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A Wizard's Magic

Chapter 3: Early Years

"Albus, would you please tell me exactly what compelled you to apparate a one year old overseas?"

"Now, now, Minerva, don't be mad – "

"Don't be mad? I'm not mad, I'm absolutely furious! Mad doesn't even begin to describe what I felt when I saw dear Harry get spirited away in your evil clasps as you found it fun to warp through space with a toddler!"

It would have been extremely amusing to watch the greatest wizard of their time being pummeled to death by mere words from his outraged female colleague, who mind you, was well known for a righteous temper already, however, the fact that Dumbledore wasn't completely at fault made it seem a bit too harsh.

The problem was that only Dumbledore himself knew that it wasn't his fault. Alas, no one would believe him. The fact that Minerva didn't even realize that mad and furious were pretty much the same description of 'rage' showed how angry she was, or perhaps she took his way of saying 'mad' as insane? If that was the case, then he would need to correct her as soon as possi –


Sighing, Dumbledore shook his head, "I assure you it wasn't my intention to do –"

"Then why did you do it?"

"… Minerva, would it be alright for me to finish my sentence before you yell at me?"

"No! I'll yell at you whenever I please because this is a serious matter! Endangering the life of a one year old! Really, and I thought you were better than this!"

"Very well, as I was saying, it wasn't my intention – "

"Oh give it up, you know I don't believe that so just get on with it."

Dumbledore stayed silent for awhile, his mind trying to find ways to express himself that it was Harry who blackmailed him to bring him to France. Then he realized that he might as well just tell Minerva the truth straight up, seeing how any decorating of words would be ripped apart viciously at the moment.

"It was Harry, who took the circumstances under control and compelled me to bring him with me."


Then, eruption.


"Yes, it is with deep regret that I gave in to him in the end, but I assure you this will not happen again."

"Are you telling me that a one year old was able to force the Headmaster of Hogwarts to do something he didn't want to?"

Well, when she put it that way…


"I see. Albus, not admitting that you were wrong was bad enough, but making excuses for your mistakes? And what's more, the excuse sounds so ridiculous that not even a baby would believe you!"

"Now, now, Minerva – "

"Don't you 'now, now' me! How could you say that about Harry! He's but an innocent child! You talk as if he were the mastermind of some complicated scheme!"

To be honest, he could be one… or perhaps he already was one.

"I tire from this conversation, Albus, we have more important things at hand. Where is Harry?"


"Well? Surely you brought him back with you after that irresponsible trip overseas. Knowing you, I trust you kept him safe." Her tone was borderline dangerous now, and quickly, as much to reassure her as it was to himself, he muttered, "He's safe, he's safe."

Breathing a sigh of relief, McGonagall continued, "Did you leave him with Poppy or something? I didn't see him when you came back."

"Well, about that, Minerva, I'm afraid circumstances arose."

The poor lady started, slowly craning her head back in the direction of her respected Headmaster, who was currently dropping off the respect scale at a speed faster than light, "And what, pray tell, did you do this time?"

Slightly affronted by her addition of the words 'this time', he grumbled, "It's not like I had a choice."

"What did you do?"

The emphasis on 'what' was not lost on Dumbledore and sighing inwardly, he braced himself, "He is currently enjoying tea with the Delacours."

The clock ticking by merrily was soon interrupted by the forceful outbreak that was Minerva McGonagall's horrified shriek, "YOU LEFT HIM IN FRANCE?"

This is going to be a long night…

Madame Anne, head of the maids in the household of the Delacours was faced with quite an interesting sight. On one hand, she would like nothing more than to let the dear boy sleep on comfortably, knowing that his formal meeting with her master must have tired him more than he had let on. Yet, the fact that he seemed to be rolling all over the bed with his stomach making more than a few grumbling noises woke the motherly instinct within her and brought her attention back to her task at hand.

This boy was definitely one of a kind. Not only did he shrug off Monsieur Lumière's threats as though they were mere wastes of breath, but he had been able to bring more than a few smiles to young Fleur's face. It was an accomplishment that not even Lady Belle had achieved. The other maids had all been eavesdropping on the howling conversation in the main living room and those who couldn't; had gossiped about it later. None of them missed the fact that the noise volume came mostly from Monsieur Lumière and the fact that he was constantly ignored might have spurred him on a bit.

Lady Belle absolutely adored the boy from what she could see. And frankly, Anne doubted that any woman with even a tiny sliver of motherly instinct within them would find it in their hearts to be able to dislike such a charming young gentleman. Imagine their shock when young Harry here introduced himself as being only a one year old!

