I stood in the dressing room, gazing at myself in the mirror. I was so nervous, I didn't know how the wedding was going to turn out, or what it would be like. I imagined myself walking out to Annie in the chapel, and tripping over my wedding gown and then falling. I pushed the thought away from my head. I just have to relax now, everything will be ok. Then, my mom came in to the dressing room and said "Oh, Liza you look beautiful. The wedding gown is perfect for you." I said "Mom, I'm so nervous about the wedding. What if I trip over my wedding gown? Or what if my old teacher from high school comes there and preaches one of her bible verses about how my wedding is wrong?" "Liza! Calm down! Everything will be fine. You're over reacting, the wedding will be great. Now come on, It's about to start and you don't want to be late, do you?" My mom said. "Ok, I'm ready now." I said, smiling.

The music started playing from the organ as I slowly walked in to the chapel. I looked around me to see everyone who came to the wedding. There was my family, Annie's family, and even a few of my old friends from high school and college. Mom must have invited them. Once I reached Annie I stopped walking and stared in to her gorgeous eyes. The priest started his speech and I was getting more and more anxious until I would kiss Annie in front of everyone I knew. I wondered what that moment would be like and what it would feel like kissing Annie in front of so many people. It finally came and the priest said those twelve words I was so anxious to hear. "I now pronounce you wife and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Annie kissed me with such passion that this kiss felt so different than all of our kisses before. It was amazing. After our kiss, I looked at everyone and they were clapping and smiling. It made me feel great.

The honey moon was amazing. Annie and I flew out to Fiji and stayed in a nice hotel and we had a wonderful time there. We spent every waking moment with each other and when we weren't at the beach or a fancy restaurant we were holding each other or spending as much time as we could together. We went snorkeling, we went to so many restaurants, we swam in the beach, we surfed, everything was so much fun in Fiji, but the better thing than Fiji was Annie. I didn't care where we went at all. I wouldn't have cared if we even stayed in New York. All I cared about was Annie. I loved her so much that I didn't care where we were at all. I was just happy to be with her. One of my best memories now looking back would have to be Annie and I's wedding and honey moon. Everything about it was perfect.