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But my one problem with the new flick is I really liked the idea of Freddy being innocent and still being made to fry. Vengeance unleashed is tasty and so I've decided to mess with the myth so to speak and that's where this new take on the old story comes into play. How yummy angst filled and tragedy wrapped can we make our crispy critter? Oh lots! And he can still hack away to his black hearts content. (And yes Frankie and Freddy...I thought it was cute, sue me.)

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Chapter 1

The factory was dark. It always was, even if it was daytime and in the middle of summer, inside it was as black as night. No one ever came out here anymore, not since the plant shut down. It was so quiet you could hear the water dripping from the rusted pipes, the scurrying of mice or rats that moved about the trash strewn floor

The girl who was walking with the flashlight in her hand and the back pack slung over her shoulder was used to these sounds though. She was used to this place. She came here often enough that nothing in it surprised her any longer.

Frankie Jones didn't stumble once over the debris that littered the concrete. She brushed back a stray lock of brown hair from her pale eyes as she came to stand in front of the rickety metal stairs that were her goal. Frankie gave one last look around and then headed up them carefully, keeping to the right side. At the top was a shut door with a small dirty window. This was a supervisor's room, back in the days when the place was running.

She opened the door slowly, trying to alleviate the amount of squeaking the metal made. Frankie was always just overly cautious, even though there was no one around here that would have even heard the sound. She closed the door behind her and turned off the flashlight. There was a desk with a lantern sitting on it and a lumpy cot in the corner. A radio was next to the lantern and there were a couple of office chairs, as well as another lantern hanging from the wall. File cabinets that were long since empty stood with pulled open drawers along the far wall.

There was a skylight that although dirty let in the sun via sporadic beams that cut through the grime. Frankie headed over to the desk and placed her backpack on it and sighed. The thing weighed like 90 pounds thanks to the school books. Thankfully it was her last year in High School and she'd be free of that for a while.

She pulled out her history text book as well as her notebook and her pen. The essay she had to work on was due in two days, but it would be best to just start working on it. The fall of Marie Antoinette was the story for the day. She started scribbling an outline.

She heard the door swing open slowly, the same careful attempt at keeping it from squeaking, and then it shut. Frankie didn't look up from her work, she kept scribbling as she'd figured out a perfect way to represent the downfall of the aristocrat that might score her another A. When a hand touched her shoulder she didn't jump at all. "Hey Freddy." She said smiling as he gave her a light squeeze.

"Hey Frankie." She heard his soft voice reply. She saw his face out of the corner of her eye, peering over her shoulder and looking at what she was writing so furiously. "She lost her head." He said.

"Yes she did." Frankie wrote one final line and then turned to glance at the man next to her. "Do you know much about French history?"

Fred Krueger smiled at the young woman, his blue eyes twinkling. "They had a revolution and they like cutting off heads. Oh, and making landmarks." He sat down in the chair near hers, taking off his battered hat and tossing it on the desk, his dark hair hanging over his ears.

"Well you're gonna be a lot of help." She told him dryly.

"Hey now…that's not nice." He managed to sound hurt. "And here I brought dinner."

At this her eyes lit up. "Food?"

Fred grinned, liking the way her own blue eyes seemed to glow when she was happy. "Yes, you know…stuff to eat." He placed a brown paper bag in front of her and one in front of himself. "Burgers and fries, the food of kings. Although I think Marie preferred cake didn't she?" Then he magically produced a 2 liter of Pepsi and two plastic cups.

"I love you!" She said without thinking and threw her arms around his neck, nearly knocking the soda over.

She didn't see the way his face tensed at the words. Fred hugged her back, albeit gingerly. "I figured you were hungry…you never eat like you should."

When she pulled away he kept a loose hold around her. He searched her expression and noticed how her eyes looked sunken, her skin pale. "You've not been taking care of yourself."

"I'm alright Freddy." She pulled away, hoping he didn't notice the new bruise on her arm. She pulled open a bag and ate two fries.

"You're not…" He told her, his voice lowering in concern.

"It's almost the weekend. I can rest then okay?" She ate another few fries, noticing how his eyes had narrowed at her. "Seriously, I'm okay Fred. You worry too much."

"I have a reason to." He told her, finally sitting back and opening his own bag of food. "You know what would happen if they caught us meeting like this Frankie. It doesn't matter that I've never laid a finger on you…"

At that she poked him in the leg garnering a "That's not funny."

Frankie poured them both a cup of soda. "I know Fred. I'm underage, your older…you work at the school…bad things. Nobility and all of that."

Freddy shook his head at her flippancy. "There's nothing wrong with being noble."

"Tell that to Marie Antoinette." She quipped back taking a drink.

