Forgive Us Our Sins

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Destiny Part Two

She seemed to be floating. She could see herself laying on the couch and a worried Haruka watching her on a chair nearby. She could see the older girl's lips moving but she couldn't hear what was being said but the anguish on her face was very clear as she watched the fitful Michiru drift in and out of her fever induced sleep.

Michiru reached out to touch Haruka only to have her hand pass straight through her.

"Haruka!" the agony in her voice at her lover's anguish was sharp.

A movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. The female seemed to be in the room with her but Haruka couldn't see or hear her either.

"No Michiru you are not dead. Your body is merely resting as it fights off the fever."

Michiru's eyes widened. She knew this voice; she had heard it many times before in her dreams.

"Why are you here?" It seemed like a dumb question but she needed to know the answer to that.

"I am you and you are I. I am your mother from the past, present and future." Her voice seemed to float on the wind with the airs of regality.

"What do you mean? My past and future? You're talking in riddles woman"

Surely her fever heavy mind was playing a trick on her.

"You're mind is not playing a trick on you. You are one of eight princesses chosen to protect the Silver Millennium and Princess Serenity, The Princess of the Moon and her mother Queen Serenity, the Queen of the Moon and Solar System. You are Michiru, Princess Royal, Princess of Neptune and I am your mother."

"My mother is dead."

Her voice was losing it's conviction as the lady in front of her seemed to glow brighter.

"Yes dear, your mother from this life is dead, just as I am dead from your past life. It's time you know who you are. You are a strong woman, a Princess who will one day inherit the throne of the mighty planet Neptune my darling Princess Michiru. A great threat is coming, it's almost time for you to awaken my daughter. Find the talismans and everything will be alright I promise you that much all you have to do is find the three talismans they are the key to everything."

The glow around the woman seemed to be getting dimmer as she started to fade.


Michiru's outburst scared even her but the look in her … mother's eyes told her she understood.

"You aren't alone I promise Michiru, Haruka hasn't left your side since you got sick and she will never leave your side. You're destined to be together, forever in every life and I will be watching over you for as long as you need me all you have to do is pray my dear."

Being thrown back into your body and startling it awake after a near fainting spell isn't the nicest thing you can do for your body, but hey these things happen apparently as Michiru started rambling nonsense even louder than she was as her body continued to fight the fever that had overtaken her. Coughing as she tried to push herself up, only to be pushed back down by a strong pair of arms.

"Shh Michi. You need to rest your body is still fighting the fever, you ok? You scared me." Haruka said, more to herself than Michiru as she watched the aqua hair stick to her forehead as sweat continued to pour out of the younger girl.

"I'm sorry I scared you. I guess my body decided that it had enough, I need to take better care of myself." A coughing fit made her words choppy as Haruka practically ran to get her a glass of water, holding it to the girl's lips as her hands started to shake slightly when she reached for the glass, taking a slow sip of the ice cold water, sighing as it immediately calmed her down.

"Calm down. It's ok Michiru, you're allowed to get sick or admit that you're tired and need help love. You're human, not a super hero." Haruka crowed as she moved a strand of sweat soaked hair from her forehead.

"How long was I out?" Michiru asked, sitting up slowly while attempting to turn to look at a clock that was on the wall behind her.

"Almost two hours. You're body needed the rest it seems. Nurse said you would be fine once your fever broke."

Here Haruka blushed a little, something that didn't go unnoticed but she was just to worn out to question it.

"I missed swim practice then."

It was a statement not a question.

"You're not to go back to school until you're feeling better so you would have missed practice anyway but I guess I can allow you to go to your cram school since I know I can't talk you out of it."

She was resigned when she said this, knowing that her academics where what kept the young woman in her sights going. It gave her a reason to push to be her best and to ignore her grief. Coping would have been more preferable but at the moment she didn't think that would be an option.

"Do you think…I'd take it easy…"

Michiru was stumbling over her words in a very un Michiru like fashion which amused Haruka to no end.

"What is it Michiru? You know I can't deny you almost anything."

"Would it be alright if I went for a swim? …" Haruka looked like she was about to protest so she sped on before she got cut off. "I won't over do it, it's not a swim practice or anything I just want to relax and being in the water really helps me."

"Michi…you just fainted a few hours ago I really don't think that's such a good idea. You were told to take it easy."

Seeing Haruka with a stern motherly look on her face made her laugh slightly as she tried again to plead her case.

"You'll be there..You'll be able to look after me if anything where to happen. I just want to relax a little and swimming is how I relax."

The desperation in Michiru's eyes made Haruka's decision waver.

"Alright, but I'll be in the water with you just to make sure." Haruka said, as Michiru's eyes lit up as she rushed to hug Haruka who was slightly shocked but returned the hug none the less before Michiru was off in a blur to change into her swim suit.

Being in the water was truly relaxing to her, there was just something about the ocean and the water that called to her very sprit and calmed her to her core and filled her with such a strength that she couldn't, no wouldn't dream of describing it to anyone else, they would think her nuts.

She had tried explaining it to her mother once and had just been told to get her heads out of the clouds and back on her studies or she wouldn't be allowed to swim anymore. Her father had pretended to understand, and he did see the difference in her spirit when she swam but he didn't try to understand it, it was best not to question such things and he had told her as much when she had brought up the subject to him on several occasions.

She was weak, that much she could tell as she pushed off from the wall gently only swimming a few feet before deciding to just float in the water as Haruka swam a lane down from her watching the girl carefully but she need not worry and a part of her knew that. Michiru was at home in the water, it was as if it caressed her skin and wouldn't allow anything bad to come to its mistress. It was a beautiful sight to watch as some of Michiru's strength returned as she attempted to swim a lap, pleased to find that her strength was still there although she was at nowhere near top speed. Neptune was King of the sea in mythology, and apparently mythology had some bases if her dream was anything to go by since she was the Princess of such a beautiful planet. It truly was the prettiest of them all and it did have some resonance deep within her as she ran through her dream over and over again as she swam lap after lap, Haruka finally starting to lap with her slowly, on the bases of keeping an eye on Michiru as much as to let off steam.

Haruka had a feeling this wouldn't be the only time something like this would happen.

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