The maids had broken into whispers and a few had even sighed in adoration as the boy broke into a perfect bow before Fleur as she introduced herself to him, properly this time.

Of course, the playful wink that he gave Lady Belle later on showed that he wasn't completely serious about it and preferred to take things in a lighter manner. Monsieur Lumière had ranted and raved and demanded to know who and where this 'rascal's' parents were, and that had got him the reply that his parents were dead already.

The cheerful way in which he said it would have horrified her to no end, had it not been for his second sentence, "It's okay though, they live on in me!"

Even Monsieur Lumière had gaped at his reply and was effectively shut up, while Lady Belle ensured that he stayed that way for a few more moments as she glared at him with that 'no-nonsense' stare of hers, and pulled young Harry into a deep embrace. The sighs that could be heard from the maids were proofs that they wanted to do the exact same thing right then.

It surprised her that Fleur was so calm, considering how she seemed to be so close to Harry, yet after realizing that the girl had her eyes locked onto the boy all the time, the concern was obvious.

Harry then chose that moment to cheerfully reply, "Oh! And I'm a Potter!"

For a while, no one thought anything of it, focusing more on the fact that a one year old could speak so fluently. Then the bomb dropped when even Lady Belle stiffened and stared at him in disbelief. She could almost hear the floor crack as Monsieur Lumière's jaw crashed onto it after that exclamation.

"Did you just say your name is Harry Potter?"

"Yep! That's my name!"

Feeling quite faint, the man had dropped back onto his favorite arm chair and eyed the wine on the table longingly. There really wasn't much else left to say. He couldn't harm this boy more than he could harm the Dark Lord. There went all his plans of torture for daring to taint his daughter with his touch.

Obviously, he was ignored as he continued his mutterings, whereas Lady Belle took control of the situation and turned to Fleur, "Did you know this?"

"Non." But the look in her eyes hinted that she wasn't as surprised as her parents.

Young Harry simply smiled, "I'm just Harry."

For some reason, her heart slowed back down to a regular beat at that, as though the raging thumping it was undergoing before was non-existent. The boy knew it himself that he was just Harry, just another little boy waiting to grow up, and could tell from their expressions that they were somewhat in awe and fear of his presence. After all, it's not every day you learned that the guest of your house defeated a Dark Lord a few months ago.

Lady Belle has taken a deep breath, then another one for reassurance, before giving a deep and firm nod, "You're absolutely right. You're just Harry." And with a smile, she had embraced him once again.

Anne could feel her heart go out to the boy as a dazzling smile lit up on his face. The happiness could be felt as it radiated off the boy, who was clearly happy to receive Lady Belle's affection.

Fleur had been the one to separate them and with a quick reminder that Harry probably needed rest, Belle had instructed Anne to take good care of the boy while she had a proper chat with Lumière in the time being. Fleur had simply waved goodbye to Harry with a small smile before going back to the room, whereas Harry had fallen asleep right after the wave and shrunk to the ground in a heap.

Luckily, Anne scooped him up in time and gently carried him off before he was surrounded by all the other maids who wanted a piece of this cute wonder and put him to bed. The reception she received as she entered the kitchen was loud beyond imagination, questions bombarded at her from all directions and it was finally with a trained sternness that put everyone in their place. She wasn't the head maid of this household for twenty years for nothing.

Realizing the boy was probably hungry from all the things that had happened, she quickly instructed the cooks to whip something up, before once again telling the maids that none were to disturb the poor boy. He would be in her care, orders from Lady Belle herself, and anyone trying to peek on the boy would be dealt with severely. It was a good thing everyone respected both Lady Belle and her that she was able to leave so soon with the tray of food.

That brought her back to the situation at hand, should she wake the boy up or let him sleep?

After ten more minutes of going either way in the dilemma, she finally decided on waking the boy up. Walking towards the bed, she quietly laid the tray of food on a table nearby, before reaching out to Harry. Wide eyes blinked as she lightly ruffled his hair after shaking him awake, before small hands reached out for her.

Smiling, she took him in her arms and carried him over to the table where he ate without the fuss one would expect from a one year old. As he finished, once again, she wiped his mouth clean very carefully, before carrying him back to the bed.

The poor boy looked exhausted and his eyes ever so sleepy. It tore at her heart that she had woken him and perhaps it was the wrong decision, but that thought was thrown out of the window even as Harry smiled widely and whispered, "Thank you. I liked that."

Nodding in satisfaction, the boy then surprised her yet again by giving her a chaste kiss on the cheek, before falling back onto the pillow, "Good night."

