-Innocent Betrayal-

-By: DeathHeiress88-

Summary: When Allen started showing signs of transforming into a Noah, Komui developed an antidote to prevent him from turning into an enemy. But are they ready for the consequences of their actions?

Warning: Would probably cause some trauma to those who are not accustomed to a homosexual pair. But don't worry, there's nothing graphic and its rated T…for now…Bwahahahaha! It's TykiAllen BTW, but there would probably some Yullen or Laven or maybe both sprouting from behind. XD

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Another scream, another sign of torment the newly appointed General was left alone to deal with.

Lenalee put her hands over her ears, trembling as she tried to shut the pain-filled cries of her friend out her head. Apparently, her efforts were futile since the wails of agony still reached her. She felt water coming out of her eyes, tears shed for the sake of an exorcist by the name of Allen Walker.

She sobbed curling up in a ball as she asked herself for the thousandth time.


It was almost perfect. Almost. After the speculated death or disappearance of General Cross, the Central had no choice but to give Allen the position of a General. And along with that they reluctantly erased doubts of the snow-haired teen being a traitor. For they have no choice but to enlist Allen's help on their, as they called, 'Sacred' War now that another General disappeared.

The whole Order celebrated (well, at least those who know and was close to Allen), all problems at hand temporarily forgotten. Of course, there were still some bitterness floating around for deaths of comrades, disappearances of Generals and so on but things became calm.

Looking back now, it was too calm.

Like the calmness before the impending storm, the eye of the hurricane and all those things that refer to the short-lived happiness before the long-term sadness.

Even so, they turned a blind eye on that fact because they were desperate to have peace.

The storm started to pick up its pace when Lavi and Kanda returned from their mission, carrying an unconscious General Walker. Naturally, they didn't mind it that much since according to Kanda and Lavi, Allen seemed to be tired because of the bumpy train ride and Akuma fighting.

And so, except for the Head Nurse which was fretting about the unusually high fever Allen had, nobody find it strange to find Allen Walker in the infirmary especially when he seem to be a regular visitor of it since he first joined the Order.

And then, the first cross of the stigmata appeared.

"Just let us see him!"

Lenalee was snapped away from her thoughts at the sound of Lavi yelling at Howard Link, the self-proclaimed guard of Allen.

"No. This is one of The Central's instructions. No one is to enter this room until it is confirmed that Allen Walker is not a threat to the order."

The cold voice of Link was heard, it held no emotion but was as loud as Lavi's yell earlier.

Lenalee looked up from her fetus-like position then peeked out her room, and then she dashed towards Allen's room.

"How can we determine if he's a threat or not if we don't see him?"

Nearing the young General's room, Lenalee heard the unmistakable sound of Kanda's voice. It was calm but was heavily laced with sarcasm and threat. However, it did not faze their opponent.

"That decision will be on The Central's hands. You have no right to say if he's a threat or not."

Kanda, Lavi and Link finally were exposed to Lenalee's line of vision. And it seems that so did theirs accommodate her presence.

"Lenalee…" Lavi said softly, somehow surprised.

Kanda put a hand on Lavi's shoulder, sighing as he did so. "Let's go, Baka Usagi. Arguing with this man is pointless and lame."

Lavi glared darkly at Link before nodding then dragging himself and Lenalee towards Komui's office, with Kanda trailing silently behind.

Lenalee stared tearfully at Lavi, knowing that he and Kanda, or maybe only Lavi, knew something about this whole 'stigmata' affair.

"Lavi…w-what's a stigmata doing on Allen's forehead? He's an exorcist, right? They shouldn't be there."

The Bookman apprentice gazed thoughtfully at her but then shook his head.

Not now. Not without Allen's permission.

Komui eyed the vial in his hands. The clear plasma-like liquid inside looked harmless but the bespectacled man knew that if his calculations were wrong, it's most likely that Allen Walker would die in his hands.

But if Komui wouldn't try it, Allen Walker's transformation would probably be complete in a few days. And then he would be killed.

To try or not to try?

"Shichou, are you sure this is gonna work?" Reever scratched his head, he helped the supervisor the whole time the man was experimenting. To make things short, he's also one of the makers of this 'antidote' but even so, he feels that there is something bad that is going to happen soon.

Komui took a deep breath, a serious expression hung on his face.

We must do what we can.

Turning to look at his subordinates and Bak, who lend a hand, he put on a goofy face masking the doubts he also had.

"How will we know if we don't try?"

Kanda Yu stomped towards what he called 'moyashi's room, cursing the said teen with all the profanities his native language could offer; which, by the way, was many.

"Kuso moyashi…making me worry like this…" the Asian muttered under his breath, cautious not to let anyone hear him say the last part.

He heard that Komui developed an antidote of sort to combat the Noah inside Allen. And surprisingly enough, The Central and The Vatican allowed him to 'exorcise' the bean sprout. And that brings us back to an angry, stomping Kanda because he was the only one that didn't know about this progress.

And they easily agreed finally to open the doors to moyashi's room. So much for the ruckus he and Lavi made earlier this morning.

He finally reached the exorcist-turning-Noah's room, not surprised to see the door open, with what seem the whole science division outside the room and Komui, Lenalee and the Baka Usagi inside. Kanda tried to glare at Komui, which was now transferring some liquid from a vial into syringe. However it went unnoticed.

The samurai entered the moyashi's room, looking at the white-haired General. Allen was sobbing silently inside Lavi's arms, his body rocking back and forth in pain. Kanda stole a glance at the General's forehead, learning that there were three crosses now.

