Tiger: Welcome ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, and any other people/creatures I may have forgotten. After going through a number of stories on the site, I've decided to try my hand at some of the more overused topics to see if I could add my own twist to them.

Mary-Sue: And I'm here to help him!

Tiger: Who are you?

Mary-Sue: I'm your muse silly.

Tiger: So you're the one who gives me those ideas of fun ways to painfully murder Cody, such as having him slowly dipped into a caldron of steaming hot lava by Max Russo.

Mary-Sue: No, that's just your evil mind coming up with ideas when you talk to WJ.

Tiger: So what should this chapter be about then?

Mary-Sue: Well you know who my favorite characters from the show are?

Tiger: Considering you're my muse, probably Zack and Cody.

Mary-Sue: Yep, and they're so hot too. I mean they just ooze sexiness, especially Cody; I could just eat him up

Tiger: If you say so…

Mary-Sue: Oh, I do, now let's write a hot romance about the two.

Tiger: That's wrong on so many levels! They're twins!

Mary-Sue: Yes, very hot sexy twins. Now write before I plague your mind with all sorts of romance ideas that will drive away your adventure ideas.

Tiger: Fine, but I should probably warn the reader, that while this is told in a way to make fun of these stories, this is a twincest chapter, so if they don't like it, to just wait for the next chapter.

Chapter 1: The deepest desire

It had been a long day of school for Zack Martin. He had just failed his math test causing all the other students to laugh at him. "Wow Zack, how do you manage to get a negative 12 percent?" Bailey mocked.

"Sheesh, even I passed this test," London said, not realizing a 22% was not passing, but since the story doesn't focus on her, no one cared.

Cody couldn't take it anymore. If there was one thing he hated more than people who didn't recycle, it was people who picked on his brother like that "Shut up everyone!" he yelled. Everyone started at him. "Don't make fun of Zack just because he did badly on one test. Everyone has a bad day, right Zack?"

Zack stared up at his brother teary eyed. Never before had he heard someone stand up for him like that. It didn't surprise him that Cody was the one who would do it though. He was always there for Zack; after all, they were twins and best friends. "Thanks Cody," he said softly.

"Anytime Zack," his other half replied with a smile.

Even though they were twins, that didn't stop Zack from harboring a deep lustful desire for his brother. He knew it was wrong and that Cody would probably never want to see him again if his secret got out. That's why he tried dating as many girls as possible. He had hoped that just one would be able to fill the void that he knew only Cody could. He thought that if he dated enough girls, maybe the gay part of him would go away. So far, it hadn't worked, but he knew that was his only hope.

"So Zack, you just going to sit in class even after it's over?" Cody asked snapping Zack out of his thoughts.

The older twin glanced around, shocked to see that he was the only one left in his seat. Cody was standing in the doorway waiting for his brother somewhat impatiently.

"Oh sorry," Zack said shoving his books in his bag before running to catch up to his brother.

"Want me to help you study tonight so you will do better on the next test?"

"Yeah, that would awesome," Zack said joyfully, although he was mainly glad to be spending time with Cody and it had little to do with him wanting to do better in school.

Later that night…

"Thanks a lot Codes," Zack said as entered his brother's room, shocked to see Cody sitting at his desk with three different calculators and math books.

"You know I can't just let you fail out of school here. This place wouldn't be half as fun without you," Cody said with a laugh.

"Really, I thought you hated getting involved in my plans."

"Well, sometimes, but they can be a lot of fun too. Now let's get to studying before you fall asleep."

After about an hour of Cody explaining the quadric formula, writing equations with point-slope form and that pi and pie were two different things, Zack thought his brain was about to explode. He felt like he was starting to understand algebra, but all the information was overwhelming. He wondered how Cody could so easily understand it all.

"Can we take a break Codes, my brain is killing me."

"Yeah, sure. It can be a bit overwhelming, but I'm sure you'll get it soon."

After setting his book down, Zack's eyes locked with Cody's. Those perfect blue-green orbs staring back at him made Zack forget all about the torment of doing math for an hour straight.

