Chap 3 Is Up! So whats gonna happen with Len and Iris? And What happens to Ruby when she visits Plainsville? OOohhh KKIINNKKYY! And….. Does Misery get an Ipod Touch and becomes obsessed with it! And….. Frank thinks that maybe Misery loves the ipod touch more then him(even tho they aren't going out!) Plz enjoy!...N make sure u R&R!

Previously on Ruby Gloomy!...

'it's ok Skull boy, I like someone too'

"who?' Now Skull boy was interested


'Ok' Skull boy laughed

'What's so funny?'

Skull boy pointed to the door, Iris looked!

'What the fuck?'

In the doorway stood Len!

'Oh shit!'

'oh shit' Iris turned red and started blushing furiously

'um… hi guys, im back from the city, when I foud out about Ruby and Skull boy, I came rushing back.' Len explained as Iris was now bright pink.

'Oh ok um… cool' Skull boy looked at Iris.

'I…um….you…….how are you?' Iris said weakly

'Im fine, but I want you two to meet someone…'Just then, a blonde haired girl walked through the door.' Guys, this is Sylvie'

iris's mouth dropped.

'Ok, hi Sylvie, nice to meet you, I would shake you hand but um… yeah its kinda broken.' Skull boy joked

Iris was the only one who hadn't said anything.

'Yeah its ok! Nice to meet you too, and you' Sylvie looked at iris.

'So.. how did you two meet?' Skull boy asked.

'Well, I met Len at one of his concerts, in the city, and w have been in love ever since, and now…' Sylvie giggled

'And now she is moving in!' len finished.

Sylvie giggled and kissed Len's cheek, Skull boy Smiled but Iris….

'I um… have…to go!' Iris started crying and ran out of the room, home!

Iris ran all the way home, to her double pink fluffy bed, she threw herself down and began to sob (like a little school girl)!

Meanwhile….. At Ruby's Side Of The World!...

'Wow they have everything here!' Ruby was walking along the streets of Plainsville looking at all the shops. 'Spas, Clothes, Jewellry, stripper club, dvd shop, food courts and… wait! Stripper club?' Ruby was looking at the Russian strip club, she started walking closer to it, just as a tall blonde haired man walked out 'Hello, can i help you?' He said in a husky voice. Ruby looked him up and down, he seemed to be a stripper. Wearing nothing but a rather tight boys g-string!

'Oh um…. Hi im Ruby, um… aren't you be cold?' Ruby was turning red as a rose! 'haha nice, im Marty, Very pleased to meet you', and um…. No im not cold, I've actually gotten used to this weather! Cause I've had lots of practise!' Then Marty winked at Ruby and she giggled. "Stuff Skull boy, i've found a new fella now" Ruby thought in her little evil head!

'So… should we walk and talk?' Marty said and he grabbed Ruby's hand and kissed it. Ruby giggled (again) and the two walked around the little town!


Iris was laying on her bed with her diary open to a fresh page!

"Dam that Len! How could he go get a girl friend? And What.!" Iris wrote ."I know, I will use him! Yeah make him jealous! I will go out with someone else here and he'll be so mad! Hehe". So Iris sat on her double bed writing in her diary, who she thinks she will go out with!...

Frank- No he's too in love with Misery!

Po- No, smart ass, he will probably give me coaching lessons on sex!

Doom Kitty- No, She scratches…Hard!

Misery-Nah, I don't think she's leso…

Boo Boo- No way, I'll fall right through him!

Len- No hes the asshole!

Ruby- Maybe… No, cause she's gone

Scaredy- No, he's too afraid to snog!

Skull boy- ….Skull boy! Yes…YES HES THE ONE!

Sincerely Iris!

So Iris decided that when Skull boy comes out of hospital, she will make a move…..Hopefully he felt the same way…..

Iris closed her diary and locked it and put it under her pillow! She bolted downstairs! She suddenly felt hungry, so she went into the kitchen nd started making pancakes! …..

MEANWHILE…. In Misery's Room!

Misery was sitting on her bed! She had got so many fans with the Iris and Skull boy fighting video that she put more videos up! And people became obsessed with her! And then they started sending her money in exchange for more videos!

Anyway, Misery had gotten so much money that she bought an Ipod Touch!

She was playing Tap Tap Revenge! When Frank walked in! 'Hey Misery'.


'So… yeah, im back from the tour'


'Did you miss me?' Frank went and sat next to her!

'Yeah' Misery wasn't listening to Frank, she was too busy playing games!

' So.. have you had fun…'


'Without me?'


'Misery are you even listening to me?'


'Ok, then whats my name?'





'…..Yeah' Misery was confused now!

'So…. Im back from the tour and I missed you!' Frank was blushing now!

'Yeah' Misery looked back to her Ipod!

'Misery?' Frank was sad!

'Busy! Playing Games!' Misery was zooning out!

'Fine!' Frank had a tear in his eye! And walked out to his room!

'What?' Misery looked up to an empty room! She hadn't relised it was Frank…!

