidbri felt something funny and confusing take over her mind. "Where is Kallie?"

"Kaidbri," said Conner, shaking her shoulders. Kaidbri blinked and looked at Conner. This was actually Conner, she realized, not the one she had just dreamt about. She then looked at Murphy, who was standing beside him.

"Kaidbri," he said again, "Where is Kallie?"

Kaidbri looked around, noticing it was still dark out. She suddenly sat upright and looked with absolute fear to the twins standing in front of her. "She's not here?" she asked, a feeling of dread gripping her like white hot ice. "What time is it?" she asked when they shook their heads, fear replacing their looks of confusion.

"Almost five thirty in the mornin," said Murphy now moving to grab his jacket. "Where'd she run off ta?"

" I don't know," Kaidbri said, feelings of betrayal, anger, worry, guilt, and sorrow merging into her heart and mind. Kaidbri felt the world around her sink away, felt as if she would suddenly stop breathing and die. If she had been the one drowning in the river that day, she was sure this is what it had felt like. Only worse. Because Kaidbri wasn't drowning, and she wasn't banged up with bruises and broken bones. Kaidbri was breaking, pieces of her heart shattering. Kallie had left. Her twin, her other half, two hearts that since birth had beat as one, had walked out of her life.

" We'll go look for her," said Conner, his eyes as worried as the day he'd watched Murphy fall over the cliff.

Kaidbri nodded, unable to speak and unable to move. The boys had gone for several hours, and did not return until afternoon. When they came back, Smecker was with them.

" All I could find out," Smecker said, sitting on the hotel room bed beside her, " Was that the last stop she made in Boston was at the bus station. From what I know, the teller said she was heading to Los Angeles. The ticket she bought however, was a bus heading north, towards Canada."

Kaidbri nodded and knew at that moment Kallie truly did not want to be found. Her sister was gone, and she did not want Kaidbri to follow. Smecker got up from the bed, and said something to Conner and Murphy. Kaidbri didn't even bother to pay attention. Her world, once again, had been burned and ripped apart.

Conner and Murphy sat on either side of her. The three of them, all deeply wounded, and yet all knowing why Kallie had did what she did, sat in silence. The road to recovery was not yet over for anyone. It would be a long time before happiness was an honest feeling in their hearts. Conner looked to Kaidbri, knowing that he never wanted to lose her. He then looked to his brother, knowing that Murphy's spirit was battered and bruised.

"Kallie will come back again someday," said Conner, believing with all his heart that this was true, " She will come back when she is ready. For now, we need to let her go."

Conner wrapped his arm tightly around Kaidbri as she sobbed. Seeing tears on Murphy's cheek, he moved so he could wrap his other arm around his twin. It would be a long, difficult road.

Kallie wrapped the coat she had been given by Smecker around her tighter. The trip had been a long one, and she wanted to find a place to stay for the night. The Grey hound bus beside her shut the doors, and pulled away. It was cooler here than it had been in Massachusetts, and she wondered where she would stay for the night. Kallie felt sadness as she hoped that one day Kaidbri would forgive her. She hoped above all else that her sister would be happy again. Shivering against the crisp air, Kallie made her way towards a restaurant with a help sign on the window. Tomorrow would be a new day, and a new beginning. She would start her life over, and try to make the best of it. One day, Kallie would be with Kaidbri again. And maybe then they could be happy together.

The End.