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Chapter 3

Of tests and teams

Naruto woke up with a yawn. He had to admit, while it took some time to get to sleep, it was the most comfortable and relaxed sleep of his life. He looked next to the bed and saw Nawaki sleeping with a relaxed face as well.

Naruto got up and went to the bathroom to take a bath. A cold one. Once he was finished he looked himself on the mirror. His skin was perfect, without a single scar thanks to Kyuubi, despite the numerous injuries he had over the years.

'You look yummy.' said a voice in his head, giggling.

Naruto rolled his eyes. 'Calm down, you horny vixen. I just woke up. You need to find a better hobby than looking at me naked. And the whole thing with the dreams is getting rather old by now.' thought back Naruto.

'Maybe, but you're still reacting at them.' teased the voice in his head, which was of course Kyuubi.

'Maybe, but I'm not acting on them, like I know you want me to. Enough of that. How serious do you think I should get today?' replied Naruto.

Kyuubi sent him the mental equivalent of a shrug. 'Serious enough to show them that you can kick their asses six ways from Sunday with ease, but not serious enough to let them guess how good you can really be. Just make an exception for that Hyuuga. He seemed to have a stick way too far up his ass for his own good. I'm sure you know the best way to humiliate him. Are you going to look at your father's scroll now?'

'Not now. It's almost time.It seems we relaxed too much and overslept. I must find a way to make sure it won't happen again. I can't afford to be careless. Not now, not ever.' said Naruto.

He moved to his brother/partner and kicked him awake. "Rise and shine, sleepyhead. It's almost time for my test. Get your lazy ass up. Or I will make you play guardian to the cubs for the next month."

Nawaki was up and awake faster than you could blink. "Damnit Naruto, there is no need to be cruel simply because I overslept." Then he saw Naruto laughing and understood that he was fooled…again.

"I will get you one of these days." he mumbled. Then he smirked. "Did you sleep well? Had some nice dreams today too?"

Naruto threw him a pillow. "Shut up and get your ass moving. I have work to do. Pass my test, learn my team and then see the scroll my father left me. After that… we will see then."

After they left the mansion, they took the rooftops to avoid been seen. Soon enough, they reached training ground 7 and saw everyone assembled. They approached them. "Good morning people. I'm a busy person, so let's get straight to business. Who is my first victim, err, I mean opponent? And please introduce yourselves as well." he said with a smile that reminded everyone of Anko a little bit too much for their comfort.

Then he saw a man that wasn't with the others the previous day and narrowed his eyes. The man had a lazy look on his face (though not as lazy as the Nara) and was smoking a cigarette. Naruto also saw that he had two trench knives at his belt.

Naruto turned to Sarutobi. "Who is this? I thought we agreed on something yesterday. Is this how easily the Hokage breaks his word?"

Sarutobi winced at Naruto's tone. He hoped that he could diffuse the situation before things went bad. "This, Naruto, is my son, Asuma. He wasn't with us yesterday only because he was away in an A ranked mission. I thought it would be unfair for him to be the only one of Konoha's elites not to know about this."

"So you told him everything?" asked Naruto, his eyes still narrowed. Sarutobi nodded.

Naruto moved in front of Asuma and looked him in the eye, studying him.

Asuma shivered. This was creepy. It reminded him when he was still a fresh jonin and he was waiting for the Yondaime to give him his first mission. Back then, the Yondaime's eyes had the exact same look. The only difference was that these golden silted eyes were even more unnerving than the Yondaime's cold blue ones. Asuma always wondered how this man's eyes could go from warm and friendly the first second, and cold and dangerous the next.

"So, you are an elite? We will see about that soon enough. And I don't like you."

Asuma scratched the back of his head nervously. "I'm sorry, Naruto-san, but I'm still tired from mission. I won't be able to spar with you today. And why don't you like me?"

"First of all, I don't 'spar', I fight. Second I don't like you because, one, you look too lazy, and two, because you stink." answered Naruto.

Everyone laughed at this. Well, everyone except Shibi and Hiashi that is. "I told you these cancer sticks of yours would get you into trouble one day, Asuma." said Kurenai, laughing.

"Okay, now, once again, who's first?" asked Naruto, getting impatient.

Kurenai stepped forward. "I'm Kurenai Yuhi. I use mainly genjutsu, so this is where I'll test you. So please don't use anything else. If you don't know any genjutsu, I'll simply test how good you can break them."

Naruto smiled at her. "Kurenai Yuhi, eh? Your scent surely lives up to your name…roses…first time I meet a person with such a scent." Then he got serious. "I don't know many genjutsu, but the ones I do were taught to me by Kyuubi, so they are rather frightening…and strong. So I suggest you use your best one from the beginning."

Kurenai fought down a blush at his comment about her scent and nodded.

They both started to go through handsigns. Surprisingly, they had exactly the same speed. It seemed Naruto's jutsu required fewer handsigns however, because he stopped first. Nothing happened however, and they understood that he was actually waiting for Kurenai to finish. "Bad idea. He will lose if he lets her complete that jutsu. The only people who ever got out of that genjutsu were Kakashi and Mikoto-san because they used the Sharingan." whispered Asuma to Gai, who nodded.

Kurenai finished just then and spoke. "You should have acted when you had the chance. Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death jutsu."

Naruto watched curiously as a tree sprouted behind him and its branches tried to catch him. "Impressive…" he muttered. Then he let loose a burst of chakra so big that it disrupted the genjutsu.

He looked at Kurenai and spoke. "Impressive indeed…but not enough. I have so much chakra that I can simply use the crudest method of disrupting genjutsu, that of expelling too much chakra, and not even feel the drain. Now it's my turn." He made one more handsign and whispered. "Illusion of Hell: First Level"

The world around Kurenai suddenly changed. She was in a land of fire and brimstone. She saw skeletons moving around. She lifted her hands to dispel it, but other hands suddenly caught hers from behind. She looked back and saw that it was more skeletons. More hands erupted from the ground, catching her legs, immobilizing her.

She tried to expel her chakra to dispel it, but nothing happened. The part of her mind that was not gripped in fear told her that Naruto had too much chakra to be overpowered that way. She saw more skeletons surrounding her. She felt panic closing in, when the illusion faded and she saw Naruto looking at her apologetically. "I'm sorry, but this is the most benign genjutsu I know. Trust me, you don't want to know how the ninth level is."

Kurenai calmed her racing heart and nodded. She got back with her friends who started to ask her what she saw, while Gai moved forward.

Naruto's eye twitched when he saw him. He had hoped that he was hallucinating yesterday, when he saw him, but it seemed he was not so lucky. "This guy is weird."

