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Chapter XVIII

Norman sighed heavily as he leaned against a wall outside the precinct, deciding to get some air. He'd been conflicted on what he wanted, this investigation just reminding him how much he needed ARI, and he hated himself for wanting it. He leaned his head back against the wall and blinked when he heard footsteps. Expecting to find Ash he turned his head and found himself staring at Hunter, the man gave him a smile as he leaned against the wall next to him. He'd been wearing a pastel green shirt and a pair of baggy jeans, along with a pair of aviators. He could see a faint glow from the last item and his heart nearly leapt from his chest, these stylized glasses were actually Hunter's ARI.

"What are you doing here?" He asked in surprise looking over his shoulder to see if any cops that might recognize him were around.

"I noticed you've been having a bad day, and after hearing the foot prints thing on your investigation I just had to check it out. I was able to find all your foot prints. All with the flick of a wrist." he mused while demonstrating the action, Norman shifted uncomfortably against the wall, already imagining the cascading light glide across the ground before pulling up all that data in the area. He swallowed the hard lump in his throat and looked away.

"So now you're going to dangle it in my face?" Hunter looked over to Norman with a smile.

"Is it really so bad, Norman? I mean look at these things. So small, so simple, so fragile, and they tell you everything. All that work that the technicians put in to finding that evidence, it's just resting in your hands." He looked to the glove he wore and chuckled to himself. "It's amazing, it's wond-"

"Riley would hate you for this." He blinked and he felt a hand on his uniform shirt the younger male grabbed him before slamming him into the wall.

"Riley already hated me. Or have you forgotten he tried to kill me?" Hunter released the man and looked away, scowling in the distance upon the mention of his former partner.

"I don't want to go back." Hunter laughed harshly before looking to Norman, his eyes narrowing behind the glasses.

"Yes you do. You want to go back so bad. Look at you." He pulled the glasses off his face and held them up to the sun, watching it shine off the beautiful device. "This holds all the answers to your investigation." Norman stared at the device with longing and shook his head. "Stop being stubborn, Norm! You want this! I know you do! You want to go back to DC, you want to be an agent!" Norman stared into Hunter's eyes noticing anger and concern dancing around. "He's going to kill both of you! I can do it, Norman, I can kill Blake. I'll do it with a fucking smile on my face!" Hunter snapped shoving the man backwards into the wall. "I will laugh as I do it." Norman's mind panicked at the thought, his hatred building inside him causing him to punch Hunter across the face.

"Leave him out of this!" Hunter laughed before standing up straight and rubbing his sore jaw. His eyes flickered over to Norman, his eyes betraying his words. He didn't look happy or thrilled at all, his eyes were hollow and full of dread.

"You brought him into this!" He snapped Norman could hear something in his voice akin to pain. "Me killing him will be your doing! Not mine!" The words and the way he said it caused pain to etch itself deep inside Norman's chest and stomach. He began to feel nauseous just thinking about it. "And it's all because of what! A piece of technology that helps you do your fucking job!"

"That device will kill you!"

"Would that really be so bad!" He was taken aback by the question, Hunter gave a bored sigh as he looked back to the device in his hand. "Just to get lost in it, in all of it." A deep frown was set on his face and concern began to worm through Norman's system. A concern he hated himself for because he knew Hunter was a bad guy. He should be full of nothing but hatred for the man who stood in front of him; but all those years of being good friends was so goddamned hard to forget. He wanted to forget about it so much. He wanted to forget a lot of things, and the only way to do that was with triptocaine. And God did he hate himself for thinking about it, for wanting it, even though Carter gave him everything he could possibly need.

"You can't honestly mean that." Norman said that concern and caring nature of his winning the fight in his head. There was a pause before Hunter's facial expression softened.

"Look at me, Norman." Hesitantly Norman complied with the demand. "Look me in the eye and tell me you don't want it." Nothing left Norman's mouth. He knew the words would be a lie; he did want it, his need for it increasing drastically over the past few days. He wanted it so bad it almost hurt; he missed everything about it, but he didn't want to lose Carter. "See, you want to come back. So do it already, quit being so fucking dramatic and come back to DC. It's that fucking easy."

"I can't-" Hunter gave a frustrated groan cutting off Norman's words.

"Bullshit! That's fucking bullshit! Why are you so worried about losing him!" He held a hand up to silence him. "Guess what, Norman, if you stay here you'll get him killed! Do you wanna know what Baldric will do to you if we're forced to kill Blake? You'll be a fuckin' wreck, you'll become useless to him! But that doesn't matter to him, you know why?" Norman slowly leaned against the wall and Hunter just shook his head and put the glasses back on. "You're just an example to him. He doesn't care about you, about Carter, anything. You're a lesson to the other agents, a fucking warning." He chuckled this time and shook his head, Norman watched as Hunter's brows furrowed and he knew Hunter was just hiding behind the glasses. "He's going to frame you, he's going to make me kill Carter with your gun. He's going to make me fill the room with your fingerprints. And you'll go to jail, and everyone will think you did it." Hunter shook his head and looked to the ground. "What would you rather have? Triptocaine and ARI to make you feel better, or Carter's death being blamed on you. You'll go to prison and be stuck with criminals who hate you because of who you are, and what you've done. Fuck, you could have put some of the people in there away." He leaned closer to Norman getting in his face with a sneer. "The last miserable, moments of your life will be full of nothing but pain."

