Ch. 25: Forever

The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt #: 25

Pen name: TanglingShadows

Pairing/Character: Edward/Bella/Renesmee (Family Time)

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight.

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I watched them stand at the edge of the cliffs.

Never in my existence had I seen anything more beautiful.

They were my entire world, and everything I knew I would never deserve.

I had done horrible things, taken countless lives…almost theirs.

"You're thinking too much, Dad. I can see it from here." She laughed.

Suddenly, my wife's hand was touching my jaw softly.

Calming me.

Reassuring me.

"He always thinks too much, Nessie." She whispered.

Just as quickly, Bella was gone, standing beside our daughter again.

I smiled.

With them, forever might not be so bad after all.


I leave you with a little hope at the end.

I want to thank everyone who has read my drabbles, left comments, and alerted or favorited this. The Twilight Twenty-Five was my first attempt at a contest, and I loved being able to challenge myself writing for different prompts and then seeing what others wrote for their drabbles or one-shots.

It might sound easy, but 100 words is not a lot and can be really tricky write. I know this now!

Again, thank you for reading!