"…and she calls him 'Sexy Lexy' can you believe that," Trip laughed, "Did ya hear that Lex?"

Lex was absorbed in his recent copy of MAD magazine and hadn't been paying a bit of attention. Hawk jabbed him hard in the arm and proclaimed loudly, "Or should we call him Sexy Lexy?"

"What," Lex said coming out of his stupor.

"Apparently Lola Davids has been worshipping you from afar since the 5th grade," Hawk explained.

"Who's Lola Davids?"

"Oh you know. That girl who sits in the back of every class, hair in her face, never seen without pens and a notebook," Jam described.

Lex was beginning to feel pretty bad, cause he still had no clue who they were talking about. A chorus of shrill laughter from the cheerleaders' table interrupted his thoughts. A girl with long black, pin straight hair wearing a black mini skirt, white tank top, red plaid open shirt, and black combat boots stormed right past their table. "Her right there," Jam pointed at the obviously upset girl's retreating form.

"What's wrong with her?"

"I duno Lex, let's find out," Jam said as he started to get up from the lunch table.

Hawk smacked Jam in the back of the head, "You are such a fag sometimes man"

Despite his remark, Hawk still got up and began to follow Jam and Lex towards the courtyard doors.

"Hey if he's a fag," Trip asked as he got up and followed suit, "then why are we following him?"

Hawk paused and turned to Trip, "We're we doing anything better?"

Before Trip could answer Lex stopped them all right before the double doors, "Guys, just don't mention anything about the 'Sexy Lexy' crap or whatever it is, all right?"

"Geez man, have you and Jam been having slumber parties or something," Trip joked, "so sensitive!"