"Why are you doing this?" Hunter leaned back with a heavy sigh.

"Doing what?" Norman watched him and shook his head.

"All of this, the warnings, the interactions everything? Why? You tried to kill me while you worked with Riley! I know there was lye in those vials." Hunter's eyes widened in shock, almost forgetting about that.

"Hey! I didn't put it in there, Riley did while I was out with you and Carter. I wasn't going to give them to you." Norman rolled his eyes, trying to ignore everything the man said, it all just made him miss tripto even more. "Look at me, Norman, I know it's hard to remember but we were friends once." He took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. "I got out of hand, I admit it, I did fucked up things. I ruined people's lives, but for once in my life I fucking lived." A smile tugged at his mouth before vanishing. "And I'm paying for it now, and I don't want to see you ruin everything for some guy you hated. This path you're going down its... self destructive."

"ARI and tripto have almost killed me. It's almost killed me so many goddamn times-"

"Your job almost kills you, Norman! You think you're any safer as a fucking cop! Carter was shot, Norman! SHOT! Look at all those fucking scars on his body. I know you've talked about them, I fucking listened to you talk about them. Jesus the guy is a wreck! He's so emotionally and physically tormented he takes it out on everyone!"

"He's getting better."

"Till a down hits. What was it you said he is, Bipolar? You of all people should know he's not stable. He will change drastically whenever his brain decides. He has no choice in the matter! Just... Come back. It's that fucking simple."

"It's not simple, Hunter." Hunter groaned in frustration and reached in his right pocket. "I don't want to go back. I want to stay here."

"He's going to die, you're going to go to prison." Norman looked away feeling defeated by the whole thing. Hunter pulled his hand out of his pocket and looked to the vial he now held. With a smirk he watched as Norman looked at it. "It's simple, Norman, the solution to all of this is simple. Take the vial." Norman stared at the item like a deer caught in headlights as Hunter moved closer and forced it towards him.


"Take it." He snapped shoving the item in Norman's hand. Norman's eyes widened as he looked at the precious drug that was now in his grasp. The one he desperately wanted to inhale, his eyes shot back to Hunter's face.

"I don't want it." He said trying to shove it back into Hunter's hands, the dark haired male just shoved Norman's arm back into him.

"Just... take it." Hunter said with defeat in his voice, his eyes scanned Norman's before looking to the drug he placed in Norman's hand. "Remember how much you love it, and miss it. Forget about Carter, forget about the precinct, just enjoy the drug you love. That's all I ask. Then come back to me with a real answer when you've had time to think clearly." Norman didn't even notice Hunter walk away as he stared at the vial. Seeing himself in the reflection causing a fit of anxiety to wash through his system.

"Who was that?" the voice shattered all his thoughts and he quickly stuffed the vial in his pocket before looking over to the russet haired male who was walking towards him. The man was lighting a cigarette as he walked, coming to a stop next to him, about to slip his pack away. He paused for a second then offered Norman one.

"No thanks, I don't smoke." Ash smirked before slipping the pack away and leaning against the wall. "And I'm not sure who that guy was."

"You really are a stereotypical rich kid, aren'tcha." Ash mused while taking a drag, Norman gave an irritated sigh as he leaned against the wall.

"You sound like Carter." He muttered as he caressed the vial in his pocket.

"I was thinking about our next course of action." Norman gave the older man his full attention, Ash looked to the cigarette in his hand before taking another drag, slowly he looked towards Norman. "We have a sketch, you have a profile." Norman nodded and a smirk crossed Ash's face. "Give it to Madison, let her write her article on this, spread the news like wild fire. We might finally be able to find something on 'im. Sure we'll get crackpots claiming to be the guy. But people like that come out all the time in high class investigations. And serial killers like publicity right? It riles them up?" Norman scratched the back of his neck then nodded slightly.

"Not all of them like it. Some killers would prefer their work stay out of the press, the profile might even piss the guy off. I mean there are two women he violently murdered. I suppose pissing him off can also cause him to slip up. Maybe he will come forwards to fix something we've written. They aren't all the same, Ash." Ash looked Norman over while taking another drag.

"Based on what he's done this far what are your thoughts on sending it to the press?" Norman tented his fingers while switching his weight to the other foot, his eyes squinted off in the distance as his brain went over all the facts on the case, everything that they'd brought up with the killer.

"He takes pride in his work, he loves what he does. He's artistic about it, he's very precise, and methodical. I think he'll enjoy the publicity, he'll get off on it, he might stay in the shadows though, allow people to come forth and claim to be him, use it as a means to get us off his trail. He'll be smart enough to stay away... unless." Ash shifted as he watched Norman think everything out, he'd never admit it but the way Norman could get inside someone's head impressed him. "Unless we piss him off. He thinks he's smart, he thinks he's on top of the world, he's killed six women in such a short amount of time, and we're completely oblivious to anything about him. We don't just need to put his profile out there, we need to insult him." A smirk crossed Ash's face as he took a drag.

"Sounds fun." he muttered while stretching.

"What if we did it with just the insult and the profile?" Ash's eyes narrowed slightly.

