Author's Note: Sorry for the long, long, long, long, long wait. Italics are the character's thoughts. Again, thank you all for the reviews, and hope you enjoy this chapter.

TiaKisu: Basra is at war with Baghdad (part of Turok's plan). And one of my great ironic stories: Maeve working with Rumina and vice versa. Sinbad was nice to work directly with Rumina instead of having Maeve work with her in the Trickster, but Maeve will this time be forced to work directly (sort of against her will) with the witch.

Anime Princess: Well, Sinbad really did give the last piece of evidence to convince Maeve that Bryn is really Rumina. And about Turok, I think it is a mix of revenge and doing what they have always been doing, fighting the evil.

Chapter 10

Wide eyed, Rumina gulped. This was bad. She did not want anyone to know who she was. The more people knew, the likelier Turok would find her, and that would ruin all plans. Plus, conflict within the crew was always a possibility. If that pesky peasant wench messes up my plan, I will sure make her pay.


The black witch put her hand to Maeve's mouth. Her eyes narrowed and scanned the room to see if any magic, particularly Turok's magic, was allowing him to watch them.


"Shush," the black witch snapped and lightly slapped the red-head's cheek. She smiled, partly because she liked the fact that she was overpowering the wench and partly because she didn't sense any signs of Turok's evil eye. I guess father got tired of watching the crew. But her smile soon vanished. What happens when father finds out Sinbad is off the island? He will search for the captain, find us here, and then...we're doomed.

"Rumina!" Maeve grew impatient and shoved the tiny sorceress' hand away. How dare she slap me. If I could, I'll squash her like a bug.

The tiny black eyes grew wide again. The wench's voice was loud enough for a crew member to have heard her through the cabin door. Now she was really furious, clamping her hand on her enemy's mouth tight enough that she couldn't speak and pinning her to the door. Of course, this was quite a task for the tiny sorceress. The red-head was about five fingers taller than she was. Still, any woman would know that when she is furious, she has a sudden surge in strength. She whispered in a soft but stern tone, "Listen wench, no one must know my identity. The last thing we need is one if Turok finds me and two some of the crew members feeling uncomfortable and causing conflict. Now, are you going to corporate?"

The Celt squinted and rolled her eyes. This was so humiliating, especially being overpowered by not just her prime enemy but also by a woman that wasn't half her size. She nodded.

Rumina slowly released her hand, inspecting carefully if Maeve would betray her.

"Okay, Ru…"

"Can you call me Bryn, thank you?"

Maeve raised her eyebrows and smirked. "O…kay, Bryn, so why don't you want Turok to find you?"

She grinded her teeth and really hated that peasant wench, not just of her half-arrogant tone. "If Turok finds me…he'll kill me. And then there will be nothing to stand in his path. Don't you see, I am the only one who has a chance at defeating him. Even your old hag couldn't stop him."

"The old hag could stop you, so what makes you think you can stop Turok?" She waited awhile while Rumina lay silent but then continued. "I think you are just doing this to trick Sinbad in protecting you."

"Not true."

But the Celt ignored that and continued. "And let me guess, you are going to lead the crew to help you defeat Turok, and once you are done, you can take care of the crew as if they never knew. That is, besides my trusty captain." The Celt then crossed her arms and starred hard at the dark witch.

"Not exactly. Yes, I need the crew to help me take Turok. He is too powerful for me to do alone. After he is dead…..well, we'll see where things go, shall we?"

"Wait a minute rat, what makes you think I will do nothing? I won't let you betray or hurt my friends just so you can save yourself."

"Who are you calling a rat!" Rumina forgot to keep her voice down and regretted it, because a moment later someone knocked on the door. "Bryn, are you alright? Is someone telling you that you are a rat? If so, just ignore him and tell him that Doubar won't allow you to be treated that way." He paused. "I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for bringing back my bother in one piece."

Rumina gulped and looked at Maeve, who had a little smirk on her face. Wipe that smirk off your face, wench.

The red-head was surprised to hear a voice in her head. Is that you? And don't call me wench, witch.

Whatever. Just be good.

Ha, are you talking to me?

I'm warning you. With that, the witch spoke, "It's alright Doubar. I'm just debating with Maeve about stopping Turok. She just caught me hugging Sinbad, and you know how jealous she can get."

"Okay, Bryn. I trust Maeve won't harm you. She's a good lass." And he turned around a chuckled at the thought of the two girls arguing over his all-too-handsome brother.

After he was gone, Maeve quickly whispered in a harsh tone. "What was that? Now Doubar thinks I am the bad guy."

Rumina, still in Bryn's form, smirked. "I told you to be good. Now, lets stop this bickering and get down to the point: stopping Turok."

The Celt sighed in partial defeat. "Okay Rumina, so what do we do?"

"I will think of something. Meanwhile prepare for attack. And don't tell anyone about me."

"Doesn't sound like a plan to me."

Rumina squinted at her.

"Okay, okay, I'll let you think about it. Just tell me when you're done thinking." Maeve opened the door to leave. Once she left, Rumina closed the cabin door quietly, closed her eyes, and then slammed her fist on the door.