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Well, to be honest, I've found that it's been getting harder to write Naruto for a while, and that has been putting me off it. I just can't seem to get the drive to write anymore, and part of it is because of the manga, the other is because that whenever I open a Word document nowadays, it's to write a damn report. And I'll be frank, I'm not too fond of those.

Then one day, I've suddenly remembered one of the better writers (in my opinion of course) for Harry potter fanfiction, Jeconais. I went back to his site and read through his fics, read through every single one, because simply put, I really like how he structures and weaves his way around stories, and the fact that he writes non-canon pairings as well only makes it better.

I've read through JBern's "The Lie I've lived", fell in love with it once more, and then went back to Jeconais' fics, and the I was like… crap, I'm out of stuff to read. And as usual, just like when I started writing Naruto, this idea caught me. Why not just write one for myself? It'd definitely be fun, and after reading so much Harry Potter, I'm sure I can construct a proper plot and all that. And here we are.

Note, there a few things you guys should probably know about me. I don't like Harry Ginny that much, so you most definitely will not seeing me go in that direction. This will probably end up as a Harry/Multi, seeing how I always write myself harems in the end =.=

Anyway, I hope you guys have a good read, because well, this is just me having fun with the Harry Potter world, completely screwing with all its concepts, and trying to make everything much more interesting. Harry will not be like canon in terms of confidence, power, etc. The whole point is to have Harry play as he wishes, and it starts off at his birth. Now please enjoy, my first ever Harry Potter fic.

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A Wizard's Magic

Chapter 1: Beginning of His Story

It was a special night, one where almost every single wizard in Britain was conducting some form of celebration, even as news spread like wildfire through the cities, through the towns, the streets, the pubs, one sentence was all that was needed before emotions so sharp and joyous was released out of them in one huge roar, "The Dark Lord has fallen!"

After so many years of fear, anguish and anxiety, the evil had finally been vanquished, and by a mere baby no less! No one could believe their ears when they heard it: Harry James Potter had somehow defeated the Dark Lord that everyone thought invincible. They cheered and cheered till their throats were hoarse, they cried and wept till their eyes were dry, they drank and danced till their bodies were exhausted, welcoming the peace that would definitely reign from now on. Life would finally be peaceful and no one would ever have to worry about going home, only to find a demolished building and deceased kin. It was truly the end of a dark era.

Yet amongst all the festivities, said child was currently lying gently the arms of a serene old man, snoring away quietly, a scar shaped like a lightning bolt imprinted on his forehead, proof of the defeat of the Dark Lord. The power of love, a mother's love to be precise, had saved the baby from an untimely death, and coincidentally, caused the downfall of a most surprised Voldemort. A man fluent in the dark arts, known for his cruelty and merciless ways, fell before a power so pure and simple. The irony would have been hilarious had it not cost the lives of Lily and James Potter.

"Albus, are sure about this?" A soft voice questioned as she rose from the form of a silver tabby cat.

"Alas, my dear Minerva, it would seem I have no choice."

"I've seen these muggles that you intend to leave the child with. I have never seen such vile creatures in the way they go about things."

The elderly man with hair white as snow, and a beard long enough to reach his waist, chuckled in mirth, "Now, now, it's not like you to speak ill of people."

Minerva McGonagall, deputy headmistress of the well-renowned school of Hogwarts, frowned before shaking her head, "I've been watching them all day, the shrieking in the early of dawn got me wondering just what was going on in their household, and you should see the way they act, so pompous and full of themselves as if everyone was beneath them! They spoil their child in ways that I wouldn't even begin to imagine and the affection they show, or try to show to each other, can be described as overwhelming, in quite a disgusting way."

"Even so, they are the only living relatives he has. Lily gave up so much for little Harry here, and it would be wrong of us to not continue with the form of protection that she chose for her son." Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore gently chided his colleague and long-time friend, before sighing, "I know they aren't the best examples of muggles, but even so, they'll have to do."

McGonagall stayed silent for a moment, before resigning to his logic, "If you say so, Albus."

Truth be told, she had thought of hundreds of different ways in which Harry Potter could be taken care of, yet she knew that the protection that the boy would have might not be enough to fend off pursuers of the Dark Lord. A protection field by blood is far stronger than any other defensive mechanisms that could be offered. However, judging from her observance of these muggles, she doubted young Harry Potter would grow up in a normal environment.

Nevertheless, Albus' words did ring true in her ears, and hence there was nothing else for her to do but wait and see. A normal life for this boy was what Albus wanted, the fame and glory did not and could not measure up to the loss of his parents, and for fear that the boy might led into developing arrogant qualities or being pampered too much, it was finally decided that living with his muggle relatives would be the best way for him to grow up. Fame could be a lethal thing, Albus would know, he has, after all, been on the receiving end of a rather unforgiving press countless of times.

Even so, staring at the child in his arms, the old man couldn't help but doubt himself. Was he really doing the right thing? The memory of the Potter Household in ruins had imprinted itself deeply in his mind, the dead bodies of Lily and James adding injury to the wounds in his heart. When he had broken news of the prophecy to them, the despair and looks of resignation on their faces had torn at his heart, but there was no other thing to it. Voldemort had picked little Harry as his equal, simply because Lily had been a muggle-born as well. He had arranged for them to be protected, ensuring the Fidelius charm was in place so that they would never be found, yet even as he did all that he could to ensure their safety, they had perished in the end.