"You're just a riot today." Freddy took a bite of his burger chewing it thoughtfully, his eyes studying her as she ate more of her fries. "I still don't get it." He smiled just slightly.

"Get what?" She said around a mouthful of hamburger.

Fred's smile widened. "You and me…I don't get it." He took another bite of his burger.

"Ah…cause I'm such a catch?" Frankie said sarcastically and gulped down her soda.

Freddy got that serious look on his face again. "Yes, actually…and I'm a loser who lives in a basement."

Frankie placed her burger on the table and glared at him. It caused her pale eyes to remind him of diamonds. "You're not a loser. You're a good man, one of the few I know. And that's why I l…"

Freddy stopped her with a finger to her lips. He didn't want to hear it again. Because it didn't help the fact he wasn't going to break that rule…she was seventeen. He was thirty eight. That thought bugged him enough. But every time she told him she loved him he had a hard time just believing it to be true. Yet she came here every other day like clockwork, meeting him in the one place he knew they wouldn't find them. And every time he heard her say it, he felt that need come over him...He wanted to bury his nose in her hair. He wanted to touch her pale skin, count every freckle he knew would be on her shoulders. Fred could just imagine what she'd taste like if he…God this wasn't helping him.

He was waiting and so was she. Then the law wouldn't have a thing to say about it. Her parents couldn't stop her. And the town…well…Springwood wasn't the only place in the world. Living in a basement at the place he worked had allowed him to save up a little money. They could leave town, she'd be away from her loser father and they'd be free to go wherever they pleased. She could go to college if she wanted, she was so smart. And he'd find a job and they'd be happy…happy. He'd miss the kids of course. He loved those kids like his own. But truthfully he loved Frankie more. She was the one good thing that was truly his he'd ever had. And she still wasn't his completely, not yet anyway.

The minute…the day she turned eighteen he was snatching her away and that was that. Then she'd be his, all his.

"I told you about that." He said finally his voice soft, removing his finger and touching her cheek gently.

Frankie huffed. "That's not fair. I should be able to say it."

Fred smiled, "Soon. But for right now, just do me the favor of not."

"You're a weird guy Fred Krueger." Frankie grinned back at him after shaking her head.

"I've been called worse." He said sighing. "Now eat up."

They ate the rest of what Fred called his "low rent feast." Fred asked her about her day and she told him how she couldn't wait to be out that school. The elitist Springwood kids were annoying, and she'd never fit in with them. The only one who didn't annoy her was that guy Glen. He was nice enough although the sweater vests needed to go.

Fred didn't like the way she smiled when she mentioned him. He felt a pang of jealousy slice him like a knife. He knew this was par for the course…but the thought that that guy could take her out and not have to worry about the stares, the cops, or going to jail made him angry. He didn't need to meet her in a broken down factory away from prying eyes. He could hold her hand, kiss her, touch her…Freddy realized she'd stopped talking after a few seconds and was just looking at him with a strange expression. He also realized the rage that was starting to boil in him must have been showing on his face.

"Freddy…did I say something wrong?" She asked in a quiet voice.

That broke through and he felt like a jerk. He didn't like it when she sounded so timid and scared. Not around him. She got enough of that at home. He looked at the floor, taking a deep breath. "No…no Frankie. I just wish…"

Frankie gave him small smile, and reached out for his hand. "No brooding. Not allowed."

The corner of his mouth turned up. "You know me too well kid."

"Hey, I told you about that…" She hated it when he called her "kid"

He laughed. "Sorry…" Then he noticed something, just under the long sleeve of her shirt. He held tighter to her hand and quickly reached down, moving the material up her arm. There he saw the bruise, five distinct finger marks where someone had held her roughly. He knew there'd be others on her that she was managing to hide.

When she tried to pull away he didn't let her. "When did he do these?" He asked her, his voice going low and sounding dangerous and strange coming from him.

Frankie couldn't look at him, her eyes avoided his. Damn it, she didn't want him to see those. "Fred, please…" the sound was barely a whisper.

"Tell me." He nearly growled, causing her to look up into the burning steel of his gaze.

His eyes drilled right into her, as if dragging the truth out of her very soul.

Frankie had only seen him this way a couple times before. When he'd realized what her father sometimes did. Not really sometimes, it was becoming more and more frequent. The drinking was getting worse since her mother had left him…and no one seemed to care about it other than Fred.

The first time he'd hit her she'd had a slight shiner. It wasn't long after she and Freddy had gotten closer than just friends. And Fred had nearly gone to her house to confront him. She'd talked him out of it, but Frankie knew he wasn't happy that she'd been hurt. After that she'd done an alright job keeping the marks hidden. But he'd sometimes see them. He'd notice her looking pale and unhealthy due to the stress of everything. She'd forget to eat, or there would be no food in the house to eat, she wouldn't sleep. He knew the signs.

