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Chapter 12

He could always tell when fresh meat showed up in his world. Freddy felt it happen like a tugging on his sleeve or a whisper in the air. He'd know and then he'd find them and they'd be added to the collection. But this time it was different…it felt different…

"No…" He said the word, thought the word, pushed the word with all his will towards the soul that had come looking for him. He was the god here, he was the power…if he didn't wish it then that single thought should be enough to send her away.

But it didn't work. He could still feel her walking through his hell. And he felt anger grow within him at the fact. "No…no…no…" The dream demon growled, his blades digging great gouges in the wall where he slashed it in frustration. How dare she come here? Why? How? Freddy didn't know the reason for her insanity…

Well if she wanted to see him so be it. She could see what the precious children had done, what her father had created. Wasn't she to blame too? Wasn't it because of her this had happened? As the thoughts entered his head the fires that burned within the walls of Freddy's realm grew in heat and flame.

Yes, yes she'd come here looking for him, so she would of course find him. His twisted lips curved upward in a smile, his cold blue eyes seemingly glowing in the ruin of his face. With a flick of his blades he disappeared, reappearing in another part of his realm of dreams…behind a set of pipes that hadn't been there before, only a few feet away from where she was standing.

Freddy watched as Frankie, grown older but not so much wiser, looked around with wide pale eyes at the walls that surrounded her. His gaze narrowed, studying her. She looked the same, but…but now she was older. The last time he'd seen her, touched her…she'd been the age that Nancy was now or Chris had been. Freddy felt that unfamiliar sensation cut deep within him at the memory which had grown faded and tattered…the sensation of pain. He pushed it down and away with a snarl and followed her as she walked further into the depths of his world.

He nearly stumbled when he heard her call his name. Her voice was the same…only a little changed by time, a little deeper and right then shaking with fear. He could taste her fear actually, taste it on his tongue. He could smell the sweetness of it in the stale, hot air. But she was saying his name, calling out to him…beckoning him…

Freddy shook himself from the feeling. Hearing his name pass her lips made something come alive inside him, something he didn't want to remain alive…something that shouldn't be there anymore, something that should be dead and buried just like the rest of him.

But it couldn't be helped. Part of his twisted mind wasn't listening. Instead of thinking about the various ways he could peel that pretty pale skin from her arms, he was instead realizing the ways she had changed since he'd last seen her. Her hair was longer, there were very fine lines just below her eyes. She had one barely there laugh line near her lips. She wasn't thin anymore, not like she was. She had curves now. That pain from before came back two fold as he remembered the way she had tasted of candy.

"The fucking bitch is the reason this happened…" The voice growled inside his head. His voice, the voice of anger and rage that he'd known for so long. That voice kept him going when he should have died. That rage kept him going when he should have ceased to exist. "She should pay just like the rest of them…she betrayed me…she left me to die." His eyes burned into her as she walked away, seeing warm rivulets of red pouring down her smooth back when he tore into her. It would be so easy…so sweet.


Her voice, soft…shuddering but still calling for him. "She didn't know…" There was suddenly another voice, familiar. He heard it inside his own skull, barely above the screaming that seemed to always be there; screams that weren't just his alone, not anymore at least. Freddy let out a frustrated growl at the voice, hoping it would go away. He liked the music of the screams. They distracted him from the sounds of his own. There were enough screams now that he nearly couldn't hear his in the wailing that was his constant companion.

But Frankie's voice…it cut through the noise. It quieted things down till that second one could be heard. And Freddy didn't want to hear either…he wanted the screams back. More importantly he wanted to add Frankie's screams to the symphony. Oh yes…that would be bliss. His lips lifted back up slightly in their parody of a smile.

"She didn't know…she's not a part of this." That voice again. Freddy ignored it, but it was like an insect, buzzing at his ear. "You know she's not. Send her away, far away…"

He followed her silently as she walked the endless paths through the pipes. Freddy didn't heed the voice, its gentle spineless tone making his teeth hurt. No, she wasn't going anywhere. She was here now, in his domain. And he wanted her here, the more he pondered it, the more he watched her. There were all sorts of games he could play here in his world of nightmares.