Countless times, he had regretted not being their secret keeper, and his mind raged at all the other possibilities of defense he could have offered them, and it all boiled down to the simple words 'if only'. Caught in his reverie, his body went on auto pilot and was about to carry out the action that he had brought the boy here for.

Walking over to the doorsteps, wincing at the sigh that Minerva gave even as he bent down to lay the poor child on the cold ground, he closed his eyes and whispered a silent prayer for the boy. He had a destiny ahead of him, one that would give him far too heavy a burden then one should expect a child to carry, and yet there was nothing they could do about it. Voldemort would not stay down because of this, and even as a mere piece of soul clinging desperately to life, he would attempt to come back and regain his power.

Eyes closing at the mere thought of a child going up against an enemy of that caliber, Dumbledore gently ruffled the boy's head, before standing back up, "Let's go Minerva."

With a curt nod, the woman fell in behind his steps, throwing back occasional glances at the baby lying on the doorsteps. It was time for them to part, and she could only hope that eleven years later, he would arrive as the brilliant young man that she knew he would become. Until then, she would simply have to wait.

At Dumbledore's nod, she braced herself, ready to apparate in on his signal.

Goodbye, young Harry. I wish you well on your path to your destiny.

And with those silent thoughts in place, she took a deep breath, and focused on her magic. Just as she was about to plunge into the rift of space and time, something prevented her from taking the leap and anchored her to the spot, a bundle of something to be precise.

Blinking, the old woman peered down into her arms, and found the same baby that they had left at the doorsteps smiling up at her, waving his chubby little arms about, making goo-goo gaa-gaa sounds as he tried to express the pleasure in being held by her.

To say Albus was surprised would be an extreme understatement. Had the boy… apparated over to them just as they were about to leave?

No, it couldn't be possible. No child, conscious or not, should be able to exhibit this type of magic. Accidental magic weren't uncommon, and did occur in some babies, yet they had always been more uncontrolled bursts, unlike the silent one that this young Potter seemed to have used.

"Albus…?" Minerva could only stare at the baby with a shocked expression that a student from Hogwarts would hardly expect their prim Transfiguration professor to have on her face.

As though sensing her thoughts, the baby giggled once, and without warning, appeared in Dumbledore's arms, cooing as he waved his arms around happily. This time, even Albus could not figure out just how this boy managed that action. Silent apparitions were practically unheard of, and it would seem that this boy was doing it consciously. His eyes, those bright green orbs glowing even as he squealed his excitement at getting a funny face for a reward of his action.

Slowly, the gears in his mind began to turn, and as though he were experimenting, the old man took a few steps toward the Dursleys' house, before young Harry's face turned into that of a pout. Whining softly, the one-year-old expressed his full displeasure at being carried off to that place by tugging hard on his beard.

Chortling, the old man shook his head, "I see, so you do not want to be placed there?" His eyes filled with mirth as the baby gave a cute squeal before settling for cooing once again.

"Minerva, I believe a change of plans is in order." His eyes twinkling as young Harry found a sudden interest in his beard again, forming all sorts of braids and shapes with it.

McGonagall could only gape even as she stared at the baby, "Albus…"

"Can you feel it?"

It was a simple question, but one that terrified the poor woman seeing how the answer was a solid 'yes'. The fact that any magic could be felt from the boy spoke volumes to the reservoir of untapped potential this boy had. Normally, it would be at least four or five years before a sliver of magic could be felt from toddlers, and yet right before her, she swore there was some unseen magical force swirling in a vortex around the baby.

Taking a few steps closer, she too, gazed into his eyes upon a nudge from Dumbledore and couldn't help but get caught in the way they seemed to spiral. The energy that had felt so potent before, enough to forcefully stop her apparition brought her out of her reverie, before a sudden thought entered her mind.

"Is it… his?"

Dumbledore shook his head as a smile developed on his face, "No."

"But then how? Surely you're not suggesting…"

"Harry here seems to have received more than just a blessing from his parents. None of the magic we are experiencing now belongs to him per se. He is merely making good use of the magic in the environment."

McGonagall took one look at the blissful expression on Dumbledore's face and shook her head, "Oh no, Albus. Don't even think about it."

"Why, whatever do you mean, Minerva?" It was clear that he was holding back his laughter.

"You are not bringing him back to Hogwarts with you." Answered McGonagall in a deadpan.

"Ah, you know me too well." A wide smile was present on the old wizard's face and McGonagall knew she was fighting a losing battle.

"Albus, a moment ago, you were suggesting that he should be raised with these horrible muggles!"

"Ah, but the circumstances have changed. The fact that Harry is subconsciously knowledgeable in the arts of magic could only mean that Lily has given Harry more protection than simply her love. Her knowledge, understanding and control of magic have all been imprinted in her son even as Voldemort killed her. If we were to leave Harry with the muggles now, it wouldn't surprise me if he starts randomly causing magical accidents all over the place on purpose."