Her body running on auto pilot as she tucked him in, her mind still reeling over how absolutely adorable this boy was, Anne came to a conclusion.

We must keep him!

Meanwhile, Belle was having quite the discussion regarding the situation at hand. It wasn't with Lumière. It was surprisingly, with one Minerva McGonagall. The moment Harry went off to bed, Lumière had erased himself of any traces of humour and took on a serious attitude. He had no idea that the boy-who-lived was the one that Dumbledore brought with him, and needless to say, he felt quite offended that the old man would have kept this bit of information from him.

Belle had taken one look at her husband and let him do his thing. After all, she didn't marry this man for his veela powers. She was pleasantly rewarded with the sight of him flinging a handful of floo powder right into their fireplace after casting several spells. The green flames rose wildly and before long, the face of a tired Albus Dumbledore greeted them.

Lumière had frowned at his look, before shaking his head, "What game are you playing with me?"

Dumbledore blinked once, before realization dawned on him, "You must mean Harry."

"Harry Potter." The emphasis on the surname was not missed and Dumbledore sighed, "It wasn't my idea, I've been explaining over and over for the past hour that it wasn't my idea!" The desperate look on his face intrigued Lumière and after hearing the old man's side of things, he invited both Dumbledore and McGonagall over to his study.

International Floo was not only expensive to set up, but it took quite a bit of magic to maintain the gateways. Needless to say, McGonagall was impressed by it and from the looks she was giving their home, her animosity towards them seemed to decrease somewhat. After all, the appearance of one's habitat defined his or her tastes and life style, and with such luxury, it was unlikely that Harry would be ill-treated.

It was then decided that the males would do their own talking in their corner while the females have a quick chat. Belle had never been too fond of stiff people, and she had pointed that out right at the start of the conversation, requesting that Minerva relax, and the older woman had complied, if only slightly and the chat had kicked off. It started with small talk, introductions as to who they were, basic questions regarding Harry, and then it evolved into the passion of discussing Harry and their love for him and by the end of it, the two woman had a whole new respect for each other.

Lumière and Albus had cleared things up as well, with the French highly amused. The fact that he actually believed the barmy old man when he said that it was Harry's idea to come to France with him, not the other way around, made him chortle. His way of logic was quite simple compared to Minerva. Dumbledore had no reason to lie to him in such desperate manners, since the man had way more exquisite and elegant ways of letting him believe instead of doing everything short of kneeling and begging.

He knew what it was like to be pestered non-stop by a woman when said woman demanded truth from him even though he had already given the truth because she didn't believe him.

To express that emotion alone, one would have to look at the sentence above, shake his head, process the information, shake his head and finally look at it one more time before sighing in despair.

"So, is it alright if we keep Harry?" Belle had piped towards the end of their conversation.

Lumière had been tempted to roar out 'no' instantly, but deciding the sight of his wife tracing her nails was more than a tad too scary, he gave in and decided to concur.

Dumbledore looked at Minerva, who simply sighed and nodded, before answering, "I believe it would do Harry much good as well. It would be a nice change to experience a different culture at a young age."

"… Yes, indeed it will…" Lumière had to painfully hold himself back from blurting out that Harry had only been experiencing the so-called English culture for mere weeks and that there was no point in shoving him into a new culture at the age of one because he probably wouldn't even remember the English culture seeing how humans do not have memory before age one, but that point was moot because his wife had daintily placed her nimble hands on his back, signifying that any resistance would lead to extreme pain.

The fact that his thought process was taking form in longer and longer sentences as time passed annoyed him almost as much as the fact that he was inwardly hyperventilating because of these thoughts.

In the end, they had cheerfully bid the two English professors goodnight and sent them back their way through the Floo, well, Belle had cheerfully waved, while Lumière stood their glumly.

"Oh grow up, Lumière. Harry's adorable, you'll like him soon enough."

"I do like the boy, Belle, but Fleur – "

"Will not stay four years old forever."

"She's four now!"

"Harry's one."


"So nothing will happen."

Sighing, the head of the Delacour family sunk back into his chair, "Yes, yes, I know, but I just worry. How did Harry find out about Fleur? According to Dumbledore, the kid is magical in ways that we can't even begin to imagine!"

"I know, Lumière, but can't you see that Fleur's finally returning back to normal?"

"That's what I'm afraid of. What if he's doing something to her?"

"Now you're being paranoid. A non-veela charming a veela? Seriously?"

Lumière thought for a moment, before sighing, "Alright, I give. I'm being paranoid, but sue me, I'm a father."

