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Happy Mother's Day!

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And... this is my first English fic. Please, tell me if I have any mistake,and be merciful with me LOL

An Unique Mother's Day

When Nessie came back from school that May 10th, Edward immediately realized that it was something wrong with his daughter. He thought she was sad, because Bella, his wife and Nessie's mother, died when she gave birth to the girl, so Nessie didn't have a mum like her classmates. In the past, she used to give all her love to Esme, her grandmother, but as they had moved to New York that year, she couldn't do more than just to call her by phone to congratulate her.

So he ran to catch her in his arms and kiss her in whole her face, as he always used to do when his little girl had a bad day. However, at last he saw that she wasn't sad, and that a shinny smile was lighting up her face —one that she had tried to hide it with a serious face when she got home—, doing that her beautiful chocolate eyes, like Bella's, seemed to be bigger and adorable.

"What happened, princess? I thought you had had a bad day..." he put her on the living room's carpeted floor and he kneeled in front her, to be at her height. "Do you want to talk to Esme?"

"No, not yet, daddy." Her smile became bigger, confusing Edward. "I want to give you your gift. We made it at school today."

Nessie took off her back pack and took out carefully what it seemed to be a portrait, and she gave it to Edward. He examined it in detail. It was made of papier-mache painted with all the colours of rainbow, and decorated with little paper stars. Inside it, there was a picture which was showing an Edward four years younger, with a little baby in an arm and he was playing a simple melody on the piano with the other one. He remembered vaguely when Alice, his sister, took that picture. His little girl couldn't get asleep, and after having been lulled by Esme and Rosalie, Edward's sister-in-law, tried her luck in her daddy's arms, beside the piano. It worked.

His eyes were wet, and he stifled a sob when he saw that in portrait's lower corner there was a note: Mum and me but Nessie had crossed out Mum to write Dad.

He raised his glance to see his daughter, and hugged her again.

"Thank you, my dear", said with drowned voice.

"I'm glad you liked it. Happy Mother's Day, dad! I know my mummy is in heaven, and she's taking care of us, and you know I love her, daddy. It's just I realized that you take care of me as a mum and a dad together. I love you, daddy!"

Edward hugged his little girl stronger. He wished Bella could be there, but he thanked wholeheartedly his daughter's beautiful detail. And, since then, a smile appeared on his face when he thought about Nessie's words."Happy Mother's Day, daddy!"

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