Lyrical Resonance

Part 1: Days

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Experimental Mobile Division 7, located in the center of Mid Childa, is a newly born division specialized in quick response counterattack and National Guard duty. Led by Brigadier General Hayate, this Division is formed as part of TSAB Ground Forces Experimental Defense Unit, Mobile Mechanized Mage Infantry (M3 Infantry or simply M3).

Mobile Mechanized Mage, in short, is a mage with low Mana output but had adequate level in machinery operating skill, and thus issued a robotic combat vehicle to compensate their low firepower.

As far as year 0080, ten types of Mech has been developed, of these ten, two unit has the most outstanding capability.

The First unit is Diebskäfer (formerly Baikal Spiders), Arachnoids battle tank made by Baikal Skunk Works. Six legged light tank especially developed for support roles that renders another unit useless, less mobile but more balanced in all aspect and much more controllable.

The Second unit is Stahlpanzer (Formerly named Wave Rider), Humanoid light tank made by Long Arch Black Raven. Two legged power armor/ combat machine hybrid designed for maximum mobility and firepower, but had very complex control system.

Mobile Division 7 are specializing in Stahlpanzer unit, most of these Trainees are comes from selected Ground forces younger staffs, which all of them are mages with low Mana output despite had decent skill themselves.

As the lead instructor, Lieutenant Vice Granscenic and Sergeant Alto Krauetta are in charge, since two of them are the very first people bringing Stahlpanzer to the battlefield with striking result.

Aside of Stahlpanzer Training Division, two new units has been introduced, Schwertritter and Quick Response Aerial Defense (Q-RAD) mage also introduced within the unit.

And on the first day of the training, a green Stahlpanzer of different models we're leading about three dozens of white-red Stahlpanzer unit on the run around virtualized city.

"Follow my path!" Alto exclaimed; she's the pilot of green unit.

Albeit new models with simplified control already introduced, Alto still uses her old prototype, which she prefers, thanks to its higher performance than the mass produced one.

These units move rather slowly, about the speed of a human sprinting. At the first day of training, Alto is teaching these young pilots basic controls. Unlike these Diebskäfer which controlled by average stick, throttle, and pedals, Stahlpanzer sync themselves with their pilots, mirroring their movement at greater degree (Motion Capturing).

"Remember, unlike your arms, even a slight movement will change your mech's legs. Remember, the sharper your knees bending, the faster your Mech moving!"

"How was there, Alto?" Vice contact her via com-screen on the corner of her HUD.

"So far so good, at 20 units they were moving brilliantly!"

"Within sixth laps, try to increase it to 25 units"


Above a building, Yuuno, Vice and about forty mages armed with cannon-like staves which sat down, forming a half circle. These are new members of Q-RAD; most of them are newly graduated mages that specialized in guided or high-precision attack and most of them are static shooter, which render them mostly useless in live mission, instead of highly mobile fire support unit (as with Teana).

Despite being generally left behind as reserve forces, a handful of admirals believe that less-mobile, fully defensive mages with precision and guided attack will be great assets in the future; these predictions actually learned from JS incident and Ouroboros case respectively, where TSAB outgunned when it comes to aerial defense.

"Two things that most important for anti-aerial mages is two, ultra high concentration and multi-lock capability" Yuuno explained "something you don't understand? Just ask"

"Sir!" one of the male recruits asked.


"Isn't aiming skill is the most important part in shooting magic?" he mumbles "Concentration still in context, Why multi-lock?"

"Good thing!" Yuuno smirk, as he saw about two dozens light sphere moving at incredible speed across the sky, and Yuuno open his palms, creates six light orbs the size of tennis ball, and launched them toward the flying targets.

"Area Search" he closes his eyes, and forming a sigil below his feet. On his mind, he actually unleashes a wide telepathy network that detects all the objects around him.

At a single stroke, these six missiles destroy the light spheres, "OOOH!" these recruits so amazed that they're can't longer sit and jumps.

"That's why we need multi-lock, kids" Yuuno laughs.

"Your task weren't only destroys a single enemy with either a precision attack or a massive barrage; your third task is none but hit as much enemy as you can each time you cast a spell" Vice explained with some graphs and statistics "Do you understand? Captain Scrya will teach you the spam attack and I'll teach you how to do proper curving attacks, like this!"

Vice aimed his Storm Raider and spent a single cartridge to launch multiple shots, instead of hit the building he aims, the shots curving and hit the next one.

"Or straight sniping attack like…"

He spends another cartridge and kneeling, then aims a light sphere kilometers away and shoot it with a thin, continuous beam.