Belle sat on the arm rest lightly and hugged him, "And I'm a mother. Trust me on this, I'm sure Mama would approve as well."

"Oh you women."

"And what of me?"

Lumière chuckled, "This has happened before, hasn't it, me going all bollocks worrying."

Belle smiled fondly, "Yes, when I gave birth to Fleur."


"Don't apologize silly, that's why I love you. You care, really care about us."

"Heh, when you have the most talented woman in the world, you know you have to care." Gathering her in his arms, he smirked, "Alright, I've made enough of a mess tonight, and I feel the need to redeem myself." Leaning forward, he gently nuzzled his wife's cheek, placing butterfly kisses down to her neck as he whispered, "Where's Maman?"

Enjoying her husband's attention thoroughly, she breathed, "Probably sleeping after all that research."

"Then I guess we need to retire to our bedroom as well. Shall we, ma chérie?"

"Être en tête, mon cher." (Lead the way, my dear)

Years went by and soon little Harry Potter reached the age of five. The entire family seemed to revolve around the prince and the princess at this point. It was like a fairy tale, typical boy meets girl, and then they live with each other, and eventually the prince will carry the princess far off into the distance and they will live happily ever after. Well, though the circumstances following the meeting was slightly different, there was no doubt that the entire Delacour family, from Madame and Monsieur Delacour down to the Anne and the other maids, were living in happiness every single day.

It was a simple equation. Fleur happy equals Lumière happy. Harry happy equals Belle and Anne happy. And when all of the above are happy, then pretty much, everyone else is happy. Of course, that was what Harry thought at that time, so excuse him if it seemed too simple.

Over the years, Lumière slowly grew to love the kid as his own. Despite the fact that it took him much longer than it took his wife to treat Harry like family, he soon came to discover the qualities that seemed to infatuate both Fleur and Belle, and pretty much everyone else within the household. For the first year, he still held some doubts about Harry, seeing how he was the boy who defeated the Dark Lord, but as time moved on, the more he interacted with him, the more he came to see the boy in a new light. It sounded corny but it was true.

Harry grew from a very active, constantly curious child, to a more calm and collected one. He would prefer to analyze things beforehand instead of rushing into the action like before. This was probably due to his constant interactions with Fleur. The girl really left an imprint on the boy, magic wise and personality wise. They never really left each other. They took lessons together, they practiced magical spells together, they did all sorts of stuff together. The most queer and peculiar lesson would be languages, where Harry and Fleur would sit silently side by side, with Fleur's head resting on Harry's lap, and a book of either French or English resting in front of them. They would sit there for a few hours and by the end of the lesson, Fleur's English skills would somehow have grown by a large margin.

Dumbledore and Lumière later on realized that the two children were able to communicate through their minds, a feat that should not be possible to anyone who hadn't undergone one form of ritual or another. This led to Lumière raging about how Harry had tainted his precious daughter again, which resulted in Belle rebutting every single argument he put forth leaving him a sputtering mess at the end of their 'civilized discussion'.

They had tried asking the children how this was possible, and surprisingly it was Fleur who replied, "Secret." She seemed perfectly fine with how she was being so intimate with Harry, and the boy too showed no signs of surprise. He, like Fleur, simply accepted the situation and made use of it. As children, they probably didn't realize the significance of their actions, but Lumière sure did and his reaction as to rage. Belle forced him to 'quit' in three seconds. Since then, Harry had dubbed the male Delacour's failure in an argument as a 'rage quit'. Years later, he would find out that it wasn't exactly right, but he would stick with it anyway.

Surprisingly, Lumière actually agreed to have Fleur be taught in the same way the Hogwarts Professors taught Harry. It was originally agreed that he would employ certain renowned French professors to introduce Fleur to the basics of magic. That plan failed quite miserably when Fleur turned them down, saying that they couldn't teach her anything more than what Harry was teaching her at the moment. Back then, the male Delacour thought that Fleur was mocking him, seeing how he could not for the life of him recall when Harry ever taught Fleur anything. He had questioned Belle and obtained the same answer. Anne and the other maids too replied in the negative.

Not one to give up so easily, even if it meant displeasing his precious daughter, Lumière called in a favor from the then Headmaster of the famed school of magic Beauxbatons. The man then sent two professors over as requested to educate his daughter. Or so they were told. After one lesson with Fleur, the two professors were shaking in so much fear and misery that they had to be obliviated. Lumière had to pick up his jaw after asking just what exactly she had done to make them react like this.

The beautiful young girl replied softly, "Papan, I did everything they requested. I suppose it is in their nature, brutes like them are not made to withstand my elegance."

