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Sasori's eyes opened slowly as he felt Deidara stop shaking. No words passed between them for a while until Deidara slowly asked, "Tell... tell me, Sasori. How did you do it?"

He smiled slightly as he continued to nuzzle Deidara's neck. "I don't know if I should tell you, brat..." he whispered softly.

"God damn it, Sasori-danna, fucking tell me what you did, hmm!" Deidara nearly screamed out, trying to escape from Sasori's embrace now.

"Deidara... why are you so mad? I did it so we could be closer. Don't ruin what we have," he hissed into the blonde's ear.

Finally, the blonde man lost it and he pushed Sasori away. His eyes were wild; it scared Sasori. He didn't understand why Deidara didn't see it like him. He knew he had to get Deidara under control. He decided he'd reason with Deidara and make him see his way of looking at their situation.

"Look, Deidara, I had to eliminate them. You weren't going to go to Gifudai because of them. I made sure they didn't suffer, you wouldn't have liked that. It was quick and... painless." His hand couldn't help but touch his swollen nose. It was so weird that he was feeling the pain now and didn't feel it while eliminating the problems.

"How did you kill them?" Deidara was shaking with rage now. He couldn't bear look at Sasori much longer.

Sasori felt so small compared to Deidara. His slim frame looked so fragile compared to Deidara's muscular body. He didn't want Deidara to hurt him... But... Deidara loved him. Why was he so mad? The red-haired teen spoke softly, "Wouldn't you be happier without knowing?"

Deidara exploded at his, "Happier? Sasori, fuck that! I'm pretty sure that neither of us will be happy again!"

The brown eyed boy tried to speak, "You don't know that..."

The blonde's fury continued, "I know this for a fact! You murdered people!" He stepped close to Sasori and shook his shoulders, trying to make him understand, "Murdered. People. The police will find out. And you left your clothes there? And... fuck it, Sasori! What kind of life are we going to have now? You have killed people."

Sasori retaliated, "I did it for you! Deidara, you damn brat, I did it for you because you were making the wrong choice not going to Gifudai with me! How could you ever try to leave me?"

"I never would have left you..." was his quiet response. His fingernails dug into Sasori's shoulders as he stood close as his boyfriend leaned on him.

"I love you, Deidara..." Sasori's eyes pleaded with Deidara. He wanted to cringe in pain as Deidara's grip on his shoulders started to hurt.

Deidara closed his eyes and only said, "I loved you," stressing the past tense to Sasori.

Tears stung his eyes as he realized Deidara was totally against him now. The blonde's grip on his shoulders released and Sasori tried to reach out for Deidara. "Deidara... please..." that was all Sasori could plead to his boyfriend. Off-balance, Sasori fell to the ground, trying to hold onto Deidara; but the blonde only backed away from the red-headed boy.

Flashing blue eyes glared at him as he looked up, Sasori became scared. He didn't know what Deidara would do next. Sasori leaned on one arm and remained on the ground, his gazed lowered to the floor. He couldn't face Deidara's wrath. Suddenly, he heard the door slam. Deidara had left the room. Sasori began to panic and tried to recalculate what he could do next. Reasoning with Deidara hadn't worked, in fact, Deidara was more upset after hearing the news and the details.

Slowly, Sasori rose from the ground and went to follow Deidara. He wiped the tears from his eyes and slipped into the hallway. He was momentarily suprised to see Chiyo face-to-face as soon as he exited the room.

"I thought he did something wrong. Sasori, I feel as though I misunderstood what's going on," her voice was quiet but accusing. Sasori's heart nearly stopped.

Sasori hissed out to Chiyo, "Pardon me, Chiyo-baa-sama, I need to talk to Deidara."

"What's going on Sasori?"

"I said, I need to talk to Deidara, Chiyo."

They stared each other down, frustration and anger growing between the two for different reasons.

Chiyo sighed and gave up. She pressed her back to the wall and pointed to the hallway. "He went into the bathroom," she stated.

Sasori stormed past her and strode up to the bathroom door. He went to open it, but was angered to see that it was locked.

Behind him, Chiyo muttered, "Such a tragedy."

The red-headed teenager wheeled around and screamed at his grandmother, "I can control this situation and make it right. You have no say in what is wrong and to even imagine you know what's happening is madness. Get out of here!" Without checking if she had left, Sasori began to pound on the door; snarl emitted from his lips. "Deidara." There was no response, he tried again, "Deidara, answer me! Brat, open the door. Open the door!"

He pounded on the door without stopping. Deidara had to open the door for him. Sasori stopped and pressed his ear to the door to listen for any noise. It was deathly quiet.

His fists curled into tight balls and he yelled out Deidara's name frantically now. "Get out of there! Deidara! Answer me!"

Sasori froze when he heard a loud thud from the bathroom. He had to get in there since Deidara wasn't going to come out. He inhaled deeply and turned his shoulder slightly and threw his weight onto the door, trying to make it give way. The door didn't give in and he was still locked out. Again and again he used all of his weight and force to try and make the door open, but nothing seemed to work. His hair fell into his eyes and he panted from the effort. Rage filled his being and he tried one last time, finally busting the door open.

His brown eyes widened when he stared at the horrible sight before him. Deidara's muscular body lay on the ground, it appeared that he had slumped to the ground and then had fallen over. He was face down and his blonde hair was splayed out over the bathroom tile. One arm was half under his body and blood pooled around his other arm, slit straight down the inside of his forearm. Slowly, blood oozed from his open wrist and his body shook slightly. Sasori rushed to Deidara and fell to his knees.

"Oh, Deidara..." his voice cracked as he tried to speak and he gently turned his boyfriend over and cupped his face gently. Deidara's eyes were closed and he was barely breathing. Sasori looked to the arm that had been under Deidara's body. This arm, too, holding the razor that Deidara had used, was slit from the wrist to about mid-forearm. "Deidara, Deidara, Deidara..." Sasori repeated his name and gaped in horror at the sight.

With a rattle, Deidara spoke quietly, "I couldn't live... and... couldn't be eternal..." His eyes never opened and he just kept on bleeding. Sasori was struck dumb; he couldn't control what was happening now. How had it come to this? He wasn't in control now! Deidara took one last breath and in Sasori's arms, let go of life.

Sasori held onto Deidara's limp body and could only continue to stare at the blonde. His cheek was red from where it had been when he lay on the ground and his clothes were covered in blood, but it was still his Deidara. Sasori just couldn't had imagined this possibility for Deidara. In all of his calculations, he never imagined this possibility. His eyes shut and he cried silently, clinging to Deidara's body.

His eyes opened suddenly as he heard Chiyo's voice from the doorway, "The police are on their way."

Sasori was not in control. Not at all.