"I Kissed a Dog… and I Liked It"

Disclaimer- I don't own Family Guy or its characters. I do own Catelynn Rosen, Jessica Stine owns Airyn Nola Blaze, and Kris Rebo owns Darren Hill.

"Our first summer vacation," said Lois putting lotion on Stewie, "I just love coming down to Myrtle Beach." "It is a beautiful day out here," agreed Brian. As Meg and Chris headed out to the water, Peter headed off to cause trouble with the guys, and with Stewie contentedly playing in the sand, Lois laid down in her lounge chair to read her book and relax. Brian sat down and began to people watch, one of his favorite hobbies while on vacation. That's when a raven haired beauty caught his eye. She was laughing and having a good time with another girl, presumably her best friend from the closeness of the two. Brian's tail began to wag quickly. She looked to be the kind of girl he needed since losing Jillian. He started to get up to talk to her, but stopped when he saw a guy bounce up to the girls and hand them both drinks.

"Here you are princesses," said Darren handing over the two cold sodas. "You know it," laughed Catelynn. "You're such a sweetheart," said Airyn giving her boyfriend a kiss. "I try," Darren said pulling the blonde in closer. She giggled, "Not in public." She then sat down next to Catelynn. "Don't look but, there is a cutie staring at you Cate." Catelynn turned around to see and was smacked by a giggling Airyn, "I said not to look." "Ow, where?" her best friend responded still looking. "Right there… that cute little white doggie…" "Douchebag," laughed Catelynn smacking Ryn as she turned back around, "Now lets go swimming!"

Brian's spirits picked back up when he saw Darren with Airyn, thinking he was with the girl he wanted to get to know. Good thing he was wrong. "You, dog, what are you doing?" demanded Stewie. "Nothing kid, what do you want?" "Well, you've only been staring at that girl for the past hour, are you going to make a move or not?" "I don't know. I mean she's beautiful, but am I really ready for another relationship?" "You mean you're still thinking about Jillian? Dude, move on already. She's married, so I know damn well she did." "Wow…" said Brian eyeing Stewie, "Harsh…" "Oh, boo hoo… Still, why not talk to her. The worst she'll say is no…"

"I am so excited to go to the club tonight," Airyn said floating in the ocean. Catelynn began to balance herself on her stomach atop her beach ball. "I know, clubbing at the beach… nothing better than that." "Think you'll find a hottie hot hottie?" Catelynn eyed her, "I would hope so… well, I'm sure I will see some hotties, but…" "But what?" asked Darren, "Still going off about that bad luck thing?" "Hey I haven't had any luck with men. Why do I attract the weird ones?" "Cause you have weird friends?" laughed Airyn. Catelynn smirked, "That has to be it. Maybe I will dump my weird friends." "Ah you love us too much!" "You know I do Ryn. Now, who's up for hitting that burger joint we saw down the road?" "Me," Airyn said raising her hand as if in class. "Totally," agreed Darren, "I am so starving…" They climbed out of the water and headed for the car.

"Way to go Brian," he said to himself as he watched Catelynn leave, "you waiting too long." He sighed heavily and headed off to the bar to get a drink. ~*

Loud music filled the club as Brian sat drinking a martini. This wasn't his choice for the night. He just wanted to stay in the hotel room and watch some movies on pay per view, but Lois insisted he check out the club across the street. Said it would do him some good to get out and do some mingling. He heard Quagmire's voice through the crowd, "Hey baby, you be the Dairy Queen and I'll be your Burger King: You treat me right, and I'll do it your way." The girl laughed at him, "You wish tool bag." Brian looked up into the bar mirror to see Catelynn walking away from Quagmire, and straight towards the open area of the bar right next to him. "Can I get an appletini?" she said to the bartender. The bartender mixed the drink and sat it down in front of her, "Six fifty please." "Put that on my tab," interrupted Brian. The bartender nodded and Catelynn turned to smile at Brian. "Thank you so much. Can you believe what they're charging here? Talk about a rip off." Brian laughed, "That's what you get at the hot spots on the beach." "I'm Catelynn," she said sitting down next to him. "I'm Brian," he said, glad to finally know her name. "And you're…" He sighed for a brief second, "A dog?" "Yeah…" she trailed. "Yep, I'm a dog." "Huh…. Well, you're a cute dog." Brian's tail wagged, "You think so?" "Yeah, I do." *~

"This has been an amazing week," said Catelynn as they sat in the outdoor patio at a fine Italian restaurant. "It was something, "agreed Brian, pouring wine in both glasses. "And this chicken," she said before taking another bite, "is just wonderful." Brian smiled at her, "It smells wonderful." He pushed around some vegetables around his plate with his fork, "You sure you have to head home tomorrow?" Catelynn smiled at him, "Yeah, our funds have run out and we really should go back to work." He then noticed her fidget in her chair a bit as peoples whispers caught their ears. "Why don't we get out of here," said Brian. Catelynn nodded and the two stood up. "You're still getting use to the fact I am a dog, aren't you?" Catelynn blushed bright red. "I love being with you Brian, but I will admit I am stuck in that fact." Brian then grabbed his chair and pushed it close to Catelynn. Then climbing up ontop of it, he stood about her height. "Then don't think about it Cate. Love is love isn't it. Who is society to tell you who you fall in love with. Noone can tell your heart what it wants." And with that he gave Catelynn a kiss. ~*

Catelynn gazed out the window as Darren drove them home. "You look so lost," said Airyn, "Did something go wrong on your date last night?" "Brian kissed me," she said still staring at the passing scenery. Darren tried to hold back laughter, "You kissed a dog?" Airyn slapped him, "Be have Darren. So what is the matter." "I'm so confused Ryn. I like Brian, but I'm not sure if I can handle the fact that he is…" "A dog," Darren helped. "Yeah," she said with a sigh. Airyn frowned, "I'm sure you will figure it out sweetie. So what about this kiss?" Catelynn smiled, "I liked it…"