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Death of a hero

Minato Namikaze should have been a very happy man. He was one of, if not the, best shinobi in the Elemental Nations, he was the Yondaime Hokage, he was married to the love of his life, Kushina Uzumaki, and, best of all, his firstborn son was going to come to the world at any moment now.

However, he was not in a good mood at all. Why you ask? Because that blasted Kyuubi no Kitsune had decided that now of all times it wanted to attack Konoha.

Right now, he was at his office with his sensei, Jiraiya of the sannin, and the previous Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, trying to come up with a way to stop it. And they had only found one such way. And neither Jiraiya nor Sarutobi were happy with it. The Shiki Fujin.

Minato ignored their pleas to let them do it. Not only it was his duty as Hokage, he was also the only one powerful enough to pull it off. He disappeared in a yellow flash, heading to the hospital. Sarutobi and Jiraiya quickly shunshined there as well.

When they arrived, they moved towards Kushina's room. When they arrived, they saw Kakashi, who had stayed there, sitting on the floor crying. Minato ran to his side.

"Kakashi, what happened? Are Kushina and Naruto all right?"

"Minato-sensei. Kushina… Kushina…"

Minato didn't wait for him to finish, but rushed into the room. He came back after a while, Naruto in his arms and Tsunade of the sannin coming behind him.

Jiraiya and Sarutobi shivered when they saw Minato. He no longer was the Yondaime Hokage that almost every person in Konoha loved and idolized. He was the Yellow Flash, the man whose mere name was enough to send enemy shinobi running. And he was furious.

"Kyuubi will pay for this." said Minato, his voice low and deadly, his chakra flaring around him. Then he disappeared in a yellow flash.

Jiraiya and Sarutobi ran top Tsunade. "Tsunade, what happened?" asked Sarutobi.

"The birth was difficult. Even with all my skill, I would barely be able to keep her alive under normal conditions. With Kyuubi's chakra and KI (killing intent) affecting her though…" said Tsunade, with tears falling from her eyes.

They all wanted to take some time to mourn her. However, with Minato in the battlefield, facing the Kyuubi, they didn't have that luxury. They shunshined after him.

Minato arrived at the battlefield and grew even angrier than before, seeing shinobi laying dead all around it. He bit his thumb, went threw few quick handsigns, and slammed his hand to the ground. A huge cloud of smoke enveloped him, and when it cleared he was standing on top of a giant toad's head.

Gamabunta, seeing the fox, instantly knew what was going to happen. "You are going to use the seal, aren't you, Minato?" asked the giant toad.

"I am, Gamabunta. It was good knowing you. Think you can hold it off long enough for me to finish?" said Minato.

"I'll try"

"You better do it Gamabunta. Otherwise, we're all dead. LISTEN TO ME ALL OF YOU!! RETREAT KNOW!! I'LL TAKE CARE OF IT!!!" shouted Minato to his shinobi, who were more than happy to obey.

Kyuubi looked surprised at the giant toad and the man on top of him who entered the battle. The toad was nothing special, but the man was another story. The fox was capable of sensing others' power, and this man could be an even match for Rokubi. Kyuubi had never before encountered a man so powerful.

From the sidelines, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Sarutobi looked on as their friend and Hokage fought the Kyuubi alongside with Gamabunta. They knew they would only burden him if they interfered.

They watched as Minato started going through handsigns. They watched as Gamabunta tried to stall the fox, in the end almost losing his left eye at the fox's claws.

They watched as Minato finished with the handsigns, whispered something to Naruto's ear, and then threw one of his special three pronged kunais at the fox's head.

Minato appeared on the fox's head in a yellow flash, just as the Shinigami finished with its preparations behind him.

While the Shinigami's appearance was unexpected, Kyuubi was sure that it would not be a problem. After all, whether or not the Shinigami managed to take the fox's soul depended on his summoner's strength. And while the human was powerful, he did not have enough power to match Kyuubi.

However, Kyuubi hesitated for a second. The fox could sense the newborn the man held in his arms, and only that crazy tanuki, Ichibi, would kill a newborn. That single moment of hesitation was all the Shinigami needed to separate Kyuubi's soul and body. Minato immediately did the seals required to seal the former inside Naruto.

Just as the fox's body disappeared, Gamabunta caught Minato and Naruto with his tongue, gently lowering them to the ground. As this happened, Minato heard the Shinigami talking to him. "You are very brave for a human. As a reward for this and for sacrificing so much to save your home, I'll not devour you. I'll let you move on."

