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I cry out, but no one seems to hear me.

Fang's staring at me, his eyes glassy with unshed tears. Nudge is crying and banging her fists against Fang's back. Angel's sobbing and Gazzy, ever my brave little trooper, hugs her, trying not to cry himself. Iggy's shouting at Fang, an expression of anger on his usually cheerful face.

Don't do this to me, guys.

"NO!" Iggy yells. I can hear or see them physically, but it's like a scene playing in my head. Somehow, I know it's happening right there and then, just past my unmoving eyelids. It's like I'm trapped in a soundproof glass box; I can think, I can feel, I can seeā€¦.kind of. It's like I'm locked out of my body, inside my mind. I can hear them. But they can't hear me. Not even Angel, for some reason.

Fang pushes Iggy away, his face set. Iggy's usually blank eyes seem to be on fire. "Do it, Doc," he says quietly. The doctor nods. Iggy lets out a cry of frustration, and Angel cries harder.


"Bye, Max," Fang says quietly, and his lips brush my forehead. A tear escapes Iggy's eye, and Gazzy starts to wail. "Don't, Fang! Don't!"

I don't want to die. Please don't do it. Please.

The doctor pulls the plug.

I'm plunged into darkness, and I know I won't ever come out of it.

Why, Fang? Why?

In Loving Memory
Of Maximum Ride
Mother, daughter, sister, half-sister, lover, best friend and saviour.
Died of a bullet too close to her heart.
She will be remembered by all who knew her, by family or by acquaintance.
May she fly with the angels
Like she did on Earth.

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