"Kind of like that" Vice laughs, looking at these recruits' expressions.

"For now, let's just start with missile controlling practice" Yuuno said, and he dropped a pile of empty cans from his coat.

"Pile of rubbish? Yes, but more than that, this is your training decoy as of now" Yuuno laughs.

"Seriously, captain?" they sweatdropped.

"Did you believe if I said Ace of Aces train with cans when she's nine?" Yuuno throws one, and hit it with his magic missile several time, making the funny clanking sounds, and catch it.

It was even more unbelievable, and they looked at Vice with wrinkled forehead.

"Believe or not, this nice guy is her first mentor" Vice replied calmly, "And seriously, don't talk bad about him, or Cap'n Vita will smash you"

They sighed, okay, hearing Vita's name mentioned they have no choice.

Vita looked above as she heard the low-sounded clanking noises above the buildings, while Signum was mentoring a large group of armored mages. She and Signum have chosen the park as the training grounds for their pupils.

"All of you have been composed from many divisions of Neo-Belkan mages, which all of you share similar differences among others" Signum explained "Being a true knight at draft".

The newly formed Schwertritter are composed of multiple mages of the Modern Belkan style, only that they're different from others. They aren't speed attacker as with Erio or melee/mid-range hybrid combatant like Subaru, there adopted actual Belkan style of magic, Power oriented melee combat.

Seeing the opportunity, TSAB formed the new branch of 7th Division, Schwertritter (Sword Knights), named after the infamous Wolkenritter. As with the Q-RAD, they would be the experimental, true Belkan Ritter under the tutor of two Wolkenritter members.

"So, for the time being we'll refine your fighting style with our knowledge" Signum finished.

"Although we said you should take us as the example, and despite the name, all of you have different weapons and styles. So, what we can do is to help you with the proper basic!" Vita points her Graf Eisen "By the way, any of you use hammer here??"

Some of the cadets raise their hands, "Oh good, plenty of pupil too"

Hayate watched from the outer edge with Reinforce Zwei and Agito as her assistant.

"So far so good" Hayate smirk.

"Seriously, we have three battalions worth of pilots, mages, and knights" Agito mumbles "Don't you think this is too much to us for handle?"

"Well, we have as much assistant clerks as we need now" Rein replied "If they're way outnumbered, we just ask for the help"

"Too Bad Nanoha-chan and Fate-chan wasn't here" Hayate sighed and smile, remembering the days of Riot Force 6 of course.

About lunch time, everyone leaves the training grounds.

Except they heard a loud sound, looking around, no smoke and explosion. It was coming from a physical attack.


"A mock battle??"

Yuuno and Vita is brawling each other, both using minimal style of their barrier jacket for mobility's sake.


Yuuno binds a med-sized building and pull the binds to the point entire building collapses over Vita, buried her.


Vita charges from the piles of virtual concrete, to note that despite virtual in nature, the mass and the hardness are the same with real thing, her jackets was yanked and dirtied.

She swings her mallet on its massive form to another building, buried Yuuno.

"HA! Feel it Ferret?" Vita shouts and points her hammer.

Yuuno's left knuckle digging through one hell of a pavement, and pointing a peace sign.

"Question, cadets?" she said to the cadets with intimidating voice and expression, they shakes their heads and run away "NO! MA'AM!"

At the very least, Yuuno destroy the pavement with his second fist.

"Damn it, I lost six of seven duels" He mumbles.

Of course it's a tradition that everyone takes shower as soon as the practice finished, despite the training progresses aren't that hard, just the basic. Except for Yuuno and Vita anyway.

"Seriously, does girl always took so long on the bath?" Vice grumbles.

"Like you don't" Yuuno jeering and smirk.

"Me? C'mon, Professor…I mean Captain" Vice said in defense "Okay, compared to you anyway, but these girls just…my gosh"

"Umm…I guess Professor is fine at time like this, Vice" Yuuno mumbles.

Silent for a while, until Vice mutter and laughing slowly, which more and more louder later "What it is?"

"By the way, seeing that body of yours…pardon me, but these cadets are…blushing" Vice cannot hold his laugh forever and burst out "Seriously, Stupid Sexy Yuuno? A trap? Some of them even had a nosebleed"

Silence, Yuuno's' expression darkened and dozen of cross and triangle veins pop out on Yuuno's head. Vice was sent to female bathroom via forced teleport.

"Vice-Senpai? At the last you come to…KYA! I'm not ready!" Alto blush, "You want me to send you to hospital again?" Signum frowned, "Hey, you come to visit? Wrong time folks" Vita deadpanned.