Just as Minato and Naruto touched the ground, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Sarutobi and Tsunade appeared next to them. With his last strength, Minato placed one kiss on Naruto's forehead and gave him to Sarutobi. Knowing that his life was closing to its end, he spoke to them.

"Listen to me my friends. Make sure that he is seen as a hero. If he is mistreated, I promise I'll come back and destroy Konoha myself. And, Sarutobi, good luck with the paperwork."

With one last laugh at the look on Sarutobi's face and one last look at his son, Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage, Konoha's Yellow Flash, left his last breath. His last thought was 'I'm coming, Kushina.'

Some time later, Sarutobi entered the council chamber, accompanied by Kakashi, who was carrying Naruto. Sarutobi took his seat and looked at the council members.

The shinobi side of the council, which consisted of the clan heads, were looking eager to get over with this meeting so that they could return to their houses and assess the damage done by the fox.

The civilian members were bickering amongst themselves. 'Probably trying to find a way to profit from the situation. Heck, they probably don't care for all the shinobi lives lost today.' thought Sarutobi disgusted.

His thoughts were interrupted by the Hyuuga clan head, Hiashi. "What is the purpose of this meeting, Sandaime-sama? I'm sure we all have work to do. And where is Yondaime-sama? "

Sarutobi tried to think the most appropriate way to break the news to them, but as he opened his mouth to speak he was interrupted yet again by a sound he didn't expect to hear…giggling.

A few moments back:

When Kakashi entered the chamber, he sat down at the Hokage's right, between him and the youngest member of the council, the 19-year-old head of the Inuzuka clan, Tsume.

Tsume looked curiously at the newborn sleeping in Kakashi's arm, as did the one-year-old sitting on her half dog, half wolf partner Kuromaru, her daughter, Hana.

Before her mother could stop her, she sat up and, moving over to Naruto, softly stroke his cheek. This however was enough to wake the baby up. Naruto opened his eyes and looked at Hana. For a moment, bright blue met deep brown, before Tsume and Kuromaru walked over.

"I told you to stay close to me, Hana.", Tsume scolded her daughter lightly. Then she turned to Naruto. "Hello, pup. I'm Tsume Inuzuka, this is my daughter Hana and this is my partner Kuromaru." said Tsume jokingly, knowing that there was no way that he understood her.

Kuromaru approached the baby and started sniffing it. Kakashi looked a little uncomfortable at this. Everyone would be when a big half wolf who could eat a baby in one bite was sniffing said baby. Naruto giggled and reached to grab Kuromaru's fur. Well, almost everyone.

Tsume smiled seeing this and picked Naruto up, placing him on Kuromaru's back. Naruto smiled at her and started laughing happily.

Everyone smiled at this, finding it cute. Well, everyone except Konoha's resident icebergs, Danzo and Uchiha Fugaku. Sarutobi started to believe that they wouldn't take the news as bad as he feared.

Then Kuromaru spoke. "May I ask something, Hokage-sama?" Sarutobi nodded and the half wolf continued. "Can you explain why the pup has two smells?"

"Two smells? How does he smell? And don't start on why I didn't catch it, you know your nose is better than mine." asked Tsume.

Kuromaru chuckled and answered. "Well, the first smell, which is completely his own, has a… feral quality to it, even more potent than yours Tsume. The second smell, which is NOT his own, is that of a…"

"A fox, right?" interrupted the Hokage.

Kuromaru nodded in affirmative. "Yes. How do you know this, Hokage-sama?" he asked.

Sarutobi sighed. 'Well, I won't find a better chance than this.' He then proceeded to tell them all that had transpired, although he hid from them the fact that Naruto was Minato's son.

As soon as he finished, the civilian side of the council started to shout, asking for the death of the boy, only to be silenced by a massive amount of KI from the shinobi in the room, the greatest amount coming from Sarutobi, Kakashi and, surprisingly, Tsume.

Danzo shot at Naruto a surprised look. "All this killing intent in the room and he doesn't even flinch. Normal newborns would have started crying with one tenth of that amount. What's up with this kid?"

Tsume snorted "Didn't you hear what Hokage-sama told us? The pup felt the full force of the Kyuubi's KI. Do you honestly think that all our KI combined is enough to match the fox's? Not a chance."

Inside Naruto, a nine-tailed fox heard this and smirked smugly. 'Interesting woman. Have to keep my eye on her.'

Back with the council, Danzo was making plans. "I demand the boy be given to me for training so he can become a loyal weapon of Konoha."

"Denied, Danzo. I want Naruto to have as normal a life as possible. And to that end, all of you are forbidden from telling anyone that he has Kyuubi sealed inside him. This is an SS-class secret. Revealing it will result in instant execution." said Sarutobi, radiating KI.

