Ch 31

After a few hours of waiting in the treetops, Anko's genin struck pay dirt, in the form of two genin from Kusa wandering into their clearing.

They carried no obvious weapons, though they assumed the bald one with the weird mask and heavy green vest to be a taijutsu type, and the sedge hat guy he was with to be some kind of support. Granted, they didn't know what kind of support, but they figured that he was less likely to be up close and personal with them.

Glancing at her teammates, Tenten prepared some kunai with explosive tags, and nodded, signaling to Naruto and Takara that she was ready.

Takara pulled her black mask down over her face, the gleam in her amethyst eyes showing that she was also ready.

Naruto shifted the chakra in his feet, and leaned back, his shoes sliding on the bark until he was standing on the underside of the branch he had been perched on. He remained there for only a second, before dropping to the forest floor, right in front of the Kusa genin.

The one with the hat had a shocked look on his face for all of a second, as Takara chose that moment to land on him, driving his face into the ground.

Naruto and Takara both looked to the masked genin to assess his, and then their, next moves. Much to their surprise, though, he just tipped his head down and to the side just enough for them to notice the movement, and then vanished in a kawarimi.

Naruto and Takara both glanced at each other in shock, before a hissing noise from under Takara's feet pulled their attention. Instead of an unconscious grass nin, she was standing on a pile of grass clippings, which were partially covering several actively burning explosive notes.

Naruto's next statement summed up their situation almost perfectly; delivered in a tone that only one who is well and truly fucked can ever achieve.


The notes erupted into a massive fireball, sending Takara and Naruto flying. She ended up back in the tree she came from, though her footwear and mask were burned away, along with her pants below the knee.

Naruto didn't fare much better, as the front side of his jacket and shirt were consumed in the blast, leaving only his armored mesh, forehead protector and special glove above the waist.

They were just about to return to the fight when they both heard several dozen thumps, before another explosion sent them diving for cover.

"What the hell was that?" Naruto yelled.

"They went north!" a voice called from above. Recognizing it as Tenten, the rest of team Anko joined her in pursuit of the grass nin, though Takara was wincing slightly every time her feet touched something.

Still, she did her best to ignore the pain, and joined in the pursuit of the two grass genin. It didn't take them very long to catch up, as the one with the heavy vest was limping a little bit, and his mask was gone, presumably destroyed in Tenten's explosion.

Realizing that weren't going to outrun their pursuers, the limping one turned to fight, while the other stopped a few feet behind him. When he turned around, the first thing he saw was Naruto slamming his shoulder into his teammate's stomach in a sort of flying tackle.

Before he could attack the blond, though, he had to deal with his own attacker, as Takara came flying over top of Naruto and his teammate. He immediately tried to bring his guard up, but Takara was too close, and moving too fast, for it to be all that effective, and she was able to slam an open palm strike into his face.

She wasn't able to follow up on the strike, though, as her momentum sent her flying over his head. She tucked into a roll as soon as she landed, finishing in a crouching position. As soon as she stopped, she threw a handful of shuriken at her opponent, who was still airborne, as well as upside down, from her strike, and managed to hit him in the ribs with one of the stars.

The bald nin, who was holding off the combined assault of Naruto and Tenten, saw his brother fall, and after slamming his fist into the side of Naruto's face, ran over to assist him.


"I'm fine!" the now named grass nin replied, "What happened to your mask?"

"That stupid bitch blew it up!"


See, Asahara Sorai specialized in using poison, as he was physically a lot weaker than his brother Naoki, and used it to support him. To prevent his brother from being affected by said poisons, he made a special mask that would filter out the airborne ones, as all the others required direct contact or injection to work.

With that mask gone, he didn't dare use the airborne poisons he was carrying, as he didn't want to accidentally kill his brother with them. That left him with the contact and injection poisons, but those were a lot more difficult to use. The contact ones he had on him were pretty weak, and the combination of headache and rib injury lowered his chances of getting anyone with a needle.

Sorai was cut of from further thoughts at that point by Takara closing with him again, and he did his best to defend his ribs and face, though Takara was fast enough to still connect frequently. Fortunately for him that speed came at the price of power, and each hit didn't do that much damage.

Well, up until she kicked him in the side of the head, anyway. That hit sent him spinning through the air, and also managed to finally dislodge his sedge hat, which Takara plucked out of the air, and set on her own head, right as Sorai slammed into a tree, sending him into unconsciousness.

Tenten saw Naruto get hit in the face, and quickly moved to intercept Naoki before he could help his brother. She threw several kunai with fake exploding tags in front of him with one hand to cut him off, hoping he would fall for the diversion, and prepared to draw her katana.

Unfortunately for her, Naoki didn't change direction like she thought he would. Instead, he stopped dead in his tracks and spun around to face her, revealing his rather large fist cocked back. Unable to stop before getting within his range, she threw her arms up to protect her face, and hoped for the best.

Despite getting her guard up in time, Naoki's fist still had enough force to send her flying back into a tree, which knocked the wind out of her. Naoki was unable to use the opening that his hit provided, though, as a rather large log was smashed into the back of his head, courtesy of Naruto.

Naoki rolled forwards with the impact, and reached into one of his equipment pouches as he did so. He turned to face Naruto as soon as he was standing again, and revealed what he had retrieved.

His hands were now covered in armored gauntlets, the fists of which were made of steel.