Then Gai spoke. "Yosh. I'm Maito Gai. Let's fight only with taijutsu Naruto-kun and show everyone our flames of youth."

'Fuck being weird, the guy is an outright freak. Please beat him fast Naruto-kun.' said Kyuubi. Naruto nodded. If he didn't beat him fast, he would definitely have nightmares later.

Gai got in his stance, while Naruto simply stood there and motioned for Gai to come.

Gai looked surprised at this, but attacked anyway.

"Konoha Shenpou" he jumped to Naruto, twirling around himself and kicking him, adding the speed of the rotation to the strength of the kick.

Naruto used both hands to block the attack, but was driven a couple of feet back because of the force of the attack.

Gai landed to the ground and started throwing punches and kicks to Naruto with great speed, who managed to block all of them, if only barely.

Meanwhile, the people watching from the sidelines were commenting. "The kid is very good. His speed is almost equal to Gai's. It's not enough to beat him though. He will lose the way this is going." commented Yugao.

Suddenly, the flow of the battle changed. Gai was no longer landing any hits on Naruto, who was dodging all attacks, showing that he had great agility and flexibility.

"What the… did Naruto get faster? Was he hiding his true speed?" asked Hana.

Sarutobi, who had a lot more experience, shook his head. "No. It's not that Naruto got faster. If you observe carefully, you will see that his speed is still the same. The reason Gai can't hit him isn't because of speed."

Naruto jumped backwards and spoke to Gai. "You are strong and fast, I'll give you that. But there is no point in continuing. You have already lost."

"What are you talking about? You still have not attacked even once. And just because you were holding back your speed before doesn't mean that you can beat me now." said Gai.

Naruto shook his head. "You are wrong, Gai-san. My speed hasn't changed. The reason you can no longer hit me is different."

"And why is that?" asked Gai, everyone else waiting to hear as well.

Naruto chuckled. "Simple. I have already seen through your taijutsu. You have lost."

Gai scowled at Naruto and attacked him again, his movements a blur. Everybody watched as Naruto weaved through every single attack and threw a single punch, which hit Gai at the throat and forced him to fall back to regain his breath. Naruto didn't press his advantage, he simply repeated what he said before. "Give up. You have lost."

Instead of answering, Gai removed his weights and threw them to the side, his weights creating big craters where they landed. "I'm not done yet."

Naruto scoffed at that. "Do you think that by simply removing a little weight and raising your speed a bit you can beat me? Fool. Don't make me say it again. You have lost."

Gai didn't answer. He simply disappeared from his position and soon a trail of dust could be seen circling Naruto. It was Gai who was running around him.

"What a fool. He just proved Naruto right and lost all chance of beating him." whispered Sarutobi.

Inoichi heard him and asked. "What do you mean, Hokage-sama? Aside from yourself and people with a three-tomoe Sharingan, there is not a single person in Konoha who can keep up with Gai-san's speed."

Sarutobi answered, shaking his head. "Think about it Inoichi. He was able to see through Gai's taijutsu in a couple of minutes. The only advantage Gai still had was increasing his speed by removing his weights. He should have used it to attack him the moment he removed his weights. What he is doing now is exactly what Naruto needs. He is giving Naruto the chance to analyze his speed. Just watch."

Naruto shook his head. "This is useless. I already told you I can…"

He took a couple of steps back, leaned a little to the right, brought both his hands at the left side of his head…and caught Gai's hand. "…read all your moves."

He used his grip on Gai's hand to raise himself from the ground and deliver a double kick in Gai's face, breaking his nose and a couple of teeth.

He then let Gai's hand go, fell to the ground hands first, did a handstand and kicked Gai with both legs, one in the gut and the other in the chest, throwing Gai to the air. He then used his hands to throw himself on the air behind Gai, he twisted in the air with unnatural agility and planted his right foot at the side of Gai's neck and used it to slam him to the ground. In a second he was above him, his claws ready to tear his throat out. "You lose."

Everyone looked wide eyed at what just happened. It was the first time they saw someone without the Sharingan reading one's moves so perfectly.

Naruto looked down at Gai. "I've to admit one thing. You taijutsu is…"

"Yes?" said Gai eagerly, thinking that he was about to be complimented.

"…complete and utter rubbish."

Gai jumped up and looked at Naruto, not believing what he heard. "WHAT? WHY ARE YOU SAYING THIS MOST UNYOUTHFUL THING?"

Naruto's eyebrow twitched at hearing the 'y' word, but answered anyway. "Simple. You are strong and fast, but that's all that you have. You are too straightforward, and that makes your moves ridiculously easy to predict and avoid. You lack flexibility and fluidity. Simply throwing punches and kicks around isn't taijutsu. What you are doing is simply a somewhat more refined form of street brawling. Moreover, because I guess you always wear these weights to increase your speed when you remove them, once you do it's very difficult to stop a move once you begin it, not only because of the speed itself, but also because you are not really used to it."

Gai left the area of the fight, thinking about what he heard. Hana went next. Seeing her, Naruto smiled. "Why not call your mother as well. It will make things more interesting."

Hana nodded and motioned for her mother to come. After she did Naruto spoke to them. "OK, this is a battle only between the three of us. No partners. Of course, if you insist they can fight with you, but in this case I'll have to call mine to deal with them." Kuromaru and Hana's partners, the Haimaru triplets, immediately left.

Naruto smiled at that. "Very well. Let's begin."

All three of them jumped backwards and crouched down. The appearance of all three of them changed slightly, taking a more feral look, their fingernails elongating to claws and their teeth sharpening. None of them moved for a while, but everyone could see that their muscles were tense. They really looked like hunters ready to pounce on their prey.

Then they rushed towards one another, beginning the fight. Naruto attacked first, jumping towards Tsume and sending a downwards slash to her but she jumped back and avoided it. Hana retaliated by doing the same, with the same results.

Tsume rushed Naruto and they started to trade blows, or rather slashes with their claws. It was soon seen that Naruto was better, being the first who's attack connected, even if Tsume pulled back at the last second, which resulted in her shirt being cut near the waist.

Hana lunged to Naruto from behind in order to help her mother, but she growled and Naruto heard her. He kicked her in the gut, sending her backwards.

Tsume took advantage of his distraction and tackled him, sending both to the ground. They started to roll around, fighting for dominance. They even used their fangs to try and bite the other's throat.

Eventually Tsume got on top, but as she raised her hand to hit him, he growled and punched her in the gut, sending her backwards.

He got back on his feet, just as Hana joined Tsume. They started to circle each other. Suddenly Naruto smirked. Just as Hana and Tsume were wandering why this happened, he raised both his hands, and then brought them down, shouting "Wind Claws".

