Trapped! Take III
By Moony AKA Ruby Cotton, Louis AKA Fosco Brockhouse, and Natalie AKA Lily Brockhouse.

Note: Whenever Louis, Natalie, and myself (AKA Fosco, Lily, and Ruby) feel the need to escape from our dreadful Sciences Humaines class, I'd always whip out my writing journal and start an adventure. The lovers and I have been to Hogwarts and Yavin, but this was the only one that seemed good enough to post.
So, I bring you. . . Trapped! Take III! Lord of the Rings Edition!


Once upon a time, there were four bored kids. They were named Ruby Cotton, Fosco Brockhouse, Lily Brockhouse, and Ben Gaynus. I mean, Magnus.
. . .
Actually, there were only three kids, because Ben sucks and he is now removed from the story.

Now, these three kids were cursed. No matter what happened, it seemed that they were always forced to sit through excrutiatingly boring classes. With the end of the semester, they had been liberated from Lipinski and Sciences Humaines only to find themselves trapped (yet again) in the dreaded class of Francais Langue 10 with Madame Rutherford. Only young Ruby had the power to save them. . .

"Where are we, this time?" Asked Fosco, who'd had trouble with their last escape into Hogwarts. He glanced around nervously, taking in the rustic, cozy countrside. Ruby came up, wearing trousers and a vest. Fosco's eyes widened as he noticed her exceptionally large, bar feet, then glanced down to his own hairy wonders.
"We're Hobbits!!" Lily exclaimed in delight.
"Ewwwww!!" Look at my feet! They have pubic hair on them!" Fosco cried.
"Quit whining! You're a Hobbit! Fortunately, Lily and I are girls, so we shave our feet. . . " Ruby grinned, turning to stroll down the street towards a large hill with an oak tree on its peak. Fosco glared as he followed her, but Lily was still curious.
"Where are we?"
"The Shire."
"I figured that! Where in the Shire?"
". . ."
". . . ?"
"Oh, of course. How silly of me. And that's Bag End?"
Ruby didn't answer, but started walking a bit faster. "Do try and hurry, Gandalf has just told Frodo to leave. We have to catch up to them!"