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~Message in the Cast~

Tsukimori broke his right leg, now the concours participant visit him in the hospital. While he was sleeping the others did something mischievous on his cast.

When Len opened his eyes all he could see above him was all white, moreover was the vivid light showering and blinding him more. He raised his right hand to block the light. "Cursed that light," he simply muttered.

With his low groan his mother who was by then sitting in the nearest chair glanced at him. "Dear, are you ok?" she calmly asked as she stood to approach him.

"Mother?" his voice huffed. Mustering all his strength he sat up and gazed at his mother.

"Are you fine now?"

"Y-yeah! I think so…" he answered, feeling a bit strange he drove his look at the casted leg.

Misa Hamai simply smiled as his son glanced at her with questionable eyes. "Len, you injured your leg when you accidentally fell from the stairs," she explained.

"Is that what happened?" his memory about what happened earlier was a blur.

Previously he was walking in a faster pace with his violin at his side. As he turned to the stairs he clumsily lost his balance and unfortunately fell, making a loud thud in the whole floor.

"Yes. I'm glad you're fine now," Misa said and hugged her son. Tears formed at the corner of her eyes but abruptly wiped it for Len not to see. She was worried.

"Mother, I'm fine now," he said.

"Yes, I know. Do you want something, dear?" Misa broke from the hug and looked at her son. Len just shook his head and once more lay in his bed. He was too weary to answer his mother; his body was aching all over. How did he fell precisely to feel this terrible pain?

"Ok, take a rest. I'll talk to the doctor first," Misa smiled and tapped Len's forehead.


The dull sound from the door gestured that his mother left, Len slowly close his eyes for another nap. Lethargy took effect in his body as he completely drifted to sleep.

"TSUKIMORI!" Kazuki voiced as he opened the door wide making a loud sound echoed to the room. Misa was startled and glanced at him, gesturing to be quieter. Len was still sleeping, fortunately didn't hear the uproar of the senpai.

"Oops, sorry," Kazuki mumbled in a lower voice.

"Hihara-senpai, you're in the hospital, jeez shut your mouth." Ryoutarou appeared behind him.

"Uh! Is Tsukimori-kun okay now?" Kahoko asked as she tailed Ryoutarou.

"Are you Len's friend? Come in," Misa invited them and gestured them to sit.

All of the concours participants were present, even Kanazawa and surprisingly Amou too. "Is it ok if I leave for a while? I have to get some clothes for Len, is it ok?" Misa asked.

"Yes it is, these kids can handle this," Kanazawa answered, exempting himself.

"Thank you, I'll be here later." Misa smiled and bowed her head.

Afterwards she closed the door and left.

"He's sleeping," Kazuki whispered while staring at Len. He tapped Len's face as if waking him up.

"Hihara-senpai, what are you doing?" Kahoko chided her senpai, tapping his hand away from Len's cheek.

"Ouch, that hurts; I was planning to wake him up since we're here."

"Can't you see he's sleeping?"


Flashed blinded the two as they both stared blurry to who did it. "What was that for?" Kazuki protested yet still low voice.

"Back off you two, I want to take a good shot of the sleeping Ice cube." Amou flashed another from her camera. "This is a cute article, Stickler fell from stairs."

"Hey, I want to wake him up."

"Stop, stop!"

"Hey, you two, I can't take a good shot."

"Oi, you three leave him alone." Kanazawa scratched his head

With the commotion Len's forehead creased. "Ah! Senpai, I think he is waking up." Fuyuumi shyly informed looking at the sleeping Len.

They all hushed up and ogled at the lad; however he just growled and turned away from them.

"Jeez! Look what you two have do-" Amou complained but had been cut off by Ryoutarou's hand on her mouth.

"Will you shut your mouth?"

"Oi, I'll be outside, Ryoutarou keep an eye on them, you two Azuma, don't ever humiliate me to Hamai Misa-san," Kanazawa reprimanded as his left hand holding a cigarette.