Five large blades of wind left each hand and headed towards Hana and Tsume, who hurried to get out of the way. A wise decision, as the trees that were behind them were cut down. Everybody's eyes widened as they saw each wind blade go through three trees before dissipating.

"What the hell was that?" asked Hana.

Naruto smirked smugly, much like a fox. "That was the technique known as elemental claws. It was a technique used by the Okami clan. It infuses the claws of the user with his or hers elemental affinity. You saw the result. What, your clan can't use it?"

The next second Hana and Tsume were in front of him, giving him the puppy eyes, making everyone else sweatdrop. "No. But can you please teach it to us? Please?"

Naruto laughed. "Sorry girls, but I've been given this look so many times from the cubs, that I've developed immunity."

He then looked at them seriously. "Maybe I'll teach it to you if you get better. And I think we should continue the fight later. There are too many spectators for my liking."

Tsume and Hana exchanged a look, nodded and left. When they joined the others, they were asked why they didn't continue the fight, but they refused to answer.

It was Shibi who came to their help, much to everyone's surprise. "Leave them alone. Even if they told you, you wouldn't understand. It has to do with how close their behavior is to their companions."

"And how do you know that, Shibi?" asked Sarutobi.

Shibi readjusted his glasses and answered. "Simple, Hokage-sama. With the exception of the Inuzuka clan, my clan is the one that understands animals better than anyone else in Konoha. That's how I know."

Sarutobi was about to answer, but he was interrupted by Hiashi. "It doesn't matter. I'll show that peasant what true taijutsu means." He said full of arrogance, as he moved towards Naruto.

"I'm Hiashi Hyuuga. Prepare yourself to lose, kid." he told Naruto.

Naruto simply lifted an eyebrow. "You know, Kyuubi asked me to humiliate you because she thinks that you have a stick way too much up your ass for her liking…and I agree with her. So it is you who should prepare yourself. You won't even manage to bruise me."

Hiashi growled again and attacked, sending a palm strike to Naruto's shoulder. Who didn't move and let it connect, which resulted in…nothing.

Hiashi looked at Naruto surprised, who simply started to laugh. "Fool. Your taijutsu is indeed strong, but it has one glaring weakness. It is based in using your chakra to cause internal damage with your strikes, as well as closing the opponent's tenkentsu. What happens however when your opponent has as good, if not better, control of his chakra as you? All I had to do was expel chakra from my tenkentsu as your attack hit, thus not allowing your chakra to enter my system. Your attack, which would seriously injure someone else, was a simple tap to me.

Hiashi gritted his teeth. "Oh yeah? Let me see if you'll find this a simple tap as well. Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms."

Once again, Naruto didn't try to move, but instead received the hits. And once again he looked like they were mere insect bites. He wasn't even thrown back.

Naruto shook his head at Hiashi's shocked face. "You are indeed a fool. Did you learn nothing from my fight with Gai-san? I'm able to analyze the fighting style of my opponent within a couple of minutes. Now, in case you forgot, among the shinobi who came to find me in the Forest, there were members of your clan. They all used the same style. The attack you tried before…it worked on me only ONCE because I let it hit me so I could learn were exactly the tenkentsu are. By knowing this, I'm able to do…this."

With these words, he got into a Jyuuken stance, shocking everyone.

Hiashi however scoffed at that. "Fool. You think you can use the Jyuuken without the Byakugan? That's impossible." With that, he got in a Jyuuken stance himself.

Naruto smiled. "Well, then why don't we find out? I have to say though, I love this. What greatest victory is there than to turn one's own knowledge, one's own weapons against him? And what greatest humiliation? Well, Hiashi? Ready for your humiliation?"

"It will be you who will be humiliated."

With these words, the two men launched themselves towards one another and engaged in fight. A fight that looked a lot like a dance. If the spectators didn't know better, they wouldn't believe that this could easily end in the death of one of the two combatants.

It soon became obvious that Naruto not only could hold his own against Hiashi, he was actually beating him thanks to his greater speed, agility and flexibility. While Hiashi blocked and dodged Naruto's attacks, it looked like Naruto was dancing around Hiashi's attacks.

Eventually, Hiashi jumped back to regain his breath. That was all the chance Naruto needed. He got in the same stance Hiashi did before, when he used the 64 palms.

"Now, how did you say it before? Oh, yeah. Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms."

"Two Palms" Hiashi was too shocked and didn't manage to avoid them.

"Four Palms" Two more strikes.

"Eight Palms" Four more strikes.

"Sixteen Palms" Eight more strikes.

"Thirty Two Palms" Sixteen more strikes, the last one sending him crashing on a tree.

"Sixty Four Palms" Thirty two more strikes, each one making him hit his back to the tree and the last one sending him through it.

Naruto stood over the unconscious Hiashi. "Maybe this will teach you a lesson in humility, Hiashi Hyuuga." He picked up the man and threw him towards the spectators, where Gai caught him.

The other shinobi looked at one another, discussing who should go next. They decided that Kakashi should be last, so that he could get more information on Naruto's abilities before he fought him. He was the strongest amongst them after all and had the better chance of succeeding.

Eventually, Chouja went next. "I'm Akimichi Chouja. Everything goes in this fight. Do your best."

With these words, Chouja used his family jutsu becoming a giant. Naruto immediately went through several ideas to beat him in his mind, eventually choosing the easiest of them.

'Oh, I like the way you think, Naruto-kun. This is evil.'said Kyuubi in his mind.

'Well, I don't. This is too low, even for shinobi. But it is the easiest way, as well as the one that will cause him the least injury. But I can't help feeling sorry for him.' Naruto thought back.

When Chouja unsealed a big staff and tried to hit him, Naruto avoided the attack and run between Chouja legs. Before Chouja had the chance to do anything, Naruto went through a few handseals. Every shinobi in the audience recognized them, and their eyes widened, not believing what he was about to do.

Naruto finished the handseals and slammed his hands to the ground and shouted "Doton: Earth Wall jutsu"

Immediately, a large earth wall rose up… and hit Chouja at the groin, canceling his jutsu and making him go cross-eyed and go in a fetal position and whimper, trying to endure the pain.

Everyone looked at Naruto, still not believing that he actually did that. Naruto just shrugged. "What? He did say that everything was allowed…" Everyone facefaulted at this.

"Now, who's next?" asked Naruto, taking a too innocent expression. All males immediately took a step back.

Anko stepped forward, cackling evilly. "Well, since the men are too afraid, I guess I'll be next. And thanks for the wonderful idea, Naruto-kun."