Frankie knew he was watching her. She could feel eyes on her, heavy…not kindly gazing but stalking. She knew then what a deer felt like or maybe a rabbit when it was being hunted by something that was such a good predator it could be invisible.

"You're a fucking moron Frankie." She thought to herself as she turned yet another corner, her skin sticky with the warmth of the steam mixed with sweat. It was like a furnace here…hellish would be a good word. She swallowed the tightness in her throat away as she realized once again why it would be so very hot.

She might be a moron but she wasn't stupid. As she looked around at the landscape of this dream she recognized what it was, why it was this way. It was the place that Freddy had died only to the infinite degree. It was the factory, the last place he'd been. The heat and the darkness…the fire she saw as if alive inside the walls. This was his hell, where the parents and the kids had trapped him.

But, as Frankie brushed her damp hair from her forehead, she realized they'd not really trapped him. They'd released a version of hell upon themselves, upon their children with their idiocy and their own bloodlust.

Frankie decided she'd had enough of waiting. Truth be told she'd been in a sort of living death ever since she'd left so many years ago. She was tired of this and if Freddy wanted to finish what her father had started, so be it. Frankie stopped walking and took a deep breath of the warm, oppressive air. "I know you're there." She spoke aloud, managing to keep her voice steady even though her heart was beating a mile a minute.

She heard a sound, like metal raking against metal. "Clever girl." The words were rough, dry, but familiar.

Frankie felt a sob try to escape her but she held it in, wincing at the sound as he spoke. "You always were a clever girl. Study study study…" He was mocking her now and she could hear his boots behind her, echoing along the walls.

Frankie was ready to face whatever was behind her, whatever he was now. She'd seen awful things in her life, had gone through a lot of them. Whatever Freddy Krueger had become she would face that too. She went to turn towards him but an arm went around her waist faster than possible, clad in red and green, a pattern that matched the fabric in her pocket.

She found herself pressed back against a solid chest. It felt as hard as stone, and just as immovable. The scent of smoke and old flowers wafted towards her, acrid and cloying. But her thoughts were more focused on his right hand, encased in a razor fingered glove that was now holding her face, keeping her from turning her head at the risk of having her cheek ripped open.

His lips were near her ear, and she could feel the heat that radiated from him, just like it did from the walls. It was as though he were filled with the same fire that burned within them. His chest moved then, and she felt the shifting of air as he took a breath near her neck. He was sniffing her…

"Candy…you always smelled like candy…" The rough voice rumbled against her cheek.

Frankie was afraid to talk, wasn't even sure she could without cutting herself on the blades of his fingers. But she had to try…she had to say something.

"Fred…"she managed to get out before she heard him growl softly, warningly. The arm around her waist tightened and she felt one blade tip nick her chin. She quieted quickly.

"I should kill you…slowly…make you pay…I could make it last for days. I have…stamina." She shuddered as the words ran along her skin, his breath just as heated as everything was here, as though from a furnace…or an inferno. The double meaning was only made more obvious by the way his gloveless hand lightly trailed its fingers along her hip for a moment.

"I could make you scream…" Freddy smiled against her cheek. Oh yes, he could make her scream. He was good at that. But the way she fit up against him made him want to make her scream in other ways too. He'd been denied her…by her father and by the people of Springwood. Wasn't it time he got what he was due? Yes she'd scream…she'd scream his name…just like she should have all those years ago. Then she'd just keep scream.

Freddy trailed his rough lips down her smooth cheek. He kept her head turned, held tightly in his fingers. He felt her jerk as one blade sliced her jaw just the tiniest bit. But she was smart…she didn't move much more. Except for the little shudder that he felt go up her back…he noticed that and it made him smile.

"I think you like to scream Frankie…" He whispered against her neck and then gave it a slow, languid lick. That same shudder again, this time harder, he liked that reaction. "And you know what? I like that in a girl…" He grinned a twisted smile and then bit her throat.

Frankie let out a stifled cry. It hurt of course, he drew on the skin hard, his teeth cutting her and bringing blood to the surface. But she didn't move, didn't dare. She felt him pressing against her back, his arms tightening around. And still she didn't move. His lips pulled away from her neck. "Mmmm….you still taste like candy too." He licked the now bruised skin again. "I bet you taste like that all over Frankie."