Frankie fought back tears. She didn't want him going there. Her dad was a big guy, and while Freddy could no doubt hold his own…she just didn't want that happening. It would cause more problems than it would fix. She let out a shaky breath. "It was the other night. He'd been drinking since mom's new request came through. I was in the line of fire."

"The bastard…" Freddy seethed. He felt an overwhelming urge to go and find the man and beat him senseless so he would know what it felt like. No more than that….he wanted him to hurt, to suffer. And he'd enjoy being the one making him suffer. "I'm going to kill him." He said it very calmly, and stood up in the next instant and started heading towards the door.

Frankie realized he was serious and ran and cut him off before he could leave, blocking his exit. "Freddy please don't." She pleaded.

"Frankie get out of the way." He lowered his head, glaring at her like a bull ready to charge.

"No, you can't do this…if you do anything to him they'll wonder why you even care…and then how you knew. Either way, they will take you away and I'll never get to see you again. And it's not worth that." She felt tears on her cheeks.

Freddy let out another frustrated growl. "You are worth it! I can't just stand by and let this keep happening. He needs to pay Frankie, your mother too. You don't deserve this! Get out of the way now!"

Frankie couldn't let him walk out that door. It would all end terribly if she did. So instead of getting out of the way she quickly moved towards him and wrapped her arms around him. She buried her face in his shoulder and begged him not to do it. "Please Fred…don't. If I lose you I won't have anything. Please…" He smelled of the flowers and the grass that he tended to at the school with just a bit of aftershave. It was clean and nice…and it made her cling to him even harder.

Freddy wanted to push her away and storm out, right to her house. He wanted to bash in her front door, and then bash in her fathers skull. Then maybe her mom's too. But she knew him too well, as he'd told her before. The feel of her arms around him, the wetness of the tears through his sweater that she was crying, her voice…she knew he'd not be able to leave her. He hated her a little bit for that, just for a moment.

"Frankie…I can't let you go back there." He wanted to push her away, but instead he put his arms around her, holding her closer. Fred felt her jerk just a little and knew that she'd have bruises on her ribs. The fucker had probably gone out of his way not to leave a mark where people would see it this time. "One of these times…one of these times he's going to go too far…" The thought made him terrified because he didn't know what he'd do if that happened.

"Fred…it's just another two weeks." She lifted her face to look up at him. She was always amazed by the color of his eyes. Swirly grey and blue…and now as she looked into them she saw the storm they so closely resembled reflected back at her. "I can make it another two weeks."

"I don't know if I can." He told her, staring into her pale face, lifting his hand to her damp cheek. He brushed his thumb along her skin, remembering how it had looked that first time. "Frankie…" He whispered her name, as though afraid she was a dream that he'd imagined. He almost believed that was true every time he saw her. He still couldn't figure out why, even with what she kept telling him, why she wanted to be with him of all people. "You can't keep letting this…"

Frankie didn't want to hear it; she didn't want to see that look on his face. So instead she kissed him, quickly and without preamble, pressing her lips to his. It was a good thing he was considered short or she wouldn't have been able to do it so easily. She felt him go completely still, and then felt him start to try and pull away from her.

Fred managed to will himself to break away from her warm mouth. But he couldn't bring himself to let her go. "Frankie don't." He managed to choke the words out. She had no idea how much will it took to resist the temptation she offered him. And the times she kissed him like this nearly pushed him over the edge.

"Freddy…" she sighed his name, her pale eyes glossy and staring up at him. "One kiss won't hurt."

He took a shuddering breath. She tasted like cola and strawberry chapstick this time. The first time he'd kissed her, or more to the point she'd kissed him because he'd been too terrified to even move, it had been bubblegum and Twizzlers. He remembered every damn taste of her he'd had. That fact should have worried him, that his brain had cataloged all of these things. But it was these memories that helped him get through the times in between waiting to be near her again.

"One kiss is all it takes to get me thrown in jail and you sent to a convent." He told her, his fingers running through her hair.

"Then we should make them count." She replied, a smile pulling at her lips.

Freddy closed his eyes and let out another heavy sigh, leaning his forehead against hers. "You're going to give me a heart attack someday…I'm the elderly one here."

"You're mature and wiser." Frankie told him.

Fred pulled back to look at her again. "I've never really been one for acting mature, and if I was wise I'd be smart enough to know not to do this." He grasped hold of her chin and brought his mouth down on hers.

His lips were thin and nimble and Freddy knew how to kiss a girl. But this was the first time she'd felt his tongue touch her mouth and the effect shocked her. Her lips parted and he was inside. He tightened his arm around her, his fingers pulling her hair to bring her head back to give him better access. Frankie let him, the pulse of warmth that was growing with each little lap at her mouth he took spreading out along her skin.

