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Hikaru : Hey everybody! It's me Hikaru! And don't worry; I brought Atsuki with me too!

Atsuki : *groans*

Hikaru : Don't whine Atsuki! Anyhow, I am here today to answer the basic questions of the game Lux-Pain. Think of it as a guide for curious people who know about this game and think that this game is terribly confusing and all that stuff...you know, I don't even get why most people don't get it.

Atsuki : Besides all the typos...

Hikaru : *nod* So let's get started shall we?

Question 1 : What is Lux-Pain all about?

Hikaru : Lux-Pain is about a guy named Atsuki Saijo who has the power of Sigma...he can read the minds or specifically, the Shinen of an individual and has the mission of erasing Silent from his newly assigned area Kisaragi City. In a sense, Silent is some sort of 'worm' that enters something (most often humans) and can drive the being to do dark and evil things. Like murders, robberies, tortures and etcetera. Lux-Pain is actually the ability (dunno the word XD) implanted inside Atsuki and few others who have survived it that can destroy Silent...but not in a huge scale. Basically in the game, you have to control Atsuki as he roams around Kisaragi City, meet all kinds of people and find a way to save the place from shadowy intentions...

Atsuki : Hold up, this game is about me?

Hikaru : ...uuh, no it isn't. *sweatdrop*

Atsuki : But you just stated my name and described Sigma-

Hikaru : *hits him with a memory-erasing stick from Megamind* Okay now that's over with (I totally forgot that Atsuki doesn't know he's a game character -.-') Let us continue!

Question 2 : How do you play the game?

Hikaru : Well the game is generally a Digital Novel, which means that you mostly have to read in this game and not much action stuff go on. The basis of this game's gameplay is when Atsuki uses Sigma where he can find Shinen and Residual Shinen (In the form of yellow glowing worms...) then decode it. The thing is when he does that, they don't come in sentences, but more in words; phrases. It's like broken pieces of feelings...or something of the sort. There is also a part in where you have to fight the bosses which are Silent. In that part, you pretty much have to figure it out all on your own, but it's pretty easy since you just need the stylus to beat him. In the story there's going to be a whole lot more action than in the games. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't play it! Moving around the city is a cinch too, but you have to be careful in how you're doing the order since it can affect the game's ending.

Question 3 : How many 'Episodes' are there?

Hikaru : This question actually concerns this fic's length...and well, sadly for the author, there are about 20 episodes to finish. One episode for one day. This is why the author was complaining about how long this first episode's gonna drag. *laughs* I don't think she was kidding though about there being a Part 7 sooner or later...

Question 4 : Are there going to be major parts of the plot changing here?

Hikaru : Here's the thing, the author told me that she had to restrict herself from playing Lux-Pain ever again unless it is for continuing this story. Simply put, she can't really remember everything that happens and doesn't even recall the other big details of the plot. And so, it's most likely that there wouldn't be many changes at all...except for me being here of course. So try not to expect too much okay?

Question 5 : Is Hikaru really a Self-Insert?

Stephy : It's a yes and no.

Hikaru : Hey when did you get here? This is supposed to be my segment!

Stephy : Yeah but this question is for me to answer.

Hikaru : Hmph.

Stephy : To answer this, she's sort of a Self-Insert, but as you can plainly see, she also can move around freely without my consent.

Hikaru : The problem is that my memory about Lux-Pain is now as bad as hers.

Stephy : It's not my fault for being forgetful.

Hikaru : Uuh, yes it is.

Stephy : Whatever.

Atsuki : Ugh...who are you?

Stephy : Um, Hikaru?

Hikaru : *hits Atsuki again with the stick* Got him.

Stephy : Good. He shouldn't know about all this stuff yet anyway. Who's idea was it to bring him here in the first place?

Hikaru : *whistles*

Question 6 : Is Atsuki going to figure out he's a game character?

Stephy : I dunno. I'm still kind of debating about that.

Hikaru : Isn't that spoiling?

Stephy : Not...really...

Question 7 : How are you planning to write about the Boss Battles?

Stephy : Now that's spoiling.

Hikaru : How are you going to do it anyway? You never told me.

Stephy : ...*evil grin*

Hikaru : ...I have a bad feeling...

Stephy : Don't worry Hikaru. You're not going to be left out...

Hikaru : *gulp*

Question 8 : Are you going to push through the story till the end-?

Stephy : Of course! I mean, I may be the worst updater ever but I never give up on my stories unless they're good enough to stand on their own.

Hikaru : Well that's good. I don't want to be stuck in the same place forever.

Stephy : *remembers other stories*...so. Many. Ideas. *starts to mumble to herself*

Hikaru : Don't mind her. She's weird. Anyhow, thanks for listening! The next chapter will be put up soon!...I hope. It's almost Christmas Vacation for Stephy anyway.

Stephy : Still have to finish Pyrus 'n Ventus...*mumble mumble*...and then Land and Knight...*mumble mumble* What about Shinigami over Prosecutor..? *mumble*...GAH...! I have so much to finish...

Hikaru : *sweatdrop*

Atsuki : My head hurts.

Hikaru : ...oh, I forgot that you won't be remembering this stuff anyway when this chapter's done. So there was no point in hitting you with the stick.

Atsuki : ...

Hikaru : S-sorry.

Atsuki : You gave me two bumps for nothing. Nice.

Hikaru : I'm sorry okay? Oh yeah, *bows* please forgive us for using script format! We'll probably never use this again so don't worry! *glances at Atsuki* Atsuki, you should bow too!

Atsuki : Who are we bowing to?

Hikaru : The readers!

Atsuki : Who?

Hikaru : You're clueless.

Atsuki : You're the one hitting me with that stick of yours.

Hikaru : Touche. Alright, bye everybody! And see you soon!

Atsuki : I still don't get who we're talking to.