McGonagall was about to retort, before young Harry appeared in her arms. Blinking for the umpteenth time in the past hour, the old lady could only smile at the baby's attempts to cheer her up. His tiny hands were reaching for her, giggling as he attempted to tell her something in his incomprehensible baby language.

"It would seem that the magic is helping him in accomplishing his goals. Young Harry here must have found your expression quite saddening, and has taken it to be his duty to cheer you up." Dumbledore hummed in approval as a small smile grew on McGonagall's lips.

She knew Dumbledore was right. Harry probably thought that he needed to get to her to cheer her up, and the magic simply reacted to his call and assisted him in this mission. Given her knowledge of his muggle relatives, they would probably drive him nuts in but an hour, and Merlin knows what kinds of chaos this little devil will cook up… did he just blow her a kiss?

It would seem that young Harry was busy clapping his hands over his lips and then throwing them upwards in a swift motion, squealing as he did so. McGonagall's surprised face amused him to no end, which explained why he kept up the motions.

"I dare say he's taken a liking to you, Minerva. Quite the cradle robber, aren't you?" Dumbledore teased even as McGonagall blushed a deep red, protesting shakily, "Albus!"

"Now, now, I was merely joking."

"Don't joke about things like that!"

"Temper, temper. You don't want to set a bad example for the baby now." His voice was filled with mirth even as he met the glare McGonagall was sending him.

Taking his watch out of his pocket, Dumbledore mused for a short moment, before nodding to Minerva, "Let's get going. It would be unwise for us to remain here any longer. The ministry might already be onto Harry's little magic display, and the other professors are waiting for us."

Wincing, the deputy headmistress took one more look at the baby in her arms, before sighing, "I'm still not sure if it's a good idea. I mean, do any of us even have experience with handling a baby?"

"Why, this is the perfect chance for us to get some then."

"Sometimes, Albus, I wonder if you really are as barmy as they call you."

"Barmy? But of course, I am only a wizard."

Muttering a few choice words that a student from Hogwarts would never have heard from their Transfiguration professor even on an extremely bad day, McGonagall gave a curt nod, and apparated out of Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, with Harry Potter safe in her arms, squealing in excitement.

It would be two minutes later before Vernon Dursley peeked out of the window in an attempt to find out just what was glowing out in the streets, and three minutes before he almost fainted when little crystals of energy that looked like stars glittered back at him. Five minutes in and he would be yelling for Petunia to bring their son and have a look at this unreal scenery. Five minutes and thirty seconds later, the Dursleys would have been obliviated and removed of any memory that such glitters ever appeared.

"You cannot be serious!" Severus Snape barely put up any effort to hide his disbelief after Dumbledore's speech in his impromptu staff meeting that was held a mere ten minutes ago.

"Quite the contrary Severus, I meant every word that I said." Dumbledore smiled in amusement at the horrified look on the Potions Master. It really couldn't be helped, the poor man had just come back, grabbing his arm in pain to confirm that the Dark Lord had indeed fallen, and was looking forward to a good break without needing to play double-sided spy anymore. The other Heads of Houses were waiting for Dumbledore even as he went to retrieve young Harry, and were conversing amongst themselves as to what the future might now hold, when suddenly, two 'pops' were heard in the staff room.

A soft giggle was heard and as every single pair of eyes turned to focus on the bundle in the deputy headmistress' arms, confusion dug into them, deeper by the second.

And so, without further adieu, Dumbledore called for a meeting, where he explained his thoughts on why exactly he saw fit to bring the baby with him back to Hogwarts, and why, from this day on, each of the professors would play a role in bringing the baby up.

Once that bombshell had been dropped, it was obvious that multiple different but expected reactions would be heard, and needless to say, Snape was the first to voice his opinion on this particular matter.

"I refuse to believe what I'm hearing! You're telling us, that we should be bringing this… this… child up because of Lily's magic in him?! Weren't you so intent on having him live a normal life mere hours ago?" The sarcasm within his voice was not missed by everyone in the room, though most swatted it aside as though it were a daily occurrence, which in fact, it was.

"Albus, I'm rather curious as to why you made this decision. Surely you don't think this will work out properly?" Filius Flitwick, Head of Ravenclaw and Charms professor hopped up onto the table to get a better look at the now quiet baby, who was expressing his curiosity by turning his head round and round so that he could get a better view of the people he was surrounded by.

Pomona Sprout, Herbology Professor of Hogwarts and Head of Hufflepuff, agreed with her colleague, "He is but a baby! How will we tend to his needs when we are mostly busy with our own courses every year?"

McGonagall sighed before massaging her forehead, "Pomona, Filius, you know reasons like that have never stopped Albus from doing something he wants. I suppose he has other information to tell us, and perhaps it would be best if you wait for him to explain further."

"Well I'm not going to care for the brat, that's for sure." Snape rolled his eyes at the end of McGonagall's words.

"Now, now, Severus, do not be so sure in your words."

Almost exploding in fury, the potions master lashed out, "You expect me to care for his son?! Have you really gone insane?!"