Hatred and pity mixed with protectiveness and jealousy swelled in the Japanese's chest. Hate for the Noah that was currently torturing the subject of his one-sided affection. Pity and protectiveness for the crying General and Jealousy for it was the Bookman apprentice that was comforting Allen and not him.

Kanda felt his face's features change but he quickly schooled it back into its stoic mode. Komui finally noticed the new addition in the room and smiled, "Yo, Kanda-kun!"

"Pl-lea... se…"

The attention given on Kanda a few seconds ago was diverted back to the wrecked General in Lavi's arms.

Allen gripped the front of the Bookman apprentice tighter, whilst the arms around the General stiffened in a protective manner, and sobbed to no one specifically, "Please…take it away…Take the pain away…It hurts so much!"

Another cry; Kanda could hear the muffled sobs and full of pity cries of the remaining science division outside while he could feel his heart clench at the picture Allen and Lavi made.

Kanda shook his head, clearing away any thoughts that could make him attack the red-hair exorcist.

Not now. This is not the time for self-pitied thoughts.

"Are ya sure this is gonna work?"

The samurai retreated to reality once hearing Lavi asked Komui doubtfully. Kanda then proceeded in leaning on the wall and watching this whole affair…calmly.

The sister-complex-inflicted man didn't answer, instead Komui walked towards Allen and murmured something in the General's ear.


The white-haired exorcist asked hopefully, like a child being promised of something very great. Komui nodded and smiled, then he promptly asked Allen to present his arm. Allen, still in Lavi's arms, let Komui dabbed some alcohol on his arm and look for the vein where the syringe will be inserted.

Then Komui injected the antidote that would either save or kill Allen Walker.

Tyki Mikk paced inside his room in their recently built ark. A disturbing fact bugging his mind.

"Sennenko will kill me."

The Earl had been restless after Lulubell failed to abduct both the egg and Allen Walker. The fat Noah was of course ballistic when he heard that the Black Order was nearly destroyed by the Level 4 Akuma but it seems that Allen Walker kept invading the Millennium Earl's head.

He gave Tyki a black serum and ordered the Noah of Pleasure to find the newly appointed General then inject the liquid into Allen's body in whatever way he want.

Tyki was successful into doing that of course (The Noah was really surprise on how his mission went smoothly, all he had to do was offer the white-haired teen some food and then he found himself injecting the serum into Allen's unsuspecting body…)

However, he went back quickly when he heard the General's friends approaching the compartment where they left Allen unguarded.

When he got back, he pestered the Earl with questions about his mission. And what the Earl told him got him shocked, overjoyed, anxious and impatient, yeah all of that just because of five words.

"Allen Walker is a Noah."

It seems that Allen stabbed his self with his own sword of exorcism, unleashing the Noah within him just like what happened with Tyki. The serum given to Allen was just meant to speed up the process the general was hindering.

After a short time, Tyki and all other Noah could feel it. The forced awakening of their fellow Noah; it was hard to resist the temptation of going to Allen's side and soothe him. It was as if the Noah inside them begs them to help their newest family member out of his misery.

But then a few minutes ago, it abruptly stopped.

Tyki completed another circuit around his room while taking another drag of the cigarette between his lips. He was just about to walk another loop when Road's voice stopped him. He had completely forgotten the existence of the girl when he felt the transitioning stop.

"Tyki, calm down, will you? You're making me dizzy."

Tyki snapped his gaze towards the relaxed girl and asked sarcastically, "How can I be calm Road? I don't know how they've done it, but it is obvious that they managed to prevent the boy from converting."

Road chuckled, "Silly, Tyki. You're naïve as Allen at times. Did you really think some mere humans can stop a Noah from awakening?"

The girl's expression became dark, betraying her true age that her body hides. Road put a hand on her chest then looked at Tyki.

"Can't you feel it, Tyki? The Noah inside us isn't crying. Allen's Noah didn't die. They just simply delayed the inevitable. Didn't you learn from your own experiences, Tyki?"

Road paused letting Tyki think it all over again. The Portuguese's face lit up as he identified what experiences Road was referring.

"Tyki, I think you better change, Sennenko will probably have another assignment for you."

Lavi stared at Allen's sleeping form, smiling as he brushed a white lock away from his lover's peaceful face. He stroked Allen's hair with an emotion strictly forbidden by Bookman. Love.

The red hair sat there, beside Allen's bed. Komui and the others were whisked away by Link earlier, however Lavi didn't bulge from his seat. Ignoring Link's hysterics, Lavi stayed still beside the limp body of Allen. Finally knowing that this is one fight he wouldn't win, the blonde let the red hair stay.

The stubbornness Bookman Junior displayed was because Lavi was, for lack of words, 'Allen-deprived', being that the young General was locked in his room when the first cross appeared and no one was allowed to enter.

The eye-patched teen ran a hand along Allen's 'cross-free' forehead, remembering how Komui looked like when the crosses on Allen's forehead disappeared. Lavi held Allen's hand, bringing it up to his face to cup his cheek, closing his eye for the contact. However, his eye snapped open, perturbed by the fact that Allen's temperature was lower than it was earlier.

Lavi's eye widened as he felt Allen's temperature lowering by the minute. He quickly ran outside, looking for Komui, for someone who can help Allen. In his panic, Lavi didn't notice the dark figure bending down to Allen, patting the boy's forehead as it notice the lack of crosses on it.

"Geez, they really managed to delay your transformation, didn't they, shounen?"

And so when Lavi came back to Allen's room with Komui and Bak, all they found was an empty, wrinkled bed; its owner nowhere to be found.

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