Frankie closed her eyes and didn't say a word. What could she say? It was bad enough that she felt some part of her responding to this in a way she never thought she would. She wrote it off on not enough male company in her life and lack of experience. She wasn't an S and M kind of girl. She'd come here to find Fred, her Fred…and so far he wasn't here. Only this was…this sort of monster.

She felt one blade nick her cheek. "You're not talking very much. Not much to say Frankie?" Freddy's voice curled around her ear. "I think we've got a lot to talk about…but maybe you're not a talker anymore. Just skip the small talk and get right to the good stuff? Is that the kind of girl you are now Frankie?"

When she realized he'd loosened the grip of the bladed glove enough for her to speak without risk she did. "I came here to find you Fred." She said in a small voice.

Frankie felt him go still for one heartbeat and then another. She heard a snarl come from his throat, rumbling up from his chest and then he tossed her to the floor. She caught herself on her hands, her knees hitting hard.

She looked up to find him turned, his back to her. "You aren't going to save her you fucking loser!" He snarled at the darkness. Frankie couldn't see anything. She backed away, trying to stand up.

"She's here and she's mine! I'll do what I fucking want with her. And you can watch!" Freddy ranted at nothing. Then he seemed to realize she was still behind him. He turned then and she saw him in all his glory. He grinned as he saw her face pale at the sight, then he laughed. "Still the man of your dreams?" He growled.

"Oh Fred…" She felt her heart still for a moment, the words barely able to be heard in the hissing of the pipes. She was scared, but it wasn't fear that made her ache inside the most. It was what they'd done to him. What they'd destroyed and given birth to. They'd corrupted him with his own death and the proof was right in front of her.

Freddy saw it then, in her eyes. It wasn't fear, it was something else. And he wasn't going to let that stand. No, she was going to be afraid of him! She was going to realize just what he was now and what she'd been a part of. She was going to pay. She didn't get to look at him like that, not with pity. Fuck that. Frankie was going to feel the fear that everyone did when he was around, she'd feel the pain and he'd hear her scream.

He snarled and took a step towards her, raising his glove high above his head. She couldn't move she was frozen in the spot. And then suddenly so was Freddy. As Frankie watched he fought against something that was holding him in place, he struggled and cursed and tried to rip his arm free.

"You're not getting away with this you little shit!" He bellowed. "She's mine! SHE'S MINE!"

Two arms appeared around Freddy's waist and Frankie stood and backed up and away at last, watching and unable to do anything but stare as Freddy seemed to be pulled back and away. He stretched and contorted and fought against it, but the arms held on and dragged him into the darkness. Then from out of that darkness a figure pitched forward, staggering and falling against the wall.

Frankie took a tentative step forward and then another, trying to breathe. When the figure looked up her eyes widened.

"You need to get out of here." Fred Krueger said as he pulled himself up to lean heavily against the wall of his prison. His dark hair was falling in front of his eyes, and he pushed it away in annoyance.

Frankie was frozen again and speechless. Then she did something that was probably considered insane. She ran over to him and hugged him. He let out a grunt of surprise and for a moment she thought he was going to push her away. But instead she felt his arms go around her and then hold her tightly, his chin resting on her head just as he always had done. Frankie realized she was crying but didn't care. She realized she was still at risk of being killed and she didn't care about that either. She'd fond what she'd been looking for.

"You still don't listen." He said, a sad smile pulling at his thin lips. His fingers brushed her hair, his arms getting used to how different she felt in them and yet the same. Fred couldn't hold in the darkness for very long. He wasn't strong enough, especially now. But he wasn't letting Frankie be a part of this, he couldn't…it was that simple. "Frankie…you can't stay here. You have to go." He didn't want her to go…he wanted to keep her in his arms like this, just like this. God he'd missed her.

"Fred…what happened? I can't leave you, not with him." She looked up at him with tears rolling down her cheeks. She still hadn't let go of him.

Those pale eyes nearly made him break. He could hear the demon screaming because he wanted to be causing tears of a different sort. Not happening. "Babe…he is me." He said softly, one hand lifting to brush the tears from her face.

"He's not…you're here with me. You…you got rid of him." She reached up and his cheek, feeling how cold it was even in the heat of the room.

