Growing up as the only human in a house full of blood-sucking, horny, mated vampire couples was an…interesting experience to say the least.

Your probably wondering how the hell I got into a situation like this the story goes something like this:

Driving along the road in upstate New York, Rosalie had heard a baby crying. She slowed because Rosalie (my aloof cold older sibling-but-not-sibling) had a soft spot for kids (or so I am told because she didn't ever show it to me). She slowed but stopped completely when she saw, me a tiny two-year old on the side of the road with a Winny the Pooh backpack on crying my little eyes out.

She picked me up and brought me home. She called a family meeting and demanded that they adopt me (which I don't believe). They gave in to her unrelenting will and adopted me. Isabella Cullen.

Or Bella for short.

2/13/14 A/N: PLEASE READ

I started this story almost 4 years ago but stopped writing it due to major life events. I want to continue writing it but my writing style has changed so much (4 years in college as a screenwriting major will do that to ya, :P) This story line has been in my head for four years. It's time I get it out and let people read it.

Chapter 5 is a rewrite of this first chapter. Current (and new) story fans, please let me know which style you prefer. If majority prefers the old style, I will do my best to continue on writing in that style. If the majority prefers the new writing style, I will continue my rewrite. Also, the companion story will continue with its prior style.

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