He then charged Naruto, with his steel fists leading the way. Naruto did his best to evade, as Naoki was more of a power hitter than a speed hitter, but the blond nin eventually took a glancing hit to his right shoulder. The hit, even though it wasn't a direct impact, spun him around from the force, and almost tore his arm out of its socket.

Once again Naoki was prevented from following up on an opening, this time by Takara, who used the impact chakra she had built up while fighting his brother to spray some fire at him. She wasn't close enough for the fire to reach him, as her range was only about ten feet, but it did scare him enough to get him to back off of Naruto for a moment.

"Are you alright, Naruto?"

"My shoulder hurts like hell, and I think he cracked my jaw, but otherwise I'm fine," he replied as he stood up. "How about you?"

She just looked at her feet, which were red and had a couple of blisters on them. "Nothing I can't handle at the moment," she replied.

"Go check on Ten-chan; he nailed her pretty good a little bit ago. I'll take care of this guy."

"You sure? You don't seem to be doing so hot so far."

"I'm about to show you why Anko-sensei always puts limits on my clones in spars."

Naruto then began to gather his chakra, and Takara watched in amazement as the blond prepared his jutsu. She could physically feel the chakra he was molding.

His hands came up into a cross-seal, and he shouted out, "Taijuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

The forest surrounding them was blanketed with chakra smoke, totally obscuring the vision of all present. When it finally cleared, Naoki found himself surrounded by clones of the shirtless blond.

Takara was blown away. She knew that the regular Kage Bunshin technique was an upper B-ranked ninjutsu, and that it required a lot of chakra. She also knew that the mass version Naruto had just used was just a fraction below S-rank, and couldn't believe that he had the chakra to use it. Her regular jounin sensei couldn't even use it, and here was a genin using it like it didn't even affect him.

She watched in fascination as the legion of Naruto's began to face off against Naoki. She knew from sparring with the blond that the clones were rather easy to defeat individually, but against a couple hundred at once?

Naoki was getting irritated. The clones were easy to defeat, but they just never seemed to end! He was also getting tired, as his steel fisted gauntlets were heavy, and his fingers were cramping up.

That was the trade-off with his gloves. His hands were almost completely protected from damage, but he couldn't actually move them while the gauntlets were on, as the fist was solid. Even the wrist barely moved.

The clones were taking advantage of his fatigue too, as they were hitting him more and more often, and less of them were being dispelled. His attacks were getting sloppy as well, and he knew it was only a matter of time before he made a mistake.

His next strike proved to be that mistake, as he overextended on a punch. A Naruto sank its fist into his gut, right as another one kicked him in the back of the knee, sending him crashing to the ground.

Seeing as Naoki was defeated, Naruto dispelled the remaining clones, and walked up to him just as he managed to crawl back up to his hands and knees.

"Give us your scroll and you can go," Naruto told him.

"F-Fuck you," Naoki hacked out, still trying to get his breath back. He managed to stagger to his feet, and began to stumble towards Naruto, with his fist cocked back. "Go to hell!"

Naruto just side-stepped the clumsy strike, and slammed his left fist into Naoki's temple, knocking him out cold.

He then dragged the unconscious nin over to his brother and tied them up. Once they were secure he began checking their gear for a scroll, and managed to find an earth scroll in an interior pocket of Naoki's heavy vest.

Tenten and Takara joined him at that point, and they took stock of their situation.

"You ok, Ten-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, I'll be fine, he just knocked the wind out of me. What about you?"

"My shoulder hurts like hell, and I think he cracked my jaw, but that's about it. I had some burns from that explosion earlier, but those healed already."

"You heal that fast?"

An uncomfortable look briefly passed across Naruto's face before he answered, "Yeah. I don't really know why, but as long as it still works I'm not going to worry too much about it."

They slowly started walking back to the site of the first ambush, as that's where their packs and supplies were. Once they arrived, Naruto put his right arm in a sling, and Tenten set about bandaging Takara's feet and legs.

While waiting for Tenten to finish, Naruto pulled his two tanto from the remains of his shirt and jacket. Since the strap had been burned up in the explosion, he stuck one in the back of his belt, and slid the other one in his sling.

Tenten soon finished bandaging Takara, who was still wearing the sedge hat she had taken from Sorai, and they decided to wait until morning to set out again, as it was already getting dark. They knew that it would only take them a short amount of time to get to the tower, but they didn't want to risk traveling in the dark, especially with Naruto and Takara not at a hundred percent.

AN: so? what do you all think? this was one of my first fight scenes, and id like to know how i did. sorai and naoki arent OC's, btw. if you watch the episode where all the people in the chunin exam show up theyre standing behind the disguised orochimaru. you gotta look pretty close though, as theyre only there for a couple of seconds. i did name them, though, as well as give them their abilities. i hope they werent too powerful.

as to naruto and takara taking wardrobe damage, ive noticed that clothing damage is the one thing naruto lacks almost entirely. the only instance i can think of where an explosion or jutsu effect casues clothing damage is when kakashi is fighting kakuzu, and his vest is destroyed. oh, and naruto's sage jacket when he fights pein. thats it. sure, they get cut up and dirty, but destroyed?

those physics are just messed up. i mean, when naruto goes 4 tails, it burns his skin off, but doesnt damage his clothes at all? how many people get hit by fire attacks and come out the other side simply covered in soot?

maybe im just not getting something, but that just struck me as odd.