Flinching backwards at the harsh comment, he was about to retort when young Harry had appeared beside her frowning. The boy shook his head once, before flicking Fleur on the forehead, as though chiding her for being so impolite. To his absolute horror, his daughter actually seemed down for a second or two, before recovering and bowing before apologizing.

Apparently, the two professors had tested her with theory and practical skills suited for her age, and had steadily increased the difficulty of the questions from there. Fleur had answered every single question with textbook answers. That, plus the fact that the two professors were somewhat affected by her Veela charm made them all the more nervous, especially since she seemed to be extremely annoyed at having to answer the questions in the first place. It was as though she were toying with them.

Dumbledore, having heard the news, travelled over and offered to let a few Hogwarts professors have a go at teaching them. After much debate, Lumière agreed and hence, Professor Babbling and Flitwick arrived the next afternoon, primed and ready to go. The Ancient Runes professor was greeted with a warm hug from Harry, followed by a quick kiss on the cheek, whereas the old Charms professor found himself floated towards Harry as he hugged him as well. Such easy manipulation of magic shocked those at the scene, for ever since that day Harry had lived with them, they had not witnessed anything out of the norm regarding the young British boy.

Fleur however, merely waited at his side, with grace and elegance one would not expect even from a teenage Veela, looking far more mature than she should. At that moment, Belle couldn't help but gasp, it was as though Fleur knew where her place was – by Harry's side. Completely unlike her attitude against the French professors, Fleur gave a perfect curtsey, before introducing herself in fluent English, complete with a gentle smile on her face.

To say they were shocked would be an understatement, mere days ago, Fleur had no idea the English language existed, so how? All they did was stare at books all day long! Surely no one could understand literature just like that? Even if they were both geniuses, it still felt unreal. Furthermore, the typical British greeting was executed to perfection, showing just the right amount of respect and warmth in her greeting. Flitwick was very impressed with her, as was Babbling, however, as they interacted with her more through tests and conversation, that impression would go on to become admiration.

Babbling thought she had found the one and only gem within Harry when she had taught him how to solve those puzzles, and yet with Fleur, she could do all the things that she did with Harry, yet Fleur would always stop at a certain level. It wasn't that she couldn't do anything beyond that, but more along the lines of pacing herself. She would challenge herself for puzzles that she had trouble solving, and perhaps give it one hundred and ten percent before either stopping or successfully finishing it.

Like Harry, she knew her limits really well, and was able to use everything within those limits, in a variety of ways to solve the puzzles. Babbling had the utmost pleasure in testing her and could only smile widely when Fleur gave her a bow after finishing the tests. The grin on Harry's face as Fleur finished led her to believe that the boy had as much influence on her as she did on him. The test with Harry was much harder than any other she had ever given him, and he had passed with flying colours. You could just tell from the way they processed things. A puzzle could be solved in many different ways. Some would stick to one fixed way, whereas others would use the theory and create ways for themselves. Fleur was the latter, and Harry would seem to belong with her now.

Harry used to bombard his way (successfully) through any puzzle she gave him. Not quite the most eloquent way of doing things, but nevertheless it got the job done (he was only one year old after all). Gone was the brute force, and in its place stood finesse so fine that she was quite surprised to be honest. The progress he had made was extremely impressive.

For Flitwick, there wasn't really a test for Harry seeing how the boy had summoned him over like usual, and for Fleur, he brought out toys. Yes, toys of all sorts – dolls, doll houses, cars, toy soldiers, a mixed variety of toys aimed at both sexes. And then, he asked her to play with them, at a distance. She was told that she wasn't really expected to do anything, so if she felt that she couldn't reach them, then she was to inform him.

Fleur frowned, before shaking her head. She gave a longing look towards Harry, who simply shrugged. Then, with great resolution, she began to maneuver the toys. This was charms way beyond even the fourth year at Hogwarts. Minute manipulation of action figures to cartwheel, flip, backflip and all sorts of other acrobatics was extremely difficult, and yet here she was, playing them with… boredom, it would seem.

Harry would later inform Flitwick that Fleur has no interest in toys. The short professor would be intrigued and ask why. Veela children liked toys like any other children, so Flitwick thought it was probably due to growing up in this family. The boy-who-lived simply smiled and grinned, "I'm here."