"Not her too…" thought Naruto.

'Hey, you have to introduce me to that girl sometime, Naruto-kun. She seems to be… promising.' said Kyuubi.

Everyone was surprised at seeing Naruto taking a horrified expression and shouting. "NO WAY IN HELL I'M DOING THAT."

"Naruto, what happened?" asked Sarutobi, worried to see Naruto actually shivering from fright.

"Kyuubi. She said… she said that she wants to meet Anko because, according to her, she holds a lot of promise." answered Naruto, still shivering.

Suddenly, Anko had an expression like Christmas came early, while everyone else was trying to find a place to hide and hoped to survive that.

Anko started to advance on Naruto, cackling like a madman and rubbing her hands together. "Well, Naruto-kun, how can I meet her?"

Naruto got in a battle position and extended his claws. "Over my dead body. There's no way I'm allowing this."

She smirked. "Well, I'm sure I'll be able to change your opinion." she said, throwing some kunai at him.

Naruto dodged them and rushed at her, planning to engage her in taijutsu, where he knew he had the advantage. This was not a fight he could afford to lose, if he was to keep his mental health. Kyuubi alone was more than enough. He didn't need a mini-me of her going around.

Anko actually fared quite well. Her taijutsu style relied in avoiding her opponent's attacks until she found an opening or weak spot, when she would strike, hard and fast. However, it soon became obvious that Naruto was out of her league. Not only he was faster, stronger and more agile than her, it was like he knew every move she was going to do before she did it. And, unlike with his fight with Gai, he didn't even need a couple of minutes to do it. He was doing it from the beginning of the fight.

Anko jumped back and cursed. "How the hell are you doing this?"

Naruto smirked. "You really can't guess? Did you forgot where you were training, Anko-san?"

Anko eyes widened when she realized what he meant. She always did all her training in the Forest of Death. But that meant… "You were watching me when I was training? Why would you do that?" she asked him, pissed that he would do that.

Naruto shrugged. "Simple. I was watching you for two reasons. One, so that in case someone tried to attack you, I could kill them. And two, in case you proved to be a danger to my pack, so I could kill you."

Anko unconsciously shivered at that last part. She could tell that he was serious. Back to the fight, Anko decided that if she couldn't challenge him in taijutsu, she would turn to ninjutsu.

Remembering that his affinity was wind, she formed a few quick handsigns and with a shout of "Katon: Grand Fireball jutsu." she send a fireball at the size of a man at him.

Seeing this, Naruto shook his head. "Why does everyone make the same mistake?" he wandered. He formed a few handsigns himself and, throwing his hands forward, he shouted "Futon: Great Breakthrough jutsu."

A powerful gale of wind shot forward from his hands, heading with great speed towards the fireball. When the two met, the fireball became stronger, but it also changed direction, heading straight back to Anko.

Anko cursed again and used a quick Kawamiri to get out of the way. She immediately threw some kunai to Naruto, and when he dodged them he found himself in the path of some snakes coming from Anko's sleeves. And Naruto knew these were poisonous snakes.

He immediately used his wind claw, the blades of wind severing Anko's snakes and forcing her to jump out of the way.

What Anko didn't saw however, was that Naruto started doing handsigns the moment the blades of wind left his hands.

Just as Anko was about to touch the ground, a new gale of wind hit her, sending her to crash with great force on a nearby tree, knocking her unconscious.

Naruto sighed in relief, glad that this was over and then carried Anko to the side.

When he put her down Sarutobi spoke to him. "Naruto, after this test is over, I'll give you the payment for an A rank mission for stopping her. I don't think that Konoha would survive if Anko became even more sadistic."

Naruto nodded, although inwardly he was saying that he did it for himself, not Konoha.

He looked at the people assembled around him, wandering about his next opponent. "Hey, Aburame-san, would you like to be next?"

Shibi shook his head. "I'm sorry, Namikaze-san, but fighting you would mean that many of my bugs would die, even if I were to defeat you. I would rather avoid that."

Naruto nodded, understanding where he was coming from. "Alright then. Nara-san, do you have any reason not to fight?"

Shikaku sighed. "Troublesome… fine, let's go. Name's Shikaku, by the way."

As they got ready to begin, Naruto was thinking. "This might be difficult. According to my father's records, the Nara clan consists of geniuses and they can control shadows. This means I have two ways to fight him. The easy one that requires me to show off and the easier one that doesn't require me to reveal anything. Well, that's an easy decision."

"Of course it is. Showing off it is." interrupted Kyuubi.

Naruto resisted the urge to palm his face. "Kyuu, you do know that shinobi are supposed to hide their abilities, don't you?"

Kyuubi sent him a mental pout. "Spoilsport. First Anko and now this. Do you want to take away all my fun?"

"Considering your idea of fun usually involves trouble for me, yeah, I do." replied Naruto.

Meanwhile, Shikaku decided to finish this quickly, so he threw a powerful flash bang directly behind him, which exploded, releasing a powerful light, which made his shadow grow in front of him. This way, Naruto wouldn't be able to escape his shadow.

Unfortunately for Shikaku, when Naruto saw the flash bang, he immediately unsealed one from his hand and threw it between them. That meant that now there were no shadows at all around Shikaku, not even his own.

Naruto shot forward, following his nose, very glad that his father had many shinobi tools stashed in his house.

Within seconds, he was next to Shikaku, holding a kunai to his neck.

"So, so you give up, Nara-san?"

"Not yet I'm afraid, Namikaze-san." said Shikaku calmly.

Naruto wondered why that was, but immediately found out that he couldn't move. He opened his eyes and saw that the light was gone and there were shadow hands going up his body.

He looked at Shikaku questioningly, who explained "While it was a good idea to use another flash bang to counter mine, you probably didn't know that they last for a few seconds. And now I'm afraid that it's you who have lost, Namikaze-san. The Shadow Hands jutsu get stronger the closer the user is to the victim."

If Naruto could move his hands, he would slap himself. He looked at Shikaku calmly, and replied with the same words Shikaku used before. "Not yet I'm afraid, Nara-san"

"It seems you'll have your fun, Kyuu."

Shikaku wandered what he meant, but then he saw that the shadow hands that were close to Naruto's neck weren't moving upwards any more.

Instead, they were actually moving downwards. Shikaku looked at Naruto's calm eyes. "He's using his own chakra to push the hands back. He doesn't even look like he's trying, and yet I can't make the hands resume moving upwards, no matter how hard I try. I'll lose the way this is going. And I can't move without breaking the jutsu. I trapped myself. Still, he fought six battles in a row, and he doesn't look like he broke a sweat. How much power does this kid have?"