Freddy realized that he was going way beyond the boundaries he'd set for them. But he didn't care at the moment. She felt really good, tasted even better, and he wanted to enjoy it. He felt her fingers grasping at the front of his sweater, bunching up the ragged striped material in her fists. Fred heard the little mewing noises that were coming from her throat and it made him want to hear more. He didn't know when it had happened but he had her pushed up against the peeling paint covered wall of the empty room.

The haze that had settled over his mind lifted, and Fred Krueger cursed himself for letting it get to this point. He managed to dislodge her hands from his shirt. "God Frankie I'm sorry…I…I shouldn't have…" He mumbled as he pulled away from her. Her cheeks were pink and her eyes were still closed. He couldn't help but feel a surge of pride rush through him at the fact he'd caused those reactions.

Frankie's thoughts managed to settle. "I asked…not…not a problem." She told him, finally opening her eyes and seeing his narrow face looking ashamed. She reached up touching his gaunt cheek and smiled. "Don't apologize."

"You're too forgiving for your own good." He told her shaking his head, frowning.

Frankie watched his eyes grow darker. "No I'm not. I just feel I should be thanking you instead of forgiving you for that." She let out a nervous laugh.

He pursed his lips and let go of her, turning away and taking a few deep breaths. "I'm not just talking about me." He told her, his voice growing as dark as his eyes.

"Fred, promise me you won't do anything." Frankie moved forward, suddenly worried.

He shook his head, his fists clenched at his sides. "Don't make me promise that Frankie. Anything but that…"

She closed her eyes and sighed. "I know what will happen Fred. You know he's got friends…he's a cop Freddy. He can do whatever he wants. It's always been that way. I mean why do you think my mom left?"

"Because she's a bitch." He didn't mean to say it out loud, but it happened all the same, and it came out harsh.

"Fred!" Frankie's voice was a mixture of shock and anger.

He turned, surprised himself, but he had a point. "She should have took you with her and not left you there with him. She had to know Frankie." He saw the tears in her eyes and instantly hated himself. He took a step towards her, but she moved away.

"Don't touch me." She told him, and the words cut him deep.

"Frankie…I…I'm sorry." He took a breath. "I just…"

She shook her head and started putting away her book. Frankie knew he was angry for her, that he just wanted her safe. But it didn't help for him to point out the obvious and remind her that her mother had left her with an abusive drunk. It just made it that much worse.

"I'm going home. I think he's on patrol tonight so I should be able to get some sleep." Her tone was resigned, tired.

Fred hated how defeated she sounded. "Frankie…" He said her name hesitantly, unsure if he'd done something monumentally stupid. It wouldn't be the first time.

She paused, leaning her hands on the top of the desk. She huffed out a breath of air. "Yes Freddy?"

"You still my girl?" He asked, his voice sounding even softer than before.

Frankie let her head drop a bit further. He sounded like a little boy, younger even than her when he got this way. It was like there were three or four different Freddy Krueger's running around in his head. She hated to admit that was part of the reason she loved him. He could be sweet, then fiercely protective, and in the next instant so unsure of everything when it came to her like now. Granted she could have punched him a minute ago. But he was right, she was too forgiving.

"Yes I'm still your girl." She told him without turning around. Then she picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder, heading towards the door.

Fred watched her silently walking away and he felt an icy hand grasp his heart. He didn't know why, but he felt uneasy, more than just the argument they'd had. "Hey…" He called out after her, and she paused at the door, her hand on the handle. She turned and looked back at him with pale, haunted eyes.

"I love you." He told her, barely loud enough for her to hear, breaking his own rule.

Frankie felt the smile pull at her lips without her consent. She couldn't help it as she looked back at the unassuming man in the red and green sweater in the empty room. Then a chill shook her, causing her to tremble. For a moment she saw him in her minds eye, in the darkness down below them. Only it wasn't dark, not completely…there was fire. Fire everywhere and he was a its center, and he was screaming…

The image came and went within the space of a heartbeat. The young woman shook her head clear of it. She wanted to say something, to warn him, but of what? Her crazy brain playing tricks with her eyes? Frankie instead asked him "Same time Friday?"

Freddy shook his head with a half smile. "Same exotic location." He replied.

She gave him one last look and with a little wave walked out the door.

Fred let out a relieved gush of air from his chest. He'd wait another twenty minutes and then leave too. It was always the same, just to be safe. He took a seat in one of the battered chairs and hummed an old Everly Brothers tune as he twirled his hat on one finger, thoughts of ingenious ways to teach Frankie's father a lesson running through his head. Some of them really made him smile.