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Summary: Sequel to My Fair Puppy. Taking place about a week later, Seto and Joey find themselves partnered up for another school project, this time for Economics. They need to create a...business? Seto's not too happy with the idea, but can Joey change his mind?

Chapter 1 – Sunday

"Puppy, I know you're happy and everything, but can you please stop skipping? You're making me dizzy," Seto chuckled amusedly as they strolled up to the Kaiba Mansion.

"I can't help it!" Joey cried enthusiastically. "My cast is off! My cast is off!"

"And if you don't calm down, it's going to be back on," commented Seto when Joey stumbled some on the walkway.

That made the blond stop abruptly. "You're right. I should probably take it easy, huh?"

"Yeah. How is your wrist anyway? Does it hurt?"

"No. It's just a bit stiff. I'm not sure how it'll be when I start drawing again. I need time to loosen up."

"Just draw a sketch or two a day until you feel you're back to normal," Seto suggested. "I don't want you straining yourself."

"Says the man who won't stop working for his company."

Seto sighed. They were going to have this conversation again. "Puppy, I told you already. I have a lot of catching up to do since I took so much time off to look after you. And with everything that's been going on, I've neglected my duties as CEO of a major company."

"I understand, Seto. But just because you're the CEO doesn't mean you have to dabble in every facet of your corporation. Haven't you ever thought of hiring some trustworthy underlings who can oversee the major departments of the company?"

"As you very well know, I don't trust others that easily," said the brunet as he and the blond ventured into the mansion.

"I know, I know," Joey sighed. "But hasn't anyone proved themselves trustworthy and experienced enough to take over certain branches of the company? You can hire managers or directors for certain departments and they can call and check into you. That would take some of the burden off of you, wouldn't it?"

"I don't know," Seto replied helplessly.

He didn't like trusting others, especially when it came to something he valued and treasured so deeply. He'd been the one to convert Kaiba Corp. into a gaming company, he'd been the one to make it flourish, no one else. Sure there were his employees—who worked diligently for him—but he figured it was out of fear of him rather than their wanting to improve the gaming industry.

"You really have some control issues we need to deal with," said Joey as if he were making some sort of final decision.

"And you have some meddling issues we need to deal with," Seto retorted snidely.

"I'm only trying to help you!" Joey snapped. "Haven't you figured it out by now that I care about you? That I worry when you spend more time working than eating and sleeping combined. You're always stressed, and if you are having problems at work, you don't want to talk about them. All I want to do is help you, Seto. And I can't stand it when you don't trust me enough to let me. I just want to see you happy and healthy. That's all I want."

Seto just stood there and stared at him. It was becoming routine now. Whenever Joey would call him on something and argue his point, Seto would stand there and contemplate until he came up with a response. He knew they had to communicate—which was something…new, in a way, to him—and this was just his process at the moment for doing so.


"Look. Just take it one department at a time. Hire someone to lead a department and just let it go for a couple weeks and then move on to the next department. Use the same process over and over until all areas are covered. It'll give you time to…adjust. Baby steps, Seto. Baby steps," Joey concluded.

Seto paused for a moment, thinking. "Fine. We'll give it a try. But I want…" Seto's voice trailed off as he changed his mind about what he wanted to say.

"What do you want, Seto?" Joey asked, placing his arms around the brunet's waist. "Tell me."

"I want you there when I interview people for the department head positions. You read people well. I…don't."

"Not everyone is out there to get you, Seto," Joey consoled.

"My experience says otherwise."

"Okay. I'll interview people with you, but only if you let me ask questions as well."

"They're not going to be stupid questions are they?" Seto inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"No. Why would I ask stupid questions? I would never do anything to jeopardize you or your company," Joey replied earnestly.

"I know," Seto sighed once more, resting his chin atop his Puppy's head. "I know."

"So…do you want me to help you create a job listing for Human Resources or—"

"I know how to create a job listing! I do run a successful business!" Seto protested loudly.

Joey laughed in response. "I'm just teasing, Seto. But let me know when you have some applicants. We'll set up the time and place to interview, okay?"

"Sure. But only one position at a time. And if I don't like it, they're gone."

"You need to give them a chance, though. What about if they have a probationary period? You know, like they have ninety days or something to prove whether or not they can handle the job. If not, you release them from the job and move on to the next, more qualified candidate."

"When did you become such an expert at running a company?"

"I wouldn't call myself an expert. We haven't even tried my idea yet. But we'll just have to wait and see what happens."

"I guess we will." Seto paused before a smirk crossed his features. He might as well change the mood. And besides, he was in the perfect position to do so. "Your cast is off."

Joey raised his head slowly so that he could look at the brunet. "Yeah. Your point?"

"Don't you remember what you said, Puppy?"

"About what?"

"About what we get to do once your cast is off?" Seto hinted, lowering his hands to Joey's ass before giving both cheeks a firm squeeze.

"Seto!" Joey screeched. "I only just got it off! Eeh! Would you stop that? Seto!"

The brunet started laughing at Joey's antics. "So, the Puppy isn't ready?"

Joey glared at him. But then an idea crossed his mind. Two could play at this game. "We have school tomorrow, Seto. And besides, Friday is our day. I think the both of us will be ready by then. Don't you?" the blond stated seductively, trailing his hand up Seto's torso. He smirked when he felt the brunet tremble under his fingertips.

"That doesn't mean we still can't have some fun," Seto replied, letting his own hands do some groping of their own, much to his Puppy's embarrassment.

"Ack! No! Bad Seto! How about you actually take me out on a date first?" Joey protested.

The roaming hands ceased. "Sure."

Joey looked at him skeptically. That had been far too easy. "Okay," he started slowly. "Where are you taking me?"

Suddenly, Seto lunged, picking up the blond and throwing him over his shoulder. "Our bedroom."

"Seto!" Joey cried. "That's not a date, you idiot! Now put me down!"

It really was too bad his pleas fell on deaf ears. Having a date for a change might have done them a great deal of good. Then again, having Seto get all lovey-dovey in public probably wasn't such a good idea.

End Chapter