Eventually, the jutsu broke. "So, Nara-san, do you have any other tricks up your sleeve?" asked Naruto.

Shikaku sighed. "No, I don't. This is your win, Namikaze-san."

Naruto nodded and removed the kunai from Shikaku's neck, who rejoined the audience. The only people left to fight Naruto were Inoichi, Yugao, Mikoto and Kakashi. Everybody knew that Inoichi's abilities weren't meant for one-on-one battles, so he was out. They decided to go by order of power and ability, so Yugao went first, drawing her katana. "I'm Yugao Uzuki. I'll test you in kenjutsu. Draw your sword and get ready."

Naruto scowled at this. "Listen to me girl, and listen me well. First of all, never challenge me in a kenjutsu fight, because in these fights I always aim to kill, and I don't think you want to die yet. Second, if you were truly worthy of holding a sword, you would know just by seeing me that I'm beyond your ability. And for your information, I'm better at kenjutsu than taijutsu. And third, pray to all the gods that I will never have to draw this sword."

While Yugao wandered what he meant by that last one, she decided to reconsider her decision for this to be a pure kenjutsu battle. If he was better at kenjutsu than taijutsu, she wouldn't stand a chance. "Fine, use whatever you want."

She got at a ready stance and attacked him, creating three Kage Bunshins to help her. The four Yugaos attacked Naruto, who dodged them and quickly took care of the clones.

Then he jumped towards Yugao and sent a downward hit, putting all of his weight to his hand. Yugao jumped back to avoid it, thinking that this was a rather amateur move compared to what he did until now.

Unfortunately for her, things are not always as they seem. The moment Naruto's hand touched the ground, he did a handstand and started twirling his legs, forcing Yugao to jump back yet again. Naruto immediately used his hands to jump towards her, turned in the air and kicked her with his right leg.

Yugao ducked under the kick, but Naruto turned in the air again and used his left leg to sent a downwards attack, heel first.

Yugao jumped back again, but as soon as Naruto's leg touched the ground, he shifted his weight from the heel to the toes and shot forward, his right leg not even touching the ground.

Yugao had never before seen such a style. Naruto was always in motion, jumping and twirling, and sending hits with crazy speed. His movement was so fluid, that all his attacks looked like they were one move. Yugao was forced completely on the defensive, retreating all the time. She understood that sooner or later she wouldn't have any more room to retreat.

The only way out of this predicament was to break his rhythm, and for that she needed to attack. She found her chance when he was about to do another handstand, with his left hand on the ground.

She used as much chakra as she could to speed up her movements and slashed at him at his left side. Naruto however simply used his right hand to catch the blade. He had such perfect timing, that he wasn't even cut. Then he kicked Yugao to the chest, sending her backwards and forcing her to let go of the sword. She crashed on a tree.

For the first time, Naruto stopped his unrelenting attack. Instead he twirled the katana around, testing its balance. He stopped, holding it in a reverse grip, and turned to Yugao, who had gotten back up. "This is a fine blade, kept in perfect condition. And the timing of your attack was also perfect. It seems that I was wrong. You are worthy of holding it."

With these words, he threw it to Yugao, who caught it and brought it to the left side of her head, holding it with both hands, the inner side down.

Before she could move however, Naruto disappeared from her line of sight. He reappeared within her guard, crouching left of her.

"Fast" was all that Yugao had the time to think before she was hit to the gut by a punch that made blood come out of her mouth and her go through the tree that was behind her and crash to the one behind it. She lost consciousness.

All the observers had their moths open from the surprise… again. Then Sarutobi chuckled. "It seems that Naruto was holding back his speed after all."

Meanwhile, Kakashi had a sense déjà vu. This reminded him of the day he used chidori for the first time.


Kakashi was rushing towards the lone Iwa shinobi, intent on killing him and proving to his sensei that his technique was complete. Suddenly, he felt something cutting at his side, and his eyes widened when he realized that his sensei was right, that because of his speed he missed the katana that was ready to kill him.

Suddenly, he was lifted from the ground and the enemy was kicked away from his sensei, who had appeared out of nowhere doing a handstand, with such speed that none could follow.


"His speed just now… it was like sensei's. I've never before seen anyone besides him moving so fast." he thought shocked.

Seeing his shocked face, Sarutobi chuckled again. "It seems he is indeed the son of the Yellow Flash, ehh, Kakashi?"

Kakashi simply nodded, unable to form any words.

Naruto picked up Yugao and moved her out of the way.

Naruto's semi-last opponent approached him. "I'm Uchiha Mikoto. Originally, I wasn't planning to use the Sharingan, but seeing your speed, I'm afraid I don't have another choice. Don't worry, I promise I won't copy anything you'll use."

Naruto nodded in acceptance. Mikoto activated her Sharingan, and just in time, because Naruto had disappeared from where he was standing and appeared behind and right of her, on the air. He sent a kick to Mikoto, who used both hands to block it. She still was forced a few feet back.

"Note to self: DODGE his attacks, not block them. That kick almost broke my hands." thought Mikoto. And so she did. With her Sharingan, she was able to avoid his next attacks, but she wasn't fast enough to get a hit on him either. Eventually, both of them jumped back.

"Well, it seems we're in an impasse." said Mikoto.

Naruto nodded. "So it would seem. So I guess I have to do something about it." With that, he extended his claws, which were promptly enveloped in wind chakra. Mikoto gulped seeing this. Now she couldn't either dodge or block. This was bad.

She threw some kunai at him and then formed a few handsigns. With a "Kage Kunai jutsu", each kunai became thirty, forcing Naruto to jump up to avoid them. Mikoto, knowing this would happen, was already finishing her next set of handsigns.

"Katon: Fire Dragon Jutsu" A fire dragon started heading towards the still airborne Naruto. "Oh, shit, this is bad." Then he saw the nearby river and started forming handsigns. "Suiton: Water Wall jutsu" The water wall formed around him just in time to block the fire dragon, the meeting of fire and water creating a cloud of steam.

Naruto flashed through a few handsigns and with a "Futon: Great Breakthrough jutsu" send the steam to envelop Mikoto, who cursed. Not only her Sharingan were blocked, Naruto didn't need sight to find her.

Before she could get out of there however, she felt an attack headed for her. She moved to avoid it, which resulted in Naruto's punch narrowly missing her face. Still, because of the wind chakra her cheek was cut a little. Before she could move again, Naruto followed through with a knee in the gut, which made her double over. Then she felt a hit at the back of her neck and her world went black.

