Trapped! Take III

By Ruby Cotton, Fosco Brockhouse, and Lily Brockhouse

Note: Fosco writes.


"Don't be stupid." said Lily, "We can eat when we get out."
Fosco looked as though he was pondering a plan.
"Ruby," He said, "Think you could use the Special Magic Fanny Pack to bring the food here?" Ruby's eyes lit up as she used the Special Magic Power of the Special Magic Fanny Pack to bring the food to them. Everyone instantly began to feast.
"Arfphmunglorph!" Ruby said with a full mouth. Everyone gleefully agreed. They just kept eating and eating until they became so fat that they began to float up and out of the cave, like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!


And since that was SO incredibly short, we'll just combine it with the next chapter, which is by Ruby.


Well, since this story no longer makes any sense, it seems that it must be brought to an end. . .

Gaynus and the Avalanche ended up stranded on a desert island until the end of their days. The fellowship continued on Bree, where they met Strider and continued their journey. Ruby, Fosco, and Lily returned to their boring school, where they discovered that they'd missed several days of french and are currently catching up, even to this day.

The whereabouts of the Special Magic Fanny Pack are unknown.

THE END. . . (?)

Well, that's it. It's taken a while, but we actually finished a Trapped. We encourage you to read Trapped Take I, II, and IV, as they are all being worked on at this moment. See you!

With all due respect,
Shannon, Louis, and Natalie.