Hi there! I'm back, and with a vengeance! Here's my sequel, which I finally figured out a name for. It was difficult, but I thought of something. Now, it's been at least a month before I've written something, and I'm just now getting started back up. If it's not as good as the first yet, please excuse me. I've been quite busy with other things, but I finally broke down and got a move on the sequel I promised. Here we go!

Sarah the Hedgehog couldn't decide what to do with herself. As soon as she sat down, she would just jerk to her feet again and pace. Then she'd go to sit down again, but jump right back up and pace again. She couldn't find anything to do. Today was the day she'd been waiting for, yet she had nothing to busy herself with. She was going insane trying to figure out what to do with herself. Between pacing and sitting down, she frantically glared at the slow clock. She could have sworn it was going backwards once, and she growled in frustration. From the other side of the room, Michelangelo was laughing.

"Anxious much?" he asked, and Sarah turned to glare at him instead of the stubborn clock.

"What is it about this that you find so funny Mikey?" she challenged, then went back to pacing.

"Sorry, don't kill me!" Mikey mused innocently, and Sarah was just about to snap at him again when her mother, Akita the Hedgehog, walked through the door.

"Mom! Are they-" Sarah began, but Akita cut her off.

"They're just outside! I'll bring them in!" she said, and Sarah squealed excitedly. Then she called for Mikey's older brothers, Leo, Raph, and Donny.

"They're here!" Sarah squeaked, turning back to the door. But then she turned to Mikey. "How do I look?" she asked him

"You look great, don't worry." Mikey laughed.

"Sure, take it from him. He always thinks you look great!" Raph complained, and Sarah stuck her tongue out at him, then turned back to the door. She walked forward slightly as her ears heard faint footsteps through the door. She was already halfway to the door when it opened, Akita walking back through. Sarah leaned to the right to look at the people standing behind her. Two teenagers and two that looked about ten. They varied in animal species and coloring. The two teenagers were foxes, one was dark gray with bright red fur on his face and tails (which he had two of) wearing dark blue and dark red shoes and gloves. The other was light brown with darker brown ears, wearing a green shirt, darker green skirt, white gloves, and the same shoes at the other fox. Both of them had startlingly red eyes. They were obviously a couple, the boy's arm was around the girl's waist. The two ten year olds were next. One was a black hedgehog with green eyes, and he was wearing purple shoes. The other ten year old was a light blue rabbit, but her ears had blue, cloud-like fluff on them. On the top of her head and around her eyes were cloud-shaped blue patches of fur. She was wearing a purple dress, the same color as her ears, and her shoes were light and dark gray. In her arms was a white and yellow creature with a strange lightning bolt shaped formation floating above it's head. It wriggled out of the girl's arms and flew onto the her head. The turtles did a double take three times when they saw the light blue sings on the back of the small, rodent-like creature. The girl giggled at their expressions and lifted the thing off her head, cradling it in her arms lovingly.

"Guys, these are my friends. The two foxes are Crazy, the gray one, and Trimmer, the brown one. That's Jonah the Hedgehog over there, and she's Cloud with her chao, Bolt!" Sarah introduced, and her friends greeted the turtles. Then Sarah couldn't stand it anymore. She rushed forward to hug each of them in turn, only a second for the foxes. And, Mikey noticed with slight irritation, a few extra seconds for the black hedgehog, Jonah. The bunny with the chao, Cloud, spoke up.

"Sarah, what happened to your ear?" she exclaimed, and the rest of them turned their attention to Sarah's injured ear tip.

"Oh, it was just a little injury I got when I fought with my dad, Ikari." Sarah explained to the girl, who's expression turned frightened.

"Is he still here?" she asked fearfully, and Sarah laughed.

"No, I...got rid of him for good..." Sarah said hesitantly, touching where the tip of her ear should be. Then her hand moved down to her shoulder, which still burned from the knife had been jabbed in it. Then her eyes shifted to the door, and she looked confused.

"Uh, Mom? Where's Alex?" Sarah asked, and Akita looked around.

"Um, I don't know!" Akita exclaimed, looking back to her daughter.

"Didn't you see her when you were picking up the others!?" Sarah cried, and Akita looked a bit frightened at Sarah's reaction.

"I thought I did, maybe I was seeing things again." Akita murmured.

"What do you mean you THINK you saw her!?" Sarah shrieked.

"Sarah, calm down. I'm sure her flight was delayed or something!" Akita said comfortingly, and Sarah took several deep breaths.

"OK, flight delayed, right!" Sarah said, beginning to hyperventilate. Akita put her hand over Sarah's mouth and her breathing slowed. Then she remembered that her friends were there.

"You guys must be hungry, airline food sucks." she said cheerfully, and her friends agreed.

"I don't think a little pack of peanuts is gonna crave me hunger Sarah!" Jonah laughed, everything else joining in. Sarah ran into the kitchen and came back out minutes later with food for her hungry friends.

"Foods! Fruits and cheeses!" Jonah yelled, grabbing at the appetizing food. Cloud picked up a piece of fruit and fed it to her chao, Bolt. Bolt looked at the food with his slightly transparent red eyes. He squeaked happily and took the food. Crazy and Trimmer remained silent as they politely ate some of the snacks that had been offered. Jonah was busy stuffing food down his throat, desperate to get something other than plane food in his stomach. Sarah went back to the kitchen to get them something to drink, and returned withing minutes. Again, Jonah was the one who had the most. And again, Crazy and Trimmer only had some. The turtles noticed that they still hadn't spoken, or even made a sound. They just sat there, glaring with frightening red eyes.