Seeing Naruto carrying Mikoto out of the cloud of steam, Kakashi sighed, knowing that he was the last one. "OK, Naruto, since I know better to engage you in taijutsu by now, this will be purely ninjutsu. Show me what you've got."

Naruto nodded and waited for Kakashi to begin. Kakashi however didn't. Fighting someone who was almost the exact carbon copy of his sensei was unnerving. Then he saw Naruto doing a 'come hither' motion with his right hand, just as Minato would do during their training spars. They looked so much alike, that as Naruto did this Kakashi so an image of Minato being superimposed over Naruto.

Naruto, getting bored with Kakashi's inactivity, unsealed three kunai in each hand, which he threw at Kakashi, before following Mikoto's example and using the Kage Kunai jutsu to multiply them. The only difference was that instead of each kunai becoming thirty, each one became seventy. Naruto immediately used the Great Breakthrough jutsu, increasing the speed of the Kunai twenty fold, forcing Kakashi to Kawamiri out of the way to avoid being torn to shreds.

Since Kakashi knew that if he used the Grand Fireball jutsu it would be turned against him, he decided to use a suiton jutsu. "Suiton: Water Dragon jutsu"

Seeing the water dragon coming his way, Naruto went through a few handsigns and then slammed them to the ground, creating another earth wall to block it. He immediately used another doton jutsu. "Doton: Rock Barrage" The earth wall was shattered and the pieces shot with great speed towards Kakashi, who was forced to Kawamiri out of the way again. Then he heard Naruto shouting "Futon: Wind Dragon jutsu"

Seeing the wind dragon coming his way, Kakashi cursed and started to run away trying to think what to do. The best solution was a fire dragon, but the dragon jutsus needed a lot of chakra and Kakashi's affinities were lighting, earth and water, not fire.

He tried to create an earth wall to block it, but the dragon simply went around it, making Kakashi's eyes widen. Such control over a dragon jutsu meant that the user had both perfect chakra control and a very strong affinity for the element in question.

Seeing no other way, Kakashi created the fire dragon. When the two dragons met, the wind dragon was absorbed by the fire dragon, making him stronger and faster. Using quite a lot of chakra, Kakashi steered the dragon towards Naruto.

Seeing the dragon coming his way, Naruto immediately started forming handsigns, stopping at the semi-last one. As soon as the dragon came close, he did the last one, completing his jutsu. "Futon: Void Shield"

The dragon started to disappear as it was about to hit Naruto, as if sucked by something.

"What was that?" asked Kakashi, shocked that he stopped an enhanced fire dragon with a wind jutsu.

Naruto smiled. "That, Kakashi, was a defensive jutsu I made, designed specifically to defend against fire jutsus. It makes an area in front of me completely devoid of all air. And as you know, fire needs air to exist. And no you can't learn it. It requires a very strong wind affinity. Like all my jutsus." As he was talking, Naruto was forming more handsigns.

"You have made more?" asked Kakashi, ready to defend against whatever Naruto would send to him.

"Yeah, I have. This one for example." he finished the handsigns and extended his arms forward, shouting "Futon: Wind Blades Barrage" Ten wind blades left his hands and shot with great speed towards Kakashi, forming an intricate pattern that would be impossible to avoid. Kakashi had no choice but to use, once again, Kawamiri.

'Damn it. I need to end this fast. Making two dragons and altering the direction of one of them was taxing.' He stood in front of Naruto, though a fair distance away from him, and formed three handsigns, before bracing his right hand with his left one. Lighting chakra started to dance around his hand.

He turned to Naruto. "Wind is a strong element, Naruto. But it doesn't have any defensive jutsu. It's used only for attacking. That's why you will lose."

Naruto studied Kakashi's jutsu before answering. "This is a strong looking jutsu there Kakashi. You are right. Lighting is the strongest attack element after wind, concentrating on piercing the opponent instead of cutting him. Plus, it's strong against earth, the main defensive element, so it's difficult to block these attacks. However, I can see a glaring weakness in your technique. Since the lighting is gathered around your hand, it's obviously a close-ranged attack. However, since lighting attacks pierce, a close ranged attack would need a considerable speed behind it, and would probably be a straight thrust, for maximum performance. However, straight movement in such speed has two drawbacks. One, it will cause tunnel vision, making you blind to what's happening around you, making it easy to catch you off guard. And two, it will be very difficult to stop the attack once you begin it, if there is a reason to do so. I'm sorry Kakashi-san, but unless there is something I can not see, this jutsu of yours is incomplete."

Kakashi's eyes widened, and then he chuckled. "You are truly your father's son. He told me the exact same things when he saw this technique for the first time. However, while he was right, you are wrong, for there is indeed something you cannot see." With these words, he uncovered his left eye, revealing a three-tomoe Sharingan.

"Ah, I see. Sharingan. Then you're right. Your technique is indeed complete. However, that doesn't mean I lost. You still haven't hit me." With these words, Naruto started to form handsigns.

Determined not to let him finish his jutsu, Kakashi rushed forward, intent on finishing this fight.

"Hey, Kakashi, what's the name of that move?" asked Naruto, still forming handsigns.

"It's RAIKIRI" by the time Kakashi finished his words he had already covered half the distance between them. However, then he saw Naruto smirk. Kakashi didn't like that. And for good reason.

Suddenly, Naruto's hands started to move a lot faster, so fast that even Kakashi's Sharingan was seeing afterimages of them as they were forming hand signs.

Kakashi, determined not to lose, pushed more chakra to his legs, increasing his speed. He noticed that the wind was suddenly blowing with more force, and he was sure that Naruto's jutsu had something to do with it. He pushed even more chakra to his legs, becoming faster than Gai without his weights.

He wasn't fast enough. Naruto formed the last handsign and shouted "Futon: Hurricane Wall jutsu" Suddenly, wind started to twirl around Naruto with so much force, that it seemed literally like a hurricane.

While Kakashi was surprised by seeing a defensive wind jutsu, he wasn't Konoha's best jonin for nothing. His mind analyzed the situation in fractions of a second.

If he tried to stop now, he would crush on the wind wall because of his momentum, which probably meant that he would be cut to ribbons, if he judged from how fast the wind seemed to move. If he tried to use his raikiri, he would probably lose his hand, since wind had advantage over lighting. So he had only one option. He jumped above it, missing the chance to attack Naruto, but avoiding being seriously injured.

That is, until Naruto made one more handsign and said "Release". Immediately, the wind forming the wall exploded towards all directions, cutting everything in its path.

Kakashi was no exception. He fell to the ground, his body filled with dozens of cuts. The last thing he saw, before his vision darkened, was Naruto's back, the image of Minato once again superimposed over him.

