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Bobby's Auto Shop, South Daokota

Bobby shook his head, those two boys were going to be the death of him. Instead of getting the heat off of themselves they seemed to think that cranking up the stove would be a better idea. Not only had they both been fighting the cult members live on TV but Dean and his clone had been caught beside one another and then exorcised a demon on national broad-casted TV. He couldn't wait to get his hands on those two,he was going to slap them until they had some sense.

Taking a deep breath he turned the TV off sick of listening to the religious chatter that it had turned into. It wasn't really news so much as a debate between the military and churches. Moving over to his liquor cabinet he poured himself a large glass of whiskey and took a sip before wondering deeper into the house to find a phone. He knew who he could call to smack the boys without leaving his own house. Their daddy would be more then willing to do so.

Sector Two, Seattle

John Winchester turned his TV off, the news crews were all at a lose of how to describe what they had been shown today, even after a press junction with the military they didn't know what to make of it. Since he got the call from Sam he had made his way to Seattle, it wasn't often that his boys called him and it was clear that they were dealing with more then the normal ghosts. He had wanted them back together, he knew that it was important that Dean watch over Sammy but now, well after seeing his oldest son on national TV he had to admit that this weekend had been interesting and it looked like things were only getting started.

Kicking back on the bed he sighed, he had one more night of rent on the place and then he'd head over to Terminal City, he had to check in with his boys and make sure they are safe as possible. He also wanted some questioned answered, he heard his phone ringing and reached out for it, taking it from the bedside table he flipped it open and read the ID checking for the boys or some of his less preferred contacts. It was Bobby and he sighed softly to himself as he sat up and pressed the talk button.

"Bobby." He said knowing that it was time to get some of the story and Bobby would be just the man that could do that.

Unknown Location

Rebecca Fahri was a normal college student, or maybe a little odd. She worked hard and wanted to graduate early, she was driven and the perfect body. Lilith had watched her for a few hours as she ran around, pointless trips and stops. Talking to teachers and other students, it was funny that such a popular little girl and no one knew that at night she enjoyed cutting herself.

Lilith waited until the girl had settled in for the night, waited for her to start cutting into her own body before taking her over. The girl tried to scream as she took control of her body but it was useless, standing Lilith let the razor she had been using fall to the floor. Looking into the mirror she tipped her head back and forth, yes this one would do. She wasn't a familiar but Lilith could make do for the time being, turning around she left the dorm room behind and made her way onto the campus, coming up short when a security guard stopped her.

"Miss, you have some blood on yourself, did something happen?" She heard the guard ask confused and Lilith smirked reaching over with one hand and patting his arm.

"Just a little mishap while I was cooking, I'm going over to the medical centre now." She lied with a smile sensing something else lurking around and she turned slightly watching a few people passing then turned back to look at the guard who still had a hand on her arm, she was met with yellow eyes and Lilith hissed pulling her arm free.

"What do you want Azazel?" She demanded crossing her arms as her true nature flickered across her eyes before they both let their eyes fade back to the normal human colour.

"You tried to kill my Sammy today."

"He was in my way."

"I don't care, do it again and I will make sure that you get locked up just like Daddy is." He promised pointing a finger at her. "Watch yourself Lilith, you do not want to be on my bad side." With that he disappeared leaving Lilith alone once more, clicking her tongue she sighed softly and shook her head, it wasn't the time to dwell on Azazel and his little demon army plan, she had bigger things to deal with at the moment. Like the end of the world, smirking to herself she snapped her finger and also disappeared from sight.

Military Hospital, Sector Five

Isaac made his way down the hallway, Andy had been shipped to a local hospital that had been converted into a military hospital after the fighting had died down. Not before she had a talk with the press that had gathered once the broadcast had started, and Isaac truthfully liked it when he didn't have to do the camera thing. Andy was much better at it, the fact that she was shot well it was just frustrating.

Entering her room without knocking he smiled at her, "hows the stomach." He asked as he moved over and claimed a seat next to her bed picking up her files and flipping over them to make sure that she was getting the best treatment possible.

"Its fine, I'm fine how about we get me checked out." She said and Isaac sighed, for the amount of times she got shot he'd think she would have gotten over her dislike for hospitals but no, that wasn't possible.

"Chill out, if you would have let Whitmore help you at the time you wouldn't be here."

"Whitmore had more pressing wounds to deal with, this is just punishment." She remarked with crossed arms, Isaac couldn't help himself and he chuckled softly shaking his head.

"Well if it is then maybe you should stop complaining about it." He said with a wink before putting her chart back and turning to face her. "Besides if it was punishment would I bring you this?" he asked with a teasing tone as he handed her over a bag of her favorite chocolates. Watching him carefully she took it from him and opened it slowly a smile coming over her face.

"Its still punishment but I'm willing to stay here if you keep smuggling these in." She said as she relaxed back into the bed, taking a chocolate out and unwrapping it before popping it into her mouth and chewing slowly. "So whats the word?"

"We aren't being fired."

"That's good, treason can be a bitch."

"Yeah, well they aren't really sure what they are going to do with us."

"I'm sure they will sort it out."

"Yeah me too." Isaac replied and the two of them fell into silence before the sound of a wrapper being un-done broke the silence.

"Chocolate?" She offered with a smile and Isaac once again couldn't help but laugh.

GE Bar, Terminal City

Dean raised his shot glass, "to beating back the demons for another day." He said and the small group he had gathered from command echoed his toast before downing a shot each. He looked around the table, a half lizard man, a half dog man and a younger version of himself. He chuckled softly as he poured them all another shot. He felt at home, familiar here, he wasn't sure if he should be worried that his new friends were questionable for being human, after all it was clear that he wasn't human any more then they were, Lilith's words during the fight still playing in his mind but he figured they didn't mean anything. Angel him, that was laughable, picking up his beer he tuned into the conversations around him, letting himself relax for the first time since he got Sam from Stanford, maybe it was time to look into settling down.

Rooftop Access, Command Centre

"Thanks for the help today," Max said looking down at the mess the city had turned into. Aside from the normal damage that happens during a fight there was a large amount of blood running in the streets as the clean up crew tried to clear it. Max watched as they used high power hoses to clear the streets, the blood mixing with the water and spinning down the street.

"It was nothing," Sam assured her as he took a spot next to her, looking down the building just able to make out the people moving below but didn't have as much detail as Max. "I'm just glad that it worked out as well as it did."

"Yeah have to admit that we weren't ready." She said crossing her arms knowing that they would be ready for the next time, they had lost too many good people today to let something like that happen again.

"At least the human's helped," Sam whispered to Max turning his attention to the setting sun. Colours lighting up the sky as it slowly made its decent. "And you didn't even have to lie to them." He teased her and she smiled softly at his comment before nodding slowly.

"Yeah, I just-I don't know I get this feeling that its not over yet."

"Its not-Dean said that the demon took off before he could do anything. It will be back, and pissed." He said turning back to face Max, smiling softly. "But you have help now, they won't win." He promised her as he tossed one arm over her shoulder and pulled her into himself for a half hug.

The End