"Why leave the sketch out of it?" Norman pursed his lips and slipped his hand in his pocket, caressing the vial there as he licked his lips.

"If we put out the sketch, and it's the wrong guy, we can ruin his life. We don't know for sure if this guy is the killer or not, we still have other people that we need to investigate. Like, like that Troy guy. He can be linked to Alice and Chelsea, and we all know he has a history of violence towards women." Ash gave a small nod and a sigh.

"Whatever, work that brain of yours and give Madison a story. While you do that, Gary and I'll check out what Troy's been up to. Sound good?"

"Yeah... but I thought you hated the press." Norman muttered while putting his hands on his hips. Ash took another drag then flicked his cigarette off in the distance, watching it bounce a bit before rolling to a stop. Slowly he allowed the smoke to escape his lungs before looking over to Norman.

"I hate them when they're at a crime scene. They're like fucking vultures. The victims deserve some sort of respect, but all they do is treat them like fucking meat." Ash said while rolling his eyes and walking away, stuffing his hands deep in his pockets. Norman watched the older man in confusion, he really had been having a hard time trying to get a read on his mental state. There were times Norman enjoyed his company, then other times where he'd rather be somewhere else. He knew he'd only recently become so hostile when he found out about his drug use, the reasons he gave him were completely understandable. After all had he been in Ash's shoes he too would be pissed off if the man he was supposed to treat as his partner was a drug addict. Norman flinched at his own thoughts, trying desperately to remind himself he was clean now. The vial in his pocket suddenly feeling very heavy.

He swallowed the hard lump in his throat before slowly letting out a deep breath. Reaching in the opposing pocket of the vial he grabbed the cell phone and unlocked it. He once more leaned back against the wall as he located and called Madison's number.


"Hey, is this a bad time?" He asked hoping he wasn't disturbing her, he could hear shifting of papers on the other side of the line making him wonder what Madison was up to.

"No, what's up?"

"I have some information on the case I figured you might like to have." There was a fraction of a pause and he could imagine the young journalist smiling on her side of the line.

"Where would you like to meet?"


"Carter, I'm going to go out for a run. Do you wanna join me?" Abby asked while stretching and yawning.

"I'm good." Carter muttered boredly from the table, having been going over all the police reports Norman had brought for him so he could at least be involved in the case. She walked over and looked over the man's shoulder at the photos of the crime scene, her eyes widened in awe as she reached down and picked up a blown up photo of Brook's neck.

"Wow, there's a lot of power in that cut." She said while looking it over.

"Yeah... this case is getting frustrating." Carter muttered shoving the paper away and rubbing his face with his hands. He was more frustrated because he was stuck at home while Ash and Norman did all the work. Abby put the photo down and looked to the others, pushing them apart and around the table to get a good look at the work.

"You'll catch him. You always do." She mused while putting a hand on his good shoulder. "Sure you don't want to take a break?" He shook his head while leaning forwards and going over the technician reports. "Alright, I'll be back later."

"Be careful out there." She gave a small laugh as she headed to the door.

"I'll be fine, Carter." She said while pulling her long hair back into a pony tail to keep it from her face, plugging her earphones in she headed out the door. Stretching her legs for a bit before taking off in a jog down the street. She jogged for a few minutes and found herself coming to a stop when she saw Hunter walking down the street, almost not recognizing him in casual clothes. Taking one of her earphones out she casually met the man in a walk.

"Hey, gorgeous." He said with a large smile, looking over her work-out outfit, which consisted of a white tank top, and a pair of black, tight, work-out sweats.

"Hey, yourself. Do you live around here or something?" She asked while putting her hands on her hips, he shook his head while his eyes scanned over the area.

"Nah, I'm working." She looked his attire over then looked back to his face.

"I see... I thought you were an agent?" She asked becoming skeptical of the man Carter didn't want her to see.

"I am. Oh, I suppose I'm not dressed correctly..." He said while looking to his shirt then back to her with a smile. "I suppose Norman's at work?" He asked, already knowing the answer due to the fact he'd recently left him with a vial of triptocaine. Course he was bored of watching them run around the investigation with hardly anything so he figured he'd see what Carter and Abby were up to.

"Yeah," She looked him over then crossed her arms and switched her weight to the other foot. "What are you really doing here?" Hunter made a clicking noise against his teeth with his tongue before shrugging.

"I really am working. Just the suit is uncomfortable after a while." Her eyes narrowed on him, getting rather irritated that no one seemed to be telling her anything.

"What are you working on?" He watched her for a second and smiled as he took a step closer.

"Trust me, sweetheart, it's better if you stay out of it. You're brother's already been dragged into Norman's problems, I'd hate for you to get sucked into it as well." He said with a broad smile on his face, she could sense the threat that was laced in his words and she watched him carefully.

"He says you're a killer." Hunter stuffed his hands in his pockets, and tilted his head as he stared into her eyes.

"In my defense, so is he. I will admit I've had to pull the trigger, not too proud of it, but it comes with the job." He said as his smile vanished, he looked away from her and stared off in the distance, a hollow look on his face as he thought of his words. Regretting a lot of the people he killed without any real need, it made him sick that he followed Riley in a blind rage. Yet it also satisfied him.