Tsume spoke next. "Hokage-sama, if that is your wish, why not let me adopt him. I'm the only one with a child near his age, so I'm the one most suited to take care of him. Plus, it seems that Hana and Kuromaru already took a liking to him. Moreover, if Kuromaru said that he smells feral, it might mean that he has a relation with my clan. And even if he isn't, my clan is the one better suited to teach him about it. Finally, if he is indeed Kushina's son, it's my duty to take care of him. She was my best friend after all."

Sarutobi smiled. "Unfortunately, Tsume, I've already checked him and he has no detectable relation with anyone in this room… or any other living person in Konoha. His parents died in the attack. Don't ask who his father is, I've promised him not to reveal it to anyone but Naruto. Still, your other reasons are more than enough. You have my permission."

Danzo interrupted however. "Not so fast Sarutobi. The brat is a civilian. The council must agree with this."

Sarutobi gritted his teeth. Danzo was, unfortunately, right. "Very well Danzo, we will vote for it. Who agrees and who is doesn't with Tsume Inuzuka adopting Naruto Uzumaki?"

All the civilians and Danzo immediately said that they disagree, while Sarutobi's teammates said that they didn't care.

Sarutobi sighed in relief. If all the shinobi agreed with the adoption, then there would be just enough votes for it to happen.

Sarutobi, who was both Hokage and head of the Sarutobi clan and thus had two votes, spoke first. "I agree with the adoption."

Hatake Kakashi, head and last surviving member of the Hatake clan was next. "I too agree with it." he said, eye-smiling at Tsume.

The Aburame head, Shibi, was next. "Tsume-san's arguments were perfectly logical. I agree with the adoption."

"Troublesome… I agree as well." said Shikaku Nara, lazily as always. His two teammates, Inoichi Yamanaka and Chouji Akimichi, each head of his respective clan, agreed with him.

"Needless to say, of course I agree" said Tsume.

The Hyuuga head, Hiashi thought this over for a while. While he didn't really care what would happen to the boy, Kushina had once save his life during a mission. Seeing this as the chance to repay his debt, he too agreed.

The only clan head who hadn't voted yet was the head of the Uchiha clan, Fugaku. Everyone turned to him, only to see him engaged in a whispered argument with his wife, Mikoto, which ended when he slapped her.

Now, this surprised everyone in the room for three reasons. One, because he did it in front of the entire council. Two, because the signs that Mikoto was pregnant could be seen already, and even an idiot knew better than to hit a pregnant woman. And three, because Mikoto, who was known as the second best Kunoichi of Konoha after Kushina Uzumaki, would let him.

Fugaku turned to them smirking, ignoring the looks they send him. "I… disagree with the adoption."

Every shinobi in the room looked crestfallen at this, many glaring daggers at Fugaku, while the civilians were cheering.

Sarutobi sighed. "Fine, Naruto will be placed in the orphanage. Kakashi, can you take him there please? This meeting is adjourned."

Sarutobi looked on as everyone filed out of the room. 'Damn it all!! Is that the best I can do? No. I'm the Hokage for Kami-sama's sake. I'm the law in this village. It's time I reminded them of that. First thing in the morning, I'm taking Naruto to Tsume, and the civilians and Danzo can fuck themselves for all I care. And I must do something about Fugaku.' Little did Sarutobi know that he would regret his decision to wait till morning for years to come.

A shadow approached Naruto's crib as he slept, not making a single noise. It was dressed like an ANBU, but had a blank mask. The shadow took out a kunai and raised above the newborn's head.

The member of ROOT, a group of ANBU loyal only to Danzo, was going to complete the order given to him by Danzo-sama and kill the demon child. However, despite his orders and his wish to follow them, he couldn't lower his arm. For some reason, he couldn't bring himself to harm the boy.

Not understanding why that happened, and thinking that it was the work of the fox, he decided to do something different.

He picked up the boy and shunshined out of there. Within a few minutes, he was inside Konoha's most dangerous place, the forest of death. Naruto, surprisingly, hadn't awakened. The ROOT ANBU moved towards the center of the forest.

When he reached it, he moved to the ground, intending to leave the boy there. When his feet touched the ground, he didn't see the three figures with golden eyes watching him, hidden in the forest's shadows and foliage. And when he put Naruto down and turned to leave, he didn't understand fast enough that the figures have jumped on him, teeth and claws ready to kill him.

The last thing he saw as his life left him, was the things that attacked him moving towards Naruto. His last thought was 'I completed my mission, Danzo-sama.'

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Yugao Uzuki

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