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(Rins' POV)

{Ah-Un knows her little secret}

I wonder if my Lord knows that silent vow I made to never leave his side My hear is full of adoration and something I can't describe, I love him I keep my feelings to myself or late at during sleep I say them to Ah-Un He really understands me he doesn't laugh or scold me he sits and listens as sleep overcomes Knowing what the future will hold Knowing what will come to be.

(Sesshomarus' POV)

{Ah-Un knows his little secret}

I don't know whats comeover me I adore that little mortal her laugh and smile warm me her childlike wonder amazes her eyes captivate and hold I know that solemn vow she made to never leave my side

{Ah-Un knowing listened to his lord}

I hear her speak every night you know her thoughts and mine I see I'm like my father I'm falling in love with her she doesn't know how I feel

(Writers' POV)

He stopped talking as he and Ah-Un walked back to camp. He was in love with Rin and finally admitting it.

"I have loved her for three years now."

Flash back 3 years before

Resting, calm, all is well. !! Blood !!

The demon lord sniffed the air; the blood was coming from Rin. He turned and looked at her sleepng form. Breathing deeply, it was sweet; so sweet, the smell was her coming of age blood. It made his inner inu roar and rattle his cage.

"Blood! Sweet. Mate!"

"No!" he growled.

Rin stirred, feeling the warmth of the blood she jumped up. She whimpered very softly.

"What is happening to me?"

She turned and began looking at her companions to assure hereself that they were indeed asleep. They were asleep or so she thought; she grabbed a kimono, some cloth, and ran.

"I'll give her awhile , then check." Sesshomaru thought to himself.

He breathed deeply as he followed her scent, it was sweetly intoxicating. He heard her talking to herself before he reached the river.

"What is wrong with me? Why won't it stop? When I get back to camp I will ask Lord Sesshomaru if I can go to Inuyashas' village to see the Priestess Kaede."

He agreed silently and watched her.

She began to scrub her soiled kimono and started to cry when the blood wouldn't come out.

He felt a small pang in his stomach and knew it was pity. He pitied her the way she looked now; having no idea that she was a woman now. Not knowing that this will happen again and again. He stood on the bank and called her name.


Rin jumped when he called her name and tried to cover herself.

"Yes my Lord?"

"Come I need to talk to you."

Her eyes showed she feared he knew what was wrong. She hurried out and dressed; before he had a chance to speak she took the opportunity to pop her request.

"My Lord, I think I should go to Inuyashas' village. I really need to speak to the Priestess."

"Very well, Jaken will escort ."

"Thank You, My Lord."

Later that day she left with Jaken and returned late two days later.

Flashback over (Back to the present)

For the past three years about ten days a month she had demons following her scent. Some were dumb enough to approach her with her Lord. A few that weren't crazed that approached her when she was alone would talk and ask questions. One day it was a young panther demon who asked very annoying questions, well Sesshomaru thought so anyway.

"Are you betrothed or married, Ma'm?" the panther asked.


Sesshomaru wouldn't let her get out of smelling range when it was during her cycle. When he caught wind of the panther near her he took off in their direction; he could smell he wasn't crazed by being near her but quite aroused. That was good and bad; but the closer he got to them his anger showed. He stopped down wind of them and listened to his questions for her, many were innocent but he didn't like where they were headed when he asked about marriage.

"What is your name?" Rin asked the panther.


"Alright, Kai whats with the personal questions?"

"Nothing really just wanted to know."

Kai surprised her by brushing her face with his hand. He was staring her in the eye and was going to kiss her. Rin then turned away from him quickly.

"Okay, innocent enough. I thought you were going to ask for me; I would have to decline though."

Kais' eyes blazed.

"Why is that? Does someone hold your interest?"

"Yes he does."

"Ma'm I will fight for you and take you as my mate!"

All she did was laugh then stopped abruptly, he noticed her eyes brighten and then soften with love. Kai realized she was looking over his shoulder. When the wind shifted he got the scent of a dog demon. He turned to look at the demon that held her attention.

"My Lord!"

Kai felt her move around him to go to the demon. Then he heard the demon speak.

"Go ahead back to camp."

"Yes, My Lord Sesshomaru." Rin said and left.

"The panther is brave." he thought as Kai approached him.

"I will fight for her." Kai challenged.

Sesshomaru gave a slight smirk at the young demon before him.

"You may try but it may have escaped your notice but I am the one walking away from her."