"I..." She paused realizing she stepped in forbidden territory with the accusation. "Sorry, I know what it's like to have someone die in your hands." She said with a solemn smile, she'd lost her fair share of patients in surgery, she's watched hearts stop beating in her hand, she's watched hearts not take to a body before, and she's tried in vain to bring back someone she knew too well was never coming back. Hunter slowly looked over to her a forced smile coming across his face.

"Wanna get some coffee?" She gave a small smile at the question and shrugged. "I passed a place not far from here." He said while pointing over his shoulder.

"Only if you're buying."


"So what do you have for me?" Norman looked around Ethan's house, rather impressed by his current living situation. He could feel the rush of the drugs he shamefully took before his visit rushing through his system, giving him the courage needed for the verbal attack he was about to put out against the killer. Norman agreed to come here because Ethan had Madison looking after Shaun because he hadn't been feeling well, the man of the house was off doing some sort of business deal. Norman brought his attention back to the woman who'd brought her journal with her so she could write down the information.

"First I wanna be honest with you, off record, okay?" She nodded and closed the journal, giving him her full attention.

"This is, more-or-less, a desperate attempt to bring him out. We still have nothing on him, this is the sort of thing I was going to use on the Origami Killer, had that not been as successful as it was." She watched him for a second then tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"So this will be you calling him out?"

"Insulting him." Norman corrected, Madison leaned back in shock.

"Insulting him?" She ehoed.

"Yes, I've seen from the crime scene he can be violent when angry. He'll lash out, I'll make it so he'll hate me. And because of things I'll say and make you publish, I want you to use an alias." He informed, her eyes narrowed on him as she thought of the crime scenes she'd managed to sneak pictures of and write about by weaseling information from other cops on the case.

"You're going to make a killer you have nothing on hate you." He smirked and leaned back in the seat.

"Well - you can start writing now - this killer is a coward, and because he's a coward he'll never come after me. I mean only a sick, man, a desperate coward would target women." Madison hesitated then began to write it down, slowly her eyes shifted up to Norman.

"Aside from being a coward, what can you tell me about him." Norman shifted in his seat and leaned forwards.

"He gets off on it, killing them I mean, he thinks he's making up for his height when he brutalizes these women. He's asserting the dominance he doesn't feel he has in an ordinary situation. He thinks he's making some statement by posing the bodies like he does, but it's obvious to all of us he's just a pervert."

"Making up for his height?"

"Oh, yeah, we were able to find out the guys only five foot six. I mean that's shorter than four of the women he's killed. From the struggle he had with that poor eight teen year old girl I'd be bold enough to say he's obviously not strong enough to go after men." Norman said with a small smile, "I'd even have to say he only targets women because of sexual fantasies he has with them, the whole thing just reminds us of Leland White," he gave a pause and leaned forwards, "he's a copy cat. One that steals photos of his victims probably so he can relive the thrill of killing them." Norman could feel adrenaline rushing through him along with the drugs as he said all this bullshit he didn't believe for a second. It made him curious as to what the killer would do, what his next move would be. He hoped this would make him mess up, that it wouldn't backfire on him, a small part of him, a tiny part of his brain, warning him to go easy. "I used to think he was smart to. Shame he fucked himself over, he was almost a challenge for me, but we're closing in on him." The last bit was a lie, but why not throw in some fear with the anger? This whole thing was a risk to begin with.

"Closing in on him? How do you mean?" Norman shifted and watched as Madison looked up to him to look him over and see if he was telling the truth.

"We've narrowed down our suspects, they all trace back to this one guy... I mean, at first I was impressed. But now, now I feel insulted." She stopped writing and looked back up to the man.

"I really hope you know what you're doing Norman." She said while narrowing her eyes on the man, he just smiled and shrugged.

"Yeah, me too." She shook her head before going back to asking questions.

It went on and off for a while, only stopping so she could go check on Shaun. She'd even made the three of them soup. Their conversations jumping back and forth from off record to on record. Norman smiled when he heard the front door open, he watched as Madison set down her pen and pad of paper to go see the man who'd just entered the house. Norman watched as Madison hugged and kissed Ethan hello before offering him some of the soup she'd made for them. Norman stood up as Ethan made his way over a smile on his clean shaven face.

"Norman, it's good to see you again." Norman just smiled when Ethan greeted him with a hug, he knew how grateful Ethan had been from when he and Madison had saved Shaun back during the OK case.

"Good to see you too, how've you been?" Norman asked when he was released from Ethan's hello, the man still smiling as Madison returned to them.

"Everything's been well, how about with you?" He asked while they took their seats, Madison moved her notes out of the way so the three of them could catch up comfortably.

"I've been good. Busy with the case."

"Madison mentioned you were working here now?" Norman nodded.

"Yeah-" He paused when he heard his phone go off, he pulled it out of his pocket and noticed it had Ash's name on it. He quickly stood up and started to walk away. "One minute." He said while answering the phone and bringing it to his ear. "Hello?"

"We found another body."


Norman stared down at her body, feeling sick as he looked to the blood trail that lead from the hall to her. He looked at the rosary in her hands that glistened with blood and gave a heavy sigh as he leaned down next to her. His eyes scanned her neck and examined the cut that nearly went all the way through her neck. He was getting violent and didn't seem to have any real reason for it, his eyes examined the cut then slowly he looked to Ash and Simpson who were talking things over with a man, the one who phoned in the discovery. Slowly Ash walked over to him and stood there with his hands on his hips, Simpson and Gary talking the man into leaving the room.

