July 1999

The rain was pounding down. The family was currently residing in one of their 'summer' homes outside of Ketichikan, Alaska. No homes existed within a 50 mile radius from their home. Carlisle had bought most of that land back in the early 1900's. He sought freedom in the Alaskan wilderness. It gave him a place where he could run wild and free. Since then, he and Esme had built an exquisite log cabin home on the property.

Rosalie had escaped the house 6 days prior. There was something in the air. The rest of her family were mated and, erm, were going at it. She needed the peace she could only find on the open road. Alice had called her to inform her that it was safe to come home.

She shifted her classic red Shelby Mustang into a higher gear. How practical was a classic Shelby Mustang in Alaska in winter? Not at all, but she was a Hale with an infinite cash supply so she could have as many cars for as many occasions as she liked. She had, of course, modified the engine until it could compete with almost any modern car on the road.

A soft fast human heartbeat reached Rosalie's ears. She was too far out of town for there to be a human, especially a young human if Rosalie gauged the human's heartbeat right. She slowed the car down as she came around the last hairpin turn of the road.

Even with her advanced reflexes, she slammed the brakes as a small child emerged around the curve. The car stopped within inches of slamming the child.

The child, in question, was roughly two years old. She held a tattered discolored in one hand and sucked her thumb with the other. The child's doe brown eyes shone red with tears. A Winny the Pooh backpack hung off her shoulders. Dirt and grime covered her face in thick layer. Her bare feet were cut and blistered.

Rosalie's eye connected with the child's eyes. Before she realized, what had happened, Rosalie had picked up the young girl. She bounced her gently on her trying to stop the girl's tears. Before long, the young girl was fast asleep in Rosalie's arms.

Rosalie couldn't tell you why, or how, or even what was going through her mind at that moment. All she could tell you was that she was inexplicably drawn to the girl.

Once Rosalie arrived home, she rushed into the house and called a family meeting. She demanded that they keep the child, no matter how dumb the decision was, she wanted to keep the child.

Immediately, Alice agreed. Shortly after so did Emmet, Esme, Kristina. After another days discussion Jasper and Carlilse agreed as well. Edward was the last one, but eventually he agreed as well.

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