"He's not gone, he's…he's inside me and I can't keep him there for long." Fred took hold of her hand. "You have to go Frankie. You have to wake up." He pleaded with her.

"I can't…I…Fred please…" She couldn't help it, she couldn't leave him. Not now, not when she'd found him again. It was crazy and she knew it was, but she couldn't make herself leave.

"You don't belong here Frankie." He told her, dark brows narrowed. "Do you hear me, you don't belong here."

She grasped at the front of his sweater, his clothes the same as the monsters. "Neither do you." She told him, desperate to get him to listen.

"Yes I do…I do…" He replied, shaking his head. God she was beautiful. He could still taste her on his tongue. Fred shoved that thought away roughly. He hadn't done that…that had been the other. He saw the mark on her neck, noticed the spots of blood on her jaw and his blue eyes turned hard. "You need to go now…"

"Fred please…I love you…" Frankie begged. She had no idea how she could save him. He was dead wasn't he? She didn't know what he was…maybe he was a ghost.

He felt the demon roaring at those words. He could feel the claws ripping at his insides but hearing her say it gave him a bit more strength and he fought it back. "That's…that's why you…need to leave." Fred managed to say. He glanced over and there was a floating image of Frankie asleep in her hotel room. It looked like a sort of mirror, showing the waking world.

Frankie saw this and confusion crossed her features. "That's me." She said in amazement.

"That's where you need to be." Fred winced, the fucking demon was angry. He was tearing at him and screaming. He didn't want her leaving. He could feel that same desire within Fred too and he was feeding on that emotion; that need to have her with him. But it wasn't right…he couldn't give in to it.

"He's killing you…" She saw the pain on his face. She touched his arm and could feel the trembling of it beneath of her fingers.

"You can't kill what's already dead Frankie." He looked at her with eyes that burned with a blue fire that was as hot as the flames in the walls.

Fred hesitated only an instant but decided that he'd earned it and this would be his only chance. He pulled her into his arms one last time and kissed her. He kissed her like he had all those years ago, the last time he'd seen her. He knew this was not going to make it easier to let her go, and he knew the demon was going to really hate him afterward. But he didn't care…he wanted to remember the taste of her on his own.

Her fingers were buried in his hair and Frankie could feel his gripping her waist tightly. His mouth was cold too but it felt so good against hers. He had her lips apart and was devouring her like a man possessed, which he was. But she let him take everything she had.

With a growl Fred lifted her up and pinned her against the heated wall of the boiler room. It burned against her skin through the shirt she was wearing but she wasn't going to stop him. He was pressed up against her, one leg between hers and still kissing her without stopping to breathe.

The demon raged and Fred heard him screaming how he was going to make him pay for taking something that didn't belong to him. His desire was feeding the demon and he knew it…he knew it was only a matter of time before he'd lose his hold. That was how it worked. He wasn't lying when he said the monster was him.

Fred pulled away from her mouth with a panting growl. He was coming back…and he didn't have a lot of time. He pushed away from her, his hands on either side of her, braced against the wall. When he opened his eyes they locked onto Frankie and she could see the "other" staring through them, hungry and filled with rage. "You…need to go now." His voice was deeper, rough…familiar.

Frankie slipped under his arm and backed away, not sure how she could leave. Then something happened, a wind pulled at her. Frankie turned and saw that Fred was leaning against the wall, his head bent down and grimacing. His left hand was curled into a trembling fist and suddenly his right hand slammed against the wall, and on it was a clawed glove of knives.

The wind dragged her towards the mirror, faster and faster. She cried his name but it couldn't be heard over the air that was now like a tornado. She was hurtling towards the mirror and through it, the pieces shattering around her loudly.

Frankie sat up with a scream in the bed and saw Quentin stepping through the now broken window of the hotel room and running towards her. "Frankie! Frankie what the hell were you doing?" He was saying, coming to sit next to her, nearly tripping on the brick he'd thrown through the glass.

She couldn't answer him. She started shaking and couldn't stop. The crying started then and she didn't know if that was going to stop either. The younger man, not sure what to do, wrapped an arm around her shoulders while Frankie shed tears for a man and a monster.