"I hope this idea of ours works." Norman slowly stood up and nodded, staring solemnly at the body.

"Yeah, so do I." He stared at the seventh victim and gave a small sigh. "What did he have to say?" Ash gave a small sigh as he looked around and crossed his arms over his chest.

"He and Emily," he motioned to the woman at Norman's feet, "were going to go have a father daughter dinner. Our killer didn't lock the door like he typically does, so when she didn't answer he got worried and walked in... and, well." He looked to the woman then the blood on the floor, a sneer taking over his face as he started to walk away. Norman watched the man, who was clearly frustrated, taking a deep breath Norman followed after Ash.

"How'd checking on Troy go?"

"He can't be our guy. It has to be Johnny, I mean Troy is in no way, shape, or form, a smart guy. And I can see him beating someone to death way before I can see him slit someone's throat. Plus he's too tall to fit what Zoe said." Norman nodded as they came to a stop in the area Emily was obviously killed in. "When will your insult be published?" Norman looked to the blood on the floor then over to Ash with a small shrug.

"She said she'll try and get it finished by tonight, and talk to her people to get it published by tomorrow morning. We'll be accosted by the press when this comes out, so be prepared to talk shit about the killer, or leave it up to me." Ash smirked as he stared at the blood on the floor.

"What, and let you have all the fun?" Norman smiled before he looked towards the door of Emily's apartment. He watched as Zoe and other technicians walked in and began their job of scanning the area and photographing everything. "What do we do if it backfires?" Norman squinted at the blood on the floor and shifted his weight, actually unsure what to say.

"I haven't the faintest-fuckin'-idea."


"Where have you been?" Carter asked leaning back on the couch as Abby walked into the house, she looked to the man on the couch and just shrugged.

"Just, jogging." She said offhandedly as she walked in and sat down on the couch, he watched her for a second and narrowed his eyes.

"Jogging huh? For four hours?" She blinked as she looked to the clock on the wall, she furrowed her brows not even realizing they'd been out that long. Hunter had convinced her to come with him to a movie as well, the man being rather persistent about the whole thing. The sneaking around behind Carter's back just reminded her of high school and gave her an enjoyable thrill. He even talked her in to hanging out again tomorrow.

"Well, I wasn't jogging the whole time. I decided to see a movie too." She informed while looking over to the man with a smile. "I offered for you to come with." She said in her own defense, he gave a heavy sigh as he looked back to the TV. "How's the case going?" She asked while stealing the remote from the man, Carter seemed to not care as he stood up and stretched, cracking his back in the motion.

"Not well, they found another body." He muttered while walking away and heading to the kitchen. "And they're trying some bullshit psychological thing."

"Wanna elaborate?" She asked while settling on Snapped.

"Basically they're insulting the killer to the press to get him to get pissed off and make a mistake. Ash and Norman both seem convinced it'll work. Which hopefully it will, this guy is moving fast, I mean seven women already. Granted he took a long break between his first kill and his second... but these other women, they've all been killed within the same month." He gave an irritated sigh and looked towards the door when he heard it open. He stopped what he was doing and looked to the front door watching as Norman came in. "You're home early." Norman smiled as he walked over to the man and kissed him hello, remembering Madison greeting Ethan, which made him miss Carter even more.

"They figured I need to be prepared for tomorrow when the press gets all over me." He muttered while wrapping his arms around Carter's neck.

"So what're you gonna do, if this doesn't affect the killer at all?" Norman frowned slightly at the question.

"It should, I mean, he poses the bodies for a reason. He has to take some sort of pride in this." Carter shrugged the man off and took the folder from his hand before looking through it.

"This is the new victim." Norman frowned before nodding and walking away from Carter to see what Abby was doing.

"Carter tells me you're trying to piss off a serial killer?" Norman gave a small smile as he sat on the couch and stretched.

"Yeah, well, what's life without a little risk." He asked with a shrug, slipping his hands in his pockets and feeling the nice vial that had been warm due to hiding in his pocket. "Is this Snapped?" He asked she looked over from him to the TV.

"Yeah. It's an interesting show." Norman gave a small laugh as he shifted in his seat.

"More like a 'How To Guide' for killers." He had to admit that the show did tell you everything you could possibly ever need to know to get away with murder.

"Maybe your killer watches it." Abby said sarcastically, Norman pursed his lips and squinted at the TV before looking over to Abby.

"Ya know... I actually wouldn't be surprised if he did." Norman leaned forwards and stared at the TV listening as investigators talked about how the woman on the episode had almost gotten away with killing her abusive husband. The only reason any attention was brought to it was because he'd been missing for two years. "He does go through every crime scene with a fine toothed comb, he has knowledge of our operations, and shows like this, the First Forty Eight, Cops, and a few others shines light on them. Shit I'm surprised more people aren't getting away with crimes while we show stuff like this on the TV. If he didn't leave foot impressions I'd suggest he might have been a cop. But if he was he'd know to wear those bootie things we have to put on at the crime scene." Abby arched a brow as she looked over to Norman.