Alto and Signum looked at the 24-year old captain, "What? We're in the women's bath right?"

"Isn't sneaked to women's bathroom supposedly…a sexual harassment?" one of the cadet said, some of them cried outright.

"I can explain" Vice smirk as he saw Vita's expression changed, she got the point at that moment.

And there's mayhem seconds later.

Lunch time.

Yuuno was silent, these girls were…upset for his action when punish Vice (not that Vice is badly harmed, and he got nice views too), but seeing that expression on him…

Sharp eye, dim forehead, flat lips, sitting alone, in short; angry. C'mon, where's Yuuno the nice guy????

"Umm, Oi, Scrya, seeing that face on you, really unfitting" Vita said, she's really worried now.

"What?" Yuuno turned his head, smiles humiliatingly.

Vita blushes.

"I-I said it's unfitting, you look so ugly!! Not that I'm worried about you or anything! It's just that you're my best dummy doll right now!!" she slams the table.

"Thank you, in any case" the smile still humiliating, Vita's cheek now burns as red as her hair. She was ranting while eat, and Yuuno still doing the same.

"Bad Boy aura???" Alto sweatdropped "Vita likes bad boy?"

"All girls likes bad boy" Hayate smirk, "it's just that Bad Boys definition varies between individuals"

Of all things, it's Vice that looks so gloomy as Rin, Agito, and Signum scolding on him. Hayate feel sorry and funny at him, at the same time.

"Seriously, I don't get it, why Yuuno looks so…depressed" Hayate asked.

"Well, I think Vice-Senpai said something bad about…his body? I know he's far from muscular, but strength wise I doubt any men here but Senpai beat him, General" Alto replied "Even with strength boost, lifting half ton worth of concrete is hard"

"You mean his damn slender body?" Hayate whispers, Alto launch a spectacular spit take.

"His body is that…" Alto mumbles "Sexy" Vice interrupted, almost whisper, Signum chokes him again.

"I almost sure that In Japan…umm…Earth…umm…I mean Non-Administrated World 97 a man with this kind of physical feature attracts girls" Hayate laughs and approaches them.

She lifts Vita aside, much to her dismay.

"I don't see anything wrong here" Hayate said "The truth is, you're damn sexy"

"WHAT?! EVEN YOU?!" Yuuno almost lose his chin.

Hayate put his hyperspace gate on, and took several magazines, likely, teen magazines, and Japanese one.

"Just look at these male's profile" Hayate smirk "Surely it will put your confidence to eleven!"

Yuuno read these magz, page by page, in detail. Thanks to his brains and hobby, he could finish it in no time.

"You gotta be kidding me" Yuuno mumbles, with multiple sweatdrop.

"I'm not making that up, Captain!" Hayate laughs evilly "Either as manly man or beautiful cross-dresser, you're a fangirl bait in Japan"

"Oh the irony, and I'm still single" Yuuno smiles sarcastically.

"Values dissonance, Yuuno"

"Oh, this conversation going to be suck" Vita thougth and slipped out, while Hayate and Yuuno talking with expression not unlike some mafia bosses doing a transaction.

As the lunch goes on, Yuuno's expression changed little by little, and brought to normal as the lunch finished, thanks to Hayate.

"So, how about these newbie? Vita said they're good, but not that to the level of forwards…it's just that things can be easier when you had a good basic, how about you?" Vita asked.

"Hmm, they're good, it just that I haven't enough charisma to impress them" Yuuno sighed and smile.

"If you don't have charisma, just use violence –cough- I mean slight intimidation like Vita or Nanoha" Hayate said and lift her fist.

Yuuno got a big question mark hovering over his head.

"Geez, just resume that emo of yours" Hayate face palmed, Yuuno silent for a while.

"Like this?" He grins with bad boy aura again; Hayate almost got a heart attack due to the blood rushing to her head, specifically her cheek.

"OH GOOD!" Hayate cried and snapped her fingers "With that expression, just look at how obedient they are"

"Thanks, but that one would be last ditch" Yuuno sweatdropped and back to his nice façade "That expression was too hard to be faked, since it isn't suit me, a pathetic nice guy"

"But sure you can do it now"

"Thanks to Chrono" Yuuno smiles gently, "He always annoyed me no matter what, and these expression really formed naturally these times"

"You owe him" Hayate smirk "It would be your secret weapon, believe me"

"Umm, well, I owe you this one" Yuuno blush a bit and scratch his head "Motivational speech may be?"

"You'll paid it, I guarantee" Hayate said with husky, sensual tone and...interesting gaze, and put his point finger at his chest, "What? What do you mean????" Yuuno gasped, "Well, with that sexy body of yours".