"Sensei. After all these years…I still see only your back. I… can't catch up with you."

Some time later, Kakashi came back to consciousness. He looked around him and saw he was in the hospital. He also saw Naruto sitting in a chair, reading a scroll. He was also wearing a headband with red cloth. Surprisingly, Kakashi couldn't feel any injuries. "Hey"

Naruto looked up at hearing Kakashi's voice. "I see you woke up. How are you feeling?"

"Surprisingly well. How long was I out?" asked Kakashi.

"Only one hour. You should be glad I underpowered the Hurricane Wall. Otherwise, you would either wake up in a week…or never. Most of you injuries were shallow cuts." answered Naruto.

"That was underpowered? Anyway, what are you doing here? And what are you reading?" asked Kakashi, curious.

"This is the scroll my father left me. As for why I'm here…I want to talk with you." answered Naruto.

"About what?"

"When we were fighting, you were not fighting me. In your head I mean. You were fighting my father. Why?"

Kakashi was about to deny it, but before he could he realized that Naruto was right. He shrugged. "I'm not sure. You look and behave a lot like him. I guess it was because every student wants to surpass the teacher. It's a desire that never really fades."

Naruto studied Kakashi for a while, before passing him a letter. "What's this?" asked Kakashi.

"It's a letter my father left me. It mentions you. Read it." answered Naruto.

Curious, Kakashi started to read.

Dear Naruto,

If you are reading this letter, then either you know about Kyuubi being inside you and found out about your parentage, or you know about Kyuubi and are a jonin. These were the conditions under which Sarutobi was to give you the scroll. Anyway, I suppose I should stop rambling.

The reason I'm writing this letter is to beg for your forgiveness for sealing the Kyuubi inside you. As you probably have guessed by now, I'm Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage. And as you may know, I'm your father. I'm terribly sorry for choosing you, but I couldn't ask from someone else to sacrifice what I couldn't. I'm the Hokage and it's my duty. Even as I'm writing this letter, I, my sensei and Sarutobi are looking for another way to stop the fox, but I know that there is no such way.

At least you will have your mother, my beloved Kushina, to take care of you. If you don't hate me, as you would have every right to do, I would like you to do two things for me. One, find that perverted godfather of yours, Jiraiya of the sannin, and kick him on the nuts. That will teach him to peep on MY Kushina.

And two, see if you can persuade my former student Hatake Kakashi to stop living in the past and mourning about those he lost. He is too good a person and shinobi to be left in such a fate.

I love you son. And no matter what you do, I'll always be proud of you.

Your father,

Minato Namikaze.

PS: If you have seen the rest of the scroll, you will probably be calling me every name in the book by now for not leaving detailed descriptions for my jutsu, and only hints on them. Sorry, but I want only those worthy of them to use them. I'm sure you'll be able to figure them out son.

Kakashi wiped a tear from his eye and promised himself to stop living in the past. He returned the letter to Naruto. "Thanks Naruto. You know, about you mother, it's not that she didn't love you, she…"

"I know, Sarutobi told me." Interrupted Naruto.

"Now listen to me carefully Kakashi. I know where you're coming from, because just like every student wants to surpass the teacher, so does every son wants to surpass the father. However, in our case, this is not possible. We can't reach him." said Naruto slowly.

"But…" began Kakashi.

He was interrupted again. "There is no point Kakashi. No man can reach him, let alone pass him. There is no one that can outrun the thunder. Not even the gods. They can keep up with it, but not outrun it."

"But, if you manage to figure out the Hiraishin…" tried Kakashi again, but Naruto simply laughed.

"If I do, I admit that I'll get closer to him. But I won't reach him. Kakashi, right now… I can't even understand the HINTS he left for it. I might have been able to come up with the Rasengan on my own. But Hiraishin? Never. Kakashi, I read every book on seals in his, or rather, my house, and I still can't even figure out what the hints about the Hiraishin mean. I'll need a lot of experience in making seals to do it, and then I'll need more time to recreate it. The title seal master doesn't do him justice Kakashi. He was more like a seal god. Now, I suggest you get moving. Sarutobi wants you to his office. I need to go to the academy for the teams. Oh, and I heard some rumors that you were always two to three hours late for everything. I wonder who goes around and spreads such obvious lies. See you, Kakashi." With these words, Naruto left.

Kakashi got ready to go to the Hokage's office, while noting to himself to never be late when he has to meet Naruto. He didn't miss the underlying threat in Naruto's last words.

A few minutes later, when Kakashi entered the Hokage's office, he found there all those who knew about Naruto.

Seeing him, Sarutobi spoke. "Alright everyone, since we are all here, listen carefully. It's about Naruto's rank. I've already told him. Now, officially, he will be a normal genin, at least until the next chunin exams. Unofficially however, he will take Orochimaru's place as the third Sannin. He is the Wolf Sannin. Whenever he is on a mission where myself or one of the older and more experienced Sannin, Jiraiya and Tsunade, aren't present, he will have command over all shinobi. You will obey him. You are NOT to reveal this to you genin, unless you deem that the situation absolutely demands it, in which case you will have to support your decision to me afterwards, or unless Naruto himself tells you that you can reveal it. This is an S class secret. Objections?"

Hiashi answered "Hokage-sama, I don't doubt his ability, but are you sure he has the necessary experience?"

Sarutobi decided to answer, since this was an honest worry, not born out of spite. "He will go on many A and S ranked missions to build up experience. He himself admits that he doesn't have nearly enough experience as most people in this room, let alone the other two Sannin. Don't forget however that he has inside him a being with more experience than all of us put together. Any other questions?"

Nobody had any more questions, so Sarutobi proceeded to tell them about the teams.

Meanwhile, Naruto went to the academy, though not before sending Nawaki to the Forest to check on the pack. When he entered the classroom, he simply gave to the teacher-a man with a scar going over the bridge of his nose-the letter given to him by the Hokage and then went to the back of the classroom to sit, ignoring the looks send to him by the children.

He removed the sword from his back, rested it against the wall next to the seat he chose, he sat down, put both of his feet on the desk, and then lied back and closed his eyes, trying to relax.

While he was doing these, everyone in the room was trying to understand what just happened and who was this guy.

The teacher, who went by the name Iruka, coughed to get their attention. "Alright everyone, this is Konoha's new genin, cleared by Hokage-sama himself. According to this, he just arrived in Konoha. Care to introduce yourself?"

Without opening his eyes, Naruto answered "Name's Naruto. Now just do your job and announce the teams. I've got work to do."

Most students in there were surprised that he would talk in such a way to a teacher. One of them however decided that he didn't like the newcomer's attitude, but held back because the teachers were still in the room.