And as though giving him a demonstration, he gestured to his hair, and in a blink of an eye, changed length and colour five times. Again, respective jaws smashed through the floor. It seemed like metamorphism, it looked like metamorphism, it felt like metamorphism but…

Dumbledore had rejected that line of thought and said that Harry wasn't changing his entire outlook as a whole. A metamorphist imagines what he or she looks like before changing the entire body to look like it. Harry is merely changing a certain part of his body with the enhancement of magic, causing alteration of hormones and other messengers of the body to interact with the related cells. This allowed him to change his hair at will without forethought. It was like inputting a 'random' in the calculator and getting a random number just like that, not that any of them knew what a calculator was.

Fleur had then walked over and began playing with his hair, treating him like her own Barbie doll. Funnily enough, it was Belle who spoke up first, "Hm, that saves a lot of trouble." Lumière had snorted and said, "More like saves a lot of money."

That got him death glared and he had to take a phoenix down to recover from the status effect. Wait, what?

Dumbledore once again stared at Harry, who held a smirk so wide that it looked pretty scary on him.

He's just one year old, just a one year… oh who am I kidding?

With that, it was proven that Fleur was well beyond the level that Lumière thought, and was agreed that the professors of Hogwarts would have a part in her teaching, as they do now with Harry. When the professors were busy, they would peruse the books in the vast library present in the Delcour Mansion.

And the days began to fly by, to this day, where he was five.

By now, Dumbledore was well used to the random flashbacks that appeared in his head every time Harry smiled at him, and hence, didn't think much of it. Normally, people would be disoriented and perhaps crazed after so much exposure, but since the Headmaster was already barmy in the first place, it didn't do as much damage as it should. Maybe that was why Harry only did it to his favorite beard provider. (At the age of five, he still braids his beard.)

He was expected to be at the Delacours for another five days, and hence, it was understandable that Harry felt it necessary to prank him, on behalf of the entire family, seeing how the French as snobbish and arrogant as LumièreDelacour do not like being surprised like that. Least, that was what Harry thought.

They were like father and son, yes, but the momentary glares and snarls that he emitted whenever Harry was with Fleur had him more than a bit annoyed. Him being annoyed would result in him confiding in his wonderful, darling, glorious, beautiful, charming, fascinating mother, Belle Delacour, who would then death glare Lumière.

"Harry, I would appreciate it if you don't monologue within my mind, it is quite disconcerting."

"Oh, oops."

Over the last few years, Harry had constant contact with his birth parents, sort of. It was spiritual, he could feel their warmth, the hugs and kisses and the words of joy and care, and it would last, but he never 'saw' or 'felt' them. They were just there. But he didn't mind, because the emotions they broadcasted was enough to make him feel safe, and besides, he had Belle and Lumière to act at his parenting figures, so it wasn't that big a deal. Fleur was always by his side, so he never felt sad anyway.

The past few years saw their relationship grow. It was quite fascinating, they were like magnets, opposites attracting each other, drawing them towards one another at night, their hearts as one, their body drawn close. They ravished each other, their lips overwhelming the other, their breaths ragged, their –


"Alright, alright, it's just a joke, geez."

"I do not need images of stuff like that when you're but a five year old!"

"So you need them when I'm legal?"


No, no, their relationship was pure, none of those R-rated stuff yet. He suspected he got his pranking tendencies from his dad, but who knows, maybe Dumbeedore was just that fun to tease. Wait, Dumbledore, no more Dumbee. He was five and he's a man now! Or so James Potter had said. To which he also got death glared by Lily, spiritually of course.

Back on topic, his relationship with Fleur had grown –

"Harry, I'm warning you."

"Relax, it's normal this time."

– and they felt extremely comfortable together. Fleur had come to accept him as an immoveable part of her life. Every time they were together, their magic was in harmony, at peace and tranquil. Ever since the day they met, Fleur had never again experienced another ounce of anxiety or irritation like she did before, and when Grandmaman made a note of that, she had smiled cheerfully and nodded in the affirmative. Her grandmaman was surprised but glad, and kept it a secret from Lumière. It wouldn't do for her son to go on a rampage yet.

"I must insist that you stop. Harry, I'm here because I need your help."

Dumbledore and Minerva sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-


"Okay, okay, that was a bit too much, even for me."

Shaking his head in exasperation, Dumbledore sighed, "The arithmancy professor has recently retired, and we are examining applicants. Would you mind coming with me and helping me pick one?"

Blinking, Harry stared owlishly at the headmaster, "And why would I help you pick one? I haven't done Arithmancy."

Silence reigned, and Dumbledore had to take off his glasses, wipe them, put them back on, and stare back at the little devil sitting across him, "Yes, you have."

"Have not."

"Please Harry, let's not do this."

"I have not."

"You have."

"Have not."

"I assure you, you have."

"I have not."


"Have not."

