Hey this is my first Ruby Gloom Fanfic!!! Please no flaming! N enjoy!.....

Ruby was sitting on her open windowsill thinking. It was a cold breeze at 10:00pm. And Ruby was wondering how in her 17 years of life she still didn't know who her parents were! The only things that she knew about her parents were that her mums name was Bonnie and her dad was in the army! Ruby was about to fall asleep when someone came in her room and put their skull-like hand on her shoulder.

'Shit' Ruby yelled cause she fell out of the windowsill cause the skull-like figure gave her a fright. She was falling when the skull-like hand reached out and grabbed her hand.

'Crap' Ruby looked up at the figure and realised it was 'Skull boy you penis sucker, pull me up'

'No need to swear doll-face' Skull boy replied with a sly grin

'I'll give you something to swear about when I get up there.' Ruby threatened as Skull boy pulled her up. 'Um…Thanks..... now your dead bones Skull boy.' Ruby yelled and chased skull boy all around the house.

'Ahhhh Shit run run help' Skull boy scream in a high-pitched girl voice. 'Crazy RED HEAD MENTAL BITCH ON THE LOOSE'

And that just made Ruby even madder.

Then… BANG

'Ow' Skull boy ran into the wall.

Out of know where, Misery walked in: 'Hey that's my line' Just then the shelf next to her broke and fell side ways. And the big metal ball sitting on it rolled down and hit Misery on the head. 'Ow' Misery is unconscious!

'Ha-ha suck, have a nice trip bone-head?' Ruby laughed an evil laugh at Skull boy who was rubbing his big skull head.

'You think its funny?' Skull boy questioned Ruby 'Well at least I don't have ranga hair. So get stuffed midget retard who has no friends and no parents' Skull boy said in a harsh voice. And Misery got up, walked out of the room with a big lump on her head, And tripped cause the big metal ball was following her: 'Ow' Misery is unconscious… Again.

Anyway, back to Skull boy and Ruby.

As Ruby's face was getting as red as her hair! Skull boy was in a fit of laughter's when Ruby walked over to him and whacked him across the head. 'Grow up Asshole' Ruby turned and ran away, away to her big room at the very top of the mansion. Skull boy just fell onto one of the kitchen chairs 'Wow' He was rubbing his head where the bump was 'What did I do?' Suddenly Iris walked in. "what happened? I saw Ruby running to her room. She was really upset'. Misery awoke and jumped to her feet. 'Ill tell you come on' Iris And Misery walked out of the room leaving Skull boy all alone with his thoughts… and a rather large lump!!!

Ruby was in her room sitting on her bed. Why was he being such a jerk? It was just a joke. Ruby decided that she wasn't going to be nice to him anymore…..Just then, Skull boy walked in. 'Ruby?' She didn't answer. Skull boy tried again. 'Ruby?' Again, no answer. Ruby laid on her bed with her eyes closed. She felt the side of her bed go down as Skull boy sat down beside her. "ruby, look I know that your upset, but come on it was only a jo..' But Skull boy didn't get to finish. "Just fuck off ok? Leave me alone jerk' And Skull boy just sat there staring at her. Then he got up and left.

Skull boy walked sadly along the corridor. He was about to open the door to his room when someone slapped it away! Skull boy looked up at the really mad person: Iris

'What the fuck Skull boy? Why did you say that shit to Ruby, Huh? You know that makes her really upset. And yes she does have friends. And it's not her fault that she doesn't know her parents. So stop being a jackass and get over yourself.' And Iris gave him a really mean stare then turned and walked off. As she was turning the corner, she called out to Skull boy: 'Cunt'. Then went to bed. Suddenly, Frank and Len walked in. 'Whats happening? What did we miss?' Frank asked Skull boy. Skull boy was just staring at Len. 'Why are you wearing a stupid pink tutu?' Len answered embarresed. 'We were playing dress-ups. For an audition.' 'A music audition' Frank told Skull boy and he just stared at them until… 5 minutes later Frank broke the silence. 'So what happened?' Skull boy replied while walking to his bed. 'None of your fucking business.' Then slammed the door.

In ThE mOrNiNg! At 8:00 am

'Ahhhhhhhh Misery, Come quick' It was Iris. Misery could here iris's loud voice a mile away. Iris was in Ruby's room. Misery was at the kitchen table. Frank and Len were still asleep with their guitar. Po went away for a few days of 'Peace' and 'Quiet'! And Doom Kitty was prowling around the roof!

Misery was trying to accomplish a mission… of making pancakes! It wasn't successful! As she was flipping a pancake around in the pan, Iris called for her, But really loudly and that caused Misery to 'Accidently' throw the pan in the air and the pancake got stuck on the roof, And the pan however, it fell right on Misery 'Ow' Then Misery called out to Iris ' What the hell do you want?'. Iris got a bit mad and called back to her 'Stop playing with yourself and get your ass here.' Misery turned scarlet. 'Just cause your playing with your very small mozzy bites (A.N- it means small boobs lol)' She said to herself as she followed Iris's voice. Misery followed the voice and then relised that they were in Ruby's room. 'What happened?' Misery asked as Iris sarted crying. 'Its …Ru…Ruby….She…She's….gone!!!!' Iris sobbed passing Misery a note. It read:


Im sorry but I have gone in search of fun and excitement. I will be back in a few weeks or months. Don't worry about me. Send my love to Misery,Iris, Po, Doom Kitty, Boo Boo and Frank and Len.

Love you all

Ruby xoxoxo

'She's gone?' Misery looked up at Iris with tear full eyes.

'Yes. And I have a bad feeling towards Skull boy…..'

*End of chap 1! So… u like it? Lol where did Ruby go? N what will happen to skull boy? Lol plz R&R byebye