Yuuno went pale, beautiful cloud could be envy of him now.

"Just kidding Yuuno" Hayate said and laughs hard, so hard she hold his stomach due to the pain, Yuuno sighed, he though she might be forced him to cosplay a la Visual Kei or worse, cross-dressing as a maid.

"PAPAAA!!!" Vivio waved hands, along with Lio and Corona.

"Good afternoon!" They bow, while Vivio jump ands hugs him.

"It's rare for you to be so sweet to this little man, what it is" Yuuno ruffles her hairs, she smirk. Of course this is sweet, since he usually acts as Vivio's sandbag sometimes.

"The truth is, there's some document we should find, and we ought to ask for you help" Vivio said "To bring the book?" Yuuno ask.

"N-NO! I mean a teleport Ride and help for search the book!" Vivio blush "This is our duty, we can do it by ourselves…except…certain things"

"Of course!" Yuuno smirk "Thanks for the company, General" He laughs at the little comrade.

"Go" she smiles as well.

Yuuno form a complex hand sign and form a large sigil beneath them, since he wasn't transformed and Aegis were under maintenance, he needs several seconds to chant and perform these sign, with the flash, the man and three little girls' disappears.

Hayate stand and not moving an inch several minutes later, "So he's still single huh?" Hayate thought, that and how Vivio address him, she can't believe.

Well, knowing Nanoha and Fate, they will happily accept Yuuno as Vivio's godfather, although he isn't her godmother's husband (godmother= Fate). Repeat, Yuuno still one of Nanoha and Fate's Best Friend.

"Hmm, let's see then" she turned and walked toward her car.

"Now what should I do??" Vita mumbles, maybe she read some heroic fantasy book again.

Ever since she reads that particular comic book (precisely, graphic novel) she really attached to such stories, aside fairy tales of course.

Alto however, restarts her machine as soon as it's readjusted. She dashed at high velocity, evading all the rubbles and wreckages ahead.

"How it is, Alto-san?" Laguna asked via the com screen far on the control area.

"Awesome as always, Laguna-chan!" Alto replied "0 to 60 in four second! It can't be faster than this! Nobody could pilot it if it does!"

"Well, since the mass produced unit use graded down parts for cost and endurance reason, supposedly overall performance also reduced, but the control and maintenance are much more simplified too" Laguna replied.

Laguna Granscenic, 18 years, is a graduate from engineering school the Administrated World number 2. She declined the offer to work at Baikal, in favor of work at Long Arch with his 'uncle' Vice.

Oh, and they agreed that Laguna will call him Niisan (big brother) instead of Jisan (uncle), since they're only several years apart.

Part of the reason that she can work with him, as he's the lead instructor of Stahlpanzer Pilot Training Program. Another part is that she interested in Stahlpanzer herself.


Another Blue colored mech rushing and chasing Alto's mech.

"Seriously, Alto-chan, you want to leave me alone with Signum-neesan and Rein-chan forever???" Vice grumbles.

"A man should be responsible for what he did" Laguna smirk as she appeared on Vice's HUD too.

"MEH" Vice smirked "You tuned our mech for a specialization, Laguna-chan?"

"Yeah, I make Alto's joints more responsive for close combat, and your hydraulics rebound smoother for better accuracy" Laguna replied "Aside from that, your machine are heavier than Alto-chan's, thanks to sophisticated sensor equipment"

Alto looked again to the scene about five years ago, during Vice's hospitalization, and Alto meet Laguna. Alto was so worried she want to berserk right there, but she saw nothing but smile on Laguna's face.

At those times, Alto knows nothing about her.

I wasn't meant Laguna happy, she sad, but she glad her 'niichan' still alive.

That smile makes Alto determined to fill Vice's place until he regain his condition again, and in the End, Alto joins Signum's unit to work along with Vice.

Until now, that photograph showing Signum, Alto, Vice, and Laguna, bounds their fate together.

"Good afternoon"

"Ah, good afternoon, Captain Signum" Laguna gasped as she realizes that Signum already stand behind her.

"Even the instructor need intensive training, huh?" Signum said flatly.

"Well, Stahlpanzer is a completely new system employed by TSAB, preceded by Baikal Spiders; they're our spearhead in machinery warfare"


"Based on the experience learned in the past, medium-ranked mages have big trouble for facing Gadget Drones right?" Laguna asked and Signum nods. She has no problem beat several hundreds of them, or even thousand, because she's special.

But rookies are different thing; especially the number of mission has been increased within the year, veteran mages alone wouldn't be sufficient.