"Bootie things?" He pointed to his feet and made a motion of slipping something on.

"Yeah they're these blue plastic things that cover our shoes. It reduces contamination of any kind, and we don't leave impressions so the technicians can do their job without worrying about us."

"Huh, weird." She muttered before looking back to the TV. Norman ran a hand through his hair then stood up.

"I'll be right back." He said with a kind smile as he walked into Carter's room so he could change into something comfortable. Carter walked back into the living room and sat down on a chair next to the couch flipping through the files Norman had brought back.

"Jesus, he almost cut her fucking head off." Carter furrowed his brows as he looked to the photos of Emily on her back, her neck yawning open horribly, the spine and damage to it visible. Abby titled her head curiously as she shifted from her spot on the couch. Her eyes then traveled to the empty space in between the couch, chair and TV.

"Hey, Car, I've been meaning to ask... Didn't you have a coffee table?" She inquired watching as Carter looked from the file to the empty space in front of him.

"Hmm, oh... Yeah... Hunter broke it." He said offhandedly while looking back to the report, narrowing his eyes as he looked over the statements.

"How did he break it." Carter scratched his chin before looking back to the area in question.

"He fell on it." He said while looking over to Abby who blinked and arched a brow.

"Fell on it?" She asked in an accusing tone. "I get the feeling you assisted in this fall?" Carter gave her a glare before looking to the spot with a smile. He could still remember walking into the room as Hunter stood up, about to greet him with that smug look of his. The smug look he'd gladly punched off his face.

"I might have."

"Might have what?" Norman asked while walking back into the room, wearing a pair of sweats from his University and a white t-shirt.

"Broke his coffee table with your friend." Carter gave a small chuckle before leaning back in his seat. Norman furrowed his brows before sitting down on the couch, running his hand through his hair as he tried to think of who she was talking about. Looking back to the empty space on the floor he could remember, rather vividly, Carter beating the shit out of Hunter.

"Oh... he's not really what I'd consider a friend." His eyes narrowed before he looked back over to Abby. "Kind of ruined that when he turned into a psycho." Norman emphasized the word by spinning his finger in a circle by his temple. Abby watched Norman for a second then looked over to Carter who went back to flipping through the file.

"Alright... What did this guy do?" Abby asked in frustration, becoming annoyed with everyone dancing around the subject. Norman and Carter both shared a glance before Carter leaned back in the chair and closed the file.

"I'd love to tell you, but that psychotic bastard," Carter leaned forwards and motioned around the room, "he's listening to us." Abby looked to Carter then over to Norman for confirmation, not really believing Carter.


"Bugged the entire house," Carter muttered before looking back to the folder.

"Why?" Abby asked before looking to Norman remembering that Hunter kept coming to check on him.

"I.. uh... Carter can explain later." Norman said evasively while looking to the TV.

"Why do I have to explain your fucked up problems." Carter asked with a smile while looking over to Norman.

"Cause I actually work for a living." Carter shot the man an irritated glare.

"Oh, haha, very funny." Carter muttered tossing the file on the small side table next to the couch.

"The three of you are becoming frustrating with this whole ordeal." Carter's eyes narrowed on Abby and he clicked his tongue before leaning forwards in his seat.

"The three of us?"

"Yeah, you, Hunter, and now Norman." Norman's heart sank in his chest as he turned and gave Abby his full attention.

"I am sorry we're being evasive, but please understand when I tell you this is something really bad." Norman looked around then motioned for the folder next to Abby, hesitantly she obliged in handing it to him. He made a motion for a pen as he continued on, Carter understood immediately and moved to assist Norman in his request. "I hate for you to think I'm keeping secrets, but it'd be better for you if you were completely oblivious to the whole thing." he took the pen from Carter, when the man returned, and turned the folder so the back was facing him as he began to write stuff down.

"I don't get why no one can give me a straight answer." Abby insisted, watching the two of them, playing along as she realized Norman was writing down an answer for her.

"I'm sure it's very frustrating." Norman muttered while he continued with what he was doing.

"You really don't need to know what's happening. It'll blow over soon." Carter added watching as Norman handed her the folder.

"Fine, whatever. Be assholes about it." She muttered as a way to end the fake conversation as she gave the folder her full attention.

"I'm sorry." Was all Norman said as he looked to the TV, feeling Carter's hand on his shoulder he gave a small smile. Abby took a second of staring at the words on the folder; 'If we tell you, Hunter will kill you. Madison Paige can give you answers about Hunter, if you want to know the truth ask her about him and the Ghost Case, tell her I sent you.' She looked over to the two men who stared solemnly at the ground, and she began to feel sick. Setting the folder back down she looked over to the TV and furrowed her brows.

"When's your day off." Carter asked moving from his spot to join the two of them on the couch. A hand of reassurance falling on Abby's back as she slouched forwards, he then wrapped his other arm around Norman and pulled the man closer.

"Thursday." Norman muttered while leaning into the older man, a small smile tugging across his face as he got comfortable.

"We should go out that day." Abby said while standing up and walking away from the two men, stretching as she made her way to the kitchen. "Speaking of which, are you guys hungry? I'm starving."


"So, this seems like it's a very bad household. I mean, none of us can cook." Carter laughed as he looked over to Abby, the three of them deciding to have some Chinese Take-out.

