My name is Eliza Winthrop, but most people call me Liza. Four years ago, I met a girl named Annie Kenyon who I fell deeply in love with. One day four years ago, we had to stay at our teacher's apartment to take care of it and look after their cats when we got caught with each other by one of our teachers and my former best friend, Sally Jarrell. Because of that, I had to get involved in a court case deciding whether I should be suspended or not, but that seems so silly to me now. I am 21 now, and I just graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and I am planning to move back to New York to live with Annie.

As I sat in the airport waiting for Annie, I couldn't control my excitement when I saw her walk in to the airport. Annie and I ran in to each other's arms embracing each other for what felt like forever. "I missed you so much!" I said as I embraced Annie. "I can't wait until I get to see the apartment, I'm so excited to see it!" Annie said. We both walked from the airport to my car holding hands. I drove for about 30 minutes through the city until I finally reached my apartment. When we got up to my apartment Annie admired my apartment, commenting on the paintings and decorations. Once Annie was done unpacking I decided to take her to a special place. "I have somewhere to show you" I said.

I was so nervous when Annie and I finally arrived at the beach where we had our first kiss together. "Oh Eliza! I can't believe you still remembered where we had our first kiss!" Annie exclaimed. "How could I forget?" I said. We sat down on a bench for awhile, reminiscing of our teen years. Then, I reached for the little black box in my pocket and then, slowly I got down on one knee and held the box out in my hands. "Annie Kenyon, will you marry me?" I asked. Annie stood in shock for a moment, then she said, "Of course, Liza! Of course I will marry you! I love you!". I slid the ring on to her ring finger and then she said, "Liza, It's so beautiful!" We embraced each other and kissed and then I decided to take her out to a romantic restaurant downtown.