Summary: After meeting Kenshin, Lan does a bit of research.

Set somewhere early in chapter 27. Lan had to have logged off at some point when travelling.

Mini crossover with .Hack. Really mini crossover.

Inputed 'Chinese Literature university course' in google and then picked one of the modules from the first link I found. Funnily enough, History of Chinese Literature was a second year module for this uni.

Kinda dark theme.


By Dark Ice Dragon

Okay, so she had a free hour between classes, her brother was off in the library, frantically trying to finish the readings for Chinese Literature, and Jing and Yun were in another tutorial class for Modern Chinese and Composition, so they weren't even in university yet. What to do... What to do...

Lan bit her thumbnail as she thought, looking around the room and hoping that seeing something would remind her of anything she'd forgotten. She'd done the readings already, which didn't leave her with much to do, university-wise. Sighing, Lan glanced back at the computer screen. She was so bored; she'd even begun researching the coursework for Modern Chinese and Composition they'd just been given, and that wasn't due in for another month.

Well, she could always do some research for Second Life; new moves to try out, or a quicker way of getting back to the central continent - one that didn't involve spending another five-thousand crystals.

Or... she could look up self-aware NPCs. She'd met Kenshin the night before, and now she was wondering how likely it was that other NPCs could become self-aware. Was it normal that the NPCs could do that, or was it something that wasn't supposed to happen?

Surprisingly, the search engine didn't find much, only pulling up a little over a thousand links. The first was a site about The World, which she clicked on.

It was... old. Lan could tell from the layout and even from what the boxes around the text looked like. It seemed like it was one of those message boards people used to use. On a whim, she checked when the site was created; maybe the creator just liked the retro look.

When she saw it, Lan gaped. That had to be a joke; it was made just under a hundred years ago? It had to be a recreation then. Most sites wouldn't have survived the switch-over from the internet, especially one from so long ago.

A little more cautious of the validity of the site now, Lan began to scroll back up. She stopped when one topic title caught her eye.

'My friend is in a coma after playing this game!!'

Eyebrows raised, she read it again. It still said the same thing. How did a person end up in a coma after playing a game? There had been stories about people dying, but there were safeguards for that now. Curious, Lan entered the topic and scanned the top post.

So their friend had fallen into a coma while actually playing The World. And the other commenters were bringing in their own stories too. They were all pretty similar, even talking about encountering the same monster before it had happened. That was just a bit creepy. Lan didn't remember hearing anything like that about The World, but if this was when it had just came out... But still, if a game caused people to fall into comas, they would have stopped people from playing it. Right?

Shaking her head, Lan closed the window. Maybe she'd just continue researching her coursework instead...