"Severus!" McGonagall barked as she glared at him, "Mind your manners!"

"Mind what manners?! The Dark Lord has finally fallen, I'm finally free, and you're telling me I have to look after the son of the man whom I absolutely despise?!"

Laying a hand on Snape's shoulder, Dumbledore spoke quietly with authority, "That is enough, Severus. I know how you dislike James, but think of it is a way to help Lily. The Dark Lord didn't just lose his power tonight. He lost it to young Harry here."

"Well that's quite convenient isn't… wait, what did you say?" Cutting short his cynical replay, his eyes widened as he stared at the headmaster, along with the other three Heads of houses, "Didn't you say it was Lily…?"

Nodding gravely, Dumbledore shook his head, "It was indeed. Lily had given up her life for Harry, hoping against hope that her protection would be able to protect her son and aid him in her future endeavors. Subconsciously, her regret and pain at not being able to be there for her son anchored themselves into the protection, and as the Avada Kedavra was repelled, Voldemort's power was drained and in turn, purified by her wish to punish the man that had broken her family so. This is ancient magic at its finest, working on levels that would be difficult for anyone to predict."

Gesturing to the baby, who had silently apparated back to his arms yet again just to play with his beard, Dumbledore continued in a solemn voice, "Do you know why young Harry here seems so energetic, and not the least bit confused and depressed as to why his parents aren't with him?"

Everyone was at a loss for words, though the other three Heads of houses were more shocked by the fact that the baby just appeared in Albus' arms more than anything.

"Severus, you should be able to feel it." Stepping forward, he gently eased the baby into a dumbfounded Snape's arms, "She lives on, within him."

The moment those bright green orbs came into his view, Snape was pulled back into memories of his childhood with one Lily Evans, the only woman he had ever loved. Bittersweet pasts and tranquil times he had been through with her all came flashing back, and with a wistful sigh, he shook his head, "No, he's not her. What lives in this boy is merely a tint of her magic imprint, nothing more."

"That is where you're wrong Severus, it is much more than an imprint. It is a bond of love, her magic reassuring the boy that she is there for him. Young Harry, to this moment I believe, thinks that his mother is right at his side, just like old times. Despite not being able to see her, he is able to feel her on a spiritual basis."

Staring back down at the baby boy who was now gesturing towards his face, little fingers curling and stretching, as though reaching for something, and it didn't take him long to figure out that the brat was probably aiming for his nose. Lily had always teased him about his crooked nose, saying how it fitted his personality perfectly, and a playful banter would always begin after that comment. It merely emphasized on Dumbledore's words that perhaps Lily really was living in this boy after all.

McGonagall sighed upon the look on Snape's face, "Severus…"

"I know." His reply was short and instant, "I'm just… caught up… in…"

It was Flitwick who spoke up next, "What about the other professors?"

Albus smiled serenely and replied, "They'll all be informed of course."

It was a skeptical voice that interrupted him, "You weren't serious about us taking turns to take care of him, were you, Albus?"

Sprout's eyes widened, "Take turns?"

Even Snape's head snapped up at this, "We have to handle this… this baby alone?!"

Fully letting his amusement show, Albus gave a cheerful nod, "Why yes."

It was a pity Hogwarts would never again be treated with the sight of a flabbergasted Snape. And it was no wonder the potions master felt horrified. He was the youngest Head of House compared to the other three, and all through his life, it had always been practicing dark arts, learning occlumency, legilimency, and brewing every single potion that existed. Taking care of a baby was not included in his daily list of to do things, ever.

"It's alright Severus, you'll have plenty of chance to learn." Minerva noted dryly as she quoted Albus' answer to her a few hours ago.

Sprout seemed the most worried out of them and asked, "Surely you can't mean that Albus, this is a baby we're talking about, a delicate little boy! How can you just leave him at the whims of men who had never even looked at a baby before?"

Albus started for a bit, "Now, now, Pomona, I'm sure that Severus…"

"Has never looked at a baby before." Minerva finished for him.

"If it weren't for the fact that it was close to the truth, I would feel hurt." Snape drawled in as dry a manner as McGonagall, "But yes, I admit that I have barely spared a glance for creatures like this."

"Creatures you say! How dare you, Severus! Look at the darling little boy! Oh!" Sprout was about to go on a tirade ranting at the potions master when Harry took it in himself to apparate into her arms, and make goo-goo-a-ga-ga sounds at her. "Aw, aren't you just a darling boy!"

Even Filius joined in the fun and tickled little Harry, and as the duo were having some fun with the baby, Severus was on the other side vehemently refusing to have anything to do with Harry.

"Come now, Severus, you're being awfully difficult."

"Albus, the moment I look at him I see James Potter. The moment I see those eyes I'm reminded of Lily. Okay, that's fine, I've listened to you, I've gotten over it. But no way in hell am I going to associate myself with a baby. Can you even imagine what it would look like?" Severus ground out, trying his best to convince Dumbledore that taking care of babies was not his forte.

"I would say it would make you look soft, Severus, can't imagine that being a good thing, can it? What with you and your dramatic flair of things." Minerva rolled her eyes at the feeble excuse, "Look at Filius, he's taking the news fine!"