Iruka coughed again and started announcing the teams. "Okay, listen up everyone, Team 1 is… Team 7 is Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Naruto N…" He was stopped by a kunai impacting the wall next to his head.

"Did I say you could tell my last name? If I want anyone to know, I'll tell it myself." said Naruto. Some of the students of the room would have said something about this, if it wasn't for the fact that he still hasn't opened his eyes. They've never seen anyone doing this before.

Iruka coughed for a third time, inwardly deciding that next time he would use his patented Demon Head jutsu. "Okay Naruto, but it's not nice to throw kunai to people because of that. Anyway, Team 7's sensei is Kakashi Hatake. Team 8 is Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka and Hinata Hyuuga. Their sensei is Kurenai Yuhi."

He ignored the muttered "lucky bastards" he heard from Naruto, even if inwardly he agreed and wondered how Naruto knew her, and continued. It was really a testament to the chunin's ears, considering that the students, who were closer to Naruto, didn't hear him. "Team 9 is still in circulation. Team 10 is Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akimichi and Ino Yamanaka. Your sensei is Asuma Sarutobi."

Once again he ignored Naruto when he muttered "they made this lazy ass sensei?", but once again he wondered how Naruto knew the man, even if he again agreed with Naruto.

He told the students to stay there and wait for their senseis and then he left, heading to the Hokage's office to ask him why the letter was telling him not to disagree in anything with Naruto.

Back in the classroom, the aforementioned student decided that now was a good time to deal with Naruto. "Just who the hell do you think you are, barging in here and acting all cool? I bet you are nothing more than a common looser."

Naruto knew the one talking was the Inuzuka, both from his smell and from the fact that he could hear his companion telling him to leave him alone. But the idiot probably wasn't advanced or capable enough to understand him. "Hey, Inuzuka, I suggest you listen to your companion and stop before you dig an even bigger grave for yourself."

Then Naruto extended his hand and caught the hand of an idiot who was about to take his sword "Don't…touch…my…sword" he threw the idiot to the opposite wall. He still hadn't opened his eyes.

A few seconds before that happened, the jonin were about to enter the classroom, even though they were still surprised that Kakashi was on time. They understood it however when he told then what happened at the hospital. When they opened the door however, the saw a male student impacting the wall left of them. They also saw the Uchiha approaching Naruto. They exchanged looks and decided to wait and watch the fireworks, since nobody had seen them yet, being too obsessed with what was happening.

Naruto smelled the jonin and got up to greet them, his height making the nearby genin unconsciously take a few steps back.

Before he could however, the Uchiha approached him. "Hey, you looser, fight me."

Naruto tilted his head to the side. "Are you talking to me?"

"Of course I'm talking to you, dobe." replied the Uchiha, full of arrogance.

Naruto shrugged. "Sure."

The Uchiha smirked and got in a ready stance, but before he could move or say anything, Naruto backhanded him and sent him towards the jonin… who got out of the way and let him hit the wall outside the classroom.

"Now, a word of advice, Inuzuka. I suggest you keep your hormones in check when you're with your sensei. I don't think that you would like to get in even more trouble at your home. Anyway, where to, Kakashi?" said Naruto.

Kakashi eye-smiled at him. "To the roof Naruto, we will join you shortly."

Naruto nodded and left with a gust of wind. The students looked each other surprised, not only with Naruto's behavior, but also with the fact that since he entered the classroom, he hadn't opened his eyes once.

Kakashi moved towards the Uchiha, who was just coming to. "It's not nice to antagonize your teammates, Uchiha Sasuke. Anyway, in case you didn't hear it, come to the roof…now." with that, he disappeared with a puff of smoke.

When Sasuke and Sakura got to the roof, they saw their sensei reading an orange book and Naruto relaxing with his eyes closed again, enjoying the sun.

Seeing them, Kakashi closed him book and called them to get over there. When they sat down, Kakashi told them to introduce themselves. "You know, likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams."

"Why don't you start sensei, so that we know what to do?" proposed the pink haired monstrosity.

"Idiot" thought Kakashi, as did Naruto, but he answered anyway. "Well, my name is Kakashi Hatake. You are too young to know about my likes. You have no business knowing my dream. And I have a few hobbies…"

While Sasuke and Sakura were fuming over the fact that they learned only his name, Naruto wanted to burst laughing at their reactions. He had Kyuubi put a minor genjutsu over his eyes, making them appear blue, so that he wouldn't have to deal with annoying questions about his eyes.

"Okay, you next pinky" said Kakashi.

Sakura bristled at her nickname, but answered anyway. "I like… (insert look at Sasuke and squeal). My hobbies are… (inset look at Sasuke and squeal). My dream is… (insert look at Sasuke, squeal and blush). I DISLIKE INO-PIG AND NARUTO" she screeched the last part, making everyone hold their ears and Kakashi and Naruto to think "Just what I needed, a banshee fangirl pretending to be shinobi"

"Okaay, you next, duck-head." said Kakashi, pointing at Sasuke.

Sasuke ignored the nickname and answered. "I don't have any likes and I have many dislikes. Hobbies are useless. My dream, no, my ambition is to kill my brother and restore my clan."

"Great, an avenger. It seems that Hokage-sama was right about him." thought Kakashi.

Naruto meanwhile was shaking his head at his teammates' stupidity.

Kakashi turned to Naruto. "Okay, you last." Having interpreted Naruto's look correctly, Kakashi didn't add any nickname this time.

Naruto pretended to think about it. "Well, if I have to… My name is Naruto Namikaze. You don't need to know anything else. Yes, I'm the Yondaime's son, no I won't answer any questions. Now beat it before I throw you down." He added a little KI to his words to make sure they would listen to him.

"You could wait for me to tell them about the test." said Kakashi annoyed.

Naruto just shrugged. "Just hunt the Uchiha down. The banshee will be nearby. Hmm. Since I didn't let you be late today, you can be extra late tomorrow. Tell them to go at six, and we will arrive at ten. Seems good?"

"Sure. What are you going to do now?" asked Kakashi.

"Well, first I'm going to have some fun with the Inuzuka. I really want to see what his mother and sister will react when they hear that he called me names. The idiot will probably do it again. Then I have to find her." answered Naruto.

Before Kakashi could ask who Naruto meant, he vanished with a wind shunshin. Kakashi sighed, summoned Pakkun and told them to get a message to the hospital saying that they should expect Inuzuka Kiba who would have at least ten cuts, three broken bones and mild concussion, and then left to find the avenger and the banshee and have fun with their faces when he told them they're not genin yet.