The three sighed and stopped nagging Len, they sat in the chair provided and wait for him to wake up- how long would they wait though. A minute turned twice up to an hour, obviously looking at nowhere and not doing enjoyable things made them bored.

Kahoko broke the silence with her yawn. "I'm bored."

"I'm hungry!" Kazuki demurred

"And what is it suppose to do with the silence." Ryoutarou arched a brow; he was the one who instructed them to be silent.

"Well, not doing anything makes me focus on food, and that makes me hungry."

"Ah! Hihara-senpai, let's go to the canteen, I feel kinda hungry too," Kahoko interrupted while standing up. Her bag fell and all her things cluttered in the floor. "Oh no! My stuffs."

"Argh! Kahoko you're clumsy." Amou moped as she knelt to get her friend's things. "Why do you have this?"Amou raised her hand together with the thing, perchance color pens.

"You see, when Nao injured her leg as well, Mio and our other friends wrote in her cast to make her feel better, so…" she paused to seek the approval of her comrades. They all nodded since her plan seemed enjoyable. "I was planning of doing the same thing."

"Oh! That was fun!" Kazuki exclaimed.

Len once more turned around, he didn't want to wake up yet, thus he made himself engaged in sleeping. A brief moment of silence and stiffness echoed the room, once that Len didn't move, the others looked at each other assuring the he drifted to sleep again.

Amou grunted "That was close. He should not wake up, so let's begin then."

"I'll go to the canteen later, I want to write first." Kazuki jumped toward Kahoko and grabbed the pen.

"Finished, hey Ryoutarou it's your turn."

"Hell, no!"

"Come on, Tsuchiura-kun!" Kahoko pleaded with her puppy eyes.

"Ok!" he grunted, those eyes were irresistible.

"Hah! What was that? Let the expert handle it," Amou bragged, grabbing another pen.

"Shoko you too," Kahoko pulled Fuyuumi to them.

"A-Anou, what will I say?"

"Just hope he feel better," Kahoko assisted, the girl just nodded and wrote something.

"Keiichi!" Amou called out. The said lad advanced to them and sleepily stared. "Write what you want," Amou said.


They keep on writing letters and chuckling. When Kanazawa opened the door he gawked at them, dazed. "What are you doing?"

They all stepped back still holding the pens. "Ah-" Kahoko explained yet had been cut.

"That's interesting, I'll write too," Kanazawa excitedly said and stole Amou's pen.

"Hey!" she complained.

"Azuma, you haven't written yours," Kazuki informed walking to his friend who was sitting in the chair.

"I'll write mine later," he calmly responded with a smile.

"Ok, but you will, promise?"


They continued on doing that until the door creaked open once more, now it was Misa Hamai. "Sorry, I did some errands first, so how's-" she paused as she gazed at them.

"Hamai Misa-san?" Kanazawa dropped the pen. "Ah! It's a way of telling him that we're worried," he explained nervously.

"No, don't worry its fine, continue what you're doing." Misa chuckled with amusement; she knew what would be Len's reaction if he saw it.

After writing their messages they bade goodbye, Misa being a kind lady accompany them up to the hospital's entrance.

"Thank you for visiting Len." She bowed.

"Oh! No, I forgot the pens," Kahoko exclaimed.

"I'll go too," Misa smiled however she halted when the doctor approached them.

"Dr. Hanazawa?" Misa halted and gestured Kahoko to go on.

"I'll come with you," Azuma interrupted and tailed Kahoko, the said lass merely nodded, she less cared of anything he would do.

When they got there, Kahoko hurriedly got the pens and walked. She stopped yet again although not in her own will but as Azuma grabbed her wrist. "W-What is it, the others are waiting."

He smirked and got one pen in Kahoko's hand. "I forgot to write my message for Tsukimori."

Afterwards they all completely bade their goodbye and left.

Len found himself alone once more, he looked at the window and judging by the view it was already night. "I overslept," he mumbled as he sat up.