"Yes you have!"

"Oh… I have?"


"So I haven't done Arithmancy?"

"Yes! I mean, NO!"

"You are contradicting yourself professor~"

"I am not!"

"Oh yes you are~"

"I most definitely am not!"

"So I have done Arithmancy?"

"No you have not!"

"Well there we go then. How can I help you?"

"You… You…"

Point to Harry.

"Fleur, go save the Professor from his misery. It wouldn't do for him to go crazy here in France, I don't think he would take well to our asylum."

"Oui Maman."

"Venez mon cher, arrêtez de le taquiner." Come my dear, stop teasing him.

"Oh, mais il est ainsi amusant." Oh, but it's so amusing.

"Oui, je sais, mais…" Yes I know, but…

"D'accord, je m'arrêterai." Alright, I'll stop.

"Merci beaucoup." Thank you very much.

"Je vous en prie." You're welcome.

The conversation ended with a kiss on Harry's cheek, which was returned, before the boy turned back to the famed British wizard who had imaginary smoke coming out of his ears.

"I do not have smoke coming out of my ears."


"Je plaisante juste, désolé ma chérie." I'm just joking, sorry dear.

Gathering her into his arms, he grinned at Dumbledore, "So, when are we leaving?"

Staring at his Cheshire grin warily, the headmaster mumbled, "As soon as possible."

"Well, we'll see you there then. Au revoir~"

And just like that, both children disappeared.

"They are certainly a handful, aren't they?"

"My dear madam, how on earth do you handle that little rascal?" Sinking back into his chair, the old man felt his age for the umpteenth time that day.

Belle Delacour chuckled before answering, "Harry seems to love me in a different way, using cuddles and hugs, instead of pranks and jokes. Lumière often suffers the same fate as you."

Sighing one last time, he bid the lady farewell and apparated back to Hogwarts.

Septima Vector sat patiently in the waiting room. It had been ten years since she had left Hogwarts as a graduate. She had loved numbers as a kid, finding them absolutely fascinating. She would sit by herself for hours and hours trying to figure out equations, mathematical theory and all things related to numbers that she rarely ever went out of her way to make friends. As such, she grew up as a loner, if you will, not that she really minded because thinking required silence, and with little friends came lots of nice, peaceful silence.

Of course, she had a few that she could confide in and chat with when she wasn't working out equations but really, no one really focused on her back in Hogwarts. Her porcelain face, pale complexion, long shapely legs and admirable bust only served to get boys to leer at her wherever she went, and that did not help her as she found their advances foolish and annoying. They would always want a date with her, try to get in her pants and if that fails, would try to at least get her to go down on them. As if she would be so stupid as to fall for their 'manly' charms. Multiple rejections soon had her in the 'cool' category of girls, and from then on, her peace and quiet continued.

Arithmancy was a subject combining numbers and magic. She found it extremely intriguing by the fact that those two could be related. Normally, when one talked about magic, it was all flash and bang, extravagant fireworks, serious firepower and stuff like that. Numbers, what? So how could the two be the primary constituents of a subject? To answer those questions, she took Arithmancy and fell in love with it.

It happened to everyone, where they eventually found something they loved doing, only for her, it wasn't stuff like Quidditch or Chess, it was Arithmancy. So here she was, waiting to meet the Headmaster and try to convince him that she deserved the position. It was a pretty intense competition, about five applicants had gone in already and yet they had all come out depressed. Why that was they wouldn't say, so Vector had to continuously guess what monstrous being resided behind those doors, tearing down those confident auras that those applicants held (and they definitely could hold them, seeing how Vector recognized at least two international award holders for breakthroughs in Arithmancy).

She was about to hyperventilate when a cool voice called out, "Next."

Startled, she quickly shook herself out of her reverie, took in a deep breath, and whispered, "Okay, just relax…"

Readying herself mentally, she closed her eyes and walked through the doors, trying to ignore the gazes of pity and sympathy from the other applicants. She expected a lot of things, maybe a whole jury of people waiting to cross examine her, maybe Professor Dumbledore putting on an extremely evil presence, or maybe even getting Professor McGonagall to help him scare people away.

Vector was partly right, there was a jury, but merely the current residing Professors, after all, the new professor had to be one they all approved of. Dumbledore set in the middle, putting on a very amiable aura, unlike the one she had guessed. Everyone was all smiles, smiles like predators but still smiles.

