chapter 6- the rebellion

Alec began punching, kicking, doing anything he can to damage Broc. his fist collided with Broc's helmet, sending sparks flying everywhere. Everyone else merely stopped fighting and watched,and it was then that a voice rang out.


Alec found himself in a forest, but it seemed different tothe one he was in only moments ago. the trees were a mix of species, Alec recognised some from earth, Mobius and even Ilex forest. even the ground was a mismatched patchwork of different soils and rocks.

"Excuse me" said a voice. it sounded like that of a child, female and had aa trace of multiple accents.

Alec looked upto see a white wolf cub with dark blue eyes.

"Who are you?" he asked.

another figure emerged from the trees, a tall hooded figure; Alec notived gloved hands and a dragon tailpoke out fromunder the robe.

"Relax young one you are safe here" the hooded figure sauid. the voice was male and sounded old and slightly hoarse.

"this country is forestasia, it is just outside the boundaries of Vardos" the wolf cub said.

"you were brouight here becausde we need your help" the hooded figures said,leading Alec into a clearing wehere a small group of creatures sat huddled around a fire.

the first was a black dragon, he had a long jaw, rectangular shaped horns, gold eyes, t-rex like arms and stumpy legs. histail had a gold triangle on the end of it and his hide and the inside of wings were gold. he looked to ber around twenty years old.

"this is James, he ended up here when his father sent him away to protect him from the darkness" the wolf said.

sitting beside James was an averages sized black cat with large pointed ears. he had a tuft of fur onhis head that stuckout and curled downwards making a fringe. he had eyes like the night sky. sitting next to him was anold bat with grey eyes and bits and pieces of cybernetic technology on him.

"the cat is Derek and the bat is Batron, they both helped the scientist Skulro before an accident with a portal warped them here"the hooded figure said.

taking up most of the room around the fire was a large white Dragoness, she had two horns on the top of her head and gold eyes. she had a horse like face and no spines or decoration. leaning against her side was a black wolf with brown eyes and cripled bat wings coming out of his back. in his lap was a sword and sheath, both of them were black. he was wearing a black cloak.

"this is Brightscales the dragon and her father Jack light heart" the wolf said.

"our leader will be here shortly" Jack said to Alec.

it was then that Aared dragon with a white hide entered the clearing. he had a snake like head, webbed ears, black eyes and a stump where a white tail blade had once been. he was walking upright with a purple cape on, hiding the fact that ghe had no wings.

"i am Johnathon Drakeheart, king of the Ruby Dragons" he said hisvoice sounded slightly rough and was american accented. "Welxcome to the rebellion".

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