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"WHAT'S UP WITH THIS STUPID SOUP!" Rath growled out, pounding his fists hard against the kitchen table, while glaring at the hot alphabet like substance sitting infront of him. The tiger had been staring heatedly into the circular glass container that was holding his lunch for well over five minutes now. Snarling and huffing to himself as his frustrations were slowly rising.

Upon hearing the feline's distress, Kevin reluctantly lifted his gaze away from his preciouse "Cars Weekly" magazine. "What's got your furry panties in a wad this time?" Kevin heavily sighs, knowing that the big cat couldn't even eat his own lunch with out something totally moronic, and ridiculous happening. The older boy figured that the tiger's stupidity was bound and determined to rear it's ugly head at some point during the day.

"RATH WAS JUST TRYIN' TO USE THESE DUMB ALPHABET THINGYS TO SPELL HIS NAME OUT, AND ALL RATH IS GETTIN', ARE NOODLES THAT SPELL OO-OOO AND OO!" The feline shouts, as he sounds the letter 'O' out, flairing his big orange tiger like claws up and around his head.

Kevin slowly shifts down one of his eye brows quizzically on listening to the over sized alien's weird response. Not sure as to why the feline was even trying to spell out his name in the first place. "Well." Kevin began, setting his automoblile magazine down on to the table, while letting that sinister smile of his, slap across his face. "From my experiance, it helps if you know your A.B.C's first... Why don't you try and start there?"

Rath growls under his breath, and hastily stands up from his chair, in the ready to unleash his anger that he let pile up from the soup not cooperating with him. "LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHIN' KEVIN E. LEVIN! RATH'S NOT AS DUMB AS YOU THINK HE IS!" He creeps a little closer to Kevin, putting his large index finger ontop of the guy's chest. "RATH IS THE SMARTEST PERSON YOU WILL EVER KNOW! SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH, BEFORE RATH TAKES THIS BOWL OF HOT SOUP AND SMACKS-"

"What's with all the yelling?" Gwen scowled, standing in the door way, interrupting the two boys. The girl had been trying to read one of her favorite romance novels in the livingroom, when she heard all the comotion coming from the kitchen. Rath and Kevin just stood there, staring blankly back at Gwen, staying silent. "Well?" She asked again, folding her arms over in annoyance when her question wasn't met with an answer.

"Benji over here, was just tryin to spell his name out with his lunch." Kevin pointed over to the tiger with his thumb, chuckling silently to himself. "Simple really. But for some reason, he couldn't figure out how to spell 'Ben'."

"RATH!" The tiger corrected, growling under his breath.

"Ben, Rath, whatever." Kevin shrugs. "I prefer doofus."


"Try it, and see how far it gets you, Tennyson!" Kevin snarled, raising his fists up, going into his defence mode.


"The only idiot I see, is the one who couldn't even spell his own name right by using alphabet noodles." Kevin wickedly grins. "Sounds like your classic stupidity to me."

Gwen, as usual,rolls her eyes at the hostile boys before her. Typical. The girl already new that a normal day was pretty far and few between in her life. So, why should she start thinking that something even romotely close to normalcy would automatically start now?

She obviously, was asking for way too much.

As she turned her head away in huff from the two morons arguing over something so utterly ridiculous as alphabet soup, Gwen's eyes had suddenly fallen upon the container that had recently held in her cousin's lunch. Trying hard to ignore the bickering going on next to her, she heads in the direction of the kitchen counter, picks up the empty can, and finally reads the context of the lable. Then, she smiles wickedly to herself soon after.

The boys continued on as usual.

"THE ONLY IDIOT RATH'S SEE'S, IS THE BIG UGLY ONE STANDIN' RIGHT IN FRONT OF 'EM!" The tiger bellows out, slamming his fat finger back onto the boy's chest. It was apparent that this little fight they were having, was mostly smack talk, not even close to anything at all physical.

"What? Is there a mirror around here or something? Cuz the only idiot I recognize is the one who looks like an idiot, but speaks more like a moron than anything... And that," Kevin pauses, furrowing his brow in amusement. "Would be you."

Rath's eyes widen on that last blow, his already short patience with boy, was seriously running thin. "I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU, LEVIN! YOU'RE MINE NOW!" He growls out, slapping a grin of enjoyment on his cat like features. Pounding Kevin Levin into the ground was going to be ever so sweet. The raven haired boy was getting what he so rightly deserved, in Rath's opinion.

"Bring it." Kevin smiles.

"I'M GONNA!" Rath retorts, not moving an inch from his spot on the tile flooring.

"Some time today before we all die of boredom." Kevin sighs, as he rolls his eyes at the tiger.

Ignoring Kevin's last insulting blow, Rath quickly roared out, "IT'S BUTT WHOOPIN' TIME!" And began stepping towards the ex-con with his fists out, ready for the final show down. Kevin stood firm, absorbing the matter from the kitchen table. It was only wood. But it was solid oak, that at least, would withstand some of what Rath was about to dish out.

"Enough!" Gwen scolded, letting her left hand rest upon her hip, while holding the soup can in her right. The two hotheads stopped their rampaging almost immediately soon after she spoke, the two of them looking on at the girl, as if two deer had been caught in the headlights from an on comming car. "The way I see it, is that you're both being irrational idiots." The girl snarled under her breath. "And Ben?" She continues." That wasn't alphabet soup you were eating... It was- spagettio's." Gwen dead pans, holding her hand up, as she shook the can as proof that she was right. Smiling sinisterly to herself, at the thought of just how funny this whole thing actually was.

"THAT WOULD EXPLAIN ALL THE 'O'S THEN..." Rath sheepishly grins, looking back and forth between his teammates, while scratching the back of his head in embarressment.

Kevin couldn't help it, he did try to contain himself, he really did. But,miserabley failed, and the boy just busted out laughing on hearing this new found information. Smiling proudly at the thought that it was pretty obvious that he was definately the smarter of the two idiots mentioned in this tale. Hoping that when the subject arized, Gwen wouldn't hesitate to agree, because to him, Rath, was simply a rock head...

No, scratch that. Kevin thought rocks were smarter...

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