The peculiar bit was a pair of children sitting in front of the table. The girl had silky blonde hair accompanied with smooth vibrant skin, her posture hinted at her grace and elegance, those half-lidded eyes of blue seemed ever so alluring. It was quite unnerving to see a girl so young hold such terrifying beauty. The boy was even scarier, his hair was short, black and messy, his face younger than that of the girl, but those eyes, those green eyes, they seem to stare right through her soul. Shivers ran down her spine the moment she made contact with them. It wasn't scary per se, but it still held a mysterious feeling, not exactly welcome in a situation as a job interview.

Quickly getting over this, she bowed to the professors, and to the two children, before taking her seat. Professor Dumbledore nodded jovially, and asked, "Septima Vector?"


"Very well."

And she waited.

And waited.

And waited.

This was surprising, weren't they going to ask her any questions?

All throughout the wait, the boy had stared at her without blinking. And she had stared back, not knowing what else to do. For some strange reason, she was fascinated by this boy. Everything about him felt so right, and though the eyes still felt creepy, she passed that off as the curiosity of a child. The girl didn't pay her much attention, choosing to continue drawing circles on the boy's chest as she lay against him. Normally, their intimacy would have surprised her, but again, she passed this off as some sort of test and ignored it.

To be perfectly honest, Vector had never really had much interaction with children. Sure, she had been one once, but that was the extent of it, she had been pursuing her career and really, felt no need to get involved in relationship matters. She was still young and definitely had the assets (physical or monetary wise) to secure her future. The problem resided in the opposite sex, not one male fit to be her husband had appeared, and since she wasn't really trying that hard to find one in the first place, it wasn't a surprise that she hadn't found anyone that she liked. She had never fantasized about having children, seeing how her mother always reminded her what a menace she was when she was young, but this boy made her feel the need to hug him, to care for him and nurture him.

He had a face that was supposed to be naïve and immature but it wasn't. He gave off a maturity that seemed unreal, perhaps even more so than her and the feel of magic that he was exuding emitted warmth and happiness. The fact that she could even feel the magic of his was impressive for she had not known a child to be able to give off an aura. This boy couldn't be more than five years of age, and yet his ease at handling a situation like this was incomprehensible.

The staring contest continued for a while longer, before the boy gave a wide smile, clambered over the table and placed a kiss on her cheek, "She passes!"

What? She passed? Just like that? Something wasn't adding up.

As Vector was still acting like a deer in the spotlight, Dumbledore gave a nod and smiled, "Well then, Professor Vector, we'll see you next Monday. Feel free to move into the castle anytime, the elves would be more than happy to assist you."

Nodding dumbly, she was ushered politely out of the room and before long, she was in Hogsmeade, back in the inn where she was slowly getting the shock out of her system and realizing she was hired.

Touching her cheek where the boy kissed, she shivered. There was only one thing she could easily conclude after that session.

That boy was freaky.

In a good way.

"So Harry, what made you decide on her?"

"Yeah, did you see through her soul or something?"

"Maybe you saw her magic?"

"Her aura perhaps?"

Being bombarded with questions by all the professors (except Snape), he merely grinned, "No."

Surprised at his answer, Dumbledore couldn't help but dig his own grave and ask, "Then why did you choose her?"

"She looked pretty and nice."




"What, that's it?"


"… Serious?"

"Yep! She was really, really pretty."

"So, you chose her because she was pretty, nothing else."


"Oh dear."

The Headmaster of Hogwarts had just chosen a professor of Arithmancy because she was pretty.

That didn't sound too nice.

"Come now, Harry, there must be something else."

"Well, she kept staring at me."

"… But all the applicants stared at you."

"They started crying towards the end."

"That's true, but even so – "

"She didn't blink."


"She can concentrate~"

"I… see."

So Septima Vector was picked because she was pretty and because she could concentrate. Arithmancy equaled (=) numbers with magic equaled (=) needed concentration to teach.

There, that sounded much better. Now Hogwarts' headmaster wouldn't be seen as a shallow, old pervert who picked professors based on their admirable appearances.

Fleur on the other hand, had a small smile as she moved towards Harry, "She was pretty?"

The boy nodded before taking her into his arms, wanting to go back to the Delacours for afternoon tea, "Yeah."

"Prettier than me?" Her eyes locked onto his.

"Hm… no. Close, but no."

"No lies?"

Harry didn't reply, but instead bid farewell to the respective professors, before reaching into his magic. Turning back to a curious Fleur, he chuckled, before whispering into her ear just as they disappeared, "Quand vous devenez la déesse vous êtes destinés pour être, vous comprendrez que je n'ai jamais besoin de vous mentir de votre beauté."

When you become the goddess you are destined to be, you will understand that I need never lie to you about your beauty.

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