To his annoyance, he found the scribbling in his casted right leg. "What on earth? What did they do?"

He knew that they were there earlier, obviously their noise annoyed him, not just because of his weary body he would glare at them but then he simply decided to ignore them and slept once more. – Though he never expected the scribbling.

His view paused on the green colored writings, looking at it made him furious, clearly it was Ryoutarou's

"Heck! Oi, Tsukimori, I really don't want to say this but… aaaargh! Take care, but to tell you the truth what I want to say is, take your time there. Hahaha!"

Len arched a brow "Huh! Tsk! Well, I believed you have a choice, don't make any excuses. Tsuchiura, admit that you didn't simply use your head. It's not worth thanking for," he huffed.

He again shifted to another green colored message. His forehead creased "What did those people do to my cast." He was aghast with assorted color messing his cast.


Len massaged his temples "Even in his penmanship, I could hear his irritating voice. What's with him? How immature, of course I won't do that again, I'm not stupid."

His stare trailed to a tan colored message. "Not her, jeez."

"Tsukimori! I love you, thanks for almost killing yourself, I have my article now. Muah! Nami Amou"

"I'll deal with you as I got out here."

He continued on reading until his eyes paused at the purple color one.

"Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed, don't ask why. Well, take your time there; I greatly enjoy my moment now. You should not thank me; I'm the one who should. Sorry though, but she's mine for a while. Thanks once more and stay there. I'll be glad if you took a longer time."

"This is absurd is he expecting me to die, I merely broke my right leg that's all. And what's with his enjoyment? As if I care. It's none of my business," Len said under his breath.

And this…

"Tsukimori-san! Why am I writing to you and I'm using your cast as my paper? Is that how to visit people in the hospital? I don't know? Why are you here anyway? I'm sleepy… Tsukimori-san, take care! PS. they all said it so I think of doing the same too, though I don't know why."

Len grunted and looked at the peaceful panorama of the night, staring at it made him relaxed. "I don't know if I gonna get mad or what. He just messed my cast more. How will I supposed to know? Duh! I'm sleeping that time."

He shook his head until his sight landed at the Aqua colored message.

"Tsu-Tsukimori-san…" Len grunted longer

"This is obviously Fuyuumi's penmanship, even in her writings she's stuttering not to mention her letters were shuddering as well."

He continued on reading Fuyuumi's message. "Tsu-Tsukimori-san I hope you feel better now, and I don't know what to say next but, but. Sorry I put two buts… I put a lot of point sorry, bye"

"Jeez, no comment,"

He gazed to another brown one. "What even Kanazawa?"

"Oi, Tsukimori you silly boy, why did you injured your leg, you have recital 3 days after. What will I supposed to say to the director. Make your healing faster. Jeez!"

"Earlier, somebody expecting my death and tolerated me to stay here for a longer time. Now this old man wanted me to check out. They are so irrational."

He stopped on reading however he felt he was missing something. Without hesitation he again wondered his eyes to his cast as if looking for something. He paused as his lips formed a grin. He seized his eyes at the crimson colored message.

"Ah! Tsukimori-kun, you made us worry, good thing you're fine now. (If you only know how worried I am) Don't mind the erasure. Anyways I hope you feel much better now. And about these messages, don't be mad at the others it's actually my idea…well to make you feel better. Sorry if we annoyed you but I hope you like it. (Love) another erasure, sorry! Hino"

Len once again smiled "Thank you, then. You made me feel much better." Talk about being bias.

He looked at the window again. "It's inappropriate if I don't return her favor." The smile in his lips never attempted to fade. "Wait, I'll be fine in no time."


Authoress' Note: The (underline) is actually Kahoko's erasure though it's still perceptible.


Another lame story- these stories are bugging my head so often, from Kahoko, a Fanfiction author up to this. Now my head was telling me to make a story wherein Len and Azuma swap body. Jeez. Well, now it's Len who will annoy Kahoko.

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