"You forget that he's twice my age?!"

"What's your point? Age has nothing to do with this I assure you." Wrinkling her nose, Minerva frowned at the potions professor, "Are you trying so say something here…?"

Severus sneered, "You would know, wouldn't you, you old cat."

"Why I never! Severus Snape, you take that back this instant!"

"Let's move back to the situation at hand, lest some people get sensitive to the words I'm about to say." A smug smirk on his face was all it took for Minerva to fire back her retort.

"I will not be patronized by a bat so filled with grease that he glides across the hallway!" McGonagall snarled as she demanded an apology from Snape.

Eyes bugging out at the ridiculous insult sent his way, Snape lashed back, "At least I don't spy on people by acting like a lost feline!"

Gasping indignantly, Minerva yelled back, "This, coming from the boy who is so bad at Legilimency that he has to ram his way through a person's mind to get information?!"

"I am not a boy!"

"I am not old!"

All through their quarrel, Albus merely sat in his chair, eyes twinkling as chaos ensued.

Mission accomplished.

And so it was settled. The four Heads of Houses would take their turns from Monday to Thursday, then Dumbledore would have young Harry in his office for Friday. Saturday was reserved for Madam Pomfrey because the nurse absolutely insisted that she be given a day to raise this adorable boy. Sunday was quite the dilemma, and it was finally decided that Bathsheda Babbling, the Ancient Runes Professor, would look after him.

After all, given the remaining choices, most doubted that the Care of Magical Creatures Silvanus Kettleburn would be a good role model given his more reckless way of handling things. Madam Hooch did volunteer, but then thought about how flying wasn't perhaps the most ideal thing to teach a one year old, and had withdrawn. Madam Prince, the Librarian contemplated as to how much she could handle the noises that the baby would make, and instantly declined, offering to help out when the boy was older. Professor Binns was an obvious no go, though the other ghosts were invited to give helpful suggestions when they felt like it.

It was rather amusing to see Minerva stress the word 'helpful' as she glared at each of them, scaring Peeves off with imaginary tears running down his cheeks, crying about how the old woman was like the devil. Naturally, Albus took the opportunity to once again tease her, while Severus smirked at the old bit.

The Astronomy and Arithmancy professors quickly declined, seeing how they were both elderly and more than a bit sickly, finding their usual courses tiring enough as it is at the age of over a hundred, and preferred to take things easy for the rest of their years. Likewise, the same went for the Muggle Studies professor, who admitted in an embarrassing tone that he had no idea how to handle babies.

The Defense against the Dark Arts professor had unfortunately, met his demise while he was on a trip. No one exactly bothered to remember him, seeing how he had been off doing something, somewhere at some particular time, and the fact that every single Defense against the Dark Arts professor died because of approximately the same reasons, the other professors learned to not question the curse of that seat anymore. No one really liked that fellow anyway.

Professor Trelawney was immediately rejected by Minerva, insisting fervently that she did not want the young boy to be caught up in something as stupid as divination at such a young age. Naturally, Trelawney heard none of her protests, and merely thought that Albus was being kind to her in letting her take a rest. After all, the old fellow insisted that it was exactly why they didn't need her to take care of Harry, the arts of Divination far exceeded the need to tend to a boy after all, and she was better off spending time reading her tea leaves.

And so it was settled. Funnily enough, things tended to change, and before long, several reasons popped up as to why this schedule simply would not work.

Monday meant that Young Harry was to stay with the cool Slytherin Head of House. It was the summer holidays (thank goodness) and Hogwarts was relatively silent. That was one thing he enjoyed about the holidays, no stupid punks running about corridors, yelling their throats hoarse over some pathetic prank they had just played on one of their friends to ruin his wonderful morning.

He would have a nice breakfast, drink a hot cup of coffee, before entering his office, sitting down at his favorite desk, then go through a set of documents that needed to be approved. It was his usual procedure, and despite recent years making it extremely hectic for him to carry out such a simple course of action, he kept his routine flawless, just as he ensured how his potions were, flawless.

The poor man would soon find out that it was not to be so. His morning started off with him being rudely awakened by the wails of young Harry, leading him to almost rage at the damn infant with words not fit for the ears of child, before he forcefully held himself back, counted to ten, then contemplated casting a Silencio charm over the baby.

Naturally, the answer was 'no'. This was Lily's child after all, and despite him looking like an exact copy of that thrice-damned James Potter, he would be civil, like Albus suggested, let the bygones be bygones (again, like Albus suggested), and he would take good care of Lily's son because he owed her that much. That was the conclusion he came to after a whole night's of tossing and turning in bed.

Keeping that thought in mind, he reached forward with the intention of calming the infant down, before he froze.

Just how do you calm a crying baby down…?

Now this was quite the predicament. Racking his brains for answers, he first tried shushing the young boy, making wild gestures and stupid faces as he desperately hoped for the little thing to just shut up. Alas, it was to no avail as the boy simply sobbed louder. It wouldn't be long before every single person in Hogwarts heard his cries and without a second though, he raised a soundproof charm around his room and set about to work.