"Yeah well, we're all workaholics, and so long as places deliver..." Carter muttered while stuffing his face. "I mean..." He swallowed what was in his mouth before continuing. "I can cook a burger, and a steak, but that's about it... What about you Norman?" Carter asked while looking over to the younger man, who looked so prim and proper with how he politely ate from his container.

"I know how to use the microwave." he offered with a small smile, Abby chuckled as she continued with her meal. "You?"

"I can bake, and Chloe taught me some stuff... But that's what the cafeteria in the Hospital is for." She said with a soft smile, noticing Carter shift slightly in his seat. The man wincing and rolling his injured shoulder. "Have you taken your pain pills today." The man rolled his eyes as he stood up and set his food on the side table to go take his pills, knowing he needed to take his other medication as well.

"So when can Carter come back to work?" Norman asked looking to the woman, she smiled widely before glancing over to him.

"What, Jared giving you a hard time." Norman furrowed his brows as he watched her for a second.


"Yeah... Don't tell me you call him Ash too." Norman leaned back in his seat finally realizing that this was the first time he'd heard the taller males first name. Now that he thought about it everyone called him Ash, even Carter.

"I had no idea his name was Jared. I mean, even Carter calls him Ash." Norman said arching a brow now curious about why the older man referred to his friend by his last name.

"I don't get why, Jared sounds better then Ash." Abby mused she leaned back in the chair looking at the TV for a bit before going back to eating. "I think it has something to do with his ex-wife." Norman stopped eating for a second and played the words over in his head, rather surprised by the information.

"That asshole was married?" Abby covered her mouth as she laughed and tried not to choke on her food. Finally catching her breath she nodded.

"Yeah, he.. he, uh, was going through his divorce when I met him... You know he can actually be a nice guy." She offered with a smile while looking Norman over, Norman gave a small sigh of defeat along with a shrug.

"Maybe to people he likes. He flat out told me he hated me."

"I can't imagine why, you seem like a nice guy."

"Nah, Norman's actually an asshole." Carter said with a smile as he rejoined the younger man on the couch. Norman shot the older man a glare only earning a chuckle from Carter who went back to eating.

"Like you can talk." Abby said with a bright smile, Carter looked over to his sister and shrugged.

"At least I'm willing to admit it." He said while grabbing Norman's knee, the man giving an irritated sigh.


"So I was thinkin'." Norman looked over to Carter, the man was currently laying between his legs on the bed.

"That doesn't sound good." Norman mused while looking back to the police report he was reading.

"You think you're so fuckin funny." Norman smiled before looking back to the man who was tracing the jut of his hips. The feeling beginning to give him the chills, he bit his bottom lip as the man's hot and heavy breath ghosted over his stomach.

"What were you thinkin' about?" Norman asked as a warmth spread through his stomach and down to his groin from Carter's light touches.

"Have you and Hunter ever fucked?" The question caused Norman to blush.

"What! No!" Not because he didn't want to, the first day he met him he thought the younger man was attractive, but Hunter turned out to be a player-boy asshole... And a serial killer. "Why?" Carter watched his reaction for a second then a small laugh escaped his lips.

"Holy shit, Norman, you're blushing like a fucking school girl right now. Let me guess you wanted to right? Fuck him?" He asked teasingly only causing Norman to blush deeper, Carter replied by laughing harder.

"Glad you get so much enjoyment out of this." Norman muttered with a small glare. "Why are you thinking about it anyway?" Carter smirked as he shifted up Norman's body more, making the man set down the police reports.

"You asked me about Ash, figured I'd ask about Hunter." He mused while kissing the man's stomach.

"Yeah, and he's listening so thanks for this awkward moment." Norman muttered in slight frustration, Carter chuckled against him and looked back up to the man's face.

"How'd you become friends with that asshole anyway?" Norman moved his hands and ran them through Carter's hair.

"Clay and I were working on a Human trafficking case, well, Clay was, I was just giving some assistance. You know profiling some of the people responsible... But we hit a bump in our investigation, we lost a few agents, and we needed help. Another agency ended up busting one of our traffickers acquaintances. They were able to get documents on everything, and we needed the help so we decided to work together, they told us they'd send their best agent." Norman leaned his head back smiling at the feeling of Carter pushing his shirt up more, while kissing lower. "And they sent us-"

"Hunter?" Norman nodded and looked down to the man, locking eyes for a second before Carter looked back to what he was doing. "How'd he end up being with your agency if he worked for another one?"

"H-he uhh." he looked down to Carter who was kissing his navel, licking into it making Norman shudder and give a soft moan. "Baldric, talked him into transferring." He huffed out, watching as Carter lightly tugged at the man's sweats causing Norman to arch into him. Carter slowly looked back up to the man and smiled.

"Think you can be quiet?" Carter mused while rubbing Norman through his clothes, the younger man gasping and moving his hips against Carter's ministrations.

