Dick will never admit this one, but: the Beav is starting to scare him.

He's not even very sure why, but the thing is – this whole war against the PCHers, and general poor losers (okay, excepting who 'Tina has told him to leave alone, 'cause he wants to get laid)? He's not taking it all that seriously. Not thinking about it. He's mostly just going along with it 'cause, hey, it's something to do; Logan's looking for some kind of an outlet for his emo boy angst – though he kinda has a right to that, what with the shit with that slut Lilly – and it's all cool for the group dynamic. Dick's never been big on the thinking thing, and usually just does things on impulse or goes along with someone else's plan. He doesn't really go out of his way to come up with new and creative ways to piss poor people off, because... he doesn't care that much.

Beaver is different. Beaver thinks about it.

Dick can't understand what's going on; Beaver has always been a pussy, and Dick refuses to accept that can change, but the way he's acting is kind of all wrong. Beaver does not do all these things on impulse, or seem to be looking for the whole release thing like Logan. Dick just wants to tell his little brother to calm the fuck down, and not take these poor shits so seriously – it's not really worth it.

Of course, most of the time, Beaver is still, you know, Beaver. Dick and Logan get wasted and high and fuck cheap, nameless sluts – well, Dick does; Logan just gets this stupid moony expression over that whore Mars – and Beaver just sighs and shakes his head, always Little Mr. Perfect. Except when they're trying to find new ways to fuck the poor kids over – sure, Logan and Dick do stupid shit, but it's always Beav who comes up with the really crazy shit. Always Beaver's brandishing Dad's gun around, or stealing the PCHers' bikes and chucking them into the ocean, or setting the fucking community pool on fire – hell, Logan had looked scared after that one, and when resident self-destructo boy thinks this is wack, shit is seriously within dangerous proximity of the fan.

Beaver always dismisses the whole thing, like everyone else does and nobody cares. Dick doesn't care, most of the time. But the way Cassidy looks when they do this shit is terrifying; it's fucking gleeful, and even if Beav hasn't taken to the whole party thing like him and Logan, he's embracing this violence like a totally different kind of high, and he never, ever seems to want to come back down.

So, yeah, Dick is scared. Tell no-one. Sometimes there's something so dark in Beaver's eyes that it makes his breath catch; like take that thing at the pools, for instance. While the rest of them were screaming and swearing and high-fiving like no tomorrow, Beaver just stared. Watched the damn thing burn, and it kind of looked like he was preparing for something. That look made something sick settle in Dick's stomach, but he ignored it because he was Dick Casablancas and he never payed attention to crap like that. Beaver had been just fine on the way home; laughing and rolling his eyes at Dick like normal, and somehow that didn't make the whole thing better.

It's almost like his brother is drifting away – turning into the boy who doesn't have to be urged on to do the slightest thing wrong, who always clenches his fists when the ads about the whole election campaign come on. Dick doesn't get it, and he almost wants to just ask Beav what the fuck is going on?

But he doesn't. The whole thing is stupid, and it's all probably just Beaver learning to live a little. Beaver's always been the responsible one, and there's nothing to worry about. Everything's gonna be fine.