"While skill level apparently isn't the main problem, Mana output is. However, being all new system, the instructors and the engineers had to unlock its potential and weakness as much as possible" Laguna said "While I just graduated recently, I was introduced to the system earlier than anyone"

"So that is" Signum mumbles, "Want a test ride?" she asks, Signum twitched, "Eh?"

"Both Vice-niisan and Alto-chan are working for you, so, you may want to know how your subordinates work" Laguna smirk.



"All you need is Barrier Jacket or Knight Armor as simplified as possible"


"Well, you know, the cockpit is almost cramped especially on lower body, and you'll need freedom as much as you can have"

Signum thinking for a while, and she transform into her very first appearance when she meet Hayate, a black tank top and mini skirt.

"Can this one work?" Signum asked, "of course, but you may want to protect these…'exposed' parts next time" Laguna laughs a bit, no wonder Vice was so loud when joking about Signum's figure, she's just that HAWT.

And the aforementioned Vice stands with…flat expression. While Alto, needless to say, look depressed at his reaction. So do Laguna, but not so much, that and she know this is going to be awkward.

It has been 05:00 P.M., and Nanoha collects dried laundries out, when she saw whose coming, she almost dropped the basket.

"FATE-CHAN?!" She rushed like a mad cow and tackles her, "OW OW! That hurts!" Fate said, with mixed feelings of joy and a bit of pain on her back.

"Aren't you supposed to come back next week?"

"Well, I've finished my sorties so that I can go home earlier" Fate replied.

And Nanoha pulled the taller woman for a kiss.

A sigil formed just several step from them, as Yuuno, Vivio, Corona and Lio jumps out of the magic circle.

"MAMAAAAA!!!" Vivio didn't waste the moments and jump, hugged Fate.

"I've come to escort" Yuuno said, with a faint blush as he saw what happened.

"Then Vivio, tomorrow" Corona said, "Yosh!" Vivio said, "By the way, Professor, do you have a time tomorrow?" Lio asked.

"Well, my duties as instructor ended on 11:00 A.M., and my shift on the library started at 01:00 P.M., so I guess I have about two hour. That's my duty even on Sunday, why?"

"I think Einhart-Senpai want to challenge you on as Chibi form again" Corona said.

"Chibi form?" Fate and Nanoha mumbles at the same time.

"Ah, it just nothing. Just about some Strike Arts practice" Yuuno said, there's no way he can show that form to Nanoha and Fate, or further, Hayate. Oh, speaking of Hayate, he just hoped that Zafira didn't say anything about it. "Well, two of you really sure doesn't need a help?"

"Don't waste your energy, Professor! There's small chance miracles comes twice in a row!" Lio giggled, Corona and Vivio giggled too, "I'm not that weak you know?" Yuuno laughs instead of angry.

"Bye then!"

"Well then, I guess I should go as well" Yuuno said, "No time even for a small dinner?" Fate smirk teasingly "Oh no, Arf couldn't be happy to hear that, since not it's her turn to cook for us" Yuuno replied.

Arf and Zafira fell of from nowhere and landed on Yuuno's back; both are in their ADULT form. "Oops" she said, Yuuno popped cross veins everywhere.

"Well then, Arf, thanks for the ride" Zafira stands up, "oh, hello" Zafira waved hands to Nanoha and Fate.

"I'm the one should thank you" Arf gasped and blush, he smirk lightly and turn into his wolf form.

"In case you need some help, I'm ALWAYS free" Zafira said, "Being a guard dog really boring, and Hayate commanded me to doing something else"

"Oh, thank you! I will!" Arf nods.

"And Professor, sorry for the inconvenience" Zafira snorted and leave.

"You welcome!" Yuuno frowned.

"Hi Arf! Long time no see!" Fate hugged her "Yeah! Long time, Fate!"

"Hey! Can't you let me first? I have some work left…" Yuuno said "Nope, you didn't" Arf interrupted, and even Vivio sit on his back "Oh, you too Vivio?!"

"Okay, a dinner then" Yuuno sighed.

Nanoha crouched and smiles, he blush, today's dinner would be interesting after all.

MEH! That is, second fic, Yuuno centric + awkward situation of the Harem Brigade! Yuuno being OOC, HE IS, induced mainly by his masculinity complex, which is more or less is a running gag among Nanoha Fans (Yuuno-fan, Yuuno-neutral, and Yuuno-hate respectively) that despite grown out of his 'girly face' after hit his late teen hood (A's Epilogue), the body just that (DAAAAAMN!!) slender, some people even considering him A TRAP! despite never cross-dressing at all (like that will stop fan artist anyway).

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