'Sam!' Dean yelled, plunging forward towards his little brother.

Dean tackled Sam, seconds before the knife was able to breach Sam's ribcage. The knife dropped from Sam's grasp and landed silently, unnoticed on the floor. Dean wrangled with his brother who ended up underneath Dean restrained on the floor.

'Bobby!' Dean yelled towards the older hunter this time.

Bobby threw a small jar towards Dean who caught it. He popped open the little cork plug of the vile-esque jar and forced it to a struggling Sam's mouth. Sam thrashed about on the floor, legs and feet bruising Dean in all kinds of unthinkable places.

'What are you doing?' screamed Sam, shoving the vile and Dean's hand away from his face.

'Get out of my brother!' Dean ordered.

'Dean, Dean! It's me! I am your brother!'

Dean relented holding Sam down – only slightly. He looked into his little brothers eyes and then turned towards the knife on the floor a few paces away from where they struggled.

'Boy,' Bobby's voice grumbled from the doorway, 'put the vile in his mouth.'

'Dean, what is that? What are you doing? I'm your brother.'

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