Conjuring up things that he thought passed as toys (I.e toy snakes, snake plushies, plastic fangs and the like), he waved them above the boy's head, thinking that surely, the boy would take pleasure in seeing these wonderful playthings and stop crying.

The fact that Harry actually raised on his chubby hands, and punched the toy snake away from his face was quite insulting. How dare he do that?!

I've always wanted one of this when I was young! How dare…

Quickly reining those thoughts in, he tried to reassure himself that he was not going to be driven crazy by a mere child, nor was he going to be defeated in such a revolting manner by James Potter's child!

So, he tried again, this time conjuring up a violin, and attempted to let it play automatically some random melody that he had once heard five years ago. Let's face it, he wasn't that much of a fan of music and needless to say, Harry's wailing increased in volume.

It didn't take the potions master long to figure out this mathematical equation. It was quite simple really. The volume at which Harry wails is proportional to the number of tries Snape took to calm the boy down.

Let it be said that everyone had his limits, and finally Snape could take the yelling no more and proceeded to tear of his hair, quite literally. This little devil was out to get him! No matter what he did, the boy would just cry and cry and cry on his damn desk! How did he even get there in the first place?! Was it Dumbledore? Did that old fart see it fit to ruin his morning like this simply because he won the tiny rock-paper-scissors competition last night?! He had assumed that winning meant that he wouldn't have to see this brat so soon, but he should have known better judging from the twinkling in the old man's eyes.

In the midst of his rage, Snape noticed that something was dripping from his desk. His beautiful, elegant piece of antique, the one possession he treasured the most in his office, was wet with a liquid.

Idly, Severus wondered if it was due to the tears of the baby. But then, that option was ruled aside when a faint stench started waffling up his nose. Wrinkling that crooked organ of his, his eyes widened even as all the other professors were jolted awake from the high-pitch scream emitted from his throat that pierced right through the castle walls, "Did you just piss on my desk?!"

A relieved coo was his answer as little Harry waved his arms happily, giving the professor the widest good morning smile he could muster. It did feel good to release ones bowels after holding them in for so long…

"Oh no, oh no no no, don't even think about it!" Snape snarled even as he held the boy up from his bundle, and spurt, brown substances began raining down from the baby's bottom.

"You dare dump your faeces on my desk you little shi –"

"SEVERUS!" A red faced Minerva barged in through the door even as she rescued young Harry from Snape, who looked like he was going to go bonkers any second now.

"Watch your language! This is a baby you're talking to!"

"Look at what he's done to my desk!"

"Oh grow up, it's just a desk. A simple scourgify should do it and you know that. Now get dressed and go eat breakfast. I'll clean up Harry for you."

And it was after a simple scourgify later, that McGonagall carried an obedient Harry nuzzling against her cheeks, whispering silly pronunciations into her ear as she carried him off to the Great Hall.

Even as the door closed, Snape could only gape as the baby gave him a cheerful wave.

The little beast had winked at him.

Grinding his teeth together, he set up a stronger soundproof forcefield this time round, ensuring that nothing could penetrate his barrier, before screaming non-stop for a minute, "CURSE YOU JAMES POTTTEEEEEERRRRRRR!"

It would be awhile before a completely ruffled and disgruntled potions master met the others for breakfast.

Tuesday, meant that it was Professor Sprout's turn, and it was at the greenhouse where young Harry spent most of his time. Hundreds of different types of plants being introduced to him one by one, and it was there where the professor fell even more in love with this boy.

For every new plant she showed him, the boy was able to come up with a different sound to express himself. It was utterly cute and deliciously adorable!

Towards the end, Sprout was so caught up in the noises he made that she didn't even bother to tell him the names of them, merely pointing and asking, "How's that one look Harry?"


"Oooh, you like it? What about that one?"


"Not so much? Pity, I quite like those leaves. The one in the corner?"

"Ga gaa!"

"Ah ha! I knew you would like it! Aren't those flowers just gorgeous?"


"Haha, that's our Harry, what about the one over here?"


"Hm, yeah I'll admit it doesn't look too inviting, that's for sure."

"Goo goo!"

"That one? Ouch, you sure picked a nasty one."

"Goo gaa goo!"

"That one's alright, like you said, but give it some time, it'll grow up into something completely different."

"Geeh goo?"

"I know so."

"Geeh gaa!"

"Good boy, now tell me about that one."


"Yes, it does look pretty yucky doesn't it? But it does make a good stew every now and then if you cook it right. That reminds me, I need to pop down to the kitchen later to give them some of those."

"Gaa geh?"

"Mmmm hm! You'll get to try some tonight! I assure you that they aren't poisonous."

"Gaaa gaa!"

"Hehe, hungry now are we? What say you we go to the kitchen now? Might get you some afternoon tea too."


"That's the spirit! Oh, just one last one before we go, what do you think about my latest addition to the greenhouse?"

"Ga goo?"

"That one yes."


"Aww, you don't like it?"

"Gaa gaa."

"I admit it does like biting people every now and again, but it has lots of uses!"