"Y-yeah." He said with a deep blush as Carter moved and pulled Norman's sweats down, he kissed and nuzzled Norman's hardening length through his boxer-briefs. Norman gripped the older man's hair with a soft wanton moan as Carter grabbed the elastic band of his underwear and began to tug them down stopping halfway down his thighs. The younger man gasped as the Lieutenant kissed his inner thighs, leaving small kisses while moving himself into a comfortable position. A soft, shuddering, moan leaving the younger male's mouth at the feeling of Carter's soft lips and hot breath, accompanied with the light tickle of his beard. The man rubbed his inner legs causing a tingling sensation to worm its way through his system. He leaned his head back and bit his bottom lip as Carter finally moved his mouth and kissed up his shaft, tracing the vein at the bottom. One hand moved to Norman's hip the other took hold of the base of his cock, jerking it slightly as he inched a little closer.

He breathed hot and heavy on the organ before running his tongue along the side, he then tended to the twitching, hot, wet organ with his lips. Lightly allowing his teeth to nip down the organ in a playful manner, his eyes flickered up to Norman who pushed himself against Carter's mouth the best he could. The man straining himself not to moan out as he tightened his grip on Carter's hair. Carter gave the same treatment to the other side of Norman's cock before pulling up to the head. He licked into the slit, closing his eyes, before taking the man into his mouth. Norman gave a deep moan as he tried to thrust into the hot wet orifice that engulfed him. He mowed his hands through Carter's short hair pushing the man down a little more, he looked down just in time to receive a glare from the man.

"Sahry." Norman panted out leaning his head back with an appreciative moan as Carter massaged and sucked at his length, jerking him with his hand at the same time. Norman shuddered as the older man's hand left his hip and slipped down between his legs, a finger tracing his tight ring of muscle yet doing nothing to go in. Norman moved his hips against the man's mouth and teasing hand, enjoying the feeling and doing his best to not moan too loudly. He settled on soft pants and whimpers, biting his tongue when Carter tended to the area between his shaft and head with his tongue. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep quiet if Carter kept it up. His hands slid out of the older man's hair and grabbed his face, pulling the man off of him he leaned down into a kiss. Carter smiled into the man's mouth as Norman pulled him up his body, the younger man moaning into his mouth when he felt Carter's clothed erection against him.

Carter kissed Norman's neck, scraping his teeth against the taught skin and tending to it with his tongue, before sliding Norman's shirt the rest of the way off. Norman worked quickly to kick his pants all the way off, he sat up and helped strip Carter, the older man eagerly shoving Norman back down when they were both naked. Carter leaned over and reached in the nightstand drawer, Norman shifted in anticipation as Carter came back with the lube applying some to himself before leaning forwards and kissing the younger man. He tossed the lubrication off to the side and slid his hand back between Norman's legs, penetrating him with a finger. Norman gasped into the older man's mouth as Carter worked to stretch him, he added a second finger and curled them just right, he pulled his head back and watched Norman moan and arch under him. He finally removed his fingers and eagerly aligned himself with Norman's tight opening, guiding himself in he watched as Norman threw his head back with a mix of a moan and a groan.

Biting his bottom lip, Carter pulled out slightly before thrusting back in, he looked down to Norman who pushed back against his movements. The younger man's eyes screwed closed as Carter brushed against that wonderful gland inside of him. His mouth hung open allowing laborious, strained breathes to pass through as he did his best not to cry out as Carter continued what he was doing. The lieutenant smiled as he leaned forwards and kissed the ex-agent, the man eagerly kissing back and grabbing on to him. Holding him as a way to stay grounded as waves of pleasure crashed over him from each movement, Norman moaned into Carter's mouth and pulled him closer. He held onto one of Norman's hips tightly, his injured arm aching from leaning on it earlier, he kissed him and grabbed his hair with his free hand. Yanking his head back he began to leave nip, lick, and suck at his neck, marking him while Norman scratched his nails down his back with a loud moan. Carter's hand instantly covered the younger man's mouth, his eyes narrowing as he looked up to Norman who panted against him. He could feel those soft lips brush against the palm of his hand, causing Carter to moan into the crook of Norman's neck.

"Ahh, Cartah." Hearing the pleasured cry Carter thrust harder and deeper into the man, clamping his mouth down on Norman to quiet him down as he bucked his hips and squirmed under him. Moaning into one another's mouths, one of Carter's hands moved and caressed the younger man's face; the other taking hold of his weeping length to speed up his climax. Norman turned his head and moaned into the pillow under him, arching and thrusting against Carter's movements. Carter kissed Norman's chest and rubbed his side with his free hand while continuing to work his length, moaning against his slim stomach as his movements became unrhythmic, and chaotic. Hearing Norman moan and watching him he knew the younger man was close, he threw his head back with a deep throaty moan causing Carter to cover Norman's mouth with his own. The younger man eagerly kissing him and grabbing his face to keep him there. Norman's loud moan echoed in his mouth, and Carter did his best to cover it as the man came in his hand and on himself. Carter slowly let go of the man and continued thrusting, going deeper and faster to reach his climax, watching Norman pant in nirvana helping as he slammed into the man and came biting his bottom lip to stop himself from crying out. He thrust a few more times then pulled out and collapsed next to the younger man. Both of them panted and caught their breath and a small laugh escaped Carter's lips.

"Jesus, Norm, you suck at being quiet."Carter teased while looking over to Norman who looked down to the mess on his stomach.

"Mmm, sorry for enjoying it." He muttered with a deep blush, the older man smiled as he got up, Norman following him so they could shower and go to sleep.