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Last time: Rin was saved, Sesshomaru was battling the panther leader, and Rin made it back to the castle. She gave the soldiers directions to Sesshomaru and made them go to him, he needed help. She was left with Jaken, who took her to her room. She soon began to fall asleep.

"Please come back to me. You promised you would come to me."

I was able to croak that out before I passed out. Going into complete oblivion, the realm of sleep to await my mate.

She said then slept.

Rins' POV

(In Rin and Sesshomarus' room)

I don't know how long I was there after Jaken left. Hours or even days, I didn't know. I was numb. I didn't know what happened or where he was. I was so worried. He could be hurt and dying and I wasn't even there for him.

My door was thrown open, I jumped, his warriors were carrying him. They laid him on the bed as I ranto get a basin and rags.

"He will be fine, My Lady. He is really tired and the panther lord is gone forever." the captain told me.

"Thank You, you can leave him with me."

The soldiers left and Jaken came in. He had heard that his lord was brought into our chamber. He was in a panic and before he could say one word I ordered him to be silent.

"Jaken, please see that a platter of fruit and a pitcher of water is brought up. Thank You. I will keep you informed of his progress."

He bowed as he left and hurried to see to the requirements. I ordered for the maids to not come in, only Jaken could come in but he had to be absolutely silent. They didn't dare to disobey my orders.

I leaned down to listen to his shallow breathing. He was in actual pain, I could tell as I started to remove his armour. As I removed each piece his face would show a small, slight grimace would cross over it. I hated giving him more pain but I had to get it off to clean his wounds. It hurt me almost as much as it did him.

Iset all of his armor outside of our chamber. When I returned I pulled off his blood stained and ripped haori. His chest and abdomen was littered with deep slashes. It saddened me to see him insuch a state. It was my fault; I had gotten into trouble again and he had to save me. Again. This time he could have died and it was heartbreaking just to look at him.

As I cleaned his wounds I was so careful as to not cause him anymore pain. After I was finished I sat and watched him, never leaving his side. I ate what was brought, changed his bandages every couple of hours, and continued to watch until my body was telling me to go to sleep. igave in and left him for only a hour.

I bathed and dressed in a light sleeping yukata, then I slipped into the bed beside him. I wished to hold him but settled for holding his hand.

"I love you, My Sesshomaru."

I whispered that as I fell into exhaustion. I didn't wake up until midday the next day. I looked over at him and he was still asleep and I smiled a sad smile at his still form. His breathing was no longer ragged so I went to bathe. A few minutes passed and I heard Jaken enter the chamber and he knocked at the bathing room door.

"My Lady, are you doing well?" he asked.

"Yes Jaken I am doing fine."

After Jaken left I put on the kimono that matched Sesshomarus' and checked his bandages. I noticed that Jaken had changed them. I was hungry so I left to get some food and met Jaken in the hall; he escorted me to the kitchens'.

The moment I appeared in the kitchen the staff began asking questions. It took me about an hour to alay their concerns and answer their questions. I had finally got a small pitcher of water and a tray of fruits and sweet meats. When I finally returned back to our chamber I immediately noticed he had shifted to a different position. He was no longer on his back, he was on his right side facing away from the door.

I set down the tray and water on the bedside table and leaned down to see if he had awakened. He was most certainly awake. I touched his shoulder and in one swift move he grabbed me. He pulled me under him. I was speechless at first then I finally found my voice.

"How long have you been awake?"

"I think it has been an hour. You was not here when I woke."

"I'm sorry. The pup and I were hungry; also the staff was worried and needed reassurance."

"They had no need to worry. I had you caring for me."

I smiled at him and gave him the hug I wanted to give him. All I wanted to do was hold him but I also had to eat.

"Are you hungry?" I asked.

"I'm starving." he said.

He leaned onto his left side while I handed him some of the sweet meats and I grabbed a piece of fruit. I suddenly stopped eating and grabbed his hand and put it on my lower abdomen.

"It's kicking me. Feel."

It kept kicking me. It was really strong.

"I think it is going to be like you. I think it will be a boy. Yes it will definitely be a boy, it is very strong."

Sesshomaru pulled me to his chest and rubbed over the baby bump.

"Yes it may be a boy but what will the other one be?"

"Other one?"

I asked wondering if I had heard him wrong.

"Two." he said.

I just had to laugh, two pups. Our life was going to be hectic with one but with two, it might get interesting.

"I believe my little mate that we need to go see everyone else before they come in here."

We did. Jaken was so overwhelmed with relief he fainted. He didn't even get to hear the rest. We made oour announcement about the twins. The whole palace was in an uproar. The Lord was well and The Lady was expecting twins. They had a lot to talk about when we left the room, going back to ours.

He left me momentarily to check on the borders and to see his soldiers. He returned later than expected. It was really lateand I was asleep. I didn't hear him come in or undress, but I felt him slide in the bed and put his arms around me. I was barely awake then. I felt him plant a kiss on my forehead and I heard him whisper in my ear.

"I love you, my little onna."

I smiled as I drifted back off to sleep. He loved me. He had finally said that he loved me.

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