Cody noticed his brother staring at him and was beginning to get nervous. "Zack are you-"

Zack cut him off by slamming their lips together. "Dude, that was on the lips!" Cody exclaimed as the older twin pulled away.

Zack couldn't believe what he just did; he kissed his brother, on the lips. "Man, I'm sorry I just…" He tried to think of a good explanation but the truth was the only one that made sense.

"Don't worry about it, that was kind of nice," Cody responded calmly, his initial shock calming, and of course, he felt the same way as his brother, since it wouldn't make sense for only one to like the other in a story like this.

"Wait, you mean-"

Cody was the one to silence his brother this time by locking their lips together.

Zack was enjoying the kiss, but wanted more. He pulled away though, fearing that if his brother didn't share his secret, his life would be ruined if he tried to go further.

"Cody, what was that for?" he asked with both fear and hope filling his voice.

"I just wanted to, y'know? When I'm with Bailey I don't feel anything when I kiss her, but when I did with you, it felt good."

Zack's heart began beating faster, his hormones driving out any logical thought processes. "Cody, I feel the same way. Those kisses with you were amazing. I think I love you." There, he said it; everything was on the line now.

"Yeah, I know how you feel," Cody responded trying to think logically about this, "But I don't think it's love."

"What is it then?"

"It feels more like an author is controlling our actions, most likely a teenage girl who wants to visualize us having hot passionate sex. Everything up to this point has just been buildup to that moment to try and make it believable."

"Wow, Cody, you're so smart," Zack said gently stroking his brother's cheek. His crush was turning into a full on lustful desire that could only be satisfied one way. He latched onto Cody and pulled his shirt off over his head.

Suddenly, a high-pitched scream filled the air. "What was that?" Zack asked.

"It sounds like the author from behind the fourth wall is getting excited for us to be doing this," Cody responded as began going to work on removing Zack's clothes.

However, they both realized that doing this on Cody's desk would be a bad idea, so they moved to Cody's bed. Then they-

Scene transition!!!

Mary Sue: You can't just stop writing in the middle of a scene like that! It was just getting good!

Tiger: I have no desire to write a hot passionate sex scene between two twins.

Mary Sue: Just go find some of those others to help give you inspiration, then come and make this a super awesome story of hotness!

Tiger: Those stories disturb me, and I'm the writer so let's check in on Kirby and Bailey instead.

"Kirby, are you sure it's a good idea to eat 20 pounds of ice cream before your shift?" Bailey asked, genuinely concerned for the security guard.

"Well, I don't want to eat too much or I won't be able to chase down any criminals if they try running. This way I'll have just enough of a sugar rush to be full of energy, but not so much that it'll slow me down."

Bailey wanted to show Kirby that eating so much was a bad idea no matter what the situation was, but she then realized she was supposed to meet Cody in five minuets to work on their history project. "Well good luck Kirby," she said briskly walking away.

Back to Zack and Cody…

Mary Sue: Aw, we missed the good part.

Tiger: What a shame…

A knock on the door startled the twins having, just begun to put their clothes back on. "Cody, are you in there?" Bailey asked.

"Zack, get your clothes back on," Cody whispered, not wanting to alert his girl friend to the fact that he just cheated on her with his own brother. "I'll be right there Bailey." He was really thankful that the doors on the ship locked automatically, otherwise he could have had a lot of explaining to do.

"Cody, where did my boxers go?" Zack whispered as he searched franticly.

"I don't know, just put your pants on and worry about them later." Once the twins were fully dressed, Cody let Bailey into the room.

"What took you so long?" she asked.

"Oh, I just wanted to make sure my room was perfect for my perfect little hay-bail."

"Then why are your boxers stuck in the ceiling?" she asked pointing upward.

Mary Sue: Well, now that the exciting part is over, let's end this.

Tiger: So you don't want to examine how this incident will affect the twin's lives?

Mary Sue: Of course not, who reads hot twincest stories for the plot?

Tiger: Good point.