"Skeptical are we? Well, let me tell you something about it… hey!" Slapping the plant that tried to bite Harry, Pomona growled, "Don't let me catch you doing that again, or you're getting turned into fertilizer! Are we clear?"

The plant whimpered once, and shrunk back into its original position.

"Gaa gaa gaa!"

"Aw, I love you too sweetie, I'm sorry the big bad plant tried to eat you. It won't happen again, I promise!"

"Goo goo!"

"Now, let's get you that afternoon tea then. The rest of you be good!"

As one, all the plants gave some form of gesture that they understood their roles.

Wednesday came, and it was Flitwick's turn to entertain young Harry, and as a Charms professor, it would seem that the task wasn't too difficult at all. Making pillows fly all over the room seemed mighty interesting to the one year old and the cheers that he made grew louder as the numbers increased.

Staring at the baby, Flitwick couldn't help but be reminded of Lily every time he looked into those eyes. His mother had a passion unrivaled by others in Charms, and was one of his favorite students. It would seem that this particular trait lived within young Harry as well, judging by how eager he was at watching those pillows.

The only tragedy was that Harry seemed to have mistaken him for a pillow and decided to have some fun on his own, namely float him around as well. While it wasn't entirely a disaster, it was still shocking to know that a mere baby like him could attempt something that no one under the age of eleven should be able to accomplish. It would seem that the Dark Lord's magic really does reside within him, and well, the execution was probably due to his mother's magic.

That got Flitwick thinking. Why not try teaching him now then? Surely if Harry was interested in something, all he had to was to demonstrate it once in front of him, and the boy should be able to replicate the action.

Filius then broke down Charms into several basic categories. Making objects move along a horizontal axis, summoning objects and floating objects. Despite the fact that the accio spell was something that is only learned around the third or fourth year, Flitwick felt it was the easiest spell for him to 'teach' Harry at the moment.

Smiling, he placed a curious Harry on the desk a few metres away, before moving backwards and casting a perfect accio. The squeals of joy the infant made as he flew through the air safely into Flitwick's arms informed the professor that he definitely had Harry's attention.

And so, it was time to test if Harry really was able to subconsciously make use of the magic within him to carry out actions that he wanted to do. So this time, he moved away, and simply spread his arms out, gesturing for Harry to come towards him. Obviously, it was impossible for him to do that, and the only way that the baby could even reach him would be to summon him.

At first, he simply pouted, tiny hands reaching out, wanting to play with the professor. However, Flitwick remained patient, choosing to wait and see how things play out. And true to his prediction, Harry did in fact, wandlessly and wordlessly summoned him. It was fascinating to see this child go to work, and from then on, Flitwick came up with all sorts of creative ways to get Harry to be more proactive in 'playing' with charms.

Needless to say, both had a fantastic time, and by the end of the day, it was with great regret that Flitwick said goodnight to Harry, thinking that it would be another week before he got to play with him again.

Thursday with McGonagall was extremely eventful. Young Harry simply sat there in his chair, and watched quietly as Minerva went about her daily duties. They had made a deal right from the start. If he could sit quietly until she finished her work, she would give him a surprise.

It absolutely warmed her heart when the infant seemed to understand her every word and obeyed her without much hesitation. It felt good to be trusted so quickly, though part of the reason was probably because she rescued him from that obnoxious Snape a few days ago. Speaking of which, perhaps she should remind herself to bring detergent to the next staff meeting. Severus might need a good old wash to ensure he doesn't corrupt dear Harry.

Shaking herself away from that line of thought and reminding herself that she will not act like a teenager out to declare a prank war, she hurried through the pile of documents on her desk.

She had been highly impressed when young Harry didn't even move once while she was working, those bright green eyes following her every move, gazing at her with the utmost interest. An infant staying still was never heard of, and to think that he was staying still because Minerva asked him to was even more impressive. Naturally, that only increased her adoration of the boy.

When she was done, she looked up to see Harry on her desk, waving his hands happily, wanting a hug from her as a celebration that they could finally have some fun. And hug him she did, embracing him lightly, nuzzling the boy's cheek gently, before smiling at him, "You've been a very good boy. As a reward, I'll be your playmate for the rest of the day."

At first, Harry tilted his head, not understanding what she meant, but then a moment later, instead of the nice old lady, a silver tabby cat with strange markings around its eyes appeared, and purred at him softly.

Gasping in delight, the infant proceed to spend the entire afternoon playing with it. It would be hours later when a tired McGonagall carried Harry off to bed.

Friday came, and it was off to Dumbledore's office. A lemon drop later, Harry was introduced to his lovely companion, Fawkes. The phoenix chirped melodically as it cuddled with Harry, clearly enjoying his presence. Next up was the Sorting Hat, and for some weird reason, Harry liked it a lot, using every opportunity he had to try and hide in it. Then there were those portraits of previous headmasters and headmistresses, and every single one of them had enjoyed watching young Harry bustle his way about the room. Dumbledore had released him from his usual bundle and allowed him to crawl as much as he wanted.

The boy was extremely thorough, examining every nook and corner he could find while Dumbledore simply sat back and observed him. Harry had immense potential and the future ahead of him seemed so straight forward. Any old plans that Albus had for Harry was thrown out of the window.