Frank was standing in his room! "I Guess She Loves The Ipod More Than Me!" "And She Probably Doesn't Love Me Like I Love Her"! Frank fell to the floor and started crying!

It took Iris a few minutes to cook the pancakes!…

And brava, they are done! Iris put the ten pancakes laid out on the kitchn and went to the cupboard and got out strawberry jam, maple syrup and strawberrys, then she went to the fridge and got out whipped cream and honey and then finlly went to the freezer and got out ice-cream! Then she put a bit of everything on each pancake then stacked them up real nice and high!

'Yum yum, pancakes!' Said Iris and then she grabbed a knife and fork and sat at the table eating them!

Suddenly Sylvie walked in! Iris looked up, Sylvie went to the fridge and got out a fruit and yogurt mix Ruby had made! She hadn't seen Iris yet! Iris studied her outfit! Short short micro mini! And a really tight small singlet and high high heels! How could Len like her? Suddenly Iris burped! Sylvie looked up instantly!

'Oh Iris? Hi' Sylvie looked discusted at what Iris was eating!

'OhMiGosh Iris? You shouldn't be eating that! You could turn fatter!'

Iris suddenly stood up! And was about to tell her to get lost when Sylvie started talking again! 'And um…. What nice clothes you have!' Sylvie started laughing!

'YOU BITCH' Iris yelled and leapt over the table and jumped on Sylvie!

The two were bitch fighting when Len walked in!

'What the fuck? Iris? Sylvie?' Len was confused!

'WHAT?' Iris yelled as she stood up and looked at Len!

Suddenly Sylvie jumped up at Iris and pinned her to the ground!

'GET THE FUCK OFF ME BITCH!' Iris was really mad but Sylvie was holding her hands with one hand nd had the other hand ready to punch Iris!

'Sylvie stop' Len yelled just as Sylvie looked up, big mistake! Iris pushed Sylvie off and rand behind the table!

Len stood there shocked! So shocked that he didn't move!

'Now you're gonna get it bitch!' Sylvie was real mad! So she picked up a mullet and started chasing Iris! Len started walking over but not fast enough! Iris fell on the chair leg and fell to the floor! She rolled over and saw Sylvie standing over her with the mullet!

'Go to hell' Sylvie smashed the mullet on Iris's face! Now Iris was laying on the floor, unconscious!

'WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO SYLVIE?' Len ran over and checked Iris's pulse! 'You should be happy she is still breathing!' Len looked at Sylvie, He was real mad with her!

'But…I…She….She Started It!' Sylvie said naively!

'Yeah right!' Len picked up Iris and he brang her to her room! He laid her on her bed and sat next to her, Just staring! "God She Is Beautiful, I Cant Believe I Was So Stupid" Len thought!

Len moved her hair out of her face, Then he did something no one thought he would do, he leaned in and kissed her!

But…. Little did he know, Iris was actually awake! And who is standing in the doorway?


Ruby was walking hand-in-hand with Marty! So far over the past few hours! Marty had asked her out! And.. Ruby said yes! So now they were walking towards the strip club and Marty was asking her if she wanted to come inside and watch him! 'Yeah sure' Ruby went a deep shade of red again! 'Ok cause I have to be back at work in about 5 minutes!' Marty winked at Ruby! She giggled again and he sweeped her off her feet and carried her into the strip club into his changing room!

'Would you like a drink?' Marty asked as he got two glasses and one alcohol bottle out of the mini fridge!

'Um…yeah sure!' Ruby was looking around the room! But she didn't see Marty put two pill-like-things in Ruby's glass! He waited until they fizzed up and you couldn't see them and stirred both glasses with a spoon before handing Ruby's hers! 'Drink up, we have a big day ahead of us!' Marty said mysteriously!

'Ok, um, thanks' Ruby drank her glass in one big mouth-full! And hiccupped!

Marty finished his rather quickly and locked the door!

'Why did you lock the door….Hiccup?' Ruby asked.

'Because I have to change, and I don't really want anyone to see my Mr Horny!' Marty chuckled

'Ok, then I sho…Hiccup…uld wait for you outside?' Ruby went to get up, but Marty pushed her back down, 'No need for that' Marty chuckled looking directly into Ruby's eyes.

'Ok' Ruby was giggling/ Hiccuping,

'I know how to get rid of your hiccups!' Said Marty as he leaned in and kissed her on the lips!

Ruby returned the kiss but started to feel drouzy!

'Oh, Baby' Marty whispered and Ruby forced her tounge into his mouth, he accepted it with pleasure and the two layed down on the big couch tounge-fighting!

This continued for 10 minutes when things began heating up!

(ok, I'm not gonna write the rest! Too icky!)

lol hope ya liked it!

does Ruby have a new boy toy? And is he who he says he is? And who finds out that Iris is using Skull boy? And what will happen with Frank and Misery's friendship when Frank is involved in a serious accident? AND who dies in the accident?

All questions will be answered in next chap or so… MWHHAHAHAHAHAAAHHA GOODBYE IM GONNA WRITE CHAP 4 NOW! (Xoxo- not j/k)

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