"So Sarah, how are you holding up here?" Cloud asked, and Sarah turned.

"Pretty good. Although I could be better." Sarah said, motioning to her ear. Cloud laughed and nodded.

"Does it still hurt?" she questioned, but Sarah shook her head.

"Nah, it's my shoulder that's always killing me." Sarah groaned, then flopped down on the floor. "Ow." she said when she landed.

"Ere ern't ny omby ere re ere?" Jonah said through the food in his mouth and Sarah looked at him questioningly. He swallowed it and asked again.

"There aren't any zombies here, are there?" he asked. At this question, Crazy and Trimmer tensed up. Sarah glanced at them with concerned, then rolled her eyes at Jonah's question.

"No Jonah, last time I checked New York didn't have a zombie outbreak in motion." she said, and Jonah frowned.

"Well, you never know. Keep your eyes open, they're everywhere." he whispered the last time in Sarah's ear. Sarah punched Jonah's arm.

"You haven't changed at all, have you?" she asked the immature hedgehog, who grinned.

"Nope! Then again, you were only gone a few months! How much is a guy gonna change?" he said, and Sarah punched him again.

Sarah and her friends spent the next two hours catching up with her friends. All but Crazy and Trimmer, who still hadn't uttered a word. As soon as they left, Sarah turned to explain her friends. The turtles were eager to hear their strange stories.

"OK, Jonah moved to Japan from here a few years ago. We met when we started school together, he was actually one of my only friends. It's funny, we started dating a year back, but it didn't work out." Sarah began, stopping to breath.

"Cloud is the Cloud Princess, descended from a long line of royalty. Notice by looking at her every color of her is a color a cloud can be. And when I say Cloud Princess, I mean she's a princess that lived on the clouds. She was kicked out of the kingdom a few years back, so she came down to the ground and had lived a normal life every since. Her chao, Bolt, is blind. That's why his eyes look like that. Now, Crazy and Trimmer have the most interesting story."

"Uh huh?" the turtles said, leaning forward eagerly.

"You see, when they were just kits, they lived in Ravenholm. It use to be a nice town. Then one morning they were woken up by a bunch of popping so they all went outside. There were things stuck in the ground. And weird crawling things crawled out of the things and started attacking everyone in town. The crawling creatures were jumping on people's heads and some of them were bigger and faster than the others. Then Crazy and Trimmer ran into a safe place to hide. But then they heard one of Crazy's baby brothers squeaking, he was only a few weeks old. At the time, Crazy and Trimmer were only five. On their brothers head was one of the crab-like things, it started eating into his head and controlling his body. His tiny fingers started growing into sharp, bloody claws, ripping out of his gloves. Crazy's mom came over and bit the 'headcrab' off of the baby kitsune. Everyone that was in the building ran outside. Then a huge zombie came over and slashed Crazy's mother, ripping off half of her face with it's claws. Crazy and Trimmer, along with the unnamed baby fox, stood petrified for a minute before running back in the building. Crazy had to carry his baby brother because he couldn't walk for himself. Then they crawled into a hole in the wall and hid there until they thought it was safe. By the time they did come out, their safe little town was destroyed. There was scrap metal and wood splinters everywhere. Crazy took a piece of the wood and a piece of the metal and made two grain sickle-like weapons. Then a zombie came over to them, and he chop the zombie's headcrab, and the zombie's head itself, clean in half. Three other zombies came over from the scream of the first zombie, so Crazy started killing them too. One zombie walked up and slashed Crazy's grain sickles out of his hands, and their baby brother jumped up and ripped a bunch of zombies' heads off. Then they saw, hanging from a rope, half of a human's body." Sarah stopped to actually breath, then quickly picked back up to finish the story.

"When they start to leave, their path is blocked by three Combine, which are pretty much organless cops. All the Combine saw was a few cute little foxes, so they saw no threat. Until Crazy chopped one of their legs off and Trimmer started scratching at them, making the Combine scream in agony. Crazy's little brother jumped on one of the Combine's chest and started digging at his heart. When the Combine finally fell over, Crazy and Trimmer heard chewing. The chewing was the young fox eating the Combine's heart, bringing the fox's name to be 'Heartstealer'. Then they escaped Ravenholm. Every year, Crazy goes back to Ravenholm to take a walk down memory lane. They were actually so traumatized by the incident than neither three of them ever spoke again." Sarah finished. She giggled at the turtles terrified faces.

"I can guarantee you'll never experience THAT here!" she exclaimed.

"Wow..." Leo murmured, and Sarah nodded. Then she yawned.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm tired. I didn't sleep at all last night, I think I'll turn in early tonight..." she whispered, getting up and turning to go to her room. Once there, she looked around with tired eyes.

"I wonder what got to Alex to keep her from getting here..." she muttered to herself, crawling under her warm covers. Her last thought was about her friends, then she drifted into a deep sleep.

Well, that was interesting! Now, explanation time! Jonah, Crazy, Trimmer, and (not actually in the story but mentioned) Heartstealer are all my little brother's characters. Alex is my friend's character, made especially for this story! Cloud, Akita, and of course Sarah are mine. Other than that, I don't own anything! Crazy, Trimmer, and Heartstealer's story is based around Half-Life 2, which isn't a game I play. Little brother does, not me. He eagerly provided me the story so I could use it in this story, which I greatly appreciate! Now, where did Alex go off to? Please review, something that is encouraged here!