Given the current situation, Harry was well on his way to becoming the most powerful wizard ever to exist. Reason being that Harry was starting with about the same amount of magical energy as him, and he was well over a hundred years old. Magical cores within wizards and witches increase their output gradually over the years, and with constant use and training, the efficiency of that output will again increase, until it reaches a limit.

Harry was only one year old, and he was already on par with Dumbledore in terms of sheer magical essence, that is, the ability to feel and use magic from the surroundings. Quantity wise, he wasn't that far off either, after all, Voldemort was considered Dumbledore's equal. He would ensure the boy learned all that he could about magic, providing him with as many opportunities as he could, because he knew, right from the moment that Harry had silently apparated into Minerva's arms, that this boy was destined for great things.

Who knows, one day he might even change the entire wizarding world.

Chuckling to himself even as Harry continued to braid his beard throughout his thinking process, Dumbledore chided himself inwardly for treating Harry like an object. This was a child, Lily and James' child, and he would protect him, which was the only he could think of to even begin to apologize for his lack of effort in ensuring their safety.

He was just an old man who makes as many mistakes as one would expect from anyone else. He had flaws, he wasn't perfect, and he definitely should not have taken things for granted. Sighing to himself, he handed young Harry to Fawkes even as the bird carried the drowsy boy off to bed. The day had passed by with him simply gazing at the boy, his mind working furiously as to how he could help him to the best of his abilities, and then, Dumbledore finally came to a conclusion.

He would let the boy venture by himself. Overwhelming him with knowledge would do more harm than good. No, he had learnt from his mistakes, and he would not force Harry to go on a path that wasn't chosen by himself. He shall man his own destiny.

It didn't surprise him that Fawkes did not return that night.

Saturday was spent with Madam Pomfrey, who joyfully spent the day lecturing away about the importance of medicinal magic. There was quite a difference between that and restoration magic. Medicinal magic was more about how to administer health recovery on a long term basis, whereas restoration magic generally dealt with matters that require instant attention.

Surprisingly enough, Harry listened with rapt attention, not interrupting her even once, and when she finally ended, the glowing of Harry's eyes as he stared at all the bottles of liquids in the Infirmary had her proud. Surely this young one would grow up to become a sensible wizard who would not put himself in danger with reckless abandon, unlike some of his relatives.

The more interesting thing was that all throughout the 'lecture', Harry found himself submerged in a basin filled with some sort of liquid. And by the hour, Poppy would change the contents within the basin and get him to continue soaking, and only letting him out when it was time to eat.

It would be years later when Harry would joke about how he didn't even feel normal physical injuries anymore because of the multiple healing potions that Poppy had used on him in his childhood.

Sunday was about the same, Professor Babbling had done pretty much what Poppy had done, excluding the soaking bit, and choosing instead to let Harry play with runes. The runes were like a jigsaw puzzle, and she gave Harry as much room as he needed to play around with them, and to say she was amused that he solved pretty much all the puzzles she had set out for him within the day would be an understatement.

After being told of the truth as to why Harry Potter was brought to Hogwarts, she had created theories as to just what the magic could do for this young boy. She had prepared all week, coming up with different levels of puzzles just so that she could see for herself the true potential that lies within this boy. And he had passed with flying colours. It didn't surprise her that he could solve them, just that he did them at such a fast pace.

Of course, had it been a normal one year old, Bathsheda wouldn't have given them even a tenth of what she gave Harry.

The plus side to watching Harry work through the problems was that he had this extremely cute expression on his face when he needed to think. To him, it was probably something like, 'Aw, the pieces aren't in place! Why don't they fit?' or simple thoughts like that, when in actual fact, most of them required complicated thinking processes and logic to explain where each of the runes should go. The ease at which Harry worked through her problems had Bathsheda giving Harry a big kiss on the cheek as a reward. Needless to say, Harry slept extremely peacefully that night, given how he had used lots of brain power in the day.

It wouldn't be long before he awoke to the sounds of an outraged groan, followed by a shriek of "Not you again!" But given all that's happened, Harry really liked his first week here. And that was why with a smile, he proceeded to greet Snape the usual way.

"Get away from my desk now you little piece of – "


"Look at my desk! I don't believe this, he's doing it on purpose, isn't he?!"

"Ridiculous! He's but a child!"

And as the argument continued, young Harry merely smiled as he felt the mirth of his parents within him. They weren't really there, but somehow, he felt as though he had done the right thing.

His mother felt ever so close, her soft voice whispering to him in his sleep, making sure he was not alone, and his father, gently patting him as they gazed at him lovingly. They told him that they couldn't be with him physically anymore, but they would always be by his side, and he understood. Their magic was one with his, and he embraced the feeling of it.

Harry Potter wasn't alone, not by a far stretch. He had a family at Hogwarts, and one within his heart. He would never see his parents alive again, but they've never really died. They would live on forever within him, and he would make them proud, just as how he was going to make everyone at Hogwarts proud. That was his vow as a one-year old.

This was the beginning of his story.

And there's the end! Took me long enough.

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