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Pairing: Sasori & Deidara.

'Control Gifu and you control Japan,' was the phrase Sasori heard so often in his hometown of Gifu. Living in the Gifu Prefecture, and in the actual city itself, was never boring. The tourism and booming economy kept the city bustling and ever-moving even through the toughest of times. Living in the heart of the city, Sasori had the opportunity to see the back bone of the city first hand.

Sasori's family had lived in the city for a long time and their old styled house was gated off on the shore of the Nagara River. Walking out of the neighborhood to the base of Kinkazan* wasn't too bad of a trek. Kinkazan loomed over the city of Gifu and was close to the water, the Nagara River, where Sasori lived. At the moment, Sasori walked with his hands in his pockets towards the Inaba Shrine. He told Deidara he'd meet him there when his boyfriend called him earlier that morning.

Sasori flipped his cell phone open and checked for messages. The little envelope symbol popped up on the screen. 'One New Message'. He clicked 'open' and read:

(11:15am) Sasori-danna, Tobi and Zetsu came over. Might be late.

The red-head's lip curled upwards and he snapped his phone shut. Deidara was always doing things on the spur of the moment and things that pleased himself. The older boy had to stop many times and remember that high school was just ending. Even if Sasori didn't have much of a life outside of his high school classes and art class at the college after school, it didn't mean that Deidara had to be like that too. But still... Sasori could only wish that Deidara would give him more of a heads up.

"Idiot..." Sasori muttered under his breath, chastising himself. Deidara could do whatever he wanted; he didn't need Sasori's permission.

The buildings grew more sparse as he neared the Inaba Shrine. The houses in this area were the same style as Sasori's. The Edo-era high arches and oriental styled houses attracted an older type of generation. Sasori liked the quiet neighborhood though, it suited him.

In the distance, Sasori could make out the pillars of the Inaba Shrine. He smiled inwardly. He and Deidara had shared their first date at the New Year's festival at the beginning of their first year when Sasori was 16 and Deidara was 15.

The Shinto priest cleaning the steps nodded at Sasori as he thin teenager strode up slowly to the Shrine's haiden*.

All Sasori wanted to do was spend time with Deidara before college started. They had one month off before the University semester started. It was the end of July and the University of Gifu started again in September. After his years in secondary education high school, Sasori was ready for the Gifu University. His parents had gone there and so had Chiyo-baa-sama. It was only natural that Sasori would go, too. He was hoping to talk to Deidara about that at the shrine today to make sure they both had their papers in for Gifudai.

Now they were ages 19 and 18. Deidara was younger than most because he skipped a grade, but his immature personality left people guessing to why he had gotten further ahead.

The brown-eyed boy shook his head and sat on the steps to the shrine and waited for his boyfriend. Impatiently, he checked his phone again.

(11:37am) Hey! Close to getting Zet. and T. to leave. Be right there!

Sasori's eye twitched. It was a little ridiculous; he had plans with Deidara. It wasn't too fair that Deidara was doing this to him. This was Deidara's new thing, he had been doing this since the beginning of their third year. Sasori kind of wondered what was happening with Deidara. Their first two years together went without any problems like this...

"Baka, baka, baka...!" he ran his hands through his hair after he tucked his phone into his pocket and looked out over the shrine. He tried to clear his mind and focus. It'd be alright once they got their plans straight for Gifudai.

Sasori leaned backwards and set his elbows on the steps behind him, closing his eyes. Maybe he'd take a nap if Deidara was still with his friends...

With a start, Sasori jumped up and pulled his phone out of his pocket as it vibrated.

(11:58am) see you.

He looked down the steps and Deidara stood at the bottom, waving at him.

"Yo, Sasori-danna," he called up and smiled up at Sasori.

Sasori turned off his phone and gave a small wave back.

Shortly, Deidara was sitting next to him, pressing his side to Sasori's. He smiled wide and wrapped an arm around the smaller teen.

"I'm glad to see you, Sasori-danna. What's up?"

Sasori glanced sideways and stiffly replied, "Not much, brat."

"Heeey," the blonde drawled out, "what's with that attitude? You're not happy to see me, hmm?"

The crickets in the grass surrounding the stone steps of the temple sounded quietly and the chimes on the shrine sighed in the wind.

Sasori responded slowly, "No, it's not that," he rolled his eyes slightly and continued, "it's just you told me that you'd meet me here at 11:20 and it's over thirty minutes past that time. You couldn't have met me at the right time? You really should know by now how I loathe people that disregard time appointments."

The blonde nudged Sasori, "Get over it." A frown came to his face and he inched his arm off of Sasori. "Come on... You know I'm just enjoying my time before..."

Sasori raised an eyebrow, "Before Gifudai, right?"

Shaking his head, Deidara cringed, "Uhh, Sasori-danna, I think I should tell you something. Tobi and Zetsu are joining their friends Itachi and Kisame out in Nagoya. I kind of thought it'd be fun to go to the University in Nagoya and party and stuff with Tobi and Zetsu, hmm."

"Brat, you're kidding me, right?"

Deidara cupped Sasori's cheek with his hand and his trade-mark smirk crossed his face, "Hey, it's not the end of the world. Nagoya isn't too far from Gifu, it really isn't." He paused and kissed Sasori on the lips quickly. He spoke quietly, "We can see each other when we have free time, hmm."

Sasori turned his head away from Deidara and placed his hand on Deidara's, lowering the blonde's hand off of his face. He frowned and said, "I don't know about that. I need time to think about this."

He rose from the steps and faced away from Deidara.

"Ne, Sasori-danna? Where are you going? I thought we were going on a date, hmm."

A dark look appeared on Sasori's face as he walked down the steps. He raised his hand to dismiss Deidara and replied, "I'm going home. Come talk to me later tonight and let's talk about this further, brat."

It was a little past noon, the sun stood high in the sky and Sasori checked over his shoulder at Deidara. His boyfriend still sat on the shrine's steps, sunshine reflecting off of his long hair, looking untroubled.

Somehow, Deidara felt comfortable with the choices he was making. He wasn't as attached to Gifu as Sasori was and he liked to party and go out and act impulsively. But obviously Deidara wasn't making the right decisions. They had been together for three years and Deidara was willing to throw it away like that?

Sure Deidara said they'd see each other in their spare time; but that wasn't good enough for Sasori, Deidara was his. No one would take him away. He'd have to stop Deidara from going to Nagoya. He'd go to any extreme to do so.

Kinkazan* = Mount Kinka
haiden* = a shrine's